Xander relished his days off. He got to laze around his apartment, do his laundry, clean up after himself, not that he was a horrible slob, and play video games, guilt free.

Yeah, he should probably do some writing, his publisher wanted the next part of his slayer series, but at the moment, he just couldn't be bothered.

He was trying to slay Duriel when his front door burst open and a smoking black blanket stumbled in.


'You been inviting strange vampires in your apartment again?'

'You mean other than you?' he shot back, before groaning in defeat and dropping his head onto the keyboard.

'Cold resist,' Spike offered, dropping his blanket and duster on the floor before kicking off his boots, leaving everything in a still smoking heap on the floor in front of the door, and heading into the kitchen.

'Because I haven't already figured that out.'

'Why're you watching this again?' Spike asked, dropping onto the couch with his mug of blood.

'Because I still haven't seen it all, since the last time I tried to watch it somebody decided to have sex instead,' Xander replied with a curse as he hit the escape key again.

Spike set his cup on the table and stood, fishing something from his pocket.

'Maybe this'll help,' he offered, slipping a silver chain over Xander's head.

Xander let Spike connect the clasp and the pendent settled against the hollow of his throat.

'Spike,' he started, fingering the railroad spike that was on the chain.

Spike wrapped his arms around Xander's shoulders, 'just until I can claim you proper,' he offered, nipping at Xander's throat.

Xander gave a content purr, 'I love you too,' he smiled, before going back to the game, 'now get off, I have to kill a demon.'

Spike kissed the top of Xander's head as he laughed and ruffled the smooth hair, he dropped back onto the couch with his still warm blood. The Winchester's were a decent distraction, for a time...