Chapter 5:

Meanwhile, Camille was still underneath her bed, and freaking out. How am I supposed to get out now! It won`t take the paranormal club long to decide to do a sweep under the bed and find me here.

"We're good to go boss," said Wally "Are we going to start now?" From under the bed, Camille guessed that the worn out Converses belonged to Wally. He had a way of moving around whenever he talked. "I think we should start now." Shuffle…shuffle... "This is so exciting!" shuffle…shuffle…

A hot-pink pair of generic shoes walked into view. Camille guessed that this was Ariel. "We have four hours until midnight, so I think we should run a few sweeps before we start anything. The pink shoes turned toward the beaten Converses. "And Wally, stop getting so excited, you sound so lame."

All of you are lame. CC thought. A pair of black shoes turned toward the bed. And this must be Jack… Camille noticed that he started to kneel. As the green-tipped bits of his hair came into view. Camille, who was temporarily relived by making fun of these people, instantly started to panic again. She had grown a lot since the last time that she hid under the bed, so it already was a tight fit. She had no space to move quietly, and clinging to the underside of the mattress, like in the movies, was way out of the question. I'm totally screwed! Camille thought when Jack's face came into view. He stared right at her, then said "Let's look in the closet next, and then we'll start." How come he didn't see me? Camille thought. Didn`t he stare right in my face. She glanced down at her arms and saw…nothing.

This craziness is happening again? CC screamed inwardly. She slid out from under the bed at a slow painstaking pace, trying hard to ignore the fact that the sheets went right through her. At least I can escape now…CC thought with a small glimmer of hope.

It wasn't until she was out from under the bed that she realized her bag was on the branch directly under the window, and in clear sight. How am I supposed to carry that? And, to make matters worse, Jack was heading toward the window. Great he`ll see my bag! How can I make him change direction? A distraction maybe? CC looked around the room. If she wasn't… whatever she was, anything would be perfect. She looked around and saw some paper on her dresser. Ariel came out of CC's closet. "So Jack, are we going to put the night-vision camera in closet or under the bed?"

Wally turned from the mirror to face her. "Obviously, it would make a lot more sense to put it in the closet. That's the darkest and most closed off place in here!" Ariel looked offended and turned red. "Oh gee, why didn`t I think of that, Jack!"

Jack turned, "I`m just going to check out side."

"Ugh. You guys are so annoying!" CC could not help but scream out. None of them even flinched. But the last time I screamed, glass broke! What could be happening differently? CC crept on the bed, towards the side with the mirror. She stared at her nonexistent reflection as a small, thin crack started to branch across the bottom. CC touched it, wiped it, and scratched at it, but nothing happened. She put her face closer to closely examine it. "How did this crack get on my mirror?" The crack moved a fraction of an inch. CC talked again, raising her voice a little louder. "Hey!" The crack moved a lot more now. I guess I can only break glass when I'm really loud! Pretty cool! As CC mulled this thought over, a wonderful idea crossed her mind. She didn't even have to worry about trying to lift up that paper. She leaned in, right beside the crack in her mirror and screamed with all her might. The crack shot up, and the mirror virtually exploded! All hell pretty much broke out between the paranormal club's screaming and chaos, and her mother, Meline, dashing in at an unbelievable speed. This is my chance! And with that, she jumped out of her window.