Author's Note

This is a pretty 'M' Rated chapter, you have been warned.


Katt awoke slowly, clenching her eyes as they were still sensitive to the light piercing into the room. She picked herself up slowly as the blankets fell from her slender body. She looked around and noticed just how quiet it was. Fox wasn't in the bed with her anymore, she either must have slept in and he didn't want to awaken her or he was just an early riser. The pink feline noticed the tray of food that sat on the knight stand closest to her, along with the clock that read '7:30 AM'. So it was still pretty early morning, the smell of freshly cooked eggs, hash browns, and breakfast sausage invaded Katt's smell as her stomach growled. The tray was even complete with a tall glass of orange juice and a smaller glass of milk. She laughed quietly to herself, amused of the stereotype that cat's loved milk that Fox must have guessed was a true stereotype. Milk honestly wasn't Katt's favorite or first choice, but she would never turn some down either. The feline sat up placing her back against the bed frame, and taking the tray of food setting it within her lap. As she began to dig in she noticed Fox wasn't joining her, perhaps he had some kind of chore or errand he had to run early morning and merely wanted her to awake and eat in peace.

Truth be told Katt didn't mind at all, in fact it's kind of what she wanted: To be alone and let her clear her mind and think.

"Oh damn this is good." The pink cat quietly whispered to herself, she had never tasted any of Fox's cooking and she could just feel her stomach craving more. "Just another good quality of him." Fox McCloud...He had to be the perfect man, the perfect dating partner. Katt only pondered in her mind how things would have turned out if perhaps she would have went for Fox instead of Falco in the beginning. Falco...That blue bird jackass, her mind turned to anger as she tried to let it go. In this moment of rage did Katt try and list off every bad quality of the bird. But after a few moments of just venting did she know she was playing mean to him, Falco had some good qualities about him that even Fox didn't have. Did that make Fox better boyfriend material than Falco? Maybe, that's what Krystal, Fara, and Miyu thought after all.

Katt continued eating her meal in complete silence for several moments more. Fox never came in to intrude her, in fact she couldn't even hear if perhaps the vulpine was somewhere in the house. It was just complete, empty silence, and for Katt that's honestly what she needed right now. Maybe Fox knew that and he went out for some air or to even just give the feline space. After Katt had finished her meal did she push the tray aside, feeling a lot more calm about everything now. She knew what today was, though she didn't know what plans anyone had today before prom would start later tonight. She was going, though she wasn't going with anybody, and was going to ride with Bill, Fay, Slippy, and Amanda so she didn't have to go alone with no date and no friends. Perhaps Krystal and Miyu were going to tag along, or maybe they found a guy to go with, the feline doubted it. Fara would be with Fox, and Falco was going with...

"Who cares about that prick." Katt answered herself as she threw off the covers and stretched her joints, breathing strongly through her nostrils. After holding it in for a moment did she let go of her breath and tried to let go of her stress as well.

Katt headed for the door quietly as she listened and heard activity coming from the kitchen. She stood near the edge of the kitchen counter as she just smiled looking at the hard working vulpine attending to matters in the kitchen. He didn't even notice Katt was behind him as his mind was probably just as engaged as her own with all kinds of different matters. A man knowing his way around the kitchen, it was definitely an attractive quality you don't see to often these days anymore. Fox cooked his own breakfast, much more simpler then the one he made Katt as all he really wanted was some eggs and toast that had recently popped out. Katt walked up to the vulpine still in nothing but her bra and panties and hugged him from behind, wrapping her petite arms around his strong core of a chest. Fox took note of her presence and didn't say a word, he just held her hand and rubbed her arm giving the feline some comfort thoughts. He was only dressed in long dark sweat pants as Katt rubbed her head against his strong back that was free of any clothing to block out his scent.

"Would you mine if I showered?" She asked in his ear. Fox at first wanted to reject her request, she aws pushing her boundaries more and more, whether she wanted to test the waters of what she could get away with or not the vulpine didn't know.

"I guess not." Fox gave her permission to do so as she turned his head to face her. His heart lightened as he saw some happiness in the feline's face. It was weak, but it was there. She gave Fox a nice kiss on his cheek as the feline excused herself to head for his bathroom. Katt stood in the living room for a mere moment, calling out to the vulpine with her back still turned to him.

"Thank you." She called out to him quietly.

"No problem." She turned to him as Fox turned to have his back lean against the stove counter. Katt didn't' say anything except to stare at his flaring muscles and strong abdominal core. It made her raise a brow and bite her lip.

Damn. She thought to herself, now getting a better look at his body did she wish a bit more they had some impish fun last night. Though it was too late for that now. Fox took a note of her look on him, he had seen that look plenty of times. Miyu, Krystal, they all gave him that same look. Katt excused herself without a second word. Fox stayed in the kitchen a few more minutes, finishing up his break while at the same time washing dishes and putting things away. As Fox headed for his room did he enter it slowly, making sure he didn't walk in on Katt getting undressed but he heard the sound of running water and figured he was safe. Fox was about to turn the corner toward his dresser to pull out what he was going to wear for the day before the prom. His heart raced and his body stiffened as heard wet foot steps leave the shower and stopped on the edge that cut off the bathroom and the bedroom. He stood there refusing to look over at the feline as he knew she was probably soaked, though he couldn't help it if she was going to egg him on.

"Hey Foxy." he turned to see the naked feline, all hot and wet as water dripped from every inch of her slender body. "Like what you see?"

How am I supposed to answer that? Fox only rolled his thoughts in his mind. He continued to look down at the ground as he turned his back on her again. "You are very attractive."

"That didn't answer my question."

Fox turned to her in response, fueling what she desired from him. It wasn't as complicated as he thought it would be. Fox thought she wanted something very particular from him but truth be told he was wrong. Katt didn't want his body, at least not that far sexually, what she really wanted from him was his attention. Who knows maybe it would be good for both of them? To clear the mind...and their bodies.

"Yea I like what I see." Fox inspected her naked body as he earned a small impish smile from the pink feline. He looked at all what made her such a sexy, seductive woman.

"Care to join me?" She asked as her smile widened a bit. Fox only looked at her for another moment as he turned his back on her once again.

"I think I'm good, I'll give you some privacy."

"Oh come on stop being such a prude." Fox gave her an annoyed look, he didn't want to for her sake. But if she was going to goad him on about it... "It's not like we're going to have hot shower sex or anything."

Fox only breathed and closed his eyes to calm himself. He turned toward the feline, loosening the knot on his sweats as they fell to the ground. "If you say so."

Katt quirked a brow as she got to see all of Fox. She had to admit as she looked back to him, "Impressive." Fox only shrugged his shoulders as he walked over toward the feline, and she took his hand within her own and guided him to the still running shower. It wasn't the largest shower, about what you would expect for a two bedroom apartment, but there was still a good amount of standing room for the two teens that were both nearly full grown adults. They both breathed easy as neither really exchanged words. Katt was in here first, so Fox thought it was only fair that he helped wash her weary muscles.

Fox lathered up his hands with the bar of soap as he rubbed the pink feline's shoulders as she moaned in pleasure. He made sure to stay away from the girls' goodies but everything else he considered fair game. He started with her shoulders as he moved on to her back and then the sides of her body. Katt said nothing as she let the water pour over her head. After the sides of her body was taken care of Fox washed the sides of her arms both the topside and underside. Without warning Katt grabbed both of the vulpine's arms and had each of his hands cup one of her breasts.

"Come on Fox it's not like you've never touched a woman's body."

"I just didn't want to intrude where you might not like it." Fox replied as he began to play and massage the feline's sensitive spots. Katt didn't speak for several seconds, she was enjoying the pleasure Fox was giving her as she looked back to him.

"Oh I like it, it feels great Foxy." She leaned into the strong man that was in the shower with her as she shared the spotlight under the shower head. It felt great to her to just unwind, but she knew Fox was probably reaching his limit and wasn't going to keep going much farther, and that was just fine with her. She didn't need to be added onto the list of women who had slept with Fox McCloud. Katt laughed to herself as she felt something press against her backside, though Fox had never said anything. She kept pushing him, it's not like he didn't get any pleasure out of it either.

Fox moved on from her breasts to Katt's strong core, he could feel her abdominal muscles nicely toned and well maintained underneath all the fur. He just rubbed that spot in small circles all around the area and kept his hands right there. He wasn't willing to go down any farther then that, Katt's little game would be over then and she knew that as well. She had to admit, she liked seeing this side of Fox. Even if they weren't dating, he was a fun man to play around with. In a way Fox enjoyed it as well, it was one of those type of friendships that you were so comfortable with the person, neither you or they cared for what you saw or what you did with or to them, within reason at least. They weren't dating, but they were also mature enough to know that it was just some mingled fun for the moment.

Fox liked the attention he was getting from his feline friend, it was made simpler in a way. Katt washed her hair as her eyes bolted wide as Fox took it a step farther then she thought he would do, grabbing her well toned ass and smacking it rather hard. He earned himself a very sensational moan from the pink cat, as she looked back to him with desiring eyes.

"Oh Fox, you naughty boy." She took a pause as Katt started to rub and grind her ass against his now hard membrane, " You like it rough don't you?" She never saw this side of Fox, but she can see why now all the other women craved him so. She liked what she saw, what she was getting, and slowly the desire to jump on him kept crawling up more and more.

Fox only answered with another hard smack, further enticing the feline to just pounce on him as she let out a naughty moan. "It's possible." He gave her a sly smirk as she liked the way he was eying her. The two switched places as the shower head was now pouring down on the vulpine. This time it was Katt's turn to wash him, as she lathered up her hands did she start with his sharp abs and gave him the same circling massage feeling he did for her a second ago. Fox merely closed his eyes and let the cat do her thing. The naked woman then moved her way up to each one of his pectoral muscles, circling around the outside and headed for his shoulders that felt so tense and stiff. She didn't know if he was still uneasy being naked together in the shower, or maybe if something else was bothering him building up stress and stiffness in his arms. She got to work and right away did his stiffness melt away and crumble, and so she moved on going up and down his strong arms.

The two didn't say much in exchange for words, they both knew what they were doing, and what was okay and wasn't in this flirting game. Fox's eyes opened wide as Katt spanked his behind rather hard as it stung under the cooling water.

"Owww Katt." The vulpine laughed as he grabbed his backside, still leaning up against the shower wall.

"That's pretty impressive too Fox. You must work out hard to keep it so fine toned."

"I try." The two shared laughs as Katt leaned up against her vulpine friend, and the two stood under the shower head completely soaking their hair and fur.

"Thanks for being so open to me. Falco would never have been this comfortable."

"Even after nearly three years of dating?"

"No." Katt answered back so dully. "I mean don't get me wrong he liked it, but his limits were much shorter then your own."

"That's kind of surprising." Fox admitted out loud as he just stared off in front of him, "I always thought Falco was a player, or at least didn't get uncomfortable so easily."

"He's cocky on the outside, but is like a sheltered boy on the inside."

"No kidding." Fox cut off his words prematurely as his cheeks heated up and he looked away from Katt. When he wasn't paying attention did she get a nice grab on him as she just eyed his face. She thought it was cute, he was so open yet so innocent at the same time. She knew it's not that he didn't like it, just more of he didn't want to let things get out of hand more then they already have, and so Katt respected his wishes...Maybe not fully but enough to not cross that line completely.

"Wow Fox." Was all the feline said as she was rather impressed with his fully erect membrane. She slid a single finger all the way from the bottom of his shaft toward the tip, just teasing him in a rather mean way. "I always heard you were packing from a lot of girls, though I never knew if it was true or not."

"Out of curiosity: Who exactly?"

"Oh you know..." Katt looked away for a moment as he just played with the tip a bit getting a nice responsive moan from the vulpine. "Miyu always bragged how she took it all."

"Did she?" Fox still refused to look at the feline. She was getting rather evil as her impish playing with him became a tight grip around his head. She looked at him with an evil smile, she wanted to try and force out a reaction from him. "Somehow that's not surprising."

"Krystal even told me how much she loved it." That time Fox looked over toward the girl as she still held that same expression, her words became a fiery temptation. "She was also bragging about how she could take it all in her mouth. You know, girl talk."

"Guys can talk that way too." Fox eyed her as his hand made it around her side and he massaged her flawless behind. With that comment he sparked the feline's curiosity.

"Oh yea? And what did they say?'

"I just heard...You know your way around the bedroom pretty well."

"You know we can stop all this talk." Fox grunted rather loudly as Katt's grip on him loosened up, though she rubbed his sensitive shaft up and down slowly, letting the warm water act as a lubricant to stimulate him even further. "And take it to the bed." She was acting like a predator and he was her prey. All the hesitation in Katt, in both of them was dying fast. She didn't care now if it was crossing lines or would suffer consequences anymore. Fox would make an adorable pet for the next couple hours if she wished it. She had been hurt, and if she had to use Fox to get some payback, urges, and tensions out of the way then so be it.

"I thought we weren't going to cross that line." Fox soon regretted his words as Katt suddenly severely tightened her grip on him. Her evil smile soon turned to one of collective rage and Fox knew it.

"I'm not giving you a choice. All the other girls may have persuaded you but it was utterly your choice to follow them." She got close to his face as she whispered into his ear, soft yet harsh. "I'm not going to be as nice about it as they were. You're going to do what I say, when I say."

Without a seconds hesitation did Fox quickly spin the feline around and pinning her against the shower wall, catching her completely off guard. She looked back to his smug smirk as he had enough pressure on her to where she couldn't break free yet had both her hands clenched behind her with a single hand. He was just as fast as he was powerful. Although the excitement fired her up, she still was a bit fearful.

"Looks like you're going to be the obedient one." She looked to see that smirk transform into a small, evil smile. He was definitely naughty, a lot worse then any guy she had relations with before, far worse then Falco was ever comfortable with.

"Oh god." Katt let out a loud moan as her womanhood quivered. She could feel Fox teasing her as she was afraid yet craved more at the same time. Without warning Fox put his entire manhood deep into the feline's moist insides as she let out a very loud initial moan. He let go of her hands as she planted them firmly against the shower walls. Fox kept up inside of her for just a few moments longer; pressing every pulsing inch inside of her as she breathed heavy as she could barely handle it. She was tight and squeezed his membrane, but this wasn't what he really wanted. He just wanted to play with the feline. If you push to hard, eventually you're going to get pushed back.

Fox slid out of her as Katt's composure nearly crumbled, and she had to use the walls to try and maintain her balance. She looked back to the proud vulpine with an evil glare. She wanted to play with him, not just be thrown off guard and be teased for his amusement.

"You asked for it." Is all the vulpine said as he turned off the water and walked out of the shower. Although Katt was angered with him, it was probably a good idea they didn't continue. She had never been with a man that could...fill her up so much. The feline just counted her blessings as she felt as though the vulpine could have tore her into two. But it definitely would have been worth it she imagined.

"Hey." Katt called out to the vulpine as he turned to be met with a fist full of surprise. Katt gave him a quick yet powerful punch straight in the gut that she followed through all the way to the bed. In those few seconds of daze was he pinned to the bed, only met with Katt's impish smile as they were both still stark naked and water droplets dripping down. She slid down to her knees as the wind was still quite knocked out of him, and soon wouldn't return for a few more moments.

Fox let out a loud moan of pleasure as Katt slid his entire shaft down her throat, just keeping it there inside her hot mouth to please his sensitive skin. It felt so good that he could hardly move and was quite incapacitated to stop her, whether he wanted to truly stop her or not. She was rather surprised, Fox's membrane filled up her mouth the most of any man she had ever laid with. She looked up to meet his gaze wit him still in her mouth. Katt then slowly slid her lips off of him as her warm lips were replaced with her hand for just a moment as she laughed it off.

"Now we're even Foxy." She stood up and got her face close to his own, the evil had returned in her eyes as she spoke. "If you're going to abuse me, then I'm going to abuse you as well." Katt then stood up straight and reached for a towel to dry off. After covering herself up did she head for Fox's dresser to steal some of his smaller clothes to wear. Fox only continued to lay on the bed as she went through his clothes. She looked to him with an impish smile after finding a few things to wear.

"That was sex by the way. I thought you would last longer then that Foxy."


Hours later the two teens found themselves down by the pier for games, food, and crisp, fresh air. Katt made an outfit out of clothes that became to tight on Fox's body as he grew both in age and in muscle size. As they walked down the pier did they talk and act as if nothing had ever happened between the two. Fox offered to take her out to try and clear her mind even more so, which was working out to be good therapy. Who didn't love a greasy, fried slab of therapy on a stick?

"This isn't a date just so ya know." Katt talked down to Fox as she looked over the ocean munching down on her corndog.

"Don't flatter yourself." Is all Fox gave her back as Katt laughed.

"This is why I like hanging out with you foxy, we should do it more often."

"It as in hanging out or-" Fox's words were cut off with a hard slap to the face.

"Don't be stupid." Katt looked to him with narrowed eyes as he did the same, though after a moment did her gaze shift to a sly quirk. "That I don't' think so but who knows." They both laughed as they walked together, they saw some friends from school here and there who were probably killing time such as they did for the next few hours until everyone would start preparing for prom at midday.

Fox eyed his feline friend's slender body that was rather exposed because of the loose clothing she was wearing. Even though it was to small to fit Fox, he was quite a bit bigger built then herself. He was liking this kind of approach of physical attachment he shared with the feline, though she was one in a million. He knew neither of the three other girls would ever go for something like he and Katt were sharing. It was their little secret, just some adult fun with no emotions, and no strings attached. Fox didn't mind, he knew he was being used, but at the same time he didn't really mind. He was using Katt just as much she was using him these last couple hours. Besides Katt still needed someone emotionally and physically at the moment. Though she probably got more physical needs out of the way then she was originally bargaining for.

The two continued to walk down next to one another as they went from ride to ride, and game to game. Time flew by as they were nearly done and overlooked the ocean both leaning up against a closed booth right next to the end of the docks. She was a lot more comfortable around the vulpine then any other girl he had noticed; probably because she simply wasn't intimidated by him. Fox never knew this whole time just what Katt considered to be 'fun' or 'appropriate' for a friendship, Falco must have had a good time dealing with her. Katt knew how to live on the edge, out of her comfort zone and away from what others thought of her.

"So it doesn't scare you about how I act Fox?" Katt asked turning toward his direction as he stood up and merely shrugged his shoulders.

"Not really, I'm sure I've seen it all by now." Katt just smiled and giggled a little.

"Yea you've probably been through everything by now." She stood up straight and stretched her muscles, inhaling deeply through her nostrils. After she was done did she look toward her tall vulpine friend. "Well this has been fun."

"Feel any better?" The question from the vulpine quirked a brow from Katt.

"Are you kidding me? This has been great Fox." She leaned in closer to his face and smiled. "You sure know how to treat a girl right."

"I try to."

"Oh god Fox with what you're packing I'd imagine you wouldn't have to try so hard." Katt let out a small laugh as she patted Fox's friend just a little, although they were in public they were far away enough from the eyes of others to where nothing could be seen. She stopped teasing him and got in his face, trying to be real and sincere with the young man. "That and you're already the nicest, sweetest man I've ever met. You're very handsome as well."

He smiled easy knowing she was trying to be truthful with him. Although the two exchanged witty, sexual jokes these last few hours. Katt knew there wasn't many like him, and very few who could compete against him as well. He was truly one in a million, probably not even that good of odds.

"Thanks Katt, you're a good friend." She grabbed the man's hand as she put it behind her back just looking at him nicely. Katt stepped into his chest as she lay her head on him, smiling and breathing peacefully. She lured Fox into a false sense of security as she gave him a nice sneak attack in the gut yet again. Fox backed off holding his gut as Katt winked to him as she walked away.

"Come on drive me home before anyone thinks we're dating. I gotta get ready for prom as well Foxy." Fox only walked behind her still rubbing his sore stomach. Two hard punches within two hours started to hurt. Hopefully more of those would be directed toward Falco and not himself tonight. Fox caught up to his feline friend as they headed back toward his car, cracking jokes and sharing laughs along the way.

Katt was a sweet cookie, she had her roughness on the outside but she was just as human as any other woman, with feelings and emotions that sometimes you just need to be with somebody. Though all her rough spots were worked out from Fox both physically and emotionally as well. He would always cherish this time with her, but it was time to set his sights on other people in his life. Fox had to prepare to expect what was coming to him tonight, both good and bad.

Will he welcome it happily? Or be shamed by what the truth of the matters are? We'll see tonight at the Prom.

Author's Notes

Yea I'm not sure where this chapter came from. I've always wanted to try my hand (HA) on a erotic scene, and this filler time with Fox X Katt proved to be a good opening to try. What do you think? Not sure how I did if I offered enough to keep it enticing yet 'arousing' at the same time.