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When Sasha Belov left Boulder, Colorado he left more than a gym full of aspiring Olympic hopefuls. He left a part of himself behind with the woman he loves. The worst part is, he had no idea that apart of himself was even in existence. Thinking back the night of passion and love shared was a night of honesty and realizations for Sasha. He knew from the moment he gave into her soft lips and words of love there would be no turning back and erasing his actions. He couldn't pretend that what he was feeling was just friendliness or admiration. He couldn't pretend he didn't love her anymore.

The night she confessed her feelings, he began to walk away choosing to ignore her confessions and pleas. When his name fell from her lips in an anguished plea he couldn't help, but turn around and stare in her dark blue eyes. Looking in her eyes was the beginning of his undoing. Seconds after his name escaped her lips, he launched himself at her, refusing to hear her desperate cries. Instead of denying both of them of what they truly wanted, he gave in, surrendering himself to her both body and heart. Neither of them could possibly foresee the repercussions of their heartfelt confession. Moments after launching himself at her, they found themselves on his bed breathing heavily. He looked down at her with love in his eyes and a longing tenderness in his expression. She seemed to sense his hesitancy because she whispered the three words that he needed to hear. When she whispered 'I love you', all of his doubts washed away with her voice. He stroked her soft cheek with gentle fingers before tenderly lowering his body over hers. As he claimed her as his own and as they became one, he whispered his love for her. As they both fell over and was plunged into waves of pleasure they clung to each other like lifelines. Minutes later he cradled her in his arms as he lovingly stroked her hair. He fell asleep for the first time feeling complete and whole. When he woke up the next morning she was gone, but not entirely. On his pillow was her rose scent and a note in her small graceful handwriting.

I love you Sasha, don't ever doubt that. What happened changes nothing between us. I still trust you with everything I have to give: my career, my body, and even my heart. You told me we could do anything as long as we did it together. I'm upholding you on your promise Sasha. We both wanted this and you know it.

I love you with all my heart.

As he walks through the boxing ring in Denver, he thinks of the love he left behind and the reality he created. All thoughts of that night consume him as he places his hands up for a defensive position. As he swings at the man across from him, he takes out the anger he has towards himself at the lack of self control he had with her. He tells himself that if he loved her he would have waited to be with her. As each right hook meets its mark, he feels little satisfaction. He knows deep down the only way he would be fully satisfied is if he had her in his arms and if he was back in Boulder. Being back in Boulder with her is not an option.

The rumors are a big reason of why he's in this arena letting himself get beaten to a bloody pulp. Even before Beals strutted in the gym with 'evidence' of an illicit relationship, people whispered and assumed things. Until a week ago, everything was nothing, but just rumors begging to be told. Until a week ago none of the gossip was true. The moment she pleaded to be with him and the second he surrendered to her, every rumor became a defined reality. With each kiss and touch shared between them, the rumors slowly became a solid truth.

Sasha is pulled out of his thoughts by the vague sound of someone entering the gym. As his thoughts went to who held is heart permanently, he threw a quick punch to his opponents' jaw. In his small victory his eyes slid to the right side of the ring where a new person stood observing the scene. When he saw who the person was he lost his concentration completely. If Kim Keeler was here then the one person he really wanted to see was in Denver as well. At the thought of seeing the love of his life again his body froze. The second of vulnerability worked against him as his opponent saw an opening in his steely armor. With one quick punch to his left side Sasha found himself on the ground with his broken heart laying wide open and bleeding. For once, Sasha was grateful for the physical pain of being thrown around in the boxing ring. The physical pain distracted him from the emotional pain he was feeling.

When he looked in Kim's eyes, he saw Payson staring back at him in his memories. He shook himself before clambering out of the ring and into a nearby chair. As she came over to him he felt the need to reassure her of his ability to handle the pain. He halfheartedly listened to her as she tried to persuade him to stay and come back to The Rock. He only pretended to listen, knowing that if Kim knew what he had done...what they had done... she would gladly tell him to go to hell and to stay as far away from Boulder and her daughter as possible. He sighed in selfish relief as he watched Kim leave the gym and walk out of his life. He swallowed roughly as he realized he wouldn't see any one from The Rock again. As he let a solitary tear trail down his sweaty face he reached into his gym bag and pulled out the letter that was lovingly left to him only a week ago. Opening the letter like he does every day, he traced the words that she wrote him in her love induced haze. He read through the letter, even though he had it memorized after the first day of receiving it. He sighed before putting the letter back in his bag and heading into the locker room.

As he lay in his small hotel room hours later, he tried, but failed to get some sleep. He sighed as he rolled over and buried his head under his pillow. He tried to stop reliving the night of passion and love, but he couldn't. The more he tried to forget, the more the memories kept replaying themselves in his mind.

Sasha wasn't alone in his restlessness and sleep deprived state. Across town in the Denver Hotel, an elite gymnast was tossing and turning in her bed with tears streaming down her soft cheeks. One hand clutched a gold medal dangling on a thick red ribbon, while the other hand lovingly cradled her abdomen.