"Perfect!" Neelix smiled broadly, showing his mismatched teeth as he entered a few words on his PADD. "The Captain will love it." He stepped out of his quarters, still grinning, to show Captain Kathryn Janeway. To his delight, she was only a few metres in down the hallway.

"Um, Captain? May I have a word with you?" The stout Talaxian hurried down the corridor to catch up with Janeway. She sighed. After all, it had been a long week, and she hadn't had much sleep in that time. Still, she stopped, turned to Neelix, and tried to put on a cheerful face for him.

"What is it, Mr. Neelix?"

"Well…you see…" Neelix paused and scratched his head. "After the recent course of events–the Rikana attacking and everything–I've noticed the crew morale to be awfully low." He lowered his eyes and shook his head. Then he smiled again. "I think it would be a good idea to have a party, to get the crew's spirits up!"

"A party?" Janeway didn't groan, but a party was not on her list of things to do at the moment. "Neelix, I think…"

"No, look, Captain!" Neelix interrupted, handing his PADD to Janeway. He leaned over her shoulder as she examined the data, explaining. "I went through the ships databases to find a good, fun kind of party. Obviously, the Vulcan ones were out…" The Captain looked at him inquiringly. "They just sit around and meditate! I know Mr. Tuvok would like that, but it's not exactly fun for the rest of us!"

Janeway couldn't help but laugh. "Don't tell anyone, but I have to agree with you there. What else did you find?"

"Klingons are out. Too much drinking, fighting, and violence. There have been several cases where the entire guest list was dead by the end of the evening!"

Janeway tried to look serious. Oh, it was good to have Neelix on Voyager. No matter what was going on, he could always cheer her up without even trying. "I wouldn't want that. Besides, there aren't any Klingons on board, or even anyone who would enjoy that sort of party."

"My thoughts exactly."

"Then what did you come up with?"

Neelix took the PADD, entered a few commands, and proudly handed it back. "This."

Janeway took one look at the PADD, and almost dropped it in shock. "A Mexican fiesta!?"

"Yes!" Neelix was quite pleased with himself. "From what I read, fiestas are very exciting. I think it would be the perfect chance for the crew to…lighten up. Have a little fun!" He glanced nervously at Janeway.

"Neelix…I don't know. Wouldn't it take an awful lot of preparation to make it work?"

"Yes, but I can do everything. After all, it is my duty as Chief Morale Officer. I can program the holodeck with all of the information that I found. You won't have to do a thing except enjoy the party!"

"All right, Mr. Neelix." Janeway grinned. "I must admit that I'm looking forward to this party of yours. When will it be?"

Neelix could barely contain his excitement. "Oh, about a week from now. I'll announce it in my briefing tomorrow morning!"

"Wonderful. I'll see you tomorrow."

"Yes, Captain! Thank you!" Smiling, Neelix trotted off to his quarters to begin recording the next morning's briefing.