Band of Friends

(This is a story about Lemonade Mouth. Could continue, I don't know, turns out if you guys like it. This takes place directly after "Breakthrough" Enjoy! It's gonna start in Olivia's POV)

I breathed in, not believing that we were at Madison Square Garden. Who knew a band formed in detention would be this popular? We had just finished "Breakthrough" and we were now walking back stage.

Our parents, or guardian, in my case, would be meeting us and we would all be going to the Pizza Rita that we just happened to lose our gig at.

Everyone in the band was afraid to go back in there. Our families didn't quite know that we lost our job there.

We arrived at the pizza place and we all got out of our cars. Mo, Stella, Scott, Charlie and Wen walked over to me. Our families walked in front of us as we walked inside. Mo was wearing Scott's jacket because she was only wearing her dress. I was actually quite cold; I had forgotten my jacket in my Gram's car. I wrapped my arms around myself to try and warm up. I suddenly felt a long jacket wrap around my shoulders. I looked up and saw Wen with a cute smile upon his face.


"You're welcome" We all walked into the restaurant and we tried to cover our faces.

We all sat down at a long table and I sat by Wen. His little sister, Georgie sat on the other side of him. (A.N I think that's her name. Tell me if it's not!) To my right, Stella sat beside me.

Luckily our waiter wasn't there the day everything went downhill. We ordered and then we waited for our pizza to be ready.

"Wen?" Georgie asked in a small voice

Wen turned to his little sister and smiled "Yes?"

"What's her name? I need to tell her something" Georgie pointed at me and I pretended I wasn't listening, but Wen knew I was.

"Her name is Olivia"

"Olivia?" The little girl asked shyly

I turned to look at her, smiling "Yeah?" I asked kindly

"You're very pretty"

"Thank you" I smiled at her "I think you're very pretty too" Georgie blushed and mumbled a thank you, and turned away.

"So, this is Olivia?" Wen's father asked from across the table

"Yes, I'm Olivia" I said

"We've heard great things about you" Wen's dad smiled and I blushed

"Dad!" Wen hissed

"Sorry" I saw Wen's father mouth. I smiled to myself as Wen looks at me apologetically

Soon we had eaten and then left. I was a little upset I didn't get to say goodbye to Wen, I felt too embarrassed to. I had to admit, I had a crush on him, well actually I think it was more than a crush, but I still liked him.

Gram and I drove home and we were greeted by my new kitten, Lemon. She was adorable. I petted Lemon as I walked in. I told Gram that I was going to change. I ran upstairs to my room and then I realized that I was still wearing Wen's jacket. I inhaled the air around me, the jacket smelled like him.

I grinned and then changed into my sweatpants and a T-shirt. I walk back downstairs and see Lemon on the couch. I walk over to her and pick her up, taking her spot on the couch. I placed her on my lap and I started to pet her.

Gram and I started to talk, and then our conversation drifted to Wen.

"He's a nice boy"

"I know that, Gram" I sighed

"I think he likes you"

I look outside at the darkened sky. "I hope so"

Wen's POV

We got back to the house and I lounged on my bed. Sydney was all moved in now, and we had a very good relationship, thanks to Olivia.

Olivia. Everytime I think, my thoughts also float to her. It's obvious to everyone, except her, that I like her. I think she likes me back since she said the only reason she was a part of Lemonade Mouth was because of me.

I sigh as I stare up at the boring ceiling. I hear a soft knock on my door and I say "Come in"

I glance up at who had entered, then laid my head back on my pillows. It was Sydney, she looked concerned

"Wen, is something wrong?"

"Well…" I sat up quickly "Can I ask you something?"

"Sure" She said and sat on my bed

"How do you know when you like someone?"

Sydney looked taken back. "Well, you think about them more often than others. You can tell when you just want to be as close as possible to them. You know when you often embarrass yourself in front of them, the list goes on and on. Why?"

"I think I like Olivia, but I had to be sure. Now, I'm positive" I exclaimed

"I'm pretty sure you like her too, you can tell"

"Thanks Sydney"

"No problem, Wen" Sydney smiled

"I'm gonna try and get some sleep, it's late"

"Good night"

"Night" I buried my head into my pillow.

I'll ask Olivia out tomorrow.

(Hope you liked it! Tell me if you want more.)