Disclaimer:I do not own Omamori Himari. The characters and storyline are owned by Milan Matra.

"In the end, I stayed up all night think of what she said," I muttered as I walked to school.

"I am a witch I can turn into any form I like, even if she said that I don't even know what I been through the past 2 days" I looked around and people are running as fast as they can, I looked a my watch, stunned I ran as fast as I could.

"Phew" I sighed out as I walk into the class Himari was already ready for class.

I sat down on my sit staring at her, she slide a piece of paper onto my table "meet me at the back of the school" was written.

I went to the back of the school and saw her waiting for me "kill or be killed, its your choice, I'm willing to serve you as your sword" she said as I walk closer.

"BAM!" the ground was crushed a monster came down out of no where.

"Wh-What is this," I turned to Himari. Shocked she was gone "where are you?" I cried out

A light flashed on the ground "down here, you idiot," looking down a katana was there "what are you staring at, it's coming" a voice came out as the monster charged at me

"Hurry and pick me up if you wan to live,"

"Himari? Is that you?"

"What are you waiting for do you wan to die?"

I hurried and picked up the sword and information flow into my mind, everything about battle, the monster threw a punch at me somehow my body acted on its own and dodged it quickly I ran from it, as u get farther from the monster I banged onto something and fell but only air was in front of me.

"A magic barrier, someone must have put it up after the monster came in our only choice now is to fight, hurry and stand in your stance!" Himari shouted.

The monster caught up with me and threw a punched at me, again my body moved on its own and dodged it, quickly I swing the sword sideways without thinking and the monster was sliced in half.

After all of that I bought Himari to my room and asked her to explain everything,

"The information in your head now I all from my past battles and your body will automatically react to any danger heading towards you" she said

"Yuuto what are you doing?" Ringo opened the door...