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Sequel to Star Fox Highlight Days and the final installment of the trilogy.

Enjoy the first chapter!



Although today seemed like any ordinary day with the brilliant rays of Solar and the cool, gentle breeze of Corneria, it wasn't. Today held a special occasion for not just one, but at least two beings across the city. It was something celebrated just once every year, but it was especially meaningful to the duo as they shared the event together. For Fox McCloud, a vulpine teenager of now eighteen years was sharing this special day with his one year old daughter Jamie McCloud. Today was not only his day but the kit's as well on this day that is their shared birthday.

He had all the preparations made and all the delicates set. Nothing was going to ruin this day for the both of them, as father and daughter shared this delightful day with one another. He had sent out all the invitations, even to those he didn't think would come…Even after all this time, things from before had not quite recovered. As he sang good morning to the slumbering kit he carried her slowly down the stairs as Solar's light shinned through all the windows nested above his head and the rays shining down the hall as it was still early and no lights had been turned on in the home.

All those months ago and still not much had improved if anything had improved. Yet even with little improvements, there was still much change.

Krystal had indeed gotten her wish, gotten what she wanted and moved away from Corneria and back to her home planet…It hit Fox hard in such a way, to think he caused so much trauma to the young girl she felt as though she couldn't show her face around the halls of Shooting Star High without some kind of emotional feeling boiling up to the surface. She was running away from those feelings, those problems, just like he had done before his departure from the planet after what happened with Jessie nearly two years ago. But it's what she wanted and she didn't care much for him anymore, as he really didn't for her either…Or so he wanted to believe. What was his place to try and keep her from leaving? Fox just figured it would be quite the while before he saw her again, perhaps he never would.

Speaking of the school its idea for uniformed dress code quickly deteriorated and had now died all together. It just seemed to inconvenient for the school district that was known for it's multiple championship trophies and awards for numerous sports for both boys and girls. Youth Slayers Court had done quite well that season, taking 1st place in the overall league and 3rd for district champions. School life had been normal throughout the rest of the junior year for Fox and his friends, well as normal as it could possibly be. Despite the trauma of it all, he still had quite the few highlights on the year.

Jamie had grown so much in this past year, she had grown and flourished beautifully to her father and grandparents it was outstanding. She was already starting to take her first steps, last month she had walked a couple of clumsy steps to the vulpine daddy but didn't get too far. But over the course of these last few weeks she had gotten better and better at it. One year ago today Jamie was Fox's birthday gift given to him by the Makers, he only wished he had the same kind of gift for her. Like bringing mommy back to her…

Though there were still many more happy moments of his life after things had gone down south. Fara recovered quite quickly and knowing Krystal's issue with Fox, helped out with the vulpine and his little girl in the absence of the blue vixen. Of course she could never be a substitute for Krystal, she tried her very best to try and be there for Fox and for the baby girl. He had noticed it just as she did, Fara felt as though she belonged here, with him and Jamie…but they kept those feelings in check of course.

Speaking of untold feelings, the biggest highlight it seemed of all was her. Luna McKee, friend at heart, together with Fox in soul. Over the past couple of months and throughout the summer vacation she had been there for him and even for Jamie. Though she wasn't used to it, she quickly caught on. But Fox hadn't quite made it official, he felt as though there wasn't much point. They were together, everyone knew it, they knew it, so what point was there to try and push things as it would be just another awkward and pushed situation as if before. Luna did say she needed time to try and get used to the feeling, and so he gave it to her.

They still did couple activities though, however. Seen walking together, holding hands, cuddling up against one another just as any other couple would. In this past summer that was nearing its end they spent so much time together and as a trio as well with Jamie. Strolling through the park, visiting each other at work, long romantic walks along the beach shores, it was as if nothing had happened in Fox's life. But it would always be back there in his mind. His life for the first time in years was at a high point once again.

But he shook those thoughts off as the girl of his life stirred awake in his arms. He held her close and kissed the top of her forehead as he came to the kitchen.

"My little girl, you're so big now, you've grown so much over this past year." She let out a happy laugh as he rocked her in his arms, a dreamy estate across his face. "Jamie."


A little time had passed since they woke up; grandma and grandpa were still sleeping as Fox cooked himself a little breakfast as Jamie was now in a little nap. As he cooked breakfast he made sure they had everything for today. A joined birthday in the warm, sunny grove of the city park. Luna would be over very soon he imagined and so he tried to prepare things before she got here. It's when Fox stood up did he realize just how tired he was, although Jamie had gotten much better with her cries she still kept him sleep deprived, just the way it should be.

He walked toward the front door dressed in nothing but shorts and sleeveless white tee as he stepped into Solar's bright rays of light. Taking in the cold, clean air strongly through his nostrils stretching his limbs and back. As he loosened up he noticed the strange looking package lying up against his home. He took the package within his grasp noticing its look and feeling. It wasn't of standard cardboard or its color. The package was small, felt smooth yet comforting with its luscious hazel color.

"Hazel? Is this something for Jamie?" Fox wondered out loud as he referred to his daughter's eye color. He took it inside, said kit still napping as he carefully opened it up. Within the package was another smaller box of the same design and feeling. As Fox opened it up something within a plastic bag fell into his hand. He looked through the plastic as he saw the most peculiar image, himself. It was a picture of him at least embedded and knitted into some kind of fabric. As he opened the plastic bag used for wrapping gifts he took it into his paws and slightly spread out the picture. It was a bib.

A picture of himself and Jamie sat together with…Krystal. Knitted together in the most precious and careful of ways was a picture of the three sitting happily together. Confused and emotions brought up Fox searched the box for more to this strange gift. As he emptied the box a small note and picture fell into his hand and table. Fox picked up the picture and compared it to the one on the bib. He remembered this picture; it was taken just shortly before the huge incident with Krystal and him. Vixy had taken it to remember by, a happy family of the three, it just didn't last…

Fox opened up the note folded many times over as he scanned the contents. He recognized this hand writing, it was from the blue vixen herself. As it read in the nicest of penmanship:

Dear Fox,

I knew that Jamie's birthday was coming up and I hadn't forgotten her. I knitted the bib myself and it took me many months to finish it and get it to you in time for the day. What do you think?

With much Love from mommy, Krystal

Fox had to admit that he was a bit taken back from the letter. He really didn't expect anything from Krystal, she must have had to go through a lot of preparation and work to not only work and finish up the gift, but to get it here in time. He wondered just how she felt about all of this and what happened, he tried to examine her feelings from the letter and if he had to make a guess: She was still mad at him. The letter didn't refer to him at all; in fact it avoided him entirely as Krystal's only concern was Jamie. But he couldn't blame her, he was only happy that she hadn't forgotten the baby girl. Fox compared the bib to the picture. It was rather impressive work; the picture on the bib could have been an exact copy of the picture only scribed in cloth. It was a sweet gift; he would make sure that Jamie would wear it today.

But as he set the gift aside a knock came to his door, even after all this time she still didn't feel comfortable with just entering his home. As the vulpine walked over he put on a nice smile, to see just who he wanted to see before him.

There she stood, Luna McKee the wolf as her smile held the same sincerity of his own. As she stepped forward the two embraced and kissed while Luna wrapped her arms around his strong neck, plastic bag hanging from her hand.

"Happy Birthday Fox."


The grand park of Corneria City welcomed the young baby girl with its majestic winds and calming grass as everything was being placed while Vixy tended to the kit. Luna set the table as James fired of the barbeque and Fox frosted the cake and got the high chair for the little girl as Fox made sure for Jamie to wear the bib Krystal had made her. As they neared in completion of all the preparations did the party goers come one at a time. First Fara as she wished the birthday girl a special day, then came Falco and Katt as they each brought along their own younger siblings not much older then Jamie herself.

"Happy birthday sweetie." Fara planted a sweet kiss onto the kits forehead as she sat in her booster seat while Jamie squirmed with glee. "One for the baby." She turned toward Fox and stepped in front of him, planting a nice on onto his forehead as well. "And one for you." The two smiled at one another as Fara sat on his opposite side where Luna was sitting, closest to the baby. As the group chatted for a good while to see if anyone else would arrive and for James to fry up some food for the guests.

"Hey are we late?" Fox turned to see Fay, Bill and Miyu walking side by side, gifts in hand as he smiled to meet them.

"Not at all."

"Great happy birthday again." Miyu walked up to him as they shared a small embrace, over the summer Fox couldn't stand for her to be mad at him again. And Miyu's own parents were not about to let this guilt hang over their heads after all Fox had done for them and Miyu. One day they brought the two teens together and literally locked them alone together in a room until they would discuss what had happened. It took a little while until the two teens started to talk but once a small word picked up it quickly flourished into a full detailed discussion. Fox explained everything as clearly and carefully as he could; trying to make Miyu see reason of what she had thought was going on.

Fortunately this time she wasn't so blind to the truth, her rational side had taken over from when she hadn't taken her medicine, now looking back on the whole ideal she felt ashamed from it all and asked Fox for his forgiveness. Not like he could ever turn her down, but with his forgiveness did Miyu keep other aspects with Fox's love and care…her own love for him. But now she was more mature, she knew her place, and the she-wolf Luna who held the place she wanted. She couldn't argue about it, if Fox was happy with her…then she would respect the relationship.

As everyone gathered around Fox took his place by his daughter's side, as James lit the eighteen candles surrounded the big 1. Fox got Jamie's attention as the whole crowd sang the birthday tune with such glee Fox couldn't help but to smile wide and his daughter giggling happily with all the cheerful faces. As the two blew together as best as they could did all candles in fact go out and the crowd clapped with such an upraised feeling. Fox took the baby girl into his arms as they cut the cake together. One year ago today was she delivered to him from the Makers, one year ago today did his life change forever, and one year ago today had that day changed him in ways he never could have foreseen. And now he had found a high mark on his life again, everything was good.

But troubling times lie ahead of Fox's life as it may shift again. For these are the days that he will remember forever of his final senior year of high school. These are the High Reel Days.

Author's Notes

First chapter of the final installment into the high school series. Looks like I'll be busy writing again very soon :D

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