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Sup, Kurt?

Puckerman! How're you?

I'm awesome, as usual but a little bored. You?

Same, bored. I was going to go for coffee but everyone is busy so… I've nothing to do besides read

Ohh. Well I can come with you, if you want. I don't really have any homework to do because I scared Jewfro to do mine. So what do you say? Wanna hang out with the Puckster?

Sure thing, if you don't mind? Where should we meet?
Did you wanna go to Lima Bean?

Of course. Like I said, got nothing to do anyway. I can pick you up if you want me to.

Sure, I'll just grab my purse and my jacket :D

Alright. Don't worry. I'll be there in 10. You've got plenty of time to get you purse ;) Haha.

Puck quickly turned off his laptop and pushed himself off the bed to dress up before going to Kurt's. He got his keys and went downstairs. "Ma! I'm going out with a friend," He yelled to let his mother to let her know where he's going and kissed his little sister's cheek before leaving. And he was out of the door in a second. Puck hopped on his truck and started the engine then got out of the garage.

He pulled over in front of Kurt's house and honked the horn. Puck didn't really think that Kurt would expect him to knock on his door and that kind of stuff. "Kurt!"

Kurt smiled from ear to ear and finished slipping his jacket onto his arms. He saw Puck waiting in the rusty truck that he'd had ever since they first met. Kurt raised his arm and waved to Puck before walking down the pathway. He smiled and took hold of the door handle, climbing into the truck in the passenger seat.

"My my, this is probably the first time we've ever hung out," he sighed, adjusting the bow tie around his neck.

Puck hesitantly put up his hand to wave back with a confused face to why Kurt was waving. Maybe he was just like that, always excited or something. Once Kurt climbed in his truck, he greeted him with a smirk and a nod. "I guess this is our first time to hang out. Isn't that weird?" Puck laughed and watched Kurt as he adjusted his bow tie. "Uhm. Are you sure we're going to Lima Bean or some fancy restaurant. I'm a little confused with your clothes."

"Oh… I can go and change if you want? I mean… I always wear cardigans and bow ties…" he began trailing off, talking about his clothes. He didn't want Puck to think that he was making too much of an effort, he just wanted to remember it as their first time hanging out. If it were Finn, Santana or even Rachel he'd probably wear the same kind of clothes.

Puck got lost at cardigans. What the hell are cardigans? He thought and just nodded at everything Kurt said. "Nah. You don't have to. I'm just asking 'cause I got a little confused. That's all." Puck patted Kurt's arm. Awkward. He doesn't really know what to do or say because it was their first time to hangout. He glanced over at Kurt and leaned towards him. Puck reached a hand over Kurt's back and pulled the seatbelt over the smaller boy. "Can't get caught. Don't want to go to juvie again." He buckled Kurt's seatbelt and smiled at him. Puck released the break and started to drive.

Kurt smiled shyly as they sat in the car. He fixed his hair as they started to drive, the wind messing it up slightly.

Puck was glancing over at Kurt a couple of times wondering why was he moving so much and was not really surprised when he was just fixing his hair due to the wind. He couldn't help but the chuckle to himself.

"So, how've you been?" he smiled. Though he saw Puck almost every day at school it was hard to keep track on how every one was. The only thing that connected them all was Glee club, and even then not everyone spoke as much as they could. He smiled at Puck, he was proud of the way he had changed. He'd gone from the guy who used to throw Kurt into dumpsters and slushied his face, to someone who looked out for him.

"I'm doing alright. I've been trying to.. Have one sex a day. Yeah, not much a sex shark now am I?" He laughed and focused on the road. "I'm uh.. Pretty much interested in someone but she's.. kind of dating someone else. I guess I was too late, wasn't I?" Puck looked at Kurt for a moment and shrugged. "How about you? How are you doing?" He didn't know anything about Kurt's life except that he's gay and girly clothes. Oh! And he's a crier and can kick a goddamn football. That's totally awesome for a small pale kid.

"I read in a magazine once that the more sex you have, the longer you live," he smiled, trying to communicate to Puck's level. He loved Puck as a friend, but he had to find the right topics to talk about, and as Kurt wasn't comfortable with sex in description he did know the odd fact or two from reading women's magazines.

He frowned, even though Puck was a player when it came to being in a real relationship, Kurt knew Puck would be dedicated. This was one of the examples he learnt when Quinn was pregnant with Beth. He just wanted Puck to be happy.

Puck raised both of his eyebrows at the information that Kurt had passed on to him. He laughed silently to himself and nodded. He knew how Kurt was trying to have a conversation with him that he was interested in. "Cool. Now I can live until I'm 80 and still fucking." Puck snickered.

"Maybe they'll realize they've fallen for the wrong guy. Besides, I'm sure you can do better than whoever it is. You're a stunner, Puck. You could have any girl fall into your arms when you wanted them to."

"Well yeah sure, I can get any girl I want but only until my bed and for the night only. They keep coming back only for the sex, not for me…" He sighed softly.

Kurt's mouth dropped open a little as Puck asked how he was. He trusted Puck, and he knew how strong Puck was. Instantly he just wanted to confess about Karofsky, but he couldn't. Not completely.

"I'm fine," he nodded. "I get by. I see Blaine a lot more now he's in our school, it's hard to adjust too because of him being there all the time. I love him and all but, I only used to see him a few times a week - even at Dalton. And then, of course… I still have my nightmares about Karofsky."

Kurt felt safe admitting this to Puck. He could trust Puck not to say anything, yet know he'd be on the look out just incase anything happened.

"Woah. Woah. You love him already? That's a little too fast, don't you think? I mean, you don't even want to see him that often and you say you love him? I'm confused." Puck wasn't the love guru and all but he knew how relationships work with the help of one Quinn Fabray. "And is Karofsky still bothering you? I swear, I'll kick his ass if he still does. Geez. He's got a big problem. And why is he only picking on you, the only open gay kid at school?"

They arrived at Lima Bean and Puck got a sweet parking right in front of it. "We're here!" He turned of the engine as he was unbuckling his seatbelt. Puck got out of his truck and waited for Kurt in front of the entrance.

Kurt frowned at the mention of girls only going back to Puck for sex. The truth was, Puck was a gentleman when he wanted to be. He was capable of holding a good relationship and even though he comes across as flirtatious, Kurt had all the evidence from when Puck liked Kurt. He got out of Puck's truck and walked next to him as they entered Lima Bean. All he could think of was Karofsky. Kurt knew if he gave away the secret he'd be in deep trouble, and it's not as if Puck could do anything to stop it.

"You know, someone will see you for your true colors one day, Noah," he smiled, shaking the horrid thoughts from his mind as he fixed his hair once again. He kept thinking about what Puck said about loving Blaine… were they moving too fast? They'd known each other for months now… surely it was okay? He decided to not answer.

"I'll have a non fat mocha, please. What would you like to drink, Puck?" Kurt asked, pulling his purse from his bag. He smiled up at Puck in awe, the awe coming from how Puck was no longer embarrassed to be around Kurt in school or in public.

"Well I don't know.. I'm not counting on it anymore. People give one look at me and the only thing they will think of is amazing sex. Not that I'm complaining." Puck waggled his eyebrows and nudged Kurt on the arm.

He had a very confused face on when Kurt asked him what he wanted. He had never got in a coffee shop like this with all this frappucino mambo jumbo. He doesn't understand the essence of it all. It's still coffee whatever you do with it so he would rather have the normal coffee than this stuff.

"Uhh.. I'll just have water and maybe some chocolate cake." Puck whispered into Kurt's ear.

Kurt raised an eyebrow at the mohawk haired boy.

"I'm sure you'll find someone who loves you for who you are," he smiled. He couldn't help but have hope for Puck, I mean why not? Kurt knew what Puck was like. Kurt laughed in response to Puck's order, knowing quite well that Puck didn't have a clue.

After Kurt had paid for their order, he found the perfect spot in the corner for them both to sit and talk. He was nervous about it, just the thought of them having nothing to talk about made him feel it would be all his fault. He didn't want that. After spending so much time at Dalton, Kurt wanted to reconnect with all of his old friends.

Puck appreciated Kurt's words of encouragement for him but he didn't really take it in to give him too much hope. He just nodded and smiled at Kurt. "Hey! You didn't have to pay, you know." Puck rolled his eyes and followed Kurt into some corner, smiling.

"So.. You never answered me. Why don't you want to see Blaine so much if you love him?" He crossed his arms over his chest and slouched a little on his seat. Puck wasn't much of a friend to Kurt back then but he's trying to be one now.

Kurt shrugged about paying, he wanted to pay as an effort to show how hard he was trying. Kurt wanted to feel like he could be a friend to anyone in Glee club.

"Oh," he said. "Well, I don't know. We all need a break I guess… it makes it more interesting when I see him again if I wait a few days. We have more things to talk about…"

He took a sip of his coffee, his eyes shifting down to his lap.

"Why do you ask?"

"I'll pay you back. Ok?" Puck didn't wait for an approval from Kurt. In his mind, he is and will be paying Kurt back.

"That is just weird, Hummel.." Puck furrowed his eyebrows as he lifted his fork and played with his cake. "I haven't been in relationships but when I loved Quinn.. I wanted to be around her all the time. She was actually the reason why I joined Glee club. I wanted to be closer to her and wanted her to like me. I always wanted her to notice me and I always wanted her to be mine…" Puck dazed off a little, remembering that he actually made some small effort to be with Quinn.

Kurt sighed followed by a half hearted shrug.

"I'm a weird kid. Karofsky tells me so all the time," he murmured. Kurt couldn't understand why he only liked spending certain days with Blaine, maybe it was because he wanted to take things slow for now and then see what happened. Maybe he wasn't feeling as much as he thought he was feeling, he couldn't work it out.

"So, who's the girl that you like? Do I know her?" he grinned, stirring a spoon around the froth on top of his drink. He had his bets on Tina, or maybe Mercedes. You never know with Puck, he really could surprise people.

Puck scoffed. "Everyone's weird, Kurt. Not just you." He finally took a bite of his chocolate cake and chewed on it with a moan. "Damn. This is good." Puck took a bite again and let out another moan. "You want to try? This is really good." He asked as he hands over his fork, not really caring if Kurt gets his saliva on it or anything. He's not saliva conscious.

He was drinking water when Kurt asked about the girl he liked. Puck chocked on the water and coughed a couple of times. "H-How did you know about that?" He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, wondering how Kurt knew about it when he only told Sam.

Kurt almost wished that he could take a bite of the cake like Puck had… kindly offered, but he declined. It wouldn't look very lady like… or gentleman like.

"My gay instinct," he smirked in reply to Puck choking. "Why else would you be putting yourself down so much when you know deep inside that you're capable of a relationship? I've watched you with Quinn and Lauren…" he said, cleaning up the water the Puck had managed to spit out by accident. Kurt didn't mind, if a secret is supposed to be a secret anyone would be shocked. Unfortunately for Puck, Kurt knew about other people's feelings more than his own.

"Fine. More for me then." Puck continued to eat his cake licking and really getting the chocolate that was stuck on the fork.

"G-Gay instincts? There's such a thing?" His eyebrows were really furrowed. How could have Kurt found out? Gay instincts. What the hell! "I never said about me being capable of a relationship.. I'm just moping around because people around me are in couple mode. Sam and Fabray, Santana and Brittany, you and Blaine…"

Puck paused and tried to think of other couples. There were so many but he couldn't think of them. Then he just realized what Kurt said.. "You've watched me?" Puck's eyes widened slightly and just stared at the pale boy.

Kurt instantly placed his head in the palms of his hands. Puck had gotten everything he'd just said completely wrong.

"The gay instincts thing was a joke," he mumbled as his head was down. He brought it back up with a slight smile, he was scared that Puck now thought of him as a stalker, even though he'd taken everything the wrong way. "When I say that I've watched you, I mean I've seen you around school. I saw how you were when Quinn got rushed off to hospital to give birth to Beth, I saw the way you treated Lauren, you were head over heels for her!" he stressed. He was worried now, of what Puck thought of him.

"Ohh.. I've really got to stop hanging out so much with Finn or maybe Sam. I don't know." Puck laughed. "I really need to hangout with you more so I can distinguish your jokes from your real conversing topics."

He nodded and was a little shocked when Kurt started to lose his temper or maybe we was PMS-ing. Puck laughed in his head and licked his lips. "Calm down, Kurtie."Kurtie? Where the hell did that come from? He thought. "I was just messing around. I know what you mean." Puck smiled slightly. "Are you ok? I'm sorry if I overstepped some boundaries or something like that to make you snap." He pursed his lips and placed with the remaining cake on his plate.

"I'm fine, Puck. Sorry… I'm just… really trying hard for you," he admitted. He didn't want to admit it, but he did. Puck had become an inspiration to him, the way he stood up for him, how he helped him etc. He wanted to be able to give something back. He wasn't angry, he showed that by taking the spare fork next to Puck's plate and cheekily taking a pinch of cake.

"This is good…" he laughed, trying to break the silence between them.

Puck arched an eyebrow at Kurt's statement. "You're trying hard… for me?" He furrowed his eyebrows out of confusion. "Why are you trying hard… for me?" puck asked out of curiosity. No one has ever tried hard in doing anything or something for him. This was a first and he was really curious to what Kurt was thinking right now.

"Told you!" Puck laughed softly and pushed the plate with half of the cake left in it. "Here. It's yours if you want." He smiled as he offered.

"Because you're one of the only people I haven't hung out with from Glee club," Kurt smiled. "Think about it. We've not hung out once in the time we've known each other…"

"Dude, we've hung out during those boys versus girls competition Mr. Schue always held for us to be competitive or something." Puck shrugged and took a sip of his water.

He grinned and shook his head to the cake offer. "I might buy myself a piece, if you'll excuse me."

Kurt got up, taking his purse and a slight strut with him to the counter. He was wondering what Puck was thinking, all of the questions… Since when was Puck ever interested in what Kurt said before? Maybe Puck didn't understand what Kurt had been saying. Nevertheless, he was having fun so it didn't really matter.

He tapped his fingers impatiently, wondering who the mystery girl was that Puck liked. He was thinking hard about it - being the gossip queen that he was. It could've been Quinn or else he would've made a move by now. Santana was more of a sleeping buddy. He'd slept with Brittany too. So out of the Glee club that left Lauren, Rachel, Tina and Mercedes.

What if it's a teacher?Kurt thought to himself.

"Oh. But.." And Kurt just took off and with a lady like strut. Damn. Puck's eyes widened and shook his head, looking at another direction before anyone can see him stare at someone else's ass. A guy's ass. But then he realized something, so he stood up to approach the woman behind the counter without Kurt noticing. Puck took out his wallet and gave money to her to give the pale boy with a bow tie a free slice of cake on him. He went back to his seat and watched Kurt and the woman behind the counter interact with a smirk on his face.

Kurt made a small confused face as he walked back over to the table.

"She just gave me free cake… Are they even allowed to do that?" he laughed. He was surprised. The vain side of Kurt was worried that another girl had a crush on him. "I hope she figures out that I'm gay" he giggled, tucking into his cake. "Want some?"

He smiled at Puck, pushing his plate forward a little. He knew Puck bought the cake, he was just teasing.

"Thank you"

Puck was trying his best to suppress his laugh at Kurt's confused face. "Maybe, she's just being nice. Don't flatter yourself, Hummel." He laughed softly, controlling his hunger feeling to laugh out loud.

"No th.." Puck was cut off by Kurt's thank you. "Why are you saying thank you?" He was confused at the same time a little bit nervous that Kurt might have seen him talk to the lady behind the counter.

Kurt shrugged, guessing Puck didn't want to admit that he was being nice. "For… offering to come with me, hanging out…" he smirked to himself, "paying for cake…" he muttered.

Puck grabbed his glass of water and sipped from it longer than the usual. He suddenly spit out water gently back into the glass when he heard Kurt mutter about the cake. He cleared his throat a little. "Y-You're welcome." Puck whispered.

Kurt beamed at Puck, and make a 'my lips are sealed' sign, zipping his mouth. Kurt leant forward with a sneaky look.

"It's Tina, isn't it? The girl you like?" he grinned. "Who else? She's in Glee club which automatically makes her a loser like the rest of us, she's in a relationship with Mike Chang…"

He had his most confusing face when Kurt leaned towards him with a sneaky look. "What the hell. You're still thinking about that? Just drop it, Hummel." Puck rolled his eyes. He leaned towards Kurt slowly, their noses almost touching and whispered. "And it's not Tina."

Kurt was taken back by Puck snapping.

"I'm sorry… you know what I'm like about my gossip," he sighed. He gulped as Puck came closer, worried that he was about to be beaten up, but he knew by now Puck wouldn't do that. He was probably trying to intimidate him. Kurt pulled himself away, a half smile appearing from the corner of his rosy lips.

"I won't ask in future. I just… whoever it is, I want you to know that I hope they like you back. You deserve the best Puck."

"Actually.." Puck smirked and leaned back as well. "I think future is the best time for you to ask me, not now. Because there's no one. Really." He lied. He just wanted to get everybody off his back. Puck couldn't say anything about the person he likes.. He's not ready yet.

"And I don't think that person will ever like me back.." Puck whispered to himself and crossed his arms. He slouched on his seat and slowly looked at Kurt, forcing a smile on his face. "So.. Are you done with your cake? Maybe we can go somewhere else, if you want." He shrugged.

"Yeah, sure. All done," he smiled, taking a napkin and dabbing the corners of his lips to make sure he had no cake around them. "Well, is there anywhere you'd like to go? We could go to an arcade or… something you like?" he blushed, feeling embarrassed that he didn't know where Puck loved to hang out.

He smiled at Puck, and then stood up, pushing his chair back.

"Awesome." Puck took a quick sip of his water before standing up. "Well. I'm good anywhere. Where would you like to go? Name it and we'll go there." He said sincerely. Puck's pretty much bored with his usual hangout places. Fight club, gym, temple.. He thought maybe Kurt can 'spice up' his daily routine maybe a gay club. He's never gone to those.

Puck opened the door for Kurt as they went out of Lima Bean. He unlocked the doors of his truck and got in. Puck inserted the key in the ignition, turning it on but didn't release the break as he waited for Kurt to get in and tell him where they should go.

Kurt climbed into the truck, fastening his seat belt up, then posed for a moment as he thought of were he'd like to go.

"There's the mall but… I can't see you wanting to go shopping," he mused. He couldn't think of what Puck would like to go to, especially with Kurt. He was scared that he'd bore him to death.

"Oh! How about the arcade?" he grinned. "I know it's not… the best of places but I mean, there's no harm in it right? And you like those race car games?"

Kurt was clueless. He really needed to bond more with Puck before suggesting places out of the blue.

"I'm easy… it's your choice," he smiled.

Puck was a little surprised that Kurt picked the arcade. He never had thought Kurt was all up for video games. He wanted to make Kurt feel that he can be himself when he's with him. So he chose the mall. "We can go to the mall. I have no problem with that." Puck smiled at Kurt before releasing the break and drove away from Lima Bean.

He turned on the radio and kept switching the station while driving but he couldn't focus on the road so much. "Can you switch the station? You can put it on wherever you want."

Kurt smiled and felt himself warm to Puck, was he seriously okay with shopping with Kurt? Kurt looked at Puck for a moment, a smile creeping from the corner of his mouth. He was incredibly thankful of what Puck was doing.

Puck was focused on the road so he didn't notice Kurt smiled at him.

Kurt nodded and started to switch channels.

"Oh! Beyonce! This will do!" he grinned, having the urge to dance along with it. He didn't want to distract Puck, so he tapped his foot to himself, humming along quietly. He hoped Puck didn't mind, after all he did ask. Kurt no longer felt awkward around Puck, sure he'd feel embarrassed, but so far everything had gone better than he expected.

Once Beyonce came out of the speakers, Puck chuckled and glanced over at Kurt. He could tell Kurt was trying to control himself from dancing. "Her songs are really your jam, aren't they?" He continued to chuckle. "Just dance if you want to. Don't worry, I won't check you out." Puck looked at Kurt and winked before focusing on the road again with a smirk.

Kurt instantly started twisting his hand as the chorus came on, doing the dance basically without moving his feet. He laughed to himself and remembered when he asked the football team to do it back when Puck and Kurt didn't get along as well as they did now. He thought it was incredible that Glee club could change so much.

"If you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it," he sang along, being sure to have the right attitude in his voice.

"So do you go the mall often?" he grinned, looking at Puck who's eyes were currently fixed on the road in front of him.

Through his peripheral vision, Puck slightly laughed at Kurt instant dancing. Minimal view as it is, he could still see Kurt's face. He really did enjoy dancing that song and he remembered that one and only time he danced to it. Oh memories. "I totally killed that song." Puck nodded and smirked.

He laughed when Kurt sang a long. "Blaine should put a ring on that then."

"Nope. Not really. I only go when mom asks me to which is not often because she's scared I might steal something." Puck shook his head, laughing softly. "Why did you ask?"

"I just wondered where you shopped but, obviously you don't purchase things," he grinned. "I should say 'where do you get your belongings from?'"

He gazed up at Puck, pursing his lips for a slight moment. He sat up straight and listened as a John Mayer song appeared on the radio, he tilted his head and sighed. His ocean blue eyes caught sight of his friend smiling, instantly he smiled to himself. Kurt felt good for being with Puck, he should've tried too hard in the past. Puck was an amazing guy, they could've been friends a while ago if only things had gone right.

"Do you have any plans for Glee club this week?" he smiled, still not sure on what he wanted to do for his piece.

"Hey! I buy things too. Just important stuff like food, toys.." Puck whispered the last word because well, they're definitely toys for the Puckzilla and he didn't want to scare Kurt off. "And my mom actually buys my clothes so it's totally not stolen. Ok?" He playfully glared at Kurt and laughed softly.

"Glee? Damn. I completely forgot! What's this week's assignment again?" Puck forgot due to a certain person. Well he kept staring at his 'crush' during Glee so he wasn't really listening to Mr. Schue and now he's screwed.

"Oh… well it started with Mr. Schue saying that sometimes we all need to take time to listen to our own voices, opinions, thoughts etc. He thought it'd be a good idea to do an acoustic and heart-filled performance this week because 'there's less instruments so we can focus on the voice', we can have either a piano or guitar for backing…" he shrugged. Kurt still hadn't picked his music. The only reason being was that he knew an acoustic version of 'Alejandro' by Lady Gaga wouldn't be what Mr Schuester was looking for.

"I'm all out of ideas," he sighed.

"Cool. Sounds pretty easy." Puck shrugged and they finally arrived at the mall. He parked at the empty slot nearest the entrance. He slowly backed up the truck on the slot and finally parked, pulling the break. "We're here." Puck smiled as he took off his seatbelt. "Dude, I play the guitar. If you want we can have a duet or something. I don't mind." He got off the truck and locked his door. Puck went to Kurt's side and shoved his hands in his pocket as he waited for Kurt.

Kurt opened the door and climbed out of the large truck. He closed the door and looked up at Puck, squinting as the sun beamed into his eyes.

"A gay and a badass huh? Sounds interesting. Do you have a song in mind? We've both got to relate to it or making it… 'emotional'," he mocked in a Mr. Schue way, trying to think of what they both had in common. For now the song didn't matter. They could go and have fun in the mall and take their mind off of school and whatever else was bothering them. Kurt twirled himself around on his heel and linked Puck's arm as they walked into the mall entrance.

"Oh. Well if you think it's hard, then we shouldn't do it together then." Even though it was a direct rejection, Puck felt it was one. He forced a smile and walked towards the entrance. He never got rejected by a girl what more getting rejected by a guy, a gay guy, for a duet.

His eyebrows rose when he felt Kurt's arm linked onto his. Puck didn't know what to do so he just shrugged it off and just let Kurt. "So, where do you want to shop first? God. Did I just say shop? You're rubbing off on me, Hummel." Puck laughed and continued to walk.

"Well… I was thinking maybe we could find outfits for the duet?" he grinned, picturing them both in matching black outfits, with studs and an electric blue collar on their blazers…

"Maybe me rubbing off on you is a good thing," he giggled, giving a happy diva snap afterwards.

"And I never said it would be hard," he said, pausing in his tracks and standing in front of Puck. "Listen… if I said it would be hard I would've suggested you did a duet with Mercedes or Sam… I can take on a challenge. I'm sure you can too, even with a gay guy" he grinned.

"So you want to do the duet with me?" Puck's lightened up a little and smiled slightly. "Is that a challenge from Mr. Hummel?" He raised an eyebrow and crossed his arms over his chest, looking down at Kurt. "If it is, I'm totally in. I can definitely do a duet with you. Why would I even ask you to do a duet with me if I can't handle it? Challenge taken." He gave Kurt a sly smile.

"Wait hold up. Outfits?" His sly smile turned into a questioning look. "No sparkly stuff on my out-clothes. Got it?" Puck suppressed a smile and walked pass Kurt.

"Not necessarily a challenge," he smirked cheekily. "I'd love to duet with you, it's another piece of Glee club history in the making. Though my ideas for songs may not be good enough for your standards. I was thinking Use Somebody by Kings of Leon - going for the whole 'I need somebody' kind of theme, then 'Whataya Want From Me' by Adam Lambert…" he shrugged.

Kurt blinked as he watch Puck stroll away.

"Not even a little bit?" he called in a joking manner, jogging until he caught up with him.

"Good. 'Cause we're totally going to kickass at that duet. They'll be totally surprised." Puck quirked his eyebrows and he slowed his pace so Kurt can catch up to him. "Somebody would be awesome! I know the chords to the song, so all we need to do is practice our vocals."

Puck stopped walking and narrowed his eyes at Kurt. "N-O. No. Hell no."

Kurt looked up at Puck and folded his arms.

"I'm joking," he said with a sweet smile. "I wouldn't make you do anything you're uncomfortable with. You could wear something laid back, and maybe I will too, how does that sound? Cool and casual. We'll go with that."

Puck sighed out of relief. "Good! Cause even if I am totally up for the duet, I will never wear anything sparkly." He made an icky face and laughed. "Awesome. Cool and casual. But hey, if you want to wear something sparkly, go ahead. I ain't stopping you. If that's your thing, don't make me as an excuse to change how you dress up just for this duet."

"You know, I really admire you Puck," he blushed. "You've gone from… throwing me into a dumpster to wanting to hang out. It must be hard for you sometimes, y'know, being around the only openly gay kid at school. Especially with guys like Karofsky around."

"Well you're my boy now, Kurt. You're pretty cool. You've got guts, attitude and courage." He smiled and patted Kurt's arm.

At that moment he wanted to pull Puck into a hug, or show some form of affection and sign of admiration for what he was doing. He cleared his throat and stuck out his right hand, offering a handshake. He was awkward when it came to interacting with people he'd never been face-to-face with for this long.

Puck's face was scrunched up when Kurt offered his hand for a shake. "Dude, you're like and old man." He laughed and stuck out his fist, waiting for Kurt to bump it.

Kurt gently bumped his fist against Puck's, a slight giggle as he did so. He looked down at the floor for a moment and then gave him a hug. It was a sudden impulse, Kurt felt he needed to do it. 'You're my boy now, Kurt'.His heart lit up at those words. It was acceptance.

He pulled away quickly, knowing guys always have their personal space boundaries.

Puck pretty much adored how Kurt bump his fist. Adored? What the hell! Noah Puckerman does not adore anything or even anyone. His thoughts were interrupted by a certain pair of pale soft hands around him. Puck slightly laughed when Kurt quickly pulled back. "Hey, it's ok. Friends can hug." He smiled and wrapped an arm around Kurt then they started to walk again.

"Right, I need to find something to make me look fabulous," he muttered. "I'm so excited for the duet, no one will see it coming. We'll rock it, especially with you on guitar. Sometimes I wish I could play guitar but… everyone would probably tease me and say I'm the next George Michael" he frowned, scrunching up his nose.

Puck rolled his eyes. "You look fabulous already. Geez." He laughed and looked around with his hand still around Kurt's shoulder. He didn't know but it felt natural. It wasn't uncomfortable. It was alright.

He laughed hysterically. "I would pay good money for you to sing Careless Whisper and dance sexily to it." Puck continued to laugh and a tear began to roll out of his eye due to all that laughing.

"Oh, really? I can do it right here if you'd want me too?" he joked back. "There is no way I'd cover a George Michael song, he's a good musician but it's just… expected y'know?" he sighed. Though he loved who he was, being openly gay was a struggle sometimes. He wished things could be a lot easier.

"You know what song I've always pictured you singing? Let Me Entertain You, by Robbie Williams," he looked at Puck's hand resting on his shoulder, then looked back up at him, wondering if it was comfortable to be leaning on someone considerably shorter than him.

Puck scoffed at Kurt's way of thinking. "So if they expect it? If you wanna do it, do it! You shouldn't not do it just because people expect you to do it. Ok, I'm rambling." He chuckled softly.

"Hmmm.. I can sing that. Sure. I'll even put on my KISS make up too. That would be pretty awesome." Puck laughed and unconsciously pulled Kurt closer to him. He looked around. "So, where should we go first? I'm not really familiar with this place. I know you are."

Kurt shrugged, still smiling at the thought of Puck wearing his KISS make up again. He really enjoyed watching how awesome they all looked, and how much fun they were all having too.

"There's an outfit I've been piecing together for several weeks now. I'm not exactly sure if you'd want to wait in a dressing room whilst I tried things on," he smiled. "I can just try them on a another time?"

He didn't want to bog Puck down with his usual antics of trying things on and asking for opinions, then changing and swapping clothes… he usually did that with Mercedes and Brittany.

Puck shrugged. "No problem with me. I've really have nothing else to do. So, let's see those clothes on you." He quirked his eyebrows at Kurt. "So what store? You're going to give me a fashion show, a'ight?" Puck laughed and messed up Kurt's hair by accident when he removed his hand around the pale boy's shoulders. "Damn. Sorry, Kurt. I didn't mean to." He had an apologetic face as he tried to fix Kurt's hair for him.

Kurt blinked up at Puck.

"How bad is it?" he said, his eyes showing an element of panic. He didn't want to look a mess in public. "We can fix it in the store, right?" he smiled, pursing his lips for a moment. As fierce as Kurt appeared to be, he like everyone else could be self conscious sometimes. He bit his lip and let Puck to the store he wanted to go to. He beamed at all of the clothes, trying to fix his hair with his hands whilst he did so.

Puck laughed. "Yes, we can fix it. Don't worry, dude." He was trying to fix Kurt's hair but he felt Kurt pushing him or pulling him to a store. It was too fast, he didn't know which one. "Wait! I'm fixing your hair!" All of a sudden Puck was surrounded by clothes. "Ohh. But dude, come here first!" He pulled Kurt closer to him so he can fix his hair. Kurt was so close that he was facing his chest. "There. No go and pick some clothes or something." Puck turned Kurt around and gently pushed him towards the sparkly clothes.

He looked around as well but the clothes the store were selling weren't really his style so he looked for a chair and found one right outside the fitting room. "Hey, I'll be sitting here if ever you're looking for me." Puck called out to Kurt wherever the pale boy was and sat he on the chair, waiting.

Kurt felt something tingling inside of him.

He picked out several clothes, jeans, shirts, waistcoats, then went to the changing rooms, taking his time to make himself look better. He smiled at the first outfit, a grey cardigan with a cream shirt, red skinny jeans… only someone like Kurt could make it work. He took a glance in the mirror and fixed his hair before leaving the dressing room, finding Puck to ask his his opinion on the outfit.

He gave a cheeky smile and did a twirl with a catwalk-like pose afterwards.

"What do you think? I was thinking strawberry and cream with a touch of grey, like summer but on a cloudy day…" he rambled.

Puck was bored while Kurt was trying on the clothes he took from the racks. It was a good thing he borrowed Kurt's iPhone and started to play games on it. Thank god for applications.

When he heard Kurt come out, Puck looked up from the phone. Well I'll be damned. He thought. "I-It looks good on you." His legs. Those legs. Shit. Puck shook his head slightly and nodded at Kurt. "You totally good in it, Kurt." ASS! FUCK.He swallowed the huge lump on his throat and buried his face on Kurt's iPhone again to prevent looking at Kurt.

Kurt rolled his eyes to himself. If Puck was so bored they shouldn't've gone shopping. He went back into the changing room and came back out within minutes with all of the clothes he'd like to buy.

"Are you sure it was alright? I don't wanna look like an idiot in front of the others…" he went on, talking about how his clothes were a fashion statement, not just to him but for everything he stood for. He walked to the counter with Puck, handing his clothes over to the middle aged woman behind, she smiled at him and he smiled back. He was a regular there. He looked up at Puck who was still playing around with his iPhone.

"You're really having fun with that thing aren't you?" he laughed. "He doesn't usually go shopping," he winked to the lady at the counter, they both shared a small laugh. Kurt smiled up at Puck, wondering if he'd made the wrong choice.

"Yes, Kurt." Puck turned to Kurt and away from Kurt's iPhone. "You looked more than alright. You look fabulous in them." He smiled but then shook his head, laughed softly. "You're really rubbing on me, Hummel. I'm saying fabulous!" Puck laughed harder and followed the pale boy to the counter.

He kept playing Fruit Ninja and even making "Hiya!" sounds as he sliced the fruits virtually that he didn't hear the two laugh or talk about him.

"Huh? Oh yeah! I've never had such a cool phone. My mom doesn't want me to have one." Puck stopped his game and returned the phone to Kurt. "Sorry." He smiled and looked down at Kurt's hands were filled with shopping bags. "'Wow. You bought a lot!" He laughed softly taking all the bags from Kurt and went out of the shop.

"You sure you wanna carry all those?" he asked, tilting his head in confusion and linking Puck's arm once again. "This has been really nice, Puck. Again, I just wanna say thank you…"

Kurt looked up at the tall brunette and smiled once again, his eyes reflecting upon how happy he felt. It was nice for Kurt to get away and hang out with a friend for once.

"Y'know, we should do this more often. Maybe one time I can take you shopping, we can pick out some clothes for when you date this girl - don't worry, no glitter or sequins," Kurt winked. He brushed against Puck's arm by accident, kind of bumping into him a little. He blushed at how incapable he was at walking with his arm linked with Pucks; maybe it was the height difference.

"Please. I'm a stud. And no problem. This was a good idea.. You know, hanging out with you." Puck looked down at Kurt and stared at the pale boy's eyes. It was hypnotizing yet it was a good he pulled out of his gaze before something else might happen. Puck smiled genuinely back before focusing on where he was walking.

"Totally. I'm totally ok with that. And that would be awesome if you could help me out. She likes fashion just like you." He laughed softly at Kurt and laughed a little harder when Kurt bumped into him a little. "You ok?"

He laughed along with Puck, giggling off and on for a few minutes. Kurt knew eventually Puck and Kurt would have to part ways and leave to go home, but he didn't want to. Not just yet. He sighed heavily as they walked and started thinking over a few things in his head.

"I don't want to go home just yet," he mumbled, hoping that Puck wouldn't think he sounded like an idiot. Kurt never expected hanging out with Puck to be this fun, nor did he expect that Pick would tolerate his presence for this long. The duet with Puck was playing on his mind - maybe they could practice. It depended, of course, if Puck wanted to. For all Kurt knew, Puck could be trying to be a good friend by staying with Kurt even though he hated it.

Puck heard Kurt's mumbled statement, the taller boy just smiled and continued walking. "So, where do you want to go next? Any more shops you want to go in?" He looked around innocently and he remembered Kurt's idea from earlier. "How about this.. meet me in the arcade in ten minutes and I'll just put these bags in the truck. I'll teach you how to be a dude for just today." Puck smiled down at Kurt and was expecting a yes or something that will signal him it's on.

He raised one of his eyebrows.

"A real man huh?" he laughed. If anyone else had said that to him he would've taken it as an insult. He stood on his tip toes to reach Puck's eyeline. "I'll meet you there in ten minutes… oh, and also," he began, leaning in towards Puck's lips, "I can kick a ball further than you can."

He was teasing. Kurt smirksd to himself and waved at Puck, winking as he left towards the arcade.

Puck just stood there with his eyes wide open. What did just happen? Was Kurt flirting with him or just playing with him. Whatever it was, Puck was stunned at Kurt's actions.

So out of curiosity and a little bit of excitement, he ran out of the mall and quickly went to his truck tossing all the bags in. Puck ran back in the mall and went to the arcade immediately.

Once he was in the arcade, Puck looked around for a pale boy. It was really hard to look for him. But then he got a sight of a boy who was leaning against a wall, looking right at him in one of the dark sides of the arcade. Puck raised an eyebrow and slowly approached the pale boy. He stood pretty close and looked down. "What now?" Puck smirked down at Kurt.

Kurt shrugged at Puck, his smile still there from moments before.

"You wanted some… guy time, I believe," he giggled. He didn't have a clue how going to the arcade was going to make him man-up, and Kurt knew that even though they'd probably be playing testosterone-thriving games - he would still be a diva when he woke up the next morning. He frowned at Puck slightly, wondering what he was thinking. Was he being genuine by hanging out with Kurt?

"Oh we'll definitely play games. Manly games." Puck smirked as he nodded. But then his smirk faltered as he saw Kurt frown. "Hey, what's wrong? Did I insult you or something? I'm sorry. I-I guess we should go? I didn't mean to insult you or make you feel bad in anyway." Puck frowned as well and looked down at their feet, rubbing his mohawk from behind. He totally screwed up a totally real friendship, other than with Finn. Well he did ruin it but they ok already and he hate to ruin this new friendship. A really new kind of friendship.

Kurt shook his head and smiled. He took of Puck's hands in an attempt to show he's okay - this is what Kurt did.

"Honestly, Puck. I'm fine… I just think it's really cool how a badass like you is well… with me," he laughed, letting go of the boys hand. "You've done nothing wrong at all. Now c'mon, we've got games to play - and we can go on the dance machine afterwards, I'll show you my moves."

He laughed as they walked around, the noises from the different games hitting their ears as they wandered around.

Puck looked at their hands together and looked up at Kurt a few times before absorbing everything that was happening.

Puck nodded and smiled at Kurt. "Good. I don't want to ruin our new found friendship, dude. And that's how badass I am. I can and will hang out and be with anyone I want." He followed Kurt with an exciting smile on his face. Puck pulled him to the racing games and jumped in one of the chairs, supposed to be letting Kurt's hand go but he was still holding on to it as he smiled up at him.

He smiled at their hands, thinking Puck had forgotten about it all. He let go even though he didn't want to and hopped into the car next to him, so they could race each other.

"Mercedes is bad-ass at these," Kurt smiled whilst choosing his car. He chose a lower level car that was glittery and red. "At least I can race in style," he commented, trying to copy Puck's posture as he sat in the seat - he didn't want to look too… embarrassing with Puck.

Puck looked over at Kurt and smirked. "How about you? It looks like you haven't even played this." He chuckled and picked the fastest car there was. Puck rolled his eyes when he heard Kurt say he was going to race in style but he was still smiling. "Get ready to get your ass beaten up by me, Hummel. I ain't going easy on you."

They started the race and Puck was totally ahead of Kurt. "Come on, Hummel. You're making it too easy for me to beat you!"

Kurt pushed his foot further down onto the peddle, trying to speed himself up. Alas, he was failing. He sighed to himself, laughing at how slow his car was going. He was in 11th place out of 12 cars.

"You've done this before, haven't you?" he laughed, taking his foot off the peddle so his car came to a total stop. He watched from Puck's screen, grinning wider as he watched Puck own every other car. "You really need to teach me," he laughed.

Puck was pretty focused on the race and didn't realize Kurt was really way behind the race. He just realized it when Kurt started talking. He nodded and smirked. "Of course, I have." Puck was pretty proud but he was feeling bad a little for Kurt so he stopped and lifted his foot from the pedal to look at Kurt. "Sure. I would totally teach you."

He smiled and stood up from his chair and went behind Kurt. Puck took Kurt's hands and placed it on the stirring wheel. "First it's all about your car. You can't drive well if your car ain't good." He picked the fastest car for Kurt and proceeded to the race. Puck held on to both Kurt's hands on the stirring wheel and told him to press the gas pedal.

Kurt blushed as Puck took his place behind him. He was really warm and gentle with how he was teaching Kurt. He glanced at Puck's hands on his, and turned his neck slightly so he could see Puck sat behind him. He couldn't help but laugh at the car comment, though he didn't really like driving an ugly car - even if it was the fastest.

"They could at least give us a colour choice…"

"I hope we win," he whispered, nervous incase he made himself look like an idiot. He turned around to face the screen, leaning back on Puck gently, their arms touching.

Puck laughed at the color choice comment. "Well no choice at all. Sorry." He laughed some more and leaned his chest on Kurt's back. Puck's head was right beside Kurt's.

"So all you've got to really practice are on your turns and you'll be fine." He was practically speaking in Kurt's ear.

Everytime they turned, Puck got closer to Kurt physically and he doesn't even notice because he was into the game. "Like this.." Puck's hand were on Kurt's hands on the stirring wheel. He gripped them turned, making their bodies get closer and closer by the second.

Kurt remained in the position of them hugging. He smiled to himself and turned his head slightly to face Puck. 'I've never noticed how beautiful his eyes are before, wait… Kurt, stop thinking like that'.He pursed his lips for a moment, his eyes shifting from Puck's to his lips, then back to his eyes.

"Do we have to move?" he laughed softly. He stared into Puck's eyes for a moment before snapping out of it, what would Puck think? "Sorry… I'll move…"

Puck stared at Kurt slightly, blinking his eyes a few times before fully standing up.

"Hey, don't be sorry." He cleared his throat. I liked the closeness but I think he doesn't. He has Blaine for that.. Puck thought and licked his lips, slightly frowning.

"So, you'll show me your moves? 'Cause I have my own moves." He swayed his hips a little, laughing to lighten up the mood.

Kurt raised an eyebrow playfully at Puck, giggling at his hip motion.

"You seriously think you can beat me at DanceStage? Pu-lease! I was born for three things; music, fashion and dance," he grinned, stepping onto the small light up pads beneath him. He inserted his coin and waited for Puck to join him so they could have a dance off.

"I've seen your moves in Glee club but with everyone else dancing it's hard to see you as a soloist," he sighed, picking out the character he wanted to play as, eventually settling as a tall blonde woman wearing Britney Spears-esque clothing.

Puck followed Kurt to the lit up dance pads, laughing. "So you've been watching me during Glee, huh?" He looked over at Kurt with an arched eyebrow.

He inserted a coin in and picked the manliest character.

"Get ready, Hummel." He slapped Kurt's ass cheek playfully and focused on the screen.

Kurt blushed madly when Puck slapped him, he cleared his throat and posed with a hand on his hip, feet parted to they met the side arrows. He glanced at Puck, then smiled. This was Kurt's strong point, sure - he wasn't the best dancer in the world, but he could throw out a few moves, dance in time andlook sexy without knowing. Kurt listened for the countdown and the commentator on the game.

3…2…1; LET'S DANCE!"

Kurt smiled, of course it was an easy song to begin with; 'Children' by Robert Miles. He didn't need to put much effort into the song, he'd been here many times with Brittany; they'd practically spend all of their money on this game. Dancing until they couldn't feel their legs.

Puck doesn't have a good foot coordination so he kept missing a lot of the arrows and kept groaning whenever he misses.

He gave up and leaned back on metal bars and watched Kurt. Puck never knew he was such a great dancer. Those hips.. Dammit, Puckerman! Calm your dick down. He took a deep breath and continued to watch Kurt. "Hummel, you're good!"

Kurt threw his last moves before finishing the song, his chest rising and falling rapidly. "Good huh?" he repeated, placing his hands on his hips as he caught his breath back. "Do you… not like dancing?" Kurt asked, fixing his hair as he looked at Puck.

He could feel butterflies in his stomach as he looked at Puck, Kurt found his eyes incredibly alluring. Kurt, you're losing it. Stop it.All he wanted to do was be close to Puck, stay close to him and be with him… he couldn't understand why and he felt awful for it. He had Blaine. Maybe it was the distance between the two, maybe he needed to spend time with Blaine in order to stop himself being desperate. His feelings were incredibly jumbled at this very moment. He wanted to hate himself, he was with Blaine.

Puck smiled and laughed silently. "Really good." He nodded. Puck was impressed. He never watched Kurt dance during Glee club and now he's seen him dance, a private performance. Puck smirked to himself and bowed his head so Kurt wouldn't see his face.

He hasn't felt this kind of happiness in a long, long time. And it was only with Kurt that he has felt like this. What if.. Puck slowly looked up at Kurt and started to thing all sorts of things about being in a relationship with Kurt. He shook his head and shoved his thoughts away. Because he knew Kurt has Blaine and they love each other while Puck will be alone and unwanted by anyone.

"Do you wanna get some ice cream? We could get to know each other a little more, maybe?" he smiled. "We don't have to go now, by the way… we could go later if you wanted? Or in a few days?"

Kurt was now nervous at how he was feeling, part of him didn't mind but all he could think about was how he was with Blaine. He wished he could go back and think about everything, he did like Blaine… but maybe not as much as he thought. Maybe, once again, he just needed to spend time with him.

"You won't have any problem getting this girl to like you, Puck," Kurt murmured, completely oblivious towards Puck's feelings. "You'll be fine," he smiled; genuinely meaning what he had said.

Puck grinned. "I would so freaking love ice cream right now!" He was a little confused when Kurt said they could go later or in a few days and curious what he meant by that. "You want us to go somewhere for a few days? Away from everyone else?" Puck whispered his last question and pulled Kurt out of the arcade and walked towards an ice cream parlor.

He furrowed his eyebrows. "What are you talking about? I can't make the person I like, like me back. She uhm… She's got someone else." Puck sighed as they entered the ice cream parlor.

Kurt loved how confused Puck could be when he spoke to him.

"I meant, if you were bored from me right now; we could go to the ice cream parlor on another day, that was all," he said softly. "Don't look so down, Noa- Puck, I mean. Whoever they are… they're really missing out."

He guided Puck to the counter, gazing at the different flavors of ice cream. There were far too many choices for poor Kurt, he couldn't decide between the different flavors - even though he was going to order a three way banana split. Kurt sighed in frustration.

"I can't decide, it's too difficult!" he joked, covering his eyes with his arm in a diva like way.

Puck laughed at Kurt being a drama queen. He pulled Kurt's arm away from his face then faced the girl behind the counter. "We'll have your biggest banana split." He leaned his side on Kurt and whispered. "We'll share." Puck grinned without looking at Kurt.

After Puck paid for their banana split, he found an empty table and sat down on the chair with Kurt, placing their banana split on the table in between them. "You know, you can call me Noah if you want." He smiled and scooped some ice cream and ate it. "And it's not his- I MEAN HER loss. She loves her special someone. So she's pretty much happy."

Puck is sharing… with me? Wow. Okay… heart? You can stop beating so fast now… wait! What am I saying? I like Blaine… but Puck is being so… incredible…

"I thought you didn't like people calling you 'Noah'?" Kurt asked as he scooped some of the cinnamon and apple flavored ice cream onto his spoon, then taking a bite, licking his lips afterwards. Did he say 'his'? Must've been a mistake, Puck is straight…"Well, maybe she doesn't love this special someone as much as you think?" he said, his blue eyes sparkling as he looked at Puck gently.

"Well you're not just other people. We're friends now.." He shrugged and filled his mouth with the banana and chocolate ice cream flavor. Puck was getting nervous and nervous. Puck made a slight mistake and he hoped Kurt didn't notice it.

He was acting strange in front of Kurt but he kind of liked it. Different Puck.

Puck looked at Kurt's blue glistening eyes. "I don't know. She told me she loved her special someone.." Puck shrugged and sighed, playing with the ice cream on his side of the bowl.

"Friends… it's got a nice ring to it," Kurt grinned, tilting his head to the side. He was listening to the old music playing in the speakers there, songs from the early 50s/60s. His eyes lit up when he saw Puck looking at him, then frowned his eyebrows as he looked away… poor guy. He obviously really cared about this person, and they didn't even know.

"Puck…" he whispered, "maybe this… personwas wrong about how they feel. Just be yourself around them, care for them like you normally would and get to know them, you'll have the girl melting in your arms soon enough," he sighed, taking Puck's spoon from him and feeding him some ice cream in an attempt to stop him from playing with his food.

"Don't think so low of yourself…"

Puck looked up at Kurt when he took his spoon and laughed softly. He leaned a little and opened his mouth to eat the ice cream, looking at Kurt the whole time. Puck smiled at Kurt and licked his lips, clearing the ice cream from his lips. "Thanks, Kurt. But I am being myself around her and I show her how I care for her and stuff.. Maybe she's not the one for me. I don't know." He shrugged and slouched on his chair, folding his arms over his chest. "I don't want to get hurt…" Puck remained silent as he stared into Kurt's eyes.

Kurt softened completely as Puck looked into his eyes, Puck was clearly heartbroken. He half smiled and remembered what it was like to be in this position; it must really hurt. Especially someone like Puck, who wasn't used to this kind of behavior.

"How do you know you'll get hurt, sweetie?" he asked, looking at Puck's lips for a second. He put down his spoon and began to fix his bow-tie again as it had started to tilt ever so slightly. "You really think anyone will let you get hurt? You have Finn, Sam… me."

He felt he was pushing Puck, and he didn't want to come across that way. He simply wanted to help him. "You've got us. And there are plenty of ladies out there," he winked.

"I told you, he-she has a special someone. She loves her boyfriend. She told me herself…" Puck's voice trailed off and he sighed. He looked at Kurt when he said that Puck had him. "Really? I have.. you?"

Puck shook his head. "I don't want any other person. They're just distractions. But if the person I like doesn't like me back, maybe I'll just return to my old self. Nobody likes caring Puck, why should I keep being him?"

Kurt nodded when Puck asked if he had him, of course he did. Why else would Kurt say it? At this moment, all he wanted to do was hug the poor boy and tell him how he felt, tell him that everything would be alright - but would Puck believe him? He seemed to be finding that difficult right now.

"I like caring Puck," he mumbled shyly, taking a small scoop of strawberry ice cream. "Like is a bit of an understatement though… and, is caring Puck the real Puck maybe?"

Puck smiled when Kurt said he likes caring Puck. "Wait.." He was confused again. "What do you mean like is a bit of an understatement?" Puck titled his head slightly out of confusion.

"And yes… Caring Puck is the real Puck but everybody seemed to like badass Puck so I decided to be him ever since I became popular." He shrugged and stole Kurt's spoon, not knowing what happened to his. Puck scooped a big part of the ice cream and shoved it in his mouth before returning the spoon to Kurt.

"When I say… like is an understatement, I basically mean that I love yo-… the caring side of you. I'd rather hang out with this guy than the badass any day. Though I do like you being badass sometimes," he chuckled. He rolled his eyes when Puck stole his spoon to eat up, there was a smile in the corner of his lips.

I wish we could spend more time together…

"You love it?" Puck tilted his head to the side slightly. "Badass is still cool though, to other people… I guess around you, I'll be the real Puck." He smiled and took Kurt's spoon again, laughing this time and took a spoon full of ice cream in his mouth. He felt better and it was all because of Kurt. "Thanks." Puck mumbled.

Kurt smiled and lent forward, wiping off some ice cream from the corner of Puck's lips with a napkin. He thought it was adorable how he couldn't even eat ice cream without getting some of it on his lips.

"Why're you thanking me? For being a friend?" he laughed, "last time I checked - friends were someone you had there automatically, you never have to say 'thank you'." He took back his spoon and scooped up some of the apple and cinnamon flavor. "Mmng, this is so good."

Puck froze for a second when Kurt lent forward to wipe the corner of his lips. A grin slowly crept on his face but it faltered when Kurt lent back on his seat when he was done.

"Something like that." Puck pursed his lips before continuing. "Thank you for forgiving me for everything I did to you in the past by being my friend." He smiled shyly at Kurt. "Really? Ahh!" Puck opened his mouth, wanting Kurt to feed him with the ice cream.

His cheeks flushed pink as he began to blush; Kurt didn't notice. Kurt didn't care either. His eyes softened completely at Puck's words; his expression. Was Puck really thanking him? He didn't need to, Puck didn't even need to say sorry. Kurt had forgiven him a while back.

He stood up and moved over so he could sit next to Puck, scooping up some more ice cream and feeding it to him; laughing softly as he did so.

Puck grinned widely when he saw Kurt blush. He looks cute when he blushes. He laughed softly as he stared at Kurt.

Puck bit his bottom lip from the inside of his mouth when Kurt stood up to move closer to him. He slowly leaned closer to Kurt and opened his mouth, eating the ice cream from Kurt's spoon slowly as he stared at his blue eyes.

Kurt took a sharp breath in, butterflies completely taking over him. He felt incredibly nervous, shy… smitten. Oh my God, his eyes… he's so handsome… What am I saying?

He took the spoon away from Puck's mouth slowly, gazing at his lips as he did so. Kurt had such a strong urge to kiss him, he felt it growing more and more inside him. His soft pink lips lay slightly parted, his eyes flickering every so slightly as they stared at the brown eyed boy in awe.

Puck licked his lips slowly and longer than the usual way he did. His mind never went blank like this with anyone and Kurt was the first person to do this to him. Ogod. What's happening to me? His breathing pattern changed and he was blinking a little too fast than the normal.

"C-Can I?…" He stared at Kurt's lips wanting to touch them with his own lips, forgetting they were in a public place. But then someone from the other table clear his throat and Puck shook his head slightly, going back to reality. He fakes coughed, gasping for air silently. "N-Nevermind." Puck laughed nervously and looked at another direction.

Kurt wasn't listening, too busy lost in the sound of Puck's voice. He blinked when Puck turned away and frowned with worry.

"Is… something wrong, Puck?" he asked, placing a hand lightly on Puckerman's shoulder. He didn't know what was going on… was Puck being too friendly? Maybe he was daydreaming of the girl he liked… Kurt fixed his hair with his free hand and smiled. He took it upon himself to wrap his arms around Puck's waist and hug him, resting his head on the shoulder of the boy with the mohawk. Kurt was trying to comfort him.

Puck shook his head and was about to speak but he felt Kurt's arms wrap around his waist and hugged him. He swallowed a big lump on his throat and his breathing was really hitched. He couldn't take it anymore.

Puck stood up and pulled Kurt out of the ice cream parlor. He looked for the nearest restroom and opened a cubicle, pushing Kurt in before he went in himself and closed it behind him locking it. Puck gently pushed Kurt against the door, his eyes filled with lust. He trapped him with his arms and continued to stare into his eyes and his luscious rosy lips then back up to his eyes.

Kurt blinked as Puck kissed him. What about Blaine? Why is Puck kissing me? Wait… is Puck gay? Oh my God what if he's gay?

His mind was racing, enjoying the touch of Puck's hands on his small waist. He pulled out of the unexpected kiss knowing it was wrong and looked at the tall boy, rather shocked. However, he didn't move an inch; Puck's hands still on his waist, they were still close. Am I the girl he likes?Kurt reached up and placed a hand gently on Puck's cheek, feeling sorry for him. Though Kurt didn't understand what was going on he wanted Puck to open up to him.

"Noah," he said softly, looking into his eyes. He didn't know where to start or what questions to ask. "Am I?" he asked, hoping Puck would understand.

When Kurt pulled out from the kiss and placed a hand on his cheek, that's when it hit Puck. He slowly stepped away from the pale boy, panting and gulping a few seconds after another. Fuck! What did I just do? Fuck, fuck, fuck! Puck cursed and scolded himself in his mind and looked down. "I-I'm sorry." His mouth opened and closed a few times, not knowing what to say to Kurt.

When Kurt spoke, he looked at the pale boy through his eyelashes. Puck nodded at his question and ran his hands through his mohawk. "I'm sorry… You have Blaine… I should go…"

Kurt swallowed as Puck nodded, he was incredibly uneasy about what was going on. He had Blaine… but he felt so much more comfortable and loved with Puck.

"Wait," he said, standing in front of the stall door. He wasn't going to let Puck out until they straightened out the situation. Kurt wasn't going to make Puck answer anything right now, if anything Puck was probably suffering from sexual frustration or lack of sex or something along those lines. Kurt reached out his hand to touch Puck's arm but lowered it, scared that Puck might retaliate in a bad way. He sighed and folded his arms, frowning with worry at the floor. "I won't tell anyone about this, okay? Like I said earlier… I'm… herefor you. If you want to talk aboutanythingI'm here."

His eyes softened as he saw the brown eyed boy clearly confused about what had just happened. Kurt wished that he could do something to put them both out of their misery, he wasn't happy with Blaine and Puck… well Puck was clearly confused about his sexuality or sexual frustrations.

Puck stopped and looked at Kurt's hand on his arm. He looked up at Kurt and nodded. Puck pursed his lips and slowly pushed Kurt's hand off him. He has Blaine. You have no chance with him… And you're goddamned straight, Puckerman! He thought. But then when his gaze met Kurt's eyes, he wanted to melt and just kiss him again. Puck yelled out of frustration and forced himself out of the cubicle, thinking what a big problem he just fucking made.

Maybe this was why he never became friends with Kurt in the first place…

"Puck," he whimpered. He slid himself down the wall of the cubicle and placed his head in his hands, everything had seemed like a complete rush. He knew that Puck wouldn't listen to him, not a chance. He looked up at the boy who was clearly stressing out in front of him. He felt that Puck was ashamed of him, Puck was ashamed of Kurt. That's what it felt like. He sighed and picked himself up off of the floor, wiping the back of his cardigan with his hands.

"You have my shopping bags in your truck," he murmured - it appeared Kurt was in a bad mood. He left the bathrooms, walking out with his usual strut. Kurt wasn't mad, or upset with Puck. He was upset with himself. He sniffed and wiped his tears with his sleeve, heading out of the shopping mall to wait for Puck.

Puck was down straight confused and he doesn't want to be like this anymore. Should I stop being friends with Kurt? What about Blaine? I'm a fucking bad friend! His mind was yelling at himself. He shouldn't have done it. He just made up another big mess. Goddammit.

Once Puck got the shopping bags from the truck, he gave them to Kurt. "I think you should stay away from me for a while." He nodded slightly while he spoke and continued. "You were fine without me anyway." Puck tried to smile. "I'm going. Just call Finn to pick you up or something.." And with that, the mohawked boy turned around, went back to his truck and went home.

I think you should stay away from me for a while.

Was all of this Kurt's fault? He ran a hand through his hair, shopping bags on the floor. He scoops the handles of them all and looped them onto his arms, starting to walk home from the mall. He didn't care that it was half an hour away, at least the walk could take things off of his mind. Kurt was questioning so much; was Puck gay or simply lusting for intimate activity? He sighed to himself, it didn't matter. Puck didn't want to speak to him any time soon.