First Quarter:

Chapter 1:

My name is Camille Cree. My friends call me CC for short, but I don't have many because I'm really shy. Camille erased that entire sentence from her paper. "How am I supposed to write an entire page about myself if I think I'm boring?" she asked her best friend Jackie. "Well write about how boring you think you are; that will make a very interesting essay." Jackie replied with a snicker. Not being able to help herself Camille giggled too. They were sitting in the back of their seventh period English class and Camille was glad she made it through most of her first day back at school. But, now she turned back to her essay that only read, 'My name is Camille Cree' in her tiny, neat script. Camille sighed and picked up her pencil. I have to at least think up of something, she thought desperately. Jackie leaned over. "Oy, CC you still haven't wrote anything yet? It's so unusual for you of all people to have writer's block!" That's when it clicked in her mind. CC now knew what to write. Twenty minutes later, the bell rang and crowds of high-schoolers stampeded out of J.C. Harvey High School. "Well at least the first day of sophomore year is out of the way!" CC said with a hopeful grin. "Yeah, only 199 more to go. Why are we the only school in America to have 200 days of school anyways?" Jackie mused appearing by CC's side. "Who knows?" "CC asked jokingly. "Maybe they believe that we youngsters of America need less time to goof off..." CC said in a perfect imitation of their principal Mundi. Jackie laughed, but CC noticed that it was only half hearted. Jackie was glancing in the direction of Paula and Cris and the rest of their crew. The popular kids, who probably were planning another amazing party that she and Jackie were not invited to. Again. "Why haven't I noticed how she must have felt after we first met?" CC thought. "The year after she became my friend, she lost popularity with those people. I have pretty much tugged her down the social ladder." Jackie tapped her shoulder. "Don't let that bother you. I'll be your friend no matter what." Jackie proclaimed as if reading he thoughts. "'Cause, if they were any good as friends, they would be with us right now!" Jackie smiled as if she made a winning speech for the Nobel Prize. CC smiled too, but the nagging thought that Jackie was lying just to make her feel better wouldn't go away. "Thanks, for everything! And I'll see you tomorrow!" CC winked, and watched as her best friend turned the corner toward her house. As soon as she was out of sight CC`S her smile faded instantly. She walked into the house and suddenly colluded with a burst of energy "HONEY! You're home! How was your first day of sophomore year! Her mother burst out seemingly from nowhere. Her mother Nana was always happy and bubbly even though she kept getting laid off from the various jobs that she took. "Um, it was ok I guess?" CC was kind of glad that her mother shattered into the giant cloud of negativity surrounding her. "So, did you make any new friends today?" her mother asked inquisitively. "Mom, it's tenth grade. Everyone knows everyone already! Of course no one would talk to me." The dark gloomy cloud of her bad mood had returned. It draped over her like a wooly cloak. "I'm going to my room to finish my homework mom." Her mother looked a bit sad that her interrogation had been diminished. "Alrighty then pumpkin, I'll call you when dinner's ready." Sometimes it felt like she was the adult and her mom was the kid. She stormed upstairs and slammed her bedroom door. "But, it's not like my life has any chance of being thrilling," she thought. That's where she was wrong.

The next morning, Camille walked out her door, not exactly looking forward to her day in school. "My best/only friend in school doesn't want to be my friend and on top of that she's only my friend because she pities me. Why can't she just come out and say that she thinks I'm a loser already?" These miserable thoughts crashed mercilessly in her mind. When she started to cross the street, the most disastrous thing happened. A speeding truck hit her. It must have been from the shock, but CC didn't feel any pain. "Well that's certainly weird…" she thought. "I should probably try opening my eyes now though". After she did however, she didn't see a light at the end of a tunnel, or even her corpse on the street. She sat up; and stared right into the grate of the truck. And what's more she heard confused shouting: "Where did that girl go?" shrieked one lady. "I swear I hit something!"Exclaimed the driver. "What's going on? I'm right here!" Despite shouting this at the top of her voice, no one heard her." I should probably get out of the road, and then someone will see me." But then a startling thought occurred to her. Why didn`t she feel hurt? She was absolutely sure it hit her. And the blood on the truck and the road were evidence of that. She was pondering this until a woman walked right through her. Camille started to panic. Did she die already? Was she doomed to forever roam the earth? "Ok, slow down," she told herself. "I'll just go to school and see what happens." With a nod she walked away from the bloody scene on the street.