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Mamoru was frustrated. He was needed in meetings all morning to re-negotiate stock options. Usagi had been a teacher now for almost a week. Everyday he watched as Seyia greeted her on her way in to school. But it wasn't Seyia the worried him. It was how the Black Moon had laid off and had disappeared almost entirely out of Juuban and Azabu all together. Diamond was up to something and it made him un-easy.

Usagi and him had grown closer but not how he wanted. She was focused on work and tended to avoid him at home. Seyia was an entirely different story.

"Kou-San." Mamoru said stiffly as Seyia approached Usagi and him. He normally had a wide smile on his face every time he saw his Usako, but today he looked worried.

"Seyia. What's wrong?" Usagi asked leaving Mamoru's side to go to him.

"Miyuki-sensei was in an accident last night." Seyia said worry on his face.

"What?" Usagi asked. Miyuki was a second grade teacher. Usagi had become close to her since their students shared a lunch period together.

"Yeah, she was hit …by a car… while waiting for the bus last night." Seyia said but something in the way he phrased the story caught Mamoru's attention.

Seyia caught Mamoru's eyes and gave him a serious look.

"That is awful." Usagi said shaking her head. "I will have to stop by the hospital to see her."

"Usako, why don't you go in? I bet the students are waiting for you." Mamoru nudged her.

"Yeah, I hope they haven't heard." Usagi began to walk away. "I know!" She said cheering up.

Mamoru and Seyia both looked at her in alarm. "I will have the class make her get well cards!"

When Usagi was out of hearing range Mamoru gave Seyia a meaningful look.

"What do you know?" Mamoru demanded from Seyia.

Seyia looked as if he was going to walk away but then he sighed. "Look, I am only telling you this because of the way they hunted Serena in San Francisco and from my personal experience."

"Usagi." Mamoru corrected. "And who hunted her?"

Seyia rolled his eyes and he realized that Usagi didn't tell him about how the Black Moon was always looking for her. He gave Mamoru a superior look because they never found her of course and Seyia had arrested enough of them to know that a blond Japanese woman was always on their priority list. Seyia smirked and Mamoru glared.

"That was no accident that happened to Miyuki. The Black Moon wanted Serena in America. They only saw her the one time but they looked. That is why we moved, a lot. Plus, I know that you had people looking too."

This brought Mamoru up short. "Why would you say that is wasn't an accident?"

"Because it looked like similar 'accidents' in San Francisco by gangs or yakuza."

"I don't know what you are hinting at." Mamoru said clearly offended.

"Please, Chiba-san. I know who you are." Seyia hissed.

"Everyone knows who I am."

"Better hope that is not true or Usagi would have been fired already."

"School principals have better things to do than worry about who their teacher's date."

"Dated." Seyia corrected.

Mamoru let out a growl. "Aside from technicalities, I had nothing to do with Miyuki's 'accident.'"

"You may not have, but the Black Moon could have."

"Why hurt a second grade teacher?" Mamoru said out loud.

"I don't know. All I know is that was no accident."
"I will look in to it." Mamoru said walking away and pulling out his cell phone. "Oh, and one more thing… If what you told me is true you hide Usako from me. I won't forgive you for that." And he walked away. Seyia accepted the challenge.

Usagi colored with her students as they made cards. She was perplexed by how such a thing could have happened. In the teacher's lounge this morning one of the teachers said it was a hit and run. How horrible.

"Smith-sensei?" A voiced called.

It was Principal Wantanabe. Usagi scrambled to stand up and hurry to the door.

She bowed. Next to the principal was a beautiful black haired woman.

"Smith-sensei, this is Kurozuki-sensei. She will be taking Miyuki-san's position while she is recovering."

Usagi bowed. "It is a pleasure to meet you."

"You too." Koan bowed.

"Smith-sensei, since you were close with Miyuki would you mind showing Kurozuki-san around."

"Yes, Wantanabe-san." Usagi gave the women a genuine smile.

"Thank you. Ladies enjoy you day." They both bowed as the principal left.

The woman turned to Usagi and smiled. "Thank you so much. You can call me Koan." Her purple eyes twinkled.

"Your welcome. I am Serena. Let me show you to your class room."

"Seyia, this is Kurozuki- Koan." Usagi introduced them at lunch. "She is Miyuki's replacement."

"You can call me Koan." She smiled and bowed.

"Nice to meet you." Seyia said.

Koan took a seat at the small table and began to open her bento.

"So, how are you liking your new students?" Seyia asked taking a bite of his lunch.

"The whole hour I have been with them has been nice." Koan joked.

Usagi and Seyia laughed.

Koan watched as Usagi smiled and laughed with the man named Seyia. 'How is it that this blond has two yakuza Oyabun's wrapped around her little finger?' She thought a nasty scowl on her face.

"Koan-san? Is something wrong?" Usagi looked at the new second grade teacher who held a dark look on her face.

Koan smiled flakily at Usagi. "No, just a bit of worry. Miyuki-san's lesson plan was not that great. I may have to change some things."

"If you need help let me know." Usagi smiled again.

"I will. Trust me." Koan smiled and something about this put Seyia off.

Seyia and Usagi sat on the bench outside of the school after class got out for the day.

"Those are some fancy new clothes you have, Sere." Seyia smiled as he pulled at Usagi's red cashmere sweater.

"Thanks. Minako took me shopping." She said glancing away toward the road. She was waiting.

Seyia smiled and then looked away. He knew that she was waiting for Mamoru to come get her. She tapped her foot and fidgeted. She only used to pay him attention and now it was all about Mamoru. No matter how much she lied about it, she loved Mamoru. But she loved him too and he would make her see that.

"So you are trying to dress like them now?" He asked some tension in his tone.

Usagi looked at him dumbfounded, blue innocent eyes wide.

"Wha… what are you talking about?" She asked, voice high.

"Don't play dumb Serena. I know who they are. And you have never been the girl to want to wear the latest designer fashion." His face was appalled.

Usagi tensed her hands twisted with one another. She knew he would figure it out sooner or later. After all hunting down gangs and yakuza was his job. He couldn't explain how she wanted to somewhat fit in with them and not look like a pauper.

"Fine." She looked him in the eye. "I won't play dumb. They are exactly who you think they are."

Seyia looked angry. "You know. I thought they hurt you bad enough, but no you go right back too them."

"Seyia…" Usagi reached for him and he turned away.

"Seyia… It's not like that." She placed her hand on his back. "You don't know what happened for me to have to get involved in this."

"Well, then tell me!" He said rather angrily.

And Serena shook her head. "No. You can't be involved this time."

"Excuse me?" He was offended. She looked in to his eyes.

"No. This is bigger than you think. This isn't the States. This is Yakuza territory." She told him dead in the eye.

"Then lets go back. Let's leave again. We can go anywhere you want. Florida, Montana, anywhere." Seyia gripped her hands tightly.

"Seyia…" Usagi gasped. He was hurting her.

"Please, Serena. Please, let's leave this place." He begged.

"She is not going anywhere with you." A voice snarled behind them. Usagi jumped up and Mamoru took the moment to go to her and pull her to him.

"You will get her killed!" Seyia hissed out loud.

"Seyia! This is not the place." Mamoru warned. "Usagi." He turned and looked down at her lovingly. "Sorry I was late. It won't happen again. Let's go."

Seyia watched as her eyes met Mamoru's and looked away in disgust.

"Serena, I'm sorry. I will see you later." He stood up and stormed off in the opposite direction.

"Seyia…" she called.

"Usako. Let him go." Mamoru tucked her under his arm and led her to where the waiting car was.

Koan looked on from her classroom window. Smiling evilly.

Usagi had done her best to keep away from Mamoru while at his house. It seemed like all of her friends had other things to do as well as their significant others. This left her alone more than she wanted so she pretended to be interested in her kids work. Really though, it didn't take long to grade hiragana skills. She glanced down at her watch… only 8:30. She sighed. It was Friday too… Getting up from the desk in her room she tiptoed toward the door grabbing her purse.

As usual her two personal bodyguards stood outside her door chatting. She had named them Tall and Short. She nodded at them and headed down the hall. They followed. She turned around toward them giving off a brilliant smile.

"Gentlemen, would you mind giving me a ride?"

"Where to?" Short asked nervously. Tall nudged him.

"Tsukino san, we have been given strict orders that you are not allowed to leave the mansion." Tall said in frustration.

Shock flitted across Usagi's face. "Not leave!" She gasped out.

"Yes, Tsukino san. That's right." Short quoted.

"Not anywhere?" She asked in disbelief.

They shook their heads in sync.

"What if I need tampons?" She asked hands on her hips.

Short looked nervous but answered, "The maids will provide them."

"Food?" She challenged.

"The kitchen is fully stocked and the staff has been given orders to get you whatever you wish." Tall replied.

"How about a pony!" Usagi yelled.

"There are ponies in the stables." He added a smirk on his face.

"Wine?" She asked.

"Full wine cellar."

"Good take me there. It's Friday and now I am pissed." Usagi said motioning with her hands to make them move.

Short looked at Tall worried. "He did say to give her what she wanted."

"Follow us Tsukino san." Tall said leading the way.

On their way to the wine cellar Usagi asked…" Is he even home?

"No, umm he is out on business." The Tall one said.

"The girls?"

"Out also. This way, Tsukino." They lead her around the maze of a house until they came to a door and it led down a few short steps.

The room was massive but dimly lit. Row by row along the walls tall shelves housed hundreds of wine bottles. A large decorative wooden cabinet on the wall held wine glasses. Usagi, having been to Napa a few times, wandered up and down the rows finally picking up one of her favorite wines. A 2006 Opus Vintage. She brought it over to the large wooden cabinet and found a wine opener in the drawer. Pouring herself a glass she took in a nose full and let out a sigh.

"That is a five hundred dollar bottle of wine." A velvety voice called.

Standing on the last step looking like a model, Mamoru stood. He was wearing black jeans and white button down and a black blazer slung over his shoulder.

Usagi licked her lips after taking her first sip and sighed. "Tis the price of imprisonment."

Mamoru nodded with his head to have the two body guards leave the room. They bowed and hustled around him as he approached the blond.

"You know… you have very expensive taste in wine." Mamoru took the bottle pouring himself a glass.

"I could have opened the De La Grand Cru Cote Nuit." She smiled sweetly taking another sip.

Mamoru let out a hearty laugh knowing that the very bottle she spoke of averaged 11 thousand a bottle.

"My love…" he whispered in her ear. Usagi's face went red. "You could have opened the whole case and I wouldn't have cared. Whatever mine is… is yours too. Come…" He grabbed the bottle and pulled her with him toward a door on the far side of the wine cellar. Behind it was a small sitting room. Mamoru picked up a remote and the fire in a stone fireplace lit up the room. The room was stone. A leather love seat was in the middle of the room flanked with two wing back chairs. A fur rug was on the floor and Usagi slowly made her way in to the middle of the room. One wall was dark mahogany cabinets filled with more wine, a few decanters and a full liquor bar.

"Impressive." Usagi said and gave Mamoru a small smile.

"Sit." He gestured with the hand that was not holding the bottle of wine.

Usagi agreed and slunk in to the deep brown leather sofa. She picked up her feet and curled them underneath her legs.

Mamoru sat on the other side watching her every move.

Usagi sipped on the wine and watching the flames dance in the large hearth.

"Where did you go?" Usagi asked not looking at the man whose eyes were boring in to her.

"I had business to attend to."

She looked at him meeting his gaze. " Are we so far apart, Mamoru, that you can't tell me?"

"Are we, Usako?" Mamoru asked pain clear in his eyes.

"You have been avoiding me." He accused.

Usagi pursed her lips. She had wanted to be alone with him from the moment she saw his face. But she couldn't give in. She had run away with such criticism for his lifestyle and she would have to take it back to be with him.

Usagi took another sip of wine while she contemplated her answer to him.

He broke her thought when he asked… "I didn't think you drank alcohol?"
"Huh?" She asked.

"Well Kunzite told me that when you were at the club you ignored Diamond request."

"Oh.. ha I don't drink hard liquor. I have always preferred a good red wine. I like beer too. In Portland they have microbreweries everywhere. Seyia and I have been to Napa, Sonoma and Willamette Valley."

He pursed his lips and looked away.

Serena went on. "I am very excited that you have such a collection. Maybe you could help me expand my wine knowledge. I am not very well versed on anything European, South African or even South American."

He looked over at her and gave her a smile. Yes, there were still things that he could give her that Seyia could not. But, were Usagi's words true. Did Seyia take her innocence?

"So… where were you today?" Usagi asked again.

Mamoru sighed. "I own about four night clubs and six private clubs. Minako runs two of the private clubs. They are very upscale. Top of the line. She needed me to help her make a decision on some people who wanted to join."

"Private clubs?" Usagi was thinking strip clubs and she was appalled at the thought.

Mamoru guessed what she was thinking. "They are like… country clubs… but in the city, Usako. Very upscale. I will take you one time."

She looked away embarrassed. And sipped her wine.

"I am not that kind of Yakuza, Usako." He said looking at her as she turned to meet his gaze.

"Then what kind of gangster are you then?" She demanded.

"Let's not do this, Usa. We were enjoying each others company for the first time in a week."

"No, I think that now is a good time to discuss this. We are calm. Enjoying a bottle of wonderful wine. Tell me what makes the Rose Clan different from the Black Moon. I think I have a right to know."

Mamoru took one long look in to her blue eyes and sighed.

"You are right. You do have a right to know." And she smiled in triumph.

"We may have started out like the rest and we hold a reputation almost as bad as some; however, we do not dabble in many illegal affairs."

"Such as?" Usagi asked clearly not believing.

"Drugs, weapons or selling sex." Usagi gaped and then nodded. She had heard stories that Yakuza did do this. Sell Filipino women in to the sex trade and sell drugs to other counties. These types of things disgusted her.

"We mostly hold a lot of stock options and we do lend money out. We have to keep a reputation so yes things can get ugly when we go to collect. It is also good have people afraid of us as well. Fear keeps people in line."

Usagi frowned.

Mamoru smiled. "We also give jobs to people by creating jobs. We also have given more money and more help than the government of Japan did to help after the tsunami."


"Yes, we did the same thing in Kobe twenty years ago."

Usagi thought for a moment and took another sip of wine. "So, you do a lot of good?"

"Shhhh…. Don't tell anyone it would hurt our reputation. But, Usagi, you are right to be afraid of us. We don't always play fair and we can break the… rules sometimes. It's a perk."

Usagi nodded believing him. She took another sip.

"So… where do we go from here?" She asked peeking up at him from under her lashes.

Mamoru felt the sense of hope flash through him but he remained calm. "As fast as I want to go with you… I think we should take it slow. We need to take care of this Diamond thing first."

"So, stalking me and moving me in to your house is what you consider slow?" She smirked.

"I treat everyone important to me that way." He replied without thinking.

Mamoru looked at Usagi who had a horrified expression on her face. "Excuse me.." she said.

Mamoru could have slapped himself. "Not… stalking. But as you have noticed most people live here."

"Did the redhead live here?" She said a little demanding.

"Sort of… but that was only for information. She works for them and I needed to know Diamonds next move."

"Yeah and sex." Usagi snorted trying not to show how truly hurt she was.

"So you living and sleeping with Seyia for almost three years doesn't give you much wiggle room."

Now Usagi felt bad. She had led Mamoru to think she was intimate with Seyia. Her face flushed and she took a sip of wine.

"Usako?" She looked over at Mamoru who now looked ridged on the couch.

"Why would you do that? Do you love him?" He asked a weakness in his eyes she hadn't seen since she returned.

She sighed… "Of course I love him." She answered honestly looking in to Mamoru's eyes. "But… I didn't sleep with him."

Mamoru was silent.

"And it was wrong for me to make you think that I did." She bowed her head in shame.

Mamoru didn't take a second to close the gap between them on the couch and pull her in to his arms. He took the wine glass from her placing it on table. He pulled her in to his lap and cuddled her to his chest.

"My Usako." He whispered in to her hair.

Usagi let out a sigh on contentment. She breathed in his smell of chocolate and roses.

"Oh I just love Opus!" Minako exclaimed. "Grab another bottle, Kunz!" She yelled taking a seat on the couch next to Mamoru and Usagi. Mina in her typical fashion had barged in to the room and made herself comfortable ignoring the awkward position that Usagi and Mamoru were in.

Usagi tried to get out of Mamoru's arms but he held her tight grinning like a small child.

"Ugh. I am tired." Makoto said grabbing some wine glasses from the cabinet in the corner. "What a good way to unwind. "

"Oh, I so agree." Nephrite sat down in the wingback chair and Makoto poured them wine sitting on his lap clearly comfortable.

"Zoi, please don't send me there to collect ever again. I swear I have to fight almost every time." Ami complained rubbing her arm then grabbing a glass off the table and pouring wine. "Kunzite? I thought you were grabbing another bottle?" She asked grabbing some pillows and making herself comfortable on the floor.

"Ami, I send you there to work on your skills. Soon enough they will just stop with all the shit and give you the money." Zoisite kneeled next to her kissing her on the forehead. "Plus, I would never send you anywhere you couldn't handle yourself."

"I think they opened the last bottle of Opus. I think we should do Screaming Eagle. It's been a long day." Kunzite yelled from the other room.

"Screaming…. Screaming Eagle?" Usagi stuttered out and watched as Kunzite pulled out the cork as he walked in to the room.

"I hope that's okay. I can open something else." He said looking at the bottle.

"That's a six thousand dollar bottle of wine and has a waiting list as long as the coast of Japan!" she yelled.

"Yeah… so who wants a glass?" Kunzite said smiling.

Mamoru whispered in Usagi's ear. "Want a glass."

"You bet your sweet ass I do!" She told him firmly. Everyone laughed and Mamoru's deep rumble shook her small frame.

Everyone had settled down in to the wine lounge and Usagi listened, content in Mamoru's arms as each went though their day to day.

This is how is must have been daily for this group and Usagi felt bad that with all this love Mamoru had no one to share it with. They really were a family and Usagi felt that she really belonged.

"How was your day, Usagi?" Minako asked after she hung up with the kitchen. She had ordered in dinner from the chef.

"It was good. We got a new teacher. She is nice but I liked the old one better."

"What happened to the old one?" Ami asked. She was playing with a lock of Zoi's hair.

"An awful accident. She was hit by the car while waiting for the bus. We made her get well cards to day in class."

"Seems like even Usagi's days are full of drama." Jed and Raye walked in to the room with a new bottle of wine. Jed wore a smirk on his face looking at Usagi and Mamoru. Raye looked a bit down and Usagi noticed that her arm was wrapped up.

"What happened!" Usagi yelled at Raye when she saw the bandage.

The whole rooms eyes narrowed as they looked at Raye. She just opened the bottle of wine and poured her a Jed a glass. He answered for her.

"Damn Petz. She is crazy as crazy gets. She sent someone to the club and started some shit. I took care of it." Jed answered picking up Raye and placing her in his lap.

Raye went down and kissed Jed's cheek. "I missed my scary Yakuza boyfriend."

"Then what happened to Raye?" Minako asked her brow worried.

"Petz pulled a knife on me." She responded.

Usagi gasped.

"That bitch!" Makoto yelled out.

"Did you get in a few good swipes?" Nephrite asked amused.

Raye frowned. "No, Jed was there so quick. It's just a scratch really."

"This makes no sense…" Mamoru stated. At the moment the kitchen staff came in and began to place delicious platters on the large coffee table in the center. Usagi grabbed a glass of water and drank it quickly.

Mamoru shooed the kitchen staff away and the group dug in to the feast.

"Who is this Petz?" Usagi asked between bites.

"She is one of the Black Moon's Nee-san." Ami explained. "Like us but they are really not nice."

Mina laughed. "Yes, evil group those girls. There are three of them. Petz, she is the oldest. Berthier who is very smart but not much of a fighter. More brains than brawn. Then there is Calaveras. She is not much, usually tags along with the other Nee-san. But you get those girls together and they are damn right nasty. They have wiped out two who Yakzu Nee-san's before."

"They are no match for us." Raye smirked.

"We took down Emerald just fine. Really shook that group up for awhile." Makoto gloated.

"Huh…" Usagi said thoughtfully then took another bite of her food.

"What are you thinking?" Mamoru nudged her wishing that the girls wouldn't talk this way around Usagi and scare her.

Usagi swallowed and then shrugged. "They have really stupid names."

Everyone started to laugh and Usagi smiled feeling part of the group rather than separate.