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I'd never given much thought to how I would die.
Well, not until I moved to Forks. At St Trinian's, I'd gone by the motto that life was life, and I should live it to the full rather than focus on the end. I tried to follow the motto in the gloomy streets of Forks, but being surrounded by horrors and sinister legends, death crossed my mind several times. It was certainly in my mind now- death was an inevitable consequence; the nest stop in the train ride that was my life, the final station.

And I was just about to get off.

Despite knowing all this, I couldn't bring myself to regret what I was doing. Surely dying in the place of someone important to me, someone who mattered- surely that was a good, almost noble way to die. I had lived life, experienced things she hadn't yet, learnt how it feels to love. I would die knowing that, at least. Die knowing that she would be safe, that my erratic, hare-brained best friend would live and experience what I had, and things I never would.
I couldn't regret it, but I was still scared.

I, Kelly Jones, former head girl was about to die. I didn't know how painful it would be, or what would be waiting for me after death. No human being who has not perished can tell you what heaven is like.
I took a deep breath, and prepared myself for what was next.

The hunter smiled in a friendly, yet sinister way…
As he sauntered forward to kill me.