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Angels – Robbie Williams

'He threatened to kill me, and he's a vicious drunk, I couldn't defend myself, not when he uses a bat. I'm surprised he hasn't broken anything, and my mother didn't do a damn thing about it, please Finn,' Puck begged, showing uncharacteristic weakness.

Finn faltered for a moment, about to give in, but then his resolve face returned and he tried to sneer, 'I'm sorry, Puck, but my answer is still no,' Finn stated coldly before leaving. Evidently he was still mad about the whole Baby-gate fiasco.

'Ignore Finn, he's an idiot and doesn't have any real say about who can and cannot stay at our house,' Kurt stated as he watched the tall jock storm down the hallway. Not even apologizing as he shoved Artie into the lockers.

'Kurt, I know we haven't...'

'Look, what happened, happened. There really isn't, much we can do about it now, so I think we put it all behind us and start fresh.'

Puck stared at Kurt like he'd grown a second head, 'I'd like that,' he finally admitted, because if Kurt hadn't suggested it, he would have, eventually. In about a week or three.

Kurt's lips twitched up, 'I'm Kurt Hummel. I'm gay, into fashion and enjoy singing,' he offered holding out his hand.

'Puc- uh, Noah Puckerman, I think I might be into dudes more than chicks, I can fix almost anything and I like to sing, but if you tell anyone I'll have to hurt you,' he added hastily.

Kurt gave a laugh, 'Your secret is safe with me.'

Puck suddenly pulled the startled boy into a hug, 'you're an angel.'

Kurt, after getting over the shock, returned the hug, trying to sooth the other boy as he shook in his arms.

Puck had no idea what he would have done if Kurt hadn't said yes.

and through it all he offers me protection
a lot of love and affection
whether I'm right or wrong
and down the waterfall
wherever it may take me
I know that life won't break me
when I come to call he won't forsake me
I'm loving angels instead

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