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Phase TWO
The Black Chrysanthemum and The Red Rose Sign An Alliance!

Day 95. Thursday.
Day 31 of Ogiku's ownership of Alfred.


"You're so slow, Inu-kun."

"Yeah, yeah. Heard that from you a lotta times already. And damn, all these books are just too heavy… Why d'you have to carry these all to the dorm?"

"Ah, are you perhaps complaining, Inu-kun?" I said this with a really nice smile. He flinched. That reaction was what I was expecting from him.
"Uh, not really," he muttered, blushing. That reaction, however, was unexpected.

"Go faster, or I'll climb you and you'll carry those books plus me. I don't think you want that to happen."

He grinned, which confused me a lot. "I wouldn't mind."

If I were Kiku, maybe I would have blushed at his bold statement. But of course, I'm not. So my expression stayed neutral.

"Idiot." I rolled my eyes and continued to walk, my attention arrested by other things as he followed.


I have taken to teasing Ogiku every time I get a chance. The guy wasn't easy to seriously annoy, though. He just gets real irritated, but that's about it.

It was just after classes when we were strolling across the quadrangle. I was carrying all of his books and things, including a box of various papers, which I kept balanced on top of the books. Seriously, how can I ascend the stairs like this?

Obviously, the guy walking before me wasn't worrying about those things.

"Oi. Ogiku."

He didn't turn around. "What now?"

I hurried to keep up with him. "Have you made up with Yao?"

He didn't speak for a while. Then he flicked his eyes at me, removed his glasses, and slid it in his pocket. He seemed to know that his glare was more severe without his glasses. "One of these days, I'll apologize to him. Once I settle my business with Ivan Braginski."

I scowled lightly and rested my chin on the edge of the box. Yeah, the stack of books I was carrying was that tall. "I just noticed. You always call Ivan by his full name."

"Respect thine enemies," was his simply-put answer. "Poetry is true to remind me of that. He attacked my family. Kiku always told me this proverb: Jigou jitoku. One's act, one's profit. Ivan has acted. And he shall receive his profit soon."

I thought for a while. "Is it like the proverb 'You reap what you sow'?"

He nodded with a sigh.

We remained silent for the rest of the trip back to the dormitory.


The sun is still shining brightly as I peeked through the curtains in my room. I was arranging my study table, which was getting rather cluttered as time went on. I have no idea how this came to be.

A knock sounded on the door and Heracles entered the room, looking rather more disheveled than usual. I watched him as he kicked off his shoes and tore off his vest for a nap.

"Are you all right, Heracles-san?" I asked shyly.

"Um. It's just Sadık again." He rested his head on his pillows and looked up at the ceiling. "He always annoys me whenever I see him. More so if he begins to talk."

"I imagined that such would be the case." I smiled sympathetically as I gathered up all of my pens so that I can put them neatly in my drawer. I had been drawing an awful lot in these days while at class or even in here while I puzzled over my homework. It helped alleviate stress.

I turned to look at Heracles and saw that he was already asleep. I sighed and finished up my task, and watched the world beyond the window again.

It was a lovely day outside. Indeed.


Okay, as if my huge headache wasn't enough, I found Gilbert Beilschmidt arguing with Roderich Edelstein in the third-floor foyer, while Elizabeta Héderváry was screaming her lungs out as she flung herself between the two to stop them. Okay, tell me why they have to be this crazy when I'm around.

"What is this all about, Mr Edelstein, Mr Beilschmidt, and Miss Héderváry?" I said loudly to announce my arrival. Gilbert looked at me with something like exasperation on his face, his fist suspended a mere inch from Roderich's face.

"Mr Beilschmidt, do you want to experience immediate dismissal from the campus for fighting?" I snapped with an authoritative air, glaring back at him. His eyes narrowed, his reddish violet irises turning into slits.

"I don't mind. Just let me bash this little aristocrat's perfect little sissy face first before you turn me in."


Ludwig stood at the other end of the hallway, his blue eyes furious. "Stop this nonsense now!"

"No way in hell, Luffie," Gilbert growled, his hold on the neck of Roderich's shirt getting tighter. Elizabeta screamed furiously again, her own hands balling into fists.

I started forward. "Gilbert, bloody fuck off Roderich or I'll—!"

"Arthur—!" Elizabeta screamed.


Alfred was eerily silent all the way up the staircase to my floor and up until we entered my room. I didn't really notice him since he had a really terrible tendency to space out while doing something. It's a bit dangerous when going up the stairs, but duh. I wasn't the one who will tumble off the stairs if he tripped because of his spacing out.

"Hey. Damn it. Inu-kun." I noticed him still spacing out after taking my things from him and stashing them under my bed. I snapped my fingers in front of his dazed eyes.

"Oh!" Alfred blinked. Finally. "Sorry. I was thinking."

"Really? So that means that if you think about something, it'll occupy all of your concentration?" I grimaced. "That's not good."

"That's not true!" Alfred protested. I gave him a roll of my eyes. "I was just… never mind."

"Hm," I threw him a Look. To be specific, Honda Kiku's X-ray Look. I practiced that look on the mirror quite a few times, really. When Kiku-chan uses that look on me, it makes me quail. He's the only person I've ever feared in my life. He's even scarier than Ivan Braginski if you get on the wrong side of him. Wait, why am I mentioning Ivan Braginski all of a sudden? He's a total jackass.

He looked creeped out when I did that. Hah. "Hey! Stop that!" he cried, scowling and dropping his head. He looked a bit… irritated? "It reminds me of him. Don't do that."

I was instantly incensed by his fucking reaction, because I didn't like seeing mopers. Totally. Once in my childhood, I actually smacked Yao on the forehead because of his moping over his fucking withered camellias. Of course, that didn't improve anything between us. But quit thinking about him too. Or else I'll totally vent my irritation out on this poor dog in front of me.

"Whatever. Just…" I let out a shaking breath. "Look at me, dammit." Fuck you, smile already. Or else I'll kick your ass to the era of World War Two and let Japanese soldiers bayonet you like nobody's business. Reminds me that I don't like bayonets. They're too messy to use. Not that I've actually used them in my life. I'm more refined than that. "Oi! Mo-shi—mo-shi? Earth to Alfred?" I used the exaggerated form of "moshi moshi". It truly emphasizes the meaning of "hello".

He looked up at me, still scowling. "What. It's true."

"Smile…" I told him in a coaxing tone. I'm a sucker for depressed people. Makes me want to comfort them. Oops, why did I tell you that?

"Tch." He still had a pout.

"Please?" I sat on the bed and looked up at him. Why did westerners have to be this tall? "I can't stand the sight of pouting people."

He quirked an eyebrow. "Um, maybe just one thing will make me smile."

"What's that?" I asked warily.

He shrugged nonchalantly, but I swore I saw mischief lurking on his eyes. "A hug from you?"

I was dumbstruck. What the hell. Did I fall on his trap? "You want a hug? I was right! You are a pervert!" Shit, I was glad Kiku didn't hook up with this guy, or he might have molested my twin brother nonstop—!

"Nah, 'm'not!" he protested, his expression turning into that of a pleading puppy-dog's. Okay. Do not make that face in front of me because I'll give in. And then that's the time that you can consider me falling on his trap. "Pleeease, 'coz that's what I need right now, and I can't ask anyone else…"

"O-okay—?" I hesitantly replied, but inside my head I was already killing myself for saying fucking "yes" to his request, with the aid of all kinds of bizarre objects. Wait, I didn't know that I can kill my inner self in a hundred gross ways. Maybe Kiku's right, I am really possessed by a kitsune. In other words, gone mad. "But—"

He had his arms around me in a second, the force knocking me sprawling to the bed with him. I was trembling under his weight (yeah, can still move, although I was limited to that. Why didn't anyone warn me that he weighs as much as a whale does? Reminds me that I'll have to go get my harpoon after this), and adrenaline coursing hyperactively in my body. Reminds me that I'm a little touchy about touching. Gah. Fuck him, I can't breathe. I fell in his trap!

"Alfred Jones!" I said in a shocked voice. "I gave you permission to hug me, not to press me flat like bread for panini!" Okay, I mentioned something about food. Bad move. I'm hungry again. I want a panini. Right now! "Oi!"

He released me, but he still remained on top of me. "You're not blushing?" He even looked a bit disappointed. I suddenly had to suppress the desire to deck him. Stupid idiot. No, calling Alfred a stupid idiot is not considered as a redundancy, because it's true. He's surpassed the boundaries of idiocy. He's a super idiot!

I gave him a sarcastic smile. "I tried to tell you this before, but I'm actually not Kiku! Sorry to tell you that you grabbed the wrong guy to hit on!" I rolled my eyes. "And I'm doubly sorry for being impolite, but honestly? You should consider sumo wrestling as a future sport! You're squishing the life out of me!"

"Oh, wow, sorry 'bout that!" he said, finally laughing and getting off from above me. Kami-sama. Are the heavens trying to kill me? Is my bad karma acting up? Okay! I'm sorry for all my sins! Just don't turn me into a cockroach in my next life, please? That'll suck.

"Okay, all better?" I said stiffly as he laid his upper body back down on my bed, his legs dangling down on the side and onto the floor.
"Yeah. But I want to see you blush." He sighed. "You're so unlike Kiku, after all." He stared at me owlishly. He didn't look that mopey to me anymore.

"I can't blush," I told him bluntly.

He chuckled. "That's not true, of course all people can blush!" Then he smiled mischievously. "If I kiss you, will that make you blush?"

"If you kiss me?" I thought for a moment, then stole a leaf out of Xiao Chun's book. "You won't see me blush if you did, because I would have been strangling you by then."

He laughed. I hate to admit it, but he does look and sound good when he does. Eh. And he has a very shallow sense of humor, too. He laughs at every little thing. "Then let's try!"

"Ecchi." I rolled my eyes. Then, to my surprise, he shot up and pecked me on the cheek. I looked at him with a glare that could've killed him if he wasn't so oblivious.

"You really can't blush," he remarked, laughing. "Hell, you're even doing quite the opposite!" I was as pale as a slice of radish with extreme rage at what he did.

"You did that just to see me blush? Ahondara ya de!" My hands were itching to put themselves around his throat and choke him to death. I was so angry that I began slipping into a weird mix of Japanese and Chinese curses.

He sniggered a lot when he heard me curse him in Chinese. I frankly didn't know what possessed him. He would have been sober if he knew that I was telling him to go fuck himself in Chinese. "Chill, dude. I'm sorry, 'kay? And I don't get why you're so touchy." He sniggered again. "After all, it was just a freaking peck! On the cheek!"

"Fuck you," I said waspishly. "I don't let anybody touch me, more so kiss me!" I rumpled my hair frustratedly (Kiku would have been horrified to see me at that moment) when he snickered again. "And don't forget your place! Even if it's already my last day of ownership over you, it's still MY ownership over you! Dogs don't kiss their owners like that!"

"No they don't," he said, nodding. "They lick 'em on the face, so it's better to give you a nice hug and a peck on the cheek than a lick. Right?"
I shuddered. "Right." Touché. Then I remembered that I was hungry, so I sat up and pulled at his arm. "Hey, let's grab something to eat downstairs."

"Huh? You're hungry?" He sat up too and rubbed his hair. "Nice. I would have thought that your outrageously big lunch earlier would have filled you up! And fuck, I hate to say this, but you practically snagged half of my sandwich and a quarter of Kiku's rice! I practically thought you were signed up for a marathon! You ate a lot of carbohydrates!"

"Ha. I'll quote Ginny Weasley here and tell you that you're a filthy hypocrite." I pulled him out into the hallway. "And I didn't hog half of your sandwich, little liar! I just took a freaking bite!"

"Cool, you also read Harry Potter? And that was a big bite!" he argued loudly, but I paid him no heed and began to drag him downstairs.


I sent Ludwig to accompany Gilbert and Roderich to the principal's office and Elizabeta, amid her protests, to her dormitory. I was dog-tired. Luckily, Gilbert hadn't had the chance to shove his fist in Roderich's face before Ludwig and I can restrain him, or it would have spelled certain trouble.

Hola, Arthur!" Antonio raised a hand at me. I shot him a nasty look saying that I wasn't in the mood to bicker with him about another moronic subject. I even flipped him off. He didn't get either of the gestures. God, was it pure coincidence that two people who can't even read the atmosphere stay in the same school? Just my luck.

He still persisted on calling my attention to him when I did the flip off. "Hoy! Arthur!"

"Hullo." I kept walking on to my way, but he seized me and grinned.

"Why so cold, Arthur?" he said with a goodnatured poke at my ribs. I didn't appreciate the friendly gesture. I just wanted to go to my room and drop on my bed to have a good nap. If Alfred wasn't there, that is.

"What do you want?" I asked with some irritation. "I haven't the time to waste with Spanish bastards like you."

"That's harsh, Arthur, man," he pouted. Then he brightened up again. "It's the end of the term next week. What're your plans for summer break?"

I shrugged. "Haven't made any yet. Probably I'll just spend the whole four weeks of summer break moping in our house back in Cambridgeshire. Nothing exciting."

"D'you want to join us in our end-of-term celebration next Saturday?" Antonio exclaimed. "It'll be fun!"

I grimaced. "I'll think about it first. My schedule is still going to be active in the weekend immediately after the examinations."

Antonio snorted. "Aren't they making you work a little too much?"

"There's the Summer Festival next month," I pointed out. "I have to arrange for all the needed provisions and equipment necessary so that there won't be last minute hassles. Unlike Francis, I did not run for the student council president position for just the prestige."

"I credit you for the passion, amigo," Antonio said, shaking his head, but he was smiling. "Let me know if you'll be free, then. It's alright if you couldn't make it. You can't help it."

"Okay. I'll go now." I started in the direction of the dormitories, totally worn out.

"See you!"


We dropped by a nearby fast food restaurant. Alfred jokingly bought me a triple cheeseburger and a super-sized soda, but I didn't mind. It makes eating go a bit more slowly for me.

"Is it good?" he asked me as we sat down at a vacant table to eat. He had ordered three TLC burgers, a macaroni salad, and a super-sized soda.

I merely nodded once and proceeded to continue taking small bites out of my burger, my eyes traveling on the scenery outside as the afternoon wore on. Cars were breezing on the road, and a lot of people walked by and passed each other without any second glances at each other. I wonder if they knew that passing each other is marked down in their destinies even before they had passed each other.

Suddenly, rain began to fall. Alfred's eyes widened.

"What the fuck!" he exclaimed, but he was grinning at me, with a look in his eyes that clearly said, "Again?"

I returned his smile. Indeed. Is this destiny too? To be outside together with this guy while the rain is pouring, three times in two months?

Wait. Don't answer.


The rain was actually pretty nice. I kept sneaking looks at Ogiku, who was impassively watching the street outside while eating. His narrow glasses again reflected the scenery outside. His dark eyes were pensive and dreamy.

I wasn't afraid of being caught gawking at him, since my mind was wandering and thinking about how those deep eyes can express a myriad of subtle expressions all at once. His lips hung in a relaxed curve, and I realized that he was smiling. His smile was very slight, but he was still smiling, right? That's what matters. Er, wait…

"Pst. Ogiku."

He turned to look at me. "What?"

I smirked and mouthed, 'You have dressing on your lip.' He smiled and raised his eyebrow, wordlessly asking me, 'Where, Inu-kun?'

It frightens me how much I've learned on trying to read from his expressions. But maybe he's just that kind of person. He was too easy to read unless he intentionally hides his emotions. Exact opposite of Kiku, really.

In response to his unspoken question, I traced my finger on the top of my upper lip. He grabbed a paper napkin from the tray discarded on the seat between us and wiped it neatly, slender pale fingers gracefully exhibiting each little movement. I guess his careful movements were trained by years of wearing clothes with long trailing sleeves.

Stop staring, Alfred. He already thinks that you're a perv.

But he's too cute to resist staring at him. He's got all those weird mannerisms that I've never noticed before in the thirty days we've been master and dog. Like how he always uses both of his hands to hold his soda cup while drinking. And the way he took modest bites out of his food even though I knew that his inner demon was wanting to gobble it all up already. And the way he—


I started and glanced in his eyes. They looked a bit amused. And they were directed at me.

"Er, what—?"

"D'you want to say something? You look as if you're concentrating on my movements real hard."

Blast! I shrugged sheepishly. "Um…"

He cocked an eye at me. "Are you perhaps wondering again about how similar I am to Kiku-chan?"

I laughed. "Quite the opposite. I was wondering how different you are from Kiku. Kiku Honda is a stoic topnotch perfectionist in class with an IQ of 200 while Ogiku Honda is an absolutely impulsive freeloader who kills unhesitatingly and expresses his feelings in very unusual ways."

He frowned thoughtfully. "I'm not a freeloader, bastard. And I do not kill unhesitatingly. For example, I'm refraining from killing you now."

I laughed harder. "Like you'd expect me to believe those. And absolute evidence about your freeloading: I almost shelled out my money on your meal this afternoon."

He grinned. "It's not my fault if food here is a lot more expensive. Duh." He blew a raspberry at me. "There goes Jughead Jones on you."

I grinned back. "Shut up, Japanese kid."

"But as a matter of fact, Japanese yen is really down in the foreign exchange today, you know." Ogiku took off his glasses and set them down beside his cup. "You have to possess roughly eighty yen so that you can exchange it for just one little dollar." He frowned thoughtfully at the burger he was holding. He had already burrowed his path in it halfway through.

I grimaced. "Don't get me started on money and math. My head'll hurt."

Ogiku let out a low laugh. "Try living in Tokyo, Inu-kun, and everything will look like money and numbers to you." Then he sighed. "Today, a kid has to have a cellphone, a music player, a gaming console, a computer with Internet connection, and a big allowance to be able to cope with everyday life."

We finally finished up our meal, but the rain was still pouring. We watched, or rather he watched the rainwater slide down the glass while I continued watching him. I noticed Ogiku's eyes slowly sliding out of focus.

"Hey. We can't stay here forever." I checked my watch. "We'll get shut out from campus."

He sighed. "Are we going to take a walk in the rain?"

I grinned. "Why not? It'll be fun. The day was so warm earlier. And suggestion, can we 'walk' walk? Not 'run' walk? It's nice to be washed by the rain once in a while."

He stood up and put his glasses in his pocket. "Then let's go, Inu-kun. And we'll 'walk' walk, too. Not 'run' walk. As you've so charmingly named it."
"Then it's cool, little master." We trooped out of the restaurant into the pouring rain. We were drenched in a matter of seconds, but we stuck to walking. The rain was really nice. It was as if we were being baptized again.

"O-kami-sama. This rain is getting heavier, if I must say so myself." Ogiku put his hands in his pockets and whistled lightly.

"Ya don't say." I smiled at his whistling and grabbed his shoulder when the rain blurred my glasses further. "And it's messing with my eyesight too!"

"That's why I didn't wear my glasses again back in the restaurant, dolt." Ogiku then laced his fingers with mine and led me considerately through the streets to the Academy. "At least I can still see without them."

"That's harsh," I chuckled. All the while, I can feel his hand in mine. His skin was so nice to the touch. I gripped his hand tighter for reassurance that he was still there. He looked back at me, and I could have sworn that he was smiling. Even if I can't see clearly.

"We're nearly there, Inu-kun."

I chuckled again. "I know. I can sort of tell by the shape of the streets."

I heard his laughter through the sound of the rain. "You're pitifully myopic, dear one."

"Don't you rub it in, master."

I knew it. I knew I had fallen for that smile for a very long time already. I just didn't know when exactly. Maybe I just didn't realize it at first.


Tomorrow is going to be the day that we are going to perform our Asian Dance end-of-term project. The days are so fast.

Ogiku was a special exception and had no partner since he enrolled later, but I knew he could pull off a nice dance even if he was alone. He can dance almost as nicely as he can choke me with the sleeves of my own kimono.

No don't think about that. But well, he could. Really.

The rain had come again.


Night fell quickly. After a light dinner, I had continued on writing the poem in my room. It was getting longer. And longer.

Rain-drenched hair brings back memories
I stand alone, shuddering, dragging up trivial memories
Follow it and it will flee, flee and it will follow, the war goes on inexorably
Never again will I be deceived by sugarcoated words

I hope that this will be finished soon so that Kiku can read it already. Because with every moment that passed, with every breath I take, and with every thump of my heart, my time is running out.

Well, I admit that all of our times are running out too minute by minute. But I must think that my time is much shorter.

I just can't think of why that may be the case. I just felt it. When I saw Alfred's bright blue eyes… somehow… I felt very lucky to have met someone who possessed such very alive eyes.

I ro ha ni ho he to, chi ri nu ru wo. The lines echo again in my head.

Kiku-chan, you know what I'm talking about, right? Every chrysanthemum that blossoms soon fades. I believe I've already told you that. You will never fade before I do. As long as you love and are loved, you will never fade.

I saw that the time was already just a few minutes before twelve midnight, but my mind was still alert. I was still wide awake on my bed, listening to Vocaloid on Kiku's iPod. Kiku had amassed a goodly collection of songs like these somehow.

Fuck. The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku began pounding in my ears. Somehow, this made me feel very depressed.

"Long ago, it was so jovial to sing, but I don't understand…"

She was singing such a depressing song! I continued to listen, but somehow…

"I don't feel anymore

"I'm sorry

"Whenever I remember your nostalgic face, the sounds I felt so comfortable with disappear…"

Stop. Stop. Stop.

"Such a weak heart that fails to scare away the phrase, existential reason

"I'm withered by a force that stops the destruction that eats away my fading fear

"A painful and sad version of your face surfaces in my mind

"I can't believe my memories disappear too, but I won't forget you…"

My heart was wandering out of the window. Kiku-chan, why did you have to download this… this song…

"Every time I wish for a miracle, I get denied

"I'm sorry

"Whenever I remember your sweet face, I hear the sound of tearing breaking memories

"Heart-groping, the oncoming end

"The thing I protected was a light that showed me a bright future

"If sacrificing my voice can let me tell you everything

"I'm born, and I realize that in the end, I'm just an artificially constructed android, yet also an eternal life that sings

"I sing my last song that I want only you to hear

"Want you to hear more of, I wish, but that is a past wish

"This is where I leave

"My feelings vanish

"I might be regretting my not being able to leave anything for you?

"Everything besides the memories of my voice fades, and only the name remains.

"Even if that is a wish that cannot be granted to humans

"I want to believe that my singing wasn't in vain

"Thank you… and goodbye…"

Hatsune Miku, please stop messing with my head. I'm fucking tearing up.

And because this is my life, someone suddenly chose to pound hard on my door as Last Night, Good Night replaced The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku.

Who'd think to knock at this time of night? Or day? Or whatever? I checked my clock. 12:02 am. What the fuck? I turned on the lamp beside my bed and glanced anxiously at my roommate. He still looked out, though. I hoped that he would stay that way as another set of hammer blows pounded the door. I winced at the noise.

I had a shrewd idea of who this was. I'll fucking give him a piece of my mind.

I treaded my way to the door and opened it with just a crack's width. I glared up and sure enough, Alfred Jones's astonishingly blue eyes looked back at me with a bit of a surprise. He glanced at my earplugs with amusement. I tore one out of my ear and opened the door wider.

"I didn't expect that you'd be still awake." He looked a bit sheepish. "You can't sleep as well?"

I snuck another glance at my roommate. Still blissfully asleep. I turned my attention to Alfred. "What are you fucking doing here?" I hissed at him with irritation. "Someone might hear or see you, dammit! And you went here to wake me up? The hell are you doing that!"

"I just wanted to check something. I dunno if this'll work, but I have to see."

"—What?" I shot him a weirded-out look. "Did you eat something that disagreed with you?"

"You're not my master now, right?" he asked with a grin.

"Technically, no. Why, d'you want another month of following me around?"

"I wouldn't mind following you," he said in a really sincere-sounding voice.

"Don't try me, Alfred-san," I said, emphasizing the suffix.

"You're as impossible as Kiku when it comes to names," he sighed.

"Okay!" I growled in a whisper. "Spit it out! What are you doing here! And give me neither a stupid answer nor an half-assed one, or you'll get it!"

"Okay!" he held up his arms. "Gosh, you're like the freaking police!"

I grabbed the neck of his shirt and pulled his face closer to mine until we were almost touching noses. Nicely done. "Spill. The. Fucking. Beans."

He smiled really nicely. "As you wish." Then he suddenly closed the little gap between our faces and planted a kiss on my lips.

My hands had flared up in alarm and was resting on his shoulders. My first instinct was to pull away and curse loudly, but as if in anticipation, his arms looped around me and held me tight to him. We were practically like two pieces of paper glued together.

He pulled away from the kiss, but he was still hugging me tightly. "What do you think?" he whispered breathlessly in my ear.

"I'm thinking of decking you after you release me," I said just as breathlessly. "Fucked up… job…"

"I don't just like you, dammit." Alfred was still resting his head against mine. My heart was thumping wildly. "I love you."

"The hell you love me, bastard…" I whispered, my hands dropping like unresisting stones down my sides. He grinned against my ear. I then knew that he'd won over me. Fuck… stop beating anxiously, treacherous heart… you're betraying me now, dammit… you, you normally cold, malevolent heart…

"Of course I love you!" he said insistently in my ear. It tickled me. "You made me realize that there's always a second chance for everything!"

He released me slowly and glanced nervously at my roommate, who was still sleeping. Then he warily glanced at me as if he was still expecting my promise of decking him after the hug. Idiot. Stupid idiot! I suddenly felt the need to cry.

"Ogiku, are you crying?" Alfred asked with some alarm, as he watched my face.

"I'm actually crying? Shit," I said absently. I felt both of my cheeks. Yeah, I was. I just didn't notice because I just let tears drop when crying. I don't really scrunch my face when I'm emoting. Xiao Chun learned that from me.

"All right?" he asked me gently. Tell me, how could Alfred Jones look so concerned?

"Okay," I said shortly, then sternly looked up at him. "Tell me. Is this a joke?"

"Nope!" he answered quite cheerfully, but he still looked perturbed by my tears.

I rumpled my bangs confusedly. How would you react if someone like him confesses?

"I'll just… just…" I sighed. "Fine. I… ah, shit!" I'm tongue-tied. My body felt so weirdly warm.

"Ya don't need to answer, really," he said with a smile. "Your face is answering for you. Look, you're blushing!" He laughed softly and punched the air. "Mission accomplished!"

I was annoyed. Is he playing me? "Fuck off!" I made as if to usher him off to the hallway, but he grabbed my arms to stop me, a wide grin plastered on his face.

"I'm serious, dude!" he said, even as his face was cracking up because of the grin.

I rolled my eyes. "I could totally see that!"

"Sorry, I'm laughing because you were blushing, not because I'm not serious…" He let out a laugh. "You're so cute!"

I instantly grabbed his ear and pulled it hard, annoyed. "Take that back, bastard!"

"Ow!" He detached my hand from his ear, still grinning. "But whatever. I still love you, even if I'm just an idiot dog and you're a coldblooded killing machine. I love you!"

"Okay! Okay!" I just noticed my roommate stirring a bit. "Just… okay! I know now! You don't have to repeat it! Go back before you wake someone up!"

I ushered him out of my room. He grabbed my arm persistently.

"What?" I snarled under my breath.

"Aren't you going to say anything else?" Alfred persisted.

I dropped the snarl. He looked so hopelessly hopeful that I wanted to smack myself. "You're really a stupid dog. But…" I raised my voice, since he looked depressed. "…you're my stupid dog. So I guess…"

"For real?" he exclaimed. I started. He was getting too noisy. "That's enough! That's enough for me already!"

"Desperate bastard," I muttered under my breath. Then I sighed and smiled at him tentatively. "Go back to bed… There's still classes tomorrow…" Then, as an afterthought, I tacked to the end of the sentence, "…Inu-kun."

He grinned widely. It was almost worth it to say those words to him just to see that sunny smile again. "Cool… G'night, then…"

I nodded, slowly closed the door, and leaned my back against it with a dreamy smile tugging at my lips. I heard my heart thud erratically and nonstop while World is mine played in the remaining earplug in my left ear. I smiled.

The world might not be mine, but I had acquired someone worth a thousand of them.

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