Author's Notes: Hithis is my 1ststory I hope you will like it and please review it, Thank you. In this story Yuuto have the ability to see aura of other people and his glasses helps to block that ability.

Disclaimer:I do not own Omamori Himari. The characters and storyline are owned by Milan Matra.

Everything was the same everyone living their own life… until she came.

"Aright class settle down now, today we have a new transfer" the teacher said as she walks in.

"Noihara Himari" the teacher wrote on the board the door slide open and a girl came in, she was pretty and her hair was as white as snow. Before she introduce herself I took off my glasses

her aura was cold…

right as cold as ice this is the first time I saw something like this I quickly wore my glasses.

the teacher pointed to the empty sit beside me and said "Yuuto, she will be sitting beside you from now onward"

I didn't reply and the girl just walked beside me and said "pleased to meet you" with a soft and beautiful voice

I couldn't believe someone like her has a cold aura.

When class was over I wanted to talk to her so I followed her to the corridor.

When I saw her she was quite far away and something was on the ground, a crystal, I took it with the thought of "she dropped it"

I kept on following her and saw her near the back of the school, talking with a guy, I was curious but I couldn't hear what they are saying so I secretly get closer.

"Return to hell and I will forget everything you did here" Himari said.

"Gahahaha, a hell slayer huh.. long time since I seen one" the guy said as his voice became more and more creepy.

Spikes started coming out of the guy's back, "you will be the fifth hell slayer I killed, gehehehe" he continued with the spike getting bigger and bigger, Himari started whispering something I couldn't hear.

Suddenly a sword appeared in the air the size of the sword was double the size of her arm, when the sword tip touched the floor I could feel it shaking from where I am.

Himari took the sword and swing it right at the monster, but it got parried the sword dropped on the ground and the monster was going to throw a spike at her I quickly dashed in front of her without thinking taking the spike as it pierce into my heart, my glasses broke as the impact of the spike sent me flying, I banged onto a wall and slowly losing my senses.

Himari grab her sword and sliced the monster into half, soon the monster became dust and disappear into the air. Himari walked to my side and look at the crystal it started to shine and she said "it looks like it had chosen you" this time her voice sounded cold I looked at her think that I died protecting this girl, my eyelid slowly cover my eyes…