I don't own Harry Potter or the song Meet Virginia. This isn't really a fanfic, I just changed the song Meet Virginia, by Train, so it was about Ginny, but I hope you still like it. Harry is singing it.

Meet Virginia

She doesn't own a dress

Her hair is always a mess

When I catch her looking

She won't confess.

She's beautiful.

Scar hurts each day

Wait that's me, but anyway

She doesn't care a thing about that, hey

She thinks I'm beautiful.

Meet Virginia

She never compromises

Loves magic and surprises

Plays Quidditch for exercise

Ain't that beautiful?

Meet Virginia

Well she want's to be the queen

And she thinks about her scene

Pulls her hair back and she screams,

"I don't really want to be the queen!"

Daddy wrestles muggle-haters

Mama stops trouble makers

Her brother is a fine mediator

For the ministry of magic.

Here she is again on her own

Just like me;always seems alone

Even when at home.

Meet Virginia

Well she wants to live her life

And she thinks about her life

Pulls her hair back and she screams,

"I don't really want to live this life!"

She only drinks butterbeer at midnight

When the moment is not right

Her timing is quite


You see, her confidence is tragic

And her intuition magic

And the shape of her body,


Meet Virginia

I can't wait to

Meet Virginia,


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