Ben 10: Dimensional Phantom

Chapter I - Disturbance

The moon hung low in the night, a gentle fog rose from the earth and traipsed lightly over the plains. All was quiet save for the light rustle of nearby trees and the chirping of crickets in the nearby fields, and the ever so slight snore of Gwen Tennyson, who was now dreaming sweetly atop her lover in the small two-person tent. Just the two of them out in the middle of nowhere.

No alien invasions, no superhero time, no family, no friends, just them. Finally, Ben Tennyson thought to himself, finally they could be alone for more than five minutes at a time. So far from civilization were they that neither one of their cell phones received signals and their Plumber communicators were sitting neatly on Gwen's computer desk, miles away. Nothing to worry about, what were the odds that Gwen or himself would be needed? It wasn't as if there was some sort of disturbance every weekend or anything.

Gwen shifted in her sleep, her naked breasts pressed flush against his ribs, he could feel himself stirring under the blankets, nudging against her tummy.

No, not now, Ben chided himself, let her sleep-she deserves a full night for once. Well, that and she was so damned cute laying there. The redhead's hair draped over their bodies with a couple strands falling over her eyes. He leaned forward and put a gentle kiss on her forehead.

It wasn't long before he too was fast asleep, sprawled out on the ground, oblivious to the fact that Gwen was no longer providing most of his warmth. She stood outside the tent, eyes darting to and fro. Something was out there; what it was exactly she couldn't quite put her finger on it, but it was unpleasant enough for her to sense in the middle of a deep slumber and run out into the open air completely nude. Gwen didn't even feel the cool winds raking against her skin, only the bitter chill of something...otherworldly around them. It was strong too... very, very strong.

The tall grasses in the nearby field swayed and hissed as another, harsher wind brushed them against one another. All the tree branches further in the distance leaned and dipped to the left.


Gwen swung her body around and let loose a torrent of powerful energy blasts. The campsite flickered brilliant pink over a span of ten seconds, like a surreal, violent lightning storm. That strange energy she had felt before her had instantaneously transferred to a position behind her.

Her heart was racing, pounding in her chest. This didn't make any sense, there was nothing now, no energy emission of any sort.

"The hell?" the redhead whispered to herself as she walked over toward the spot she had unleashed her pent up energy. She suspected that she would find some sort of unconscious-maybe even dead-form buried in the thick foliage. Or at the very least some blood, or God forbid, ectoplasm. She bent over the scorched greens, her aim was true, she knew it was.

But there was nothing. Not a single bit of physical evidence of an intruder was left. Now, Gwen was confident in her powers and abilities, but she knew very well that she hadn't the power to completely blow a person-or thing-away. After a moment of searching she hit some paydirt, a broken twig. Whatever it was out there had transported and landed right on it, not more than thirteen meters from her and Ben's campsite.

Gwen smiled to herself, of course Ben was still sleeping soundly in the tent. Had he seen the brilliant pink lights flaring he would've gone hero in about point-five seconds flat, destroying the cheap, department store habitation in the process. Nothing short of a nuke going off would rouse his body from the rest it thought it deserved. Typical Ben.

Then, like a pinprick to her temple, there it was again, that hideous energy she sensed before. What was it? It was growing stronger, so much so that it was causing her head to spin. She felt faint and nauseous; her vision began to blur. Where the hell was it coming fro-

Gwen never did get to finish that thought, A kind of pain she had never known before pierced the small of her back and exploded-literally-through her front. Blood sprayed before her eyes and, as she looked down at her figure, saw something rigid-something living-protruding through her flesh. A warm, metallic taste came from deep within her gullet and inched its way up to her mouth, which she spat up. Deep crimson dribbled from her chin down to her chest. Everything was fading fast. She couldn't scream, only a pitiful gurgle escaped from the back of her throat. Gwen wasn't even able to move her limbs in the slightest. All she could do was close her eyes and drift away...