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Chess & Love

Hermione sat at her living room half reading and half enjoying the chess lesson Ron was giving his children. Chess and Quidditch were two of the few things Ronald prided himself at when they went to Hogwarts, and though Hermione was a borderline genius she could never quite beat Ron. Over the years Ron gave her tips and tricks on how to spot a particular move or how to put logic in the back burner for a little while. This, however, was harder than it sounds.

'Move the rook Rosie, move the rook!' Hugo said eagerly. Rose shook her head. 'Move it! Or you are going to lose it, don't you see?' Now a small finger was motioning to the white knight then to the black rook.

Ron looked proudly at Hugo, then to Hermione beaming the biggest grin she had ever seen. Even though Hugo was smaller than Rose and only 7 years old, he was brilliant at chess; not that Rose wasn't good at it too.

'You should listen to him Rosie' Ron said. Rose looked expectantly at her mother

'What do you think mum?'

'I reckon you should listen to them both, especially since Hugo came up with the idea and you are playing against your father'

'But dad could've told Hugo, so he would tell me and then he could win!' she replied huffily

'I don't think they would do that Rosie. In fact your father always did the exact opposite'

'How do I know you are not trying to trick me?' she would constantly ask the redhead, to which he would reply 'Because Hermione, I am trying to show you the splendid move you have prepped up!'

'Seriously Ronald, if you trick me...' her fake threats and empty glares were completely forgotten when she inevitably let out a smile.

'Would I ever?' he mocked felling insulted. Hermione glanced at him 'Actually I would, wouldn't I' he said smiling back at her 'But seriously, make the move'

Against her better judgment she made the move and ended up winning the game. The sly smile on her face was enough to make him feel victorious as well. 'Told you,' he said grinning 'you can always trust me 'Mione'

'Always' she said in a low voice.

And so Rose trusted her brother and won the game much like her mother had done all those years ago.

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