They are in the middle of the war. They are in the middle of a war and it is crazy and insane and their mother will murder them in their beds if she finds out but that doesn't matter. They are Fred and George Weasley, and they can do anything they pleased.

It is the middle of the war, and they are two twin brothers, one missing an ear, and they are flying through the stars at half past three a.m, laughing and talking and swooping and diving and living.

It had all started earlier that day, when George had lost an ear. Fred had decided that would not do, but since there was nothing he could do to make George a new one – he'd tried – he decided to opt for simply cheering him up instead.

At exactly two thirty three, Fred had sat up in bed. He'd closed his eyes, and promptly Apparated to the other side of the room, onto his brother's bed.

"YAARHG – mjffff!" George had screamed, before Fred slapped a hand over his mouth.

"George," he'd whispered. "You've lost an ear. We're in the middle of a war. It is 2:30. It's time to go flying."

So they'd crept out, picked up their bent but loyal brooms, and now they're flying, up and over the moon, brushing the tops of trees, watching all their problems fade to insignificance as they went higher higher higher. They are the Weasley Twins, and when they are together, they are invincible.

When they grow tired, they find their favorite tree, the one that they've been climbing ever since they were two, and settle down in the branches, letting the cool night air relax around them, letting the world below praise them, the kings of the universe, brothers, best friends, together forever.

"George?" Fred says, piercing the reigning silence.

George shifts to look at his brother. "Yeah, mate?"

For a moment, Fred looks very scared, scared like he's never looked before. "What if.." he whispers, "what if one of us..through the war, I mean – what if one of us makes it and the other one..doesn't?"

For a moment, George is silent. He embraces his brother tightly for another moment. When he breaks free, Fred's eyes are wet.

"That," says George firmly, "is not going to happen. We are the Weasley twins. We're Fred and George and George and Fred and we're kings, and the universe wouldn't dare take us away from each other."

For that moment, it's true. For that moment, they're kings. For that moment, they're together and everything in the world is as it should be.


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