Title: A Lost Love
Author: baby blu eyes

Summary: A woman that thought love could never blossom for her finds out that there might be one last hope for her to find her one true soul mate. Once she find him, things happen that she thought could never happen. The feeling of true love. Will this love last or will they be torn apart?

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She watched the droplets of water fall against the glass window in her bed room. She had felt the storm coming but, didn't know that it was going to last this long. She wasn't aloud to leave the palace during storms. Her mother was afraid that someone would try to kid nap her or something of that sort. A sigh escaped her rose colored lips. She turned away from the window with disgust.

Why must I be stuck inside the castle walls at this time? I could be doing other things rather than wasting my day away watching the rain hit against the windows.

Her thoughts were pushed aside by a knock the oak doors that was the only entrance to the library. It was just one of her guards. Most likely a report about some activity outside or that her mother wanted to speak with her.

"I am sorry to disturb you your majesty but the Princess of Mars would like to have a word with you on the moon," he answered with a bow. She stood-up and walked toward him.

"Did she say anything else?" Her firm brown eyes brows rose with suspicion.

"That is all your highness."

"Thank-you. You are dismissed." He bowed once again and left her. She looked out the door to see if anyone was there. Casually she walked out and then made sure once again. She picked up her dark green dress and quickly ran down the hallway. She reached the transporter where she stopped all of a sudden as someone appeared. She let out a sigh when she saw one of her closest friends. Princess Rei Hino of Mars standing before her. She was in her usual dark red dress while her long black hair cascaded over her shoulders like a waterfall. Her purple eyes seemed to have some excitement to them.

"Makoto, hurry up!" She quickly took her place next to her on the transporter. Rei placed in something different than she had seen before.

"Rei, what are you doing?" she inquired. She gave a small smile.

"I learned it from Serenity. We're going somewhere special but, never speak of it again." Makoto nodded as she felt herself disappearing. She opened her eyes to see they were in a large garden. A smile crept over her lips. She turned to Rei.

"Where are we?" Rei placed a finger over her lips.

"We're in the Earth Palace gardens. Be very careful thought Makoto. We can never get caught her or else we will be dead once we are reported to our parents." Makoto nodded while she took in the beauty. Rei grabbed her her arm firmly and turned her head to look into her friends emerald eyes.

"Makoto, listen to me. I want you to meet back here in one hour. If not, you will appear in that very location inside your own garden. I know that your mother will be angry when she finds you soaked to the bone." Makoto gave out a sigh and pushed her long golden brown hair behind her shoulders.

"Don't fear Rei, I will be perfectly fine. Is Serenity here?" Rei nodded.

"I believe she might be speaking with Endyiom. It's alright to be around them. Serenity knows that both of us are here. She said she wouldn't mind for us to drop by for a little while if we have time." She nodded.

"See you in an hour Rei-chan." They both parted and went their seperate ways. While Makoto walked, she seemed to fall further and futher in love with this place. She wasn't really watching herself or anything. Then, when she realized it, someone was behind her....

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