Chapter 11- Birthright

Rhodolite had aged fairly well. A tall man with white hair pulled back in to a bun at the back of his head. He wore an Omeshi kimono of fine silk and he had a stern look on his face. His tattoo's could be seen from under his sleeves as he lit incense and sat down crossing his legs to dive in to his thoughts in peace.

His son, Diamond, was failing him. It could quite possibly be that it was his fault for not telling him of the girl. The girl that he had spared for his son. He was too late in grabbing her, Hiromasa had gotten to her first.

He originally had planned on having the child killed as well, out of spite for Selene, the woman that had denied him on more than one occasion. She was beautiful. The most beautiful woman that he had ever seen. He had wanted her more than any other. A prize to be cherished at his side. Locked away for his eyes only.

He didn't know that the man who had come begging for money all those years ago was her husband. The man that Selene had married and removed herself from this life.

Rhodolite would have been a fool to not have realized that Tsukino-san was a good man. He after all was not as blind as his son. He had stood down when he found out the truth allowing Selene to move on with her life. But the man, Tsukino, was smart. He had developed his own company and was about to go public on the Nikkei. His jealousy was already out of control with how well the Rose Clan was doing. Chiba Hirosama and Chiba Akio, before his death, had started to move their money in to legal money. They were taking over Japan from the inside and they were good at it. This left the prostitution rings open for the Black Moon, but it didn't give them enough power.

He knew that he was green with envy. He knew that Hirosama had been with Selene. Two Oyabun's obsessed with this one woman. He had made the decision to come after Tsukino to force him to give half share in his business to the Black Moon. The man had denied him. Him, Rhodolite, of the Black Moon clan. He couldn't have Tsukinos business and he couldn't have Selene.

He remembered sitting in the sedan with the dark tinted windows watching as the happy family walked down the street. His heart full of hatred but then the small girl, no older than five, turned her head toward the car. Almost as if she could see him through the black glass and she smiled.

She was a beautiful child, a spitting image of her mother. It was a rash decision but at the last minute he told his men to not harm the girl. He would take that child for his son. He would have his son protect her and love her like no woman had ever been loved.

He was too late. The child had been taken under the protection of the Rose Clan. The heir to the family, Chiba Mamoru, had fallen in love with the child. Sticking true to his name, he protected her. Chiba Mamoru was stronger than his son in many ways and he had almost forgotten about the girl until two days ago when he found her picture hung in his sons office.

She was a spitting image of her mother as a woman and quite possibly even more beautiful than Selene. She was untainted by this life and innocence beamed from her eyes. From what he gathered from Ruebas, his son had tried to take her from Chiba Mamoru three years ago out of spite and her beauty. She was quite the bunny, and she disappeared for three years. Diamond had failed, as Chiba had failed, to find the girl in that time. His son had used quite some manpower to search for her with out him finding out.

Then weeks ago the little bunny returned and who should she see first, but Diamond.

Yes, fate was a funny thing. And now he would tell his son of how this girl, Tsukino Usagi was spared for Diamond. That this girl was his birthright and if he should continue to fail the Black Moon in procuring her… it wouldn't be good for him.

Diamond always worked better with a nudge from his father… but he was sure that Diamond's obsession with only grow when he knew that she, Tsukino Usagi, belonged to Diamond.

Rhodolite laughed. Yes, fate was a funny thing.


Usagi was trying to be in a peaceful bliss, laying in Mamoru's, her now lovers, arms. She was wrapped in a towel and her wet hair was making the sheets damp but she didn't care.

The thoughts came nagging as she listened to his heartbeat. 'Would he only ever want her the way she wanted him? Was her being 'his' and his alone only one sided?'

She didn't think she could live if he was intimate with another. He didn't say a word as they laid there post coitus. Was he regretting it all?

"Usako… I think… I think I made a mistake." He said quietly breaking in to her thoughts.

Her heart stopped. Her worst fear's confirmed. He didn't want her. She had pushed him too far and now that he had her… he would leave her.

She stiffened next to him but she nodded her head. What else could she do?

"I was worried that you were going to feel like that…" She said barely audible. She sat up and looked at him. He ran his hands through his hair a worried expression on his face.

"I thought it was a good idea at the time." He stated now looking miserable.

"Oh." She had no words. She threw he legs over the bed and went to gather her clothes. Now embarrassed of her body, yes that had to be part of it, she grabbed her things and walked in to the bathroom and closed the door behind her.

"Usako?" She heard him say.

"I am not going to cry, I am not going to cry, I am not going to cry." She told herself as she put on her clothes.

She tried to make herself look as presentable as possible.

"Usako?" He knocked on the door. At least she had been with him once. She had no regrets now. No regrets of coming back here and she would continue to try and be strong. Even if he didn't want her. She would be strong now.

She opened the door walking past him.

She couldn't look at him now, but she was still sure she couldn't leave without him either.

"Why don't we get ready to go back, Chiba?" She said trying not to sound harsh. She didn't have the energy. Rejection was too much and she had to wait to be away from him before she broke down.

"Go? Usa, what's wrong? Are you worried?" He asked reaching to grab her hand.

He had changed in to a pair of black silk hung off his hips. He was amazing and now he had realized that she wasn't worthy. She just hung her head.

"Oh, baby, no. Don't be mad at me. I am sorry but whatever happens you have to know that I would never ever leave you. You know I love you."

He reached for her again, a look of confusion now on her face as he lifted her chin searching her eyes for her distress.

"Then why did you say that it was a mistake? I didn't think it was a mistake but I am not surprised that you think it was." She said softly not meeting his eye's fully.

"Well, aren't you worried Usa? This isn't the right time to have a baby. I have never been so carless before, but with you… the woman I love… I couldn't help but to claim you that way." He paused. "But you are mine." He growled a look of possession coming over him.

"Wait? What! A baby? What are you talking about?" she stepped back from him.

"Yes, Usa! It was reckless. We didn't use any protection… twice. Not to mention with the Moon Clan coming after you it's just not the best time to start a family."

He looked at her face it was un-readable.

"I do want a family with you. Don't look at me like that. Just not right now." He said trying to discern the look on her face.

"Mamo chan! I am not going to get pregnant. I'm on the pill." She laughed with relief.

But instead of pacifying him he looked pissed. "Why would you be on the pill,

U SA KO? Did you plan on sleeping with that cop?"

She backed away from him but, as usual, the urge to argue with him came over her. "Well should I look through your drawers, Chiba! I am sure this apartment is FILLED with contraception! Really! Your such a hypocrite!" She placed her hands on her hips.

"So you didn't sleep with the bastard but you planned on it! Planned on giving yourself to that pig WHEN YOU BELONG TO ME!" He roared at her.

"SO! YOU CAN BE WITH AS MANY PEOPLE AS YOU WANT BUT APPARENTLY I ONLY CAN BE WITH YOU!" She yelled back at him. She had backed in to the large living room of the penthouse apartment.

"YES! YOU BELONG TO ME, USAKO! YOU AND ME ARE ONE NOW. EQUALS." She roads as he came closer to her.

But she didn't hear that part. All she heard was him agreeing that he could sleep with other people. Fury coursed threw her.

She threw a vase at him that was on the side table. He moved just in time and it hit the wall.

"WHAT THE FUCK, USA!" He yelled at her surprised.


"I knew I wouldn't be enough for you." She grabbed another vase and threw it at him again just out of spite. He dodged it again.


"TELL ME ALL YOU WANT, DOESN'T MEAN YOU WON'T! WHICH YOU JUST TOLD ME THAT YOU COULD AND I COULD'T" She continued to back away from him now placing the couch between them.

"Ugh! You are so exasperating, Usako! I am not going to sleep with other women! Ever again, only you!" He told her sternly.

"Well, then I am not on the pill so I could sleep with Seyia. It's to regulate my period, BAKA!" She crossed her arms over her chest.

He lunged for her, grabbing her before she could move and pulled her over the couch, laid her down and then trapped her under his body.

He smiled at her with a wide, boyish grin.

They were nose to nose.

"Get off baka."


She tried to struggle.

"Let's get a everything straight so there is NO more confusion." He said with a smirk.

She rolled her eyes but then nodded.

"I love you and only you. Last night was the best night of my life and this morning was the best morning of my life. You are my everything and always have been. I only was with other women… well to dull the pain in my life after you left. I would have saved myself and I was saving myself for you even with all of the jabs at my expense. Its sucks being the only one with out someone for so long." He admitted.

Her heart was so full. It was a feeling of… well better than what they did this morning. She freed one arm and put her hand to his face. Then she gently kissed him.

She pulled away and gave him a smile as he wrapped her up in to a hug.

"I was worried that you would get rid of me now that you had me. I was worried I wasn't enough for you." She confessed.

He let out a breath. "You are so ridiculous."

"So now that we are clear on those items let's hash out the rest. No more locking me up in an ivory tower." She was sitting in his lap pulling her self out of their embrace so she could make her demands… again.

He flinched. She smacked him.

"The house technically is not ivory." He said.

She frowned. "Do you want us to work or not?"

"Usako. It's a huge… a huge change. I have been protecting you forever and then I lost you. Now, that you are back well… it's a lot to ask."

"I am not saying you can't protect me I am just saying you need to back off a bit. Guards outside my door? Can't leave the house without you? Plus, I am often left alone while everyone else is working."

"Well, if you were not so damn sneaky, then security would not be so tight." He mumbled.

She kissed his temple. "Well now that I am yours… I won't have to be so sneaky."

"Won't work, Usa." he said dryly.

"Oh, come on. You said we were equals. Which makes us partners and partners have to trust one another." She poked him in the chest.

He sighed. "Fine. I will lift some of the security measures. But you must tell me where you are going at all times. If you want to leave the house someone either a Sempai Kohai or Nee San must accompany you. And I got you a cell phone which has a tracking devise in it which you must have on you at all times. I will still take you and pick you up from work unless it's an emergency."

"Wow… you are going to let me walk around the house… alone! The heavens have freed me." She smirked.

"Take it or leave it." He said sternly.

"Deal. Okay part two. You will teach me to defend myself." She saw him starting to say no , "OR I will have Seyia teach me. He doesn't mind me having a few bruises on my body. I am already a Klutz."

"It will be taken to a vote. I already told you that." He said trying to weasel out of it.

"Okay, Seyia will teach me for now and then when you 'get around' to this voting bullshit you can teach me." Her eyes were not joking this time.

"Seyia is off limits." Mamoru said sternly.

"Do I need to keep walking away from you until you get it? Seiya is my friend. He has kept me safe for three years. You can't tell me that he is off limits. Plus, he can protect me just as well as the family can." She said annoyed at Mamoru's pig headed behavior.

"We will vote tonight." He said.

"You do that. I want you to know that I have tried to learn from Seyia and for some reason I can't… I just think that I would learn better from you. Like with the car. I always stalled with him but with you I had no problem right from the start." She was trying to butter him up to get him to agree.

"I need you to remember that I defended you just fine all those years ago in that alley and in the parking garage that night, EASILY." He commented.

"Yes, and I still have nightmares about that." And her hand subconsciously moved to her throat where the mark Diamond left on her had turned yellow.

Mamoru's arms tightened around her. He still had nightmares about that too, but he would never tell her as much.

"If I was properly trained I wouldn't have froze like I did. Like I always do. I would have stood a better chance had you not known where I was." She said vehemently.

"Diamond is sick and twisted. As is his father. We will vote tonight." He said again.

"If they do vote yes, then you can't do it half assed. It's all or nothing." She said and all he could do was nod.

"And no more secrets." She stated but Mamoru didn't nod. And she waited but he didn't say anything.

"Ah, so you are still hiding things from me then." She said upset.

"Some secrets are privileged only for the family. You have not made the choice to become one of us, yet. You have only made the decision to be mine not a yakuza." He said looking at Tokyo. The sun was fully up now and Tokyo was in motion… alive.

"Okay, but if I make that decision you will tell me everything." She said firmly.

He nodded but now he was worried if she knew everything that Hirosama did then she may walk away from him. But once you are in…

"Usagi, if you do decide to become a Nee san and you know everything… you can't leave. The only way out is death."

She nodded and then looked at him. He was still shirtless. Something in her stomach stirred. He was perfect… and now he was her's. Entirely.

"What are your plans today, Mamo chan?" She asked with a seductive look.

He scooped her up off the couch and went running to the bedroom.


Diamond had just finished meeting with his father. He was having mixed emotions about what he had just found out.

"Tsukino Usagi was spared for you son." Rhodolite. "I saw her picture in your office. A spitting image of her mother. I would of had her killed as well but… I thought of how I could never have Selene and my son should be granted the privilege of acquiring her daughter."

Yes, he had obsessed over this girl for three years. Mostly because Chiba wanted her so bad. The more he stared at her photo the more obsessed he became with obtaining her. Now to find out that she belonged to him and Chiba had her it was one more thing that Mamoru had that he didn't.

His plan to infiltrate the market legally was not as easy as it sounded. Diamond was uneducated in a school sense. It's not that he didn't understand money… oh he understood that just fine. What he didn't like to do was gamble money away to some broker.

So what he was doing was threatening large CEOs of corporations to give him some ins and outs on their business plans but almost all of them were already in the the Rose Clan.

Rhodolite, his father, said that they should be humble and just take up more of everything else. That wasn't his plan 20 years ago, though. He wanted to do what his father couldn't. He needed to prove that he could infiltrate the market and slowly bring down his biggest rival and he needed to acquire Usagi. He needed to kill Chiba Mamoru.

"You wanted to see me?" Koan asked getting down on her knees and bowing.

"You are running out of time. Bring me the girl or you get it." Diamond snarled to her.

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"Yes, my plan is in place. You will have her by the end of next week." She said her head down.

"I better." Diamond said darkly. "Or I will be killing you."