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Month 1. April.

Osoreirimasu, Sumimasen

Day 1. Monday.

Time: 9:12 am.

It was the first day of the school year at World W Academy, and I must say that it's a fine April morning. This day is just right - not too hot, and the sun is always shining.

I'm currently writing this on the back pages of my English Language notebook, to be transferred to my actual diary later. Maybe this entry-writing is a temporary shelter for me, I dunno. Especially with that sensei's boring lectures about her this year's lesson plan. I'd think that third-period English would be more interesting if the teacher would teach properly. And now she's asking us to do a very boring essay about our summer vacation. Great.

I stowed the notebook in my bag and wrote my name hastily on the top of a haphazardly-torn piece of pad paper when I saw our year representative, Feliciano Vargas, approaching. That Vargas guy topped the election for the year representative of our batch. I don't know, but I've got the feeling that the other guys just want him to bear the responsibility so they pushed off all the votes on him. I'm now just saying this based on my opinions, so please excuse me. Also, on a slightly different topic, Feliciano-kun is actually younger than me by a year even if we are batch mates, since he started attending school one year earlier than was customary.

Feliciano took his seat beside mine. Then, quietly, he said to no one in particular, "I wish the bell rings soon..."

"I second the motion, Feliciano," a voice behind us said wistfully. I turned and saw, cross-legged on his chair, Alfred F. Jones, the black sheep of the class. He looked positively annoyed. "And I'm wondering if the cafeteria will serve better burgers than last year's. I'm beat."

I ventured to comment, "I think it's because Alfred-san is already good at this subject, that's why you feel bored and tired."

"That's right, in a way. My older brother in the higher level tutors me a lot about this stuff." Alfred sighed and sat back on his chair. "I'm hungry..."

At that moment, the bell thankfully rang, so I scooped up my bag, put my finished essay on top of the pile of papers sitting on the teacher's desk, then exited the English Language room. There's a separate laboratory for oral activities, but I guess we won't be using it until the middle of the school year.

I ran into Arthur Kirkland, a senpai (one year higher than me, to be specific). He gave me a really huge grin when he saw my face.

"Hey, it's you, Kiku Honda, correct?" he said rather a tad too enthusiastically. I felt nervous already.

"Yes," I confirmed. "What does Kirkland-senpai want to talk to me about?"

"Hey, you're so formal as always. I just want to invite you to be a staff writer of the Academy's newsletter. Ludwig told me that you've got quite a head for remembering facts. I mean, you're one of the top students after all..."

"Ludwig-san said that?" I was surprised, but in a pleasant way. "I'm quite honored, since Ludwig-san's never been comfortable with compliments before..."

"Ahh, sure, sure," Arthur said, running a hand through his spiky hair. "Just, um, give the staff admission test for the newsletter a shot. I mean, you have nothing to lose, after all, if you do show up to take the test later."

"Um, I'll try?" I said tentatively.

"That'll be swell. Look, it's right after classes, in the English class room. Don't forget a pen and some paper, okay? Well, got to dash off. I'll just see you there in the admission exam, eh, Honda?" Arthur gave a little wave, and was gone amid a torrent of students.

I sighed, shouldered my bag, and went on the way to the canteen. I sure hope that they have pickles on sale, or it'll really ruin my perfectly good morning...

The rest of the day passed without incident, except maybe for the Biology class, where the teacher immediately gave us a quiz. He told us that it was to measure what we know about the subject, but I rather thought that predicting the alleles of a hybrid flower that has a white flower and a red flower as its parents is not really what you'd classify under Biology 101. Or maybe your school has genetics as a first lesson in your biology classes? Feel free to tell me. I'm just wondering.

And sorry if I was too talkative. It's just that, in a peculiar way, I can properly express myself in words that I otherwise couldn't have voiced out.

Er, it'll be great to be a staff writer of the school's newsletter, but the truth was, I've never been much confident about my skills as an interesting writer. Sure, I can write (since you're reading what I'm writing just now. That means I can write, right? Sorry, that was a pun.), but originally, I just wrote to please myself. I never really considered myself to be a good writer in any way. I can probably make a tanka poem a bit more interesting by making it more flowery, but other than that, I, Kiku Honda, is a stoic, humorless diarist who happens to be fond of using onomatopoeias in sentences. Sorry, I just meant that I like to use sound-words in sentences. Got carried away. Sorry again.

When the dismissal bell rang, I proceeded cautiously to the English room, my face a careful blank as a raging battle was being fought in my mind - should I apply for the newsletter, or back off and spend the rest if the day in my dorm room? But since it's the first day and I have nothing to do except to listen to this year's kohai to introduce themselves to me, I promptly decided upon the first option.

The exam was really just practical, a series of essay-type questions that anybody can answer. The tricky part is to arrange your ideas in such a way that will interest your readers (in this case, the examiners). I was able to finish the test second only to Ludwig-san, who was a batch mate (although we have different sections) and who has already been part of the newsletter staff last year.

Arthur told us that the results will be posted on Friday on the bulletin board beside the door of the newsletter staff office. We thanked him and left.

"Did you notice that that Feliciano actually took the exam?" Ludwig chortled as we got out of the room. "Francis just challenged him to do it. Silly, that was."

I bowed my head in agreement. Francis Bonnefoy was in the same year as Arthur, and in my opinion, just as intimidating. "I guess, Ludwig-san."

"Anyways, was Arthur the one who told you to come? I told him that you'd make a valuable asset to the newsletter. It's because you're so quiet and observant-like, I guess." He adjusted his shoulder bag as we walked together to the boys' dormitory. We really aren't roommates too. My roommate is actually Heracles Karpusi-san, a senpai, and his roommate is Roderich Edelstein-san, another senpai, since the dormitory rules include that roommates must be of different year levels, maybe to lessen the chances of noisy disturbances during the night because of gatherings between guys of the same year. It's a strict little rule, but otherwise, we are free to bum around.

We parted ways in the dormitory, and I thankfully reached the safety of my room. That was what I thought before I came in, however.

Because inside my room, Gilbert Beilschmidt, Ludwig's older brother, was messing around with Heracles, who was sitting on his bed with a sleepy face. They were of the same year, the graduating class already (two years older than me). But the dorm rules still apply to them, so I immediately asked Gilbert to leave our room in peace and mess around somewhere. He just grinned and held out a book to me. I gasped slightly when I saw that it was my diary. My diary of one year and a quarter. I asked it back. He laughed and tossed it to me.

"You're quite a personality in that diary, eh?" he guffawed, standing up. "I was thinking that Kiku Honda is a perfect little student with no solid backbone, but there you are." I made no comment about the slight on my height, since I knew I'll lose when it comes to word games. "Anyways, you'll find that I just wrote something in there that really cracked me up."

I politely bowed him out of the door, and hastily riffled through my diary. He did write something in there. On all the entries. Unfortunately, I was writing them in English, so he understood them. He added small postscripts after every entry. On the last entry, that was yesterday, he wrote:

Excuse Me counts: 1
I'm Sorry counts: 3
Awesomeness total: -4 pts from your overall score. Kesesesese.

"Oh," I said, with as little horror as I can express. I glanced at Heracles, but he was sound asleep already, so I closed the diary and put it back on my bedside table. I felt totally horrible. Then I took the diary again and flipped to the very last entry so that I can write about today.

After that, I put the diary back on the table, sighed, and changed out of my uniform so that I can go down to the dinner hall to eat. When I was at the line with a tray, however, a voice called me.

"Oi, Honda."

I turned around to see Basch Zwingli, another batch mate. He was in Ludwig's class, and technically one year older than me, although he claims to have attended school later than most because of a tight budget. Anyways, I was glad that he wasn't in my class, at least.

He queued up behind me on the line, picked up his own tray from the stack, and proceeded to pick up the cheapest things on the menu. I tried to ignore him, paid for my dinner, and went around to find a table. Ludwig spotted me and waved from his table.

"Over here, Honda."

I picked my way over the tables and sat on a chair opposite him. He regarded me with quiet interest. I blushed and began to eat, my lacquered chopsticks clattering noisily on my bowl.

"Do all Asians eat rice at every meal?" he asked curiously, ripping a piece of rye bread in half and nibbling at it.

"I can't say," I muttered thickly. "My older brother does, however."

"Ah." He stayed quiet for the rest of the evening after that. But another interruption arrived to upset my meal by the shape of Feliciano, who sat with us at the table and ate his overflowing plate with much gusto.

"Their spaghetti alla carbonara is so good, ve~" He punctuated the sentence with a hearty slurp of noodles. I was busy chewing a piece of roasted squid, so I didn't comment. Ludwig, however, snapped at him, "Don't talk too much at the table while you're eating."

Feliciano just grinned at this, while Ludwig palmed his face exasperatedly.

Only one thing registered on my mind while this scenario was progressing - that the roasted squid was delicious, and that I should get a second helping of it. Maybe I should go now.

I plodded to my dorm with a firm resolve to continue my entry-writing. The hallways looked empty and peaceful, but I guess that state will change in just a minute or two. I heard Alfred shouting in his room, with Arthur shouting back. Maybe I should hurry now before they carry the argument into the corridor.

The door to my room opened noiselessly. I peeked in and spied Heracles still sleeping upon his bed. He looked entirely peaceful, so I sneaked to my bed and took the diary from my bedside table. I wrote a few more details and concluded it.

The time is: 9:54 pm.

I should sleep earlier than that. There are classes tomorrow.

-Kiku out

P. S.
Excuse Me counts: 1
I'm Sorry counts: 4
... Why am I writing this? I'm starting to be like Gilbert too! Please spare me!

P. P. S. Good night. I expect that tomorrow is going to be a little busier than today. Forgive me then, if I do neglect to write an entry for tomorrow. Don't worry, I shall do my best. Wish me luck!

-Kiku really out

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