The Founders Riddle

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Warnings: AU- from the end of Book 3, scenes of a sex, violence, and coarse language.

Just a quick Cliff-note,

although I enjoyed the books and think J.K.R's work is great. The Idea of a Ron/ Hermione relationship makes no sense to me. Constantly Fighting with someone, and Bickering along with completely opposing personalities, does not mean latent sexual tension or repressed romantic feelings. I've been in a relationship of that nature before and it lasted all of two weeks. So Respectfully to J.K.R i'm just going to say… "Come ON!" to the R/Hr relationship.

Chapter 1: The letter

Harry potter was bored…

It was 7 O'clock at night in the middle of June and Harry was sitting at the window of his room at number four privet drive, looking at nothing but the cars going by and the random people living out their lives on the street. He had been home for two weeks. Two weeks, (… had it been that long?) locked in this prison cell of a room again with minimal food and no human contact. Harry had been locked in the room almost the moment he stepped back into the house after returning from Kings Cross. Ever the observer, Harry immediately noticed two new locks on his "rooms" door, and the increased size of the cat-flap. It seemed the Dursleys were trying to outdo themselves this year. And so, with a quick, "Get in there boy, you won't be leaving this room for the rest of the day", from his Uncle Vernon, Harry was again alone, and imprisoned in his own house.

On the bright side of things, the Dursleys did forget to put the bars back on Harry's window from a couple summers before which meant Hedwig was able to fly, hunt, and Harry was able to send letters. He had already managed to send one to Hermione and one to Sirius, he thought about writing to Ron, but decided against it after realizing that all Ron would really want to talk about was probably Quidditch standings and how boring it is at the Burrow. Sirius however must be quite far away as Harry sent Hedwig to him and Hermione last week and she hasn't been back since.

As Harry sat in his chair by the window a shadow began to appear in the distance. He knew instantly that is was Hedwig, It seems his thoughts brought her back from wherever she was on her delivery. As his familiar came closer and into view Harry noticed that she had a few letters clutched in her beak.

Hedwig soared through the window and dropped the letters into Harrys hands who took them with an affectionate pat on the owls head. Harry instantly recognized Hermione's neat handwriting on one note and guessed Sirius' jagged chicken scratch to be the other. Harry sighed to himself, he had told Hermione about his instant imprisonment at the Dursley's and that he wished he never had to come back here and really didn't understand why he was told to. Harry was sure Hermione's response would say something about trusting Dumbledore and that things would work out in the end. He could even hear Hermione's voice in his head as he thought about it which is why he was surprised when he actually read Hermione's note.


I know you're probably scared and confused after what happened this year so I'm not going to press you to talk about it." Harry smiled subconsciously. " Anyway Harry, there is something I wanted to ask you, would you want to spend your summer at my house?. My parents are away for a month on a business trip in the U.S. and I didn't really want to go, so I'm by myself. If you want to stay send Hedwig again with a reply. Hope to see you soon.

Your best friend


Harry couldn't believe his luck, he might get to leave the Dursley's early and stay with his best friend for the summer!. He immediately grabbed a quill and some parchment and wrote a reply to Hermione. Before he sent it, Harry looked back at the other note he had received, and decided to read that first to see if that too needed a reply.

He was so excited to get a message from Sirius that his hands were shaking as he opened it. His brow furrowed as he read the letter, it sounded strange to him, but this was Sirius writing it. He couldn't be lying… could he?


Thank you for all that you did for me at the end of your school year. You reunited me with a long lost friend and allowed me to keep my freedom (well.. relative freedom).

Harry there are some concerns I have right now regarding your living situation and things that have not been mentioned to you at this point in your life. I won't go into details in a letter but I think you need to go to Gringotts and talk to somebody about your parents wills and your inheritance. Why you're still wearing those rags your relatives make you wear is beyond me as you could afford a whole clothing store without making a dent in your family vault. Just think about these things Harry, I want you to be aware of the things around you, and be aware of what you are entitled to in your life.

I'll be in touch Harry don't worry. and think about what I said.

With love


P.S. Don't use Hedwig to contact me. I found a tracking charm on her and she's already too noticeable as it is. i'll send you a letter with a local owl and you can reply.

Harry read through Sirius' letter more than a couple times before he finally settled with taking his advice, although the line about the tracking charm was a bit worrying. At his first opportunity he'd go to Gringotts and talk to somebody, but first he wanted to get the letter he wrote to Hermione sent away.

He read it over to see if it sounded alright. After the letter was sent off with Hedwig, Harry sat on his bed thinking everything over. Thinking back over the note he went over it in his mind.


I would love to come to your house for the summer, are you sure it's ok? How will I get there I've never been to your house before and I highly doubt it's connected to the floo network? are you able to send me your phone number back with Hedwig? I told her to wait for a reply. I'll talk to you soon Hermione. Hopefully i'll be able to stay over.


To Harry the letter sounded fine. not too long-winded, and didn't make him sound like he was desperate to leave. Harry sat on his bed until after dark thinking about everything. He finally decided to talk to Hermione about Gringotts and ask her to meet him in London, but first he had to get out of this room and stay out. After that was settled. Harry went to bed and vowed to leave the Dursleys tomorrow if he had the chance.

A/N - This is just a first Chapter to set things up. the chapters will get longer as the story progresses (I hope) so please enjoy and i'll have another Chapter up soon.