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Kurt placed the picnic basket into the trunk of his car and made sure everything was inside like he planned. After closing the door he checked how he looked in the mirror; he decided to tone down how he was dressed. It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining and it would be far too hot for his usual opting of a bowtie with a nice colored shirt. Instead, he decided to wear the outfit he purchased with Puck at the mall, the red skinny jeans, short sleeved cream colored shirt, a red and cream scarf and to top it off? A pair of calf length black boots. It was much more relaxed and suited what he was planning.

Kurt started the growling ignition and pulled out of the drive, listening to his Glee mix tape, made entirely of songs (by the original artists) that the group had covered. He had a smile across his face for the entire journey, he didn't care how silly he looked to the other people driving past. Kurt was happy, others should be happy for him too, right? Within no time, he reached Puck's part of the neighborhood and beeped as he pulled over - knowing that his mother might question who he's with. Kurt decided to park in front of another house, but still visible to Puck when he left.

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Puck never really cared about what he wears until now that he's dating Kurt Hummel, the fashion guru. He wanted to look his best on their first date. Well to him it was his first ever date. Puck wore his red and black plaid shirt with his slightly baggy jeans and a pair of matching rubber shoes. Wow. Matching rubber shoes? Oh, Puckerman is definitely in love. He ran downstairs when he received Kurt's text that he was already on his street. Puck kissed his sister's forehead and whispered, 'Be good.' before heading outside.

Once Puck was outside, he looked for Kurt's car. Oh shit. I have no idea what his car looks like. He grimaced at his own stupidity so he looked for a pale boy instead. Puck ran to the pale boy in a car that looked familiar. He went in the passenger's side. "Sorry I took so long, babe." Then he paused as he looked at what Kurt was wearing. "Hey, that's what you put on in the mall right?… I didn't say I was wearing red, did I? You didn't say you were going to wear red too right?" Puck began to chuckle at how their colors seem to match.

"Maybe its fate," Kurt grinned, poking his tongue out and making a silly face. He laughed and took a good look at Puck and what he was wearing, followed by a nod of approval. "I'm very impressed."

Puck nodded in agreement. "Totally fate." Puck smiled then waggled his eyebrows. "Well I am dating you now, so I should look good for my boyfriend."

Kurt was dying to kiss Puck's cheek, lips, hand, neck… anything just to greet him, but Kurt knew Puck wasn't comfortable with kissing in public just yet - especially in front of his own home. Kurt had to respect the fact that Puck was uncomfortable with his sexuality at the moment, and Kurt knew it was hard to come to terms with. Fair enough - Kurt had pretty much always known about his own sexuality, but Puck had a huge reputation, Kurt knew that a few people would take advantage of it all. He settled with kissing the pads of his index and middle finger, then placed them on Puck's lips. He giggled, then started the engine again, driving towards the park.

Puck was surprised with Kurt's small gesture but he was totally touched. Kurt knew he was a little uncomfortable with public displaying that he's dating a dude. He was actually thankful that Kurt was so understand with all of it. Puck smiled and placed his hand on Kurt's hand that was on the gear stick as the pale boy started driving.

"How're you feeling?" Kurt asked, eyes focused on the road in front.

"I'm feeling light and happy. A little nervous." Puck laughed softly as he looked at Kurt. "How about you?"

Kurt looked at Puck for a brief second, then looked out of the window in front of him again.

"Sweetie, why're you nervous?" Kurt asked. If he wasn't driving he would've taken hold of Puck's hand properly for some support. "No one will see us in the park you know, it's practically abandoned besides an old swing-set," Kurt smiled. He took his hand off of the gear stick and placed Puck's on it, then placed his hand over Puck's so he could still have some form of comfort in holding his hand, or at least showing that he's there. Kurt knew it must've been hard for him, but Kurt was going to do everything he could to clear rumors or keep Puck comfortable. He was even willing to let Puck use the excuse that he's teaching Kurt how to stand up to bullies and that's why they spend so much time together. "You've got nothing to worry about. You look very suave, I've got it all planned out… you trust me right?"

Puck smiled to himself when he heard Kurt call him sweetie. He slowly looked at Kurt and nodded. "I know. You wouldn't bring me there if it wasn't really abandoned so you can jump on me and let me do those crazy things to you." He laughed and looked at Kurt for his reaction.

Puck's heart warmed when he watched Kurt switched their hands on the gear shift. He moved his gaze to his boyfriend and smiled in awe. "It's just.. It's our first date and my first date ever.. I really don't know what I should do." Puck shrugged as he looked down on his buttoned plaid and played with the bottom button with his free hand. He licked his lips and nodded. "Of course I do." Puck looked up again and looked at Kurt. "I trust you." He sighed smiling and let his head rest on the headrest.

"Hey, that's just between you and me," Kurt laughed, winking with his right eye. "Don't worry about the date, like I said. I've got it all planned out okay?"

Puck laughed softly then nodded. "Alright, babe. I'm totally excited."

Kurt pulled the car up at the sidewalk as they reached the gate of the park. There were no other cars parked there, no one was around. It was just Kurt and Puck now. Kurt turned off the engine and undid his seatbelt, then lent over Puck's lap to undo his, before placing a sneaky kiss on his cheek. The small boy hopped out of the car and went to the trunk, taking out a picnic basket with a blanket folded neatly on top of it. He watched as Puck climbed out of his car, staring at him in awe. He looked so… gentle.

Once Kurt parked the car in some abandoned place, he guessed they were there and there were no people at all. Puck giggled when Kurt kissed him on the cheek after taking off his seatbelt for him. Yes, he giggled. GIG-GLED. He watched as Kurt got out of the car and went to the back. Puck was curious what would Kurt take out from the trunk. So he got out of the car slowly and turned around to look at Kurt after closing the passenger's door. Puck's face lightened up when he saw the pale boy carrying a picnic basket. "A picnic? I've never been to a picnic." He grinned and started to walk over to his boyfriend. Puck grabbed the smaller boy's hand and squeezed it. "I really thought you were gonna jump on me." He laughed at his joke and leaned to kiss Kurt. Puck was no romantic but thankful Kurt was. Maybe he could learn some stuff about being romantic from Kurt.

Kurt tilted his head and laughed.

"Maybe I can do that after the picnic? I mean, I made all of this especially for you…" Kurt was joking around, but honestly Kurt was starting to loosen up around the mentioning of sex, he didn't mind it anymore. He didn't freak out or anything. He locked his car, then they entered the park hand in hand without a person in site.

Puck was swaying their hands back and forth like a little boy as they entered the park. He was really happy and both of them were pretty laid back. Nobody was there to ruin their date, hopefully no one will come.

Kurt found the perfect spot for them to have their picnic and led Puck there, underneath a huge tree, sunlight dotting through the branches of the trees, a single swing not far from there. Kurt placed the basket on the floor and lay the blanket down. He turned around to see Puck with his hands in his pockets, smiling to himself.

When Kurt found the spot where they will have their picnic, Puck looked around and smiled at how beautiful their surrounding was. He was curious why would this place be abandoned but he was thankful because at least there was a place for him and Kurt.

"Hey…" Kurt smiled, he ran a hand up to Puck's shoulder and kissed him gently. "I hope you're hungry, I even managed to sneak out some apple cider with me."

"Hell yeah! I'm totally hungry." Puck sat on the blanket and scooted closer to Kurt when he sat down next to him.

Kurt took the lid off of the basket, revealing the 2 bottles of apple cider, sandwiches just as Puck likes them, chocolate covered strawberries, grapes, banana coins, apple and cinnamon muffins, snacking waffles for Puck and some extra candy - just in case Puck didn't like anything he'd made. Kurt always came prepared.

Puck laughed but mostly he was really touched with all of Kurt's efforts. Making them secret, being okay with no public display of affection, finding a totally abandoned place for them to go and actually kiss and do a lot more of course, and preparing him food and a bunch of other stuff. He really liked how much Kurt was putting a lot of effort on him and he never had anyone be like that to him, until now.

"Wow." Puck looked at all the foods Kurt brought and his mouth watered in an instant. He was really hungry for Kurt's food and not someone else's food. "Can I?" Puck looked at the sandwiches that looked really, really tasty.

"Help yourself! You don't even have to ask!"

Kurt smiled widely and looked up at the blue sky. He'd been here many times on his own, but never with someone. It was incredibly beautiful, and the only time that people were ever there was when there was some form of summer fair going on. It was abandoned because nearby was a better park, complete with a jungle gym, benches, lots of flowers etc. Kurt guessed that people just preferred the modern park over this one simply because there was more for people to look at. All this place had was a single swing, green grass and a ton of trees.

Kurt reached for a sandwich and tucked into his food, grinning as he did so. Kurt was an amazing cook and he wasn't afraid to show off his skills. He was daydreaming of Puck laying on his lap one day, Kurt would be reading a book and Puck would be annoying in a sweet way; pestering for Kurt to kiss him, and Kurt wouldn't mind. Kurt knew things were looking up for them both, especially now. Puck was making effort too, Kurt could see that from how loyal and gentleman-like he was acting.

Without a second wasted, Puck quickly took a sandwich and started munching on it. "Mmmm." He let out while chewing. "This is so freaking good, Kurt. Thanks." Puck smiled at Kurt and gave him a quick kiss on cheek then he returned to eating. Then his eyes caught the sight of the muffins and he quickly took one with his sandwich still in the other hand. "Mmm. Cinnamon muffins!" Puck took a big bite and closed his eyes, really tasting the cinnamon. He turned his head to Kurt and opened his eyes slowly, chewing. "Marry me." Puck blurted out. His eyes widened, realizing he said his thoughts out loud, he started to choke on the muffin.

Kurt couldn't help but place a hand over his mouth to cover his giggle. He gently patted Puck on the back to help him to stop choking.

"All in due time," Kurt joked. He thought what Puck said was adorable, Puck being someone who quite often was reserved with his thoughts. "If you think that's a good way to propose you've got a lot to learn about romance," Kurt winked. He noticed how embarrassed Puck seemed, Kurt's heart was swelling with happiness at the same time. How could Puck be so… tough and adorable in one? At least Kurt knew Puck had a soft spot for romance somewhere. "You know, Noah, I could get used to you being a total softy. I love it…"

Once the muffin was out of his throat, he heard Kurt's comments and statements and he blushed at how embarrassing that was. Puck couldn't believe he let his thoughts be spoken. Of all the things he was thinking at the moment, why that? Kurt's food was too good. It was like his mind went blank or something. Puck opened one of the apple ciders and drank from it.

He looked at Kurt and smiled. "Well this softy side will only be for your eyes." Puck kissed Kurt's eyes, giving each eye a kiss. He moved his lips down to Kurt's and kissed him softly. Puck smiled and grabbed his unfinished sandwich and continued to eat it, finishing it. He took one chocolate covered strawberry and pulled the small leaves out. Once he pulled the leaves out, Puck placed half of it on his mouth and turned to Kurt, feeding him the strawberry from his mouth as he quirked his eyebrows.

"Ah, c'est romantique…"

Kurt lent forward and took a bite of the strawberry, kissing Puck's lips as well somehow. He chewed, nodding contently and waited until Puck finished his piece. Kurt adjusted his position so that he was kneeling instead of sitting next to Puck, he wanted to feel a little taller, and it was easier for him to kneel so he could move around. Kurt took the scarf away from his neck, it was too hot to wear, and Kurt didn't mind showing off his lovebite to Puck, considering Puck left the mark there.

Puck furrowed his eyebrows at what Kurt said, obviously not in English. But then it loosened up when Kurt took a bite from the strawberry from his mouth, kissing him in the process, and watched as the pale boy chewed his piece. Puck took another one and ate it whole. He looked at Kurt a little curious why he was moving too much then his eyebrows shoot up when Kurt was taking off his scarf. Is this it? Something will happen?Puck's thoughts were cut off when he saw the mark that was where he laid a lovebite on. He let his fingers touch the mark and grinned when it turned out to look like a letter P. P for Puck of course.

"Um… can you do me a small favour?" Kurt asked, pursing his lips for a second. He felt totally stupid but the true romantic inside of him had been lurking for too long now.

"Sure, babe. What is it?"

Kurt licked his lips and then took a breath in, laughing nervously.

"I know this will sound incredibly," damn, what's the word?"Idiotic… but uh," Kurt coughed to clear his throat. "Can you… can you kiss me?" he asked. Why was he so embarrassed to ask that? His cheeks were practically flushing pink as he looked into Puck's sparkling eyes. What had gotten into him? Why was he asking for a kiss when he could do it anyway? Kurt was blaming his romantic side, he was being selfish basically. He wanted Puck to kiss him so that he felt loved and could love Puck back.

"Sorry," he mumbled. Believe it or not but the boy was nervous about being alone with Puck, and not because of what happened the night before - Kurt very much enjoyed it. He was scared of making a mistake or putting Puck off liking him.

Puck laughed softly. He was a little confused at Kurt's request. He could just kiss him but he guessed when Kurt was positioning himself, he wanted it to be romantic or something else. Puck was just confused but of course, how can anyone pass out a request to kiss Kurt Hummel? Puck sure wouldn't. So he smiled and nodded. Puck scooted closer to Kurt and placed a hand on his cheek as he looked up at the pale boy. He leaned up and kissed Kurt sweetly and gently as he can. Puck wanted to please and make Kurt happy in any way he can. Why? Because he has made Puck so happy and he had never felt this happy in a long, long time. It was like Kurt brought him alive again.

Kurt was taking in each and every kiss. The sun began to beam down once again through the gaps in the trees. Kurt felt like they were the only two people in the world at that time and he felt incredibly content with that, after the night before he was content with anything around Puck.

"How're you feeling, handsome?" Kurt asked, stroking the side of Puck's neck lightly with the pad of his thumb.

Puck smiled and slowly opening his eyes, continuing to look up at Kurt. He could feel the sun's beam on his skin and it felt good. "I'm feeling great, beautiful. How about you?" Puck grinned and cupped both of Kurt's cheeks, pulling him down and kissing him passionately before he could let him speak again.

Kurt melted into the kiss and his knees felt like jelly as he was nervous. Kurt had kissed or been kissed by a few people in his time; Brittany and Blaine, forced into a kiss by Karofsky, but none had been as humane as Puck when kissing Kurt. His tongue crossed Puck's charmingly, the two were completely alone to do whatever they wanted. Kurt was already picturing the scenarios that could come after the kissing, he wanted to be a little cheeky, but alas, Kurt knew whilst Puck was being romantic that he should make it last at least… unless Kurt could be cheeky and romantic at the same time.

Kurt couldn't help but wonder how Puck was feeling deep down. Was he enjoying this as much as Kurt was? Was he happy? Was he okay with going for a picnic? It's not usually his style…

Puck knelt up and pushed Kurt down to the blanket, laying him carefully so their kiss didn't break. He continued to kiss Kurt passionately and let their tongue touch once in a while. Puck felt like he was in his heaven and just wanted to stay here forever with Kurt. He was smiling a lot into the kiss and he hoped that Kurt could feel or sense he was really, really happy.

The wind blew and everything became cooler. Puck laid the upper part of his body on top of Kurt while the bottom part was still on the blanket. He supported his weight using his elbows so he wouldn't squish the smaller boy. Puck wanted everything romantic for Kurt so he won't do anything unless the smaller boy wanted it. But Puck can't stop himself from kissing his way down to Kurt's jaw line then down to Kurt's neck, nipping on his skin just ever so lightly.

Kurt was happy. No, wait. He was more than happy. As Puck kissed his neck, all Kurt could think about was how he had Puck to himself. Puck was a lady's man, he would switch around different people when he felt like it, but he was staying with Kurt which was some kind of achievement or something. Kurt thought that maybe it would be nice to thank him for that in a way Puck might appreciate it, but, maybe afterwards. Everything was going too perfectly for words.

"Is it possible to love someone after a few days?" Kurt laughed softly, stroking the back of Puck's neck as he was buried in his own. He was referring to the conversation that he and Puck had in Lima Bean, when Puck said it wasn't possible to love someone after a few weeks. Kurt was falling hard in more ways than one, he could definitely fall in love with this guy.

Puck stopped kissing Kurt's neck as soon as Kurt finished asking him his question. He slowly put his head up and looked into the smaller boy's blue eyes. Puck slowly smiled. "Why do you ask? Are you falling in love with me?" He moved his lips down to Kurt's ear. "Because I'm in love with you already." You could hear the smile in Puck's voice. He moved his head up again and looked at Kurt. "I love you, Kurt." Puck pursed his lips, getting a little nervous at what he just said.

Kurt inhaled loudly, almost like a sign of relief. He swallowed and smiled at the boy on top of him, cupping one of his cheeks and looking into those eyes that made him weak at the knees every time. Kurt ran his hand down the back of Puck's mohawk and realized just how nervous Puck was, he'd never seen him so vulnerable.

"I thought you said it was impossible to love someone after a few weeks?" Kurt smiled, still with a smitten look in his eyes. He loved Puck back. He just wanted to know that Puck knew what he was saying before anything else was said. He lent forward and pressed his rosy lips to Puck's as a sign of reassurance.

Puck kissed Kurt back and placed a hand underneath Kurt's head to hold him into place. After their kiss, he slowly put Kurt's head down with a grin on his face. Puck shrugged and pressed his forehead on the smaller boy's. "I guess I was wrong. And I liked you first anyway." He smirked and gave Kurt a small kiss on his nose.

Puck sat up right next to Kurt and took the pale boy's hand as he looked down at him. "When we started hanging out, I suddenly changed. Well not really.. I just showed you who I really was and it wasn't that hard. You know why? It was because I wanted you to like me for who I really was." He smiled.

Kurt shuffled and laid his head on Puck's lap, their hands still in grasp. He was taking in everything that Puck was saying, word after word. His blue eyes started to glisten as he teared up, giggling nervously as he lay in Puck's lap.

"But, Noah," he said quietly, looking up at the tall boy as he lay there. "I don't like you for who you are."

Puck's smile fell for a moment, his hand losing grip on Kurt's. Kurt smiled anyway, and watched Puck's expression. This was how he knew Puck truly meant every word he said. This was how Kurt knew Puck really loved him, so, in return, Kurt was going to be totally honest with him. He wanted to take his time saying the next sentence because it meant so much to him, a tear of happiness fell down his cheek whilst he waited for the right moment. He caressed the back of Puck's hand and smiled again.

"I don't like you for who you are, because I love you for who you are."

Puck's confused frown slowly became a grin. He wiped the happy tear away from Kurt's cheek with his free hand. "You're silly. You know that, right?" Puck laughed softly and licked his lips. His hand remained on the smaller boy's cheek and his other hand tightened its hold on Kurt's hand. "I love you, babe." Puck leaned down and captured the smaller boy's rosy luscious lips into his, kissing his boyfriend with all the love he has for the pale boy.

"I love you too," Kurt hushed between kisses. He felt Puck's warmth as he breathed through the kiss, he smelt wonderful too. A mix of cinnamon, some form of cologne, spearmint something distinctive that he couldn't quite put a name on… the smell was like home to Kurt. The night that Puck sneaked over, Kurt woke up to the same smell lingering his duvet covers and all he could remember was wanting to fall asleep once again with the taller boy nearby.

Kurt felt like he was in a cute romantic movie. He'd only dreamt of something like this, so it was a blessing to experience it all. The sun's golden rays beaming onto their faces with an essence of warmth, birds were singing as they flew across the blue sky, and the grass was freshly mowed but still long enough that the wind could flurry between each strand.

Puck felt he was the luckiest and the happiest man alive. He couldn't believe Kurt would love him but here they were. At first he never thought someone like Kurt would ever like him. Puck thought Kurt's type would be the opposite of him. He promised to himself he'll do whatever it takes to make his boyfriend happy.

Puck slowly deepened their kiss as he lowered his body slowly down to the blanket and he placed Kurt's head on his arm to support it. He lied on his side and placed his free hand on Kurt's waist, gently caressing it. Puck moaned really softly against Kurt's lips.

"I love it when you do that," Kurt whispered without thinking. His eyes widened and he placed a hand over his mouth, trying to hide a giggle and his embarrassment. Kurt has his own reasons for liking Puck moaning, it made Kurt feel special in a way that he couldn't understand. Like, Puck was moaning because he wanted Kurt, that kind of thing. His hand slipped to Puck's waistline and lingered there until he looped a finger through a belt hole on his jeans.

Puck laughed softly, still in front of Kurt's face. "Which one, babe? This.." He caressed Kurt's waist harder. "Or this.." Puck's lips went to Kurt's ear and moaned a little louder. He remained his lips on the pale boy's ear and nibbled on his earlobe for a while.

Kurt shivered as Puck moaned into his ear. He simply adored it. He adored the powerful grip on his waist too.

"Mmh… if there was one place on earth you'd like to go to, where would it be?" Kurt asked between sweet kisses, wanting to get to know his boyfriend better whilst they lay there.

"In between your legs." Puck whispered into Kurt's ear and snickered. He pulled back a little to look into the smaller boy's eyes. "But seriously, I wanna go to LA. I want to become an actor but mostly I really want to become a musician who writes his own songs. How about you? I'm guessing, Paris?"

Kurt raised an eyebrow in interest after laughing at the 'between your legs' comment.

"You can do that any day," Kurt chuckled. He stroked the top of Puck's hair as he spoke and looked into his eyes. Kurt had no idea that Puck was so interested in the arts that he wanted a career in them, especially considering Puck played football - which was what Kurt thought Puck wanted as a career. It was refreshing to hear from him, in fact, it was a pleasant surprise.

"If you dream it you can do it; Walt Disney," he quoted, "and I know you can do it, you're an incredible musician. I'd let you serenade me any day," Kurt sighed with joy just from thinking about it and then put on a 'thinking' face. "Hm, you know me so well," Kurt tittered. "I'd also like to go to New York, London, Rome… cities of fashion and music."

Puck lowered his hand to Kurt's crotch, rubbing it slightly as they talked.

Puck smiled at Kurt's compliment then laughed softly at Kurt's statement on serenading him. "Thanks, Kurt. I really hope I can. And I'll serenade you even while we're in bed." He winked and grinned at Kurt.

"As long as there's fashion, you'll go there. Right?" Puck laughed softly. Then he thought of something. "Hey, why not in LA too? I mean, you could be a fashion consultant to the stars and when I become an action star whatever actor or a musician, you can still have your hands all over me?" Puck smirked,

A light moan escaped Kurt's lips as Puck spoke.

"Well, I… I wanna do acting and music… too, but… you can't do all three. Unless, unless I…" Kurt trailed off, giggling nervously as Puck rubbed him. There was no way Kurt was going to let Puck do anything to him outside in the wilderness, what if someone caught them? Kurt felt it was his turn to do something for him in return. "I'd love to work in acting… theatre or… something extravagant…"

Another moan, damn, Puck was getting to him now.

Puck just watched Kurt's face and he knows pretty damn well he's all turned on. And by the way the smaller boy spoke, he was about to give in and he'll do whatever it takes to make it longer.

Puck slowly went to Kurt's neck and showered it with wet kisses. "Mhm. What else, babe? What else do you want?" He rubbed the smaller boy's crotch harder. "Tell me." Puck whispered against Kurt's milky white skin.

"O-outside?" Kurt hummed, leaning back on his two elbows to prop himself up against Puck. He tilted his head back and let out a deep-ish groan, transposing his hand over Puck's jeans, down to the bulge lurking behind his zipper. "I thought it was… your turn," he smirked. Kurt meant it, he felt awful for Puck giving what he could to thrill Kurt, but Kurt doing nothing in return. He felt comfortable enough to go for it too. He wanted to be indoors - just so that they weren't on display to locals if they were to pass by, and Kurt's house was empty as they spoke. He didn't want to feel they were giving a free show to those passing by, oh no.

Puck suddenly stopped his hand from rubbing the smaller boy once he felt his small hand on his crotch. "Fuck.." He whispered as he pulled back to look at Kurt who was smirking. Puck was affected fast. Why? Well he hasn't been touched down there for almost two weeks now. And with Kurt rubbing him was making him more turned on by the second. "B-Baby.. Y-You don't want to do that.." Puck's lips were slightly parted and he was breathing through his mouth. "Y-You d-don't have to.."

He licked his lips and just stared at the blue eyed boy, who was touching him. Puck moaned softly, trying to control himself not to buck his hips. "T-Then suggest where.. we can go t-that we can s-still be alone.."

It was working, Kurt was actually doing somethingto Puck to turn him on, it was like a small miracle at its finest. The small boy kept rubbing and sat up underneath him.

"My house is empty, and a fifteen minute drive," Kurt whispered, teasing as he stopped rubbing for a few seconds before he carried on. He had courage to do something now, yet he was still a little clueless as to how to do certain maneuvers. Sure, Kurt had some private time to himself but to another guy? He needed to get it perfect, and that never usually happened on first tries.

Kurt got up slowly, bringing Puck up with him. Kurt threw everything he could into the basket, then looked back at the tanned boy before him.

"Are you coming or what?" he laughed.

Puck had an evil grin on his face when Kurt said his house was empty. "Hell yes!" He stood up quickly and got the blanket with one swift pull. With his other hand, Puck grabbed Kurt's hand and pulled him almost running to the car. "I'll make it a seven if I drive." He winked and carried Kurt like they were newly weds.

Once they arrived at the car, he took the keys from Kurt and opened the doors. Puck placed Kurt in the passenger's seat and he went to the driver's seat. He turned on the ignition and finally releasing the break to drive to Kurt's house.

Puck was so excited. Kurt was going to give him a little somethin', somethin'. He had a big grin on his face as he was driving and glancing over to Kurt once in a while. Puck rubbed himself a few times just to make sure he was still hard for Kurt later.

As soon as they reached Kurt's house it didn't take long for Puck to park the car and hop out, Kurt was already at the front door opening it up so they could hurry inside. Kurt slipped off his shoes and welcomed Puck inside by grabbing his shirt and pulling him towards him as gently as he could. Kurt closed the door with his foot and took the keys from Puck, placing them into a dish in the hallway. He didn't want to be over-the-top lustful, but Kurt wanted to give something to Puck. He wanted it to be special too, considering it was his first time giving out something.

"My room?" he asked quietly, placing his arms around Puck and draping them over his broad shoulders.

Puck had a huge smirk on his face. He pulled Kurt's legs up and wrapped it around his waist. Puck held the smaller boy by the waist, holding him up as he ran up the stairs to Kurt's room. He was very careful but he was swift. Once they got to the second floor, he kissed his boyfriend passionately and went to Kurt's room. Puck closed the door with his foot when they got in. He toed-off his shoes and went straight to Kurt's bed, dropping Kurt there on his back. Puck was still hard on so he leaned down and kissed Kurt's neck and grinding his crotch on the smaller boy's crotch, moaning.

Kurt arched one of his knees, allowing Puck to lay on top of him as they kissed. He moaned back only quieter, he was trying to think things through in his head. How would he relieve Puck? The nerves were starting to kick in.

Kurt slipped his hand down once again, rocking his hips gently into Puck's whilst he rubbed his crotch, toying once again with the waistline of Puck's jeans, moving to his belt, slowly unbuckling it.

"What do you want?" Kurt whispered lowly into Puck's ear. He wanted it to be good, and if he couldn't give it to Puck correctly at least he knew that Puck thought he was sexy, he had that to count for. "Guide me, guide me and I'll go for it," he smiled, caressing Puck's neck with his soft lips.

Puck rolled them so Kurt would be on top and him at the bottom. He helped Kurt with his pants and pushed them down then kicked them off. Of course, he was in full commando. No surprise there. Puck took Kurt's hand and wrapped it around his throbbing and standing length. "I want you to suck me.. Do everything you want with my cock, babe. Please…" For once in his whole life, he never begged anyone for it. But there he was, his hand over Kurt that was around his length begging Kurt to touch him to do everything just to get him off.

Puck started to move Kurt's small hand up and down his length. He couldn't control it but to thrust his hips upward to meet their hands. "Fuck!" Puck exclaimed out of frustration.

Kurt looked down at Puck's throbbing length, he always imagined these parts to be disgusting but it was strangely attractive, the pre-cum escaping, the thickness of Puck's length and oh,the bittersweet noise that was leaving Puck's lips made him shiver. His scent was lingering the duvet covers once again, Kurt knew he would have a goodnight so long as it remained there. He placed his hands gently on Puck's thighs, sliding one upwards so that he could hold Puck's hand. He was trying to show that he felt strongly about this, but at the same time he was nervous. What if he screwed it up? He licked his lips and licked Puck's tip, taking his first taste of the tall boy, he pursed his lips, it was weird. How could something taste odd and incredible all at once?

Kurt sort of knew how to go about it from when he used to watch porn as an insight to his curiosity and innocence. Kurt let his lips wrap around Puck, making sure that his teeth didn't touch him - he knew how that could turn out, he wasn't entirely stupid. He bobbed his head, taking Puck in as much as he could before starting to repeat the process, he began to move his lips up and down, hollowing his pale cheeks. His baby blue eyes peered up to Puck's, totally oblivious as to whether he was doing it right or not.

Puck groaned loud once Kurt took him in his small mouth. It was like fucking a tight hole and it felt so good. Puck was breathing through his mouth, taking in deep breaths as he controlled himself not to cum early. He's Noah badass Puckerman for crying out loud. Puck propped himself on his elbows and looked at Kurt, sucking him. "Yeah, suck it, babe. I know you want it." He growled out when the smaller boy took him all in as much as he can. Puck stared into the pale boy's blue eyes. Kurt's cheeks were starting to turn into tint red and Puck though it was cute.

"Squeeze my balls as you suck me…" Puck moaned out. "Yeah.. Like a good boy. He rested one of his hands at the back of Kurt's head, pulling him down to really get his length in Kurt's mouth. "Shit. You're so hot, babe. So, so hot…" Puck's lips remained parted as he watched his boyfriend being naughty.

Kurt did as he was instructed and squeezed gently. He began to hum as he moved his mouth, acting as a vibrator to Puck - all of these things he'd picked up from studying them. He inhaled as heavily as he could through his nose, trying his best to meet a suitable pace that pleased Puck. He didn't expect Puck to be enjoying it so much considering it was his first, seriously, Kurt was more than happy that it seemed to be pleasing him - that was just judging from Puck's expression.

Puck's eyes rolled shut and his mouth was wide open when Kurt hummed. That practically pushed him to the edge. "I-I… I'm gonna c-cum!" Puck said in between breaths. He thrusts upward into Kurt's mouth, wanting more friction. Puck eventually ruined Kurt's hair style by tangling his fingers with it, grabbing and pulling when he came gloriously all inside Kurt's mouth. Still shuddering, he was still releasing with his free hand pumping his shaft as he groan ever so loudly. Puck has never released so much and groaned very loud when coming. Kurt was definitely really good. Really, really good. He hoped the smaller boy didn't mind him coming his his mouth.

Puck flopped flat down on the bed, panting like he went to football practice just three times harder. He still had his eyes closed and his hand on Kurt's head, feeling really restless to move at all.

Kurt swallowed everything he could, it wasn't the most pleasant of experiences but he could certainly get used to it, and it wasn't as bad as he expected. Kurt let go of his grip and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. There was something about the lingering taste in his mouth that made him realize that he was better than he thought he'd be, the experience was pleasurable and well… Kurt stood up, not caring that his hair was a mess. Laying there was a tall handsome boy, panting like there was no tomorrow, his eyes closed and beads of sweat on his forehead. It was attractive in the most wonderful of ways. The pale boy pulled Puck's jeans back up so that Puck could rest, then he lay next to him, placing a hand on Puck's rising and falling chest.

"W-was that okay?" Kurt asked nervously, still totally confused as to whether Puck enjoyed it or not - and obviously he would be.

Puck felt Kurt's body on his side and he automatically wrapped his arm around the smaller boy's shoulder, pulling him close. "Fuck.. You still need to ask?" He said, still panting and trying to catch his breath. Puck zipped and buttoned his pants with one hand and grabbed Kurt's hand. He scooted closer to the smaller boy and whispered into his ear. "Thanks, babe. That was fucking awesome. You made me come so much." Puck nuzzled his nose on the side of Kurt's head as he turned his body to face the pale boy. "Your mouth was amazing, princess." He kissed Kurt's ear to his cheek then to his lips, tasting himself.

Kurt smiled and poked Puck's nose.

"I could get used to this… you practically begging for me, me wearing you out and then calling you calling me by the name 'princess'," Kurt grinned. He made his fingers 'walk' across Puck's chest until he reached Puck's neck, Kurt's mark was still intact. "It's not every day I have the hottest guy in school pining after me."

Puck laughed softly. "I'll beg for you and let you wear me out every night, princess." He whispered as he was staring into Kurt's blue eyes with a smirk on his face. "Well we'll make that everyday now, babe." Puck quirked his eyebrows and wrapped his free arm around Kurt's tiny waist.

Kurt felt proud that Puck was his boyfriend, he hadn't forced Kurt to do anything and the only time he did was at all mall and that was just a kiss. "I always ask how I was because… well… I get nervous in front of you, Noah. You've had so many girls going after you and you've screwed most of them. That was my first time doing anything like that and…" he paused, smiling bashfully.

"Don't be nervous. The blowjob I gave you, that was the first time I gave one too. And the one you gave me just now… Fuck. Best one ever. Seriously." Puck nodded with a smile. Puck's face became serious. "Kurt, sure I've been screwing with a lot of girls but.. You're the only one I love. Those were only pure sex and no feelings. Remember what I told you when we were in Lima Bean?" Puck took Kurt's hand and placed it on his left chest, nearest to his heart. "I want someone to like me for who I am. And that someone is you, Kurt."

"I still can't believe that the girl you liked was me," Kurt murmured. His blue eyes met Puck's and he could feel the happiness bouncing off of the way they were looking at each other. "And you thought 'she'd' never like you back."

Kurt laughed softly and lay down flat on his bed, almost wishing that it was night time and they were looking at the stars.

"I'd do this every single day so long as you said you loved me" Kurt grinned, arching one leg and crossing over another with his hands behind his head. "Because I'm high maintenance, darling. I need to be loved and cherished and still have time to be a performer."

Kurt was playing with Puck, he even threw his hands around, pretending to be a diva - though it looked like he was being serious. He carried on.

"And I need you to be my knight in shining armor, you can even sing duets with me but you may need to audition," Kurt smiled with a wink.

"Well you were with Dwaine, seeing you two in the hallways being lovey dovey." Puck rolled his eyes. "You even told me you loved him.." He sighed and pursed his lips.You ain't the jealous type, Puckerman. Shut the fuck up.

Puck pulled away just slightly to look at the smaller boy. He raised an eyebrow at how Kurt was being all diva-like and he thought it was freaking hell hot.

The taller boy frowned and cuddled to the diva, being all touchy all over Kurt's small framed body. "I have to audition? Hmm.. Can this be my audition?" With a smirk, Puck slowly attacked Kurt's neck biting down to leave another mark, trying to shape it as a letter 'U' right next to the letter 'P' that he marked the night before.

After biting hard, he licked the red and swollen part of Kurt's skin with a smirk plastered across his lips.

"Shhh," Kurt hushed, his eyes softening with guilt as Puck mentioned his relationship with Blaine. "And, you showed me that I didn'tlove him. It was also impossible for me to love him when… well, when I had someone as handsome as you around me all the time." He felt awful for Puck, how he must've felt watching Blaine and Kurt at school and in Glee… "You're the one I love Puck and here's a dirty little secret for you… I've liked you for a while, sweetie-"

Before Kurt could continue his sentence, he was letting soft noises escape his lips as Puck marked him once again. He laughed softly as he felt Puck's teeth sharply on his soft skin.

"Hm, I think I'll let you slip with that. You can sing with me any day…"

Puck smirked as he finished off licking the swollen skin that he just bit on. "Good. Because I'm not going to audition for some duet that I fucking earned." He laughed softly and pulled Kurt closer to cuddle. If anyone asked Puck if he likes cuddling, he'll never say yes but deep inside he really does.

"I've been around you ever since we were kids.." He laughed softly and just nuzzled his face against Kurt's. "I love you, Kurtsie babe." Puck snickered at his new nickname for Kurt.

Kurt blushed and nuzzled himself into the embrace, pulling Puck's arms around him tighter.

"You're being so cute, stop it before I melt all over you," he giggled. The nickname, the cuddling… he didn't think that Puck could be so adorable in his life. He smiled into Puck's eyes and kissed his lips gently. "I love you too, and until I find a nickname for you I'll just call you 'Pooh' - as in the bear. You're acting like a huggable bear, stuffed with fluff and other cute things."

Kurt began to laugh at how lame and awful his nickname was. "I never thought I'd ever say that to you in my life."

"The hell.." Puck put his hand on his forehead, shaking his head at the nickname Kurt gave him. He laughed along with the smaller boy. "Uhh.." Puck removed his hand and looked at Kurt. "Is there any way you can change it? I am not stuffed with fluff and other cute things. I checked it already. I'm stuffed with blood and veins, babe. A total badass." Puck playfully glared at Kurt.

Kurt tilted his head and pursed his lips as he thought to himself.

"I honestly do not know what to call you. You're… you're sweet like honey and then you sting like a bee," he laughed, sitting up and throwing a pillow playfully at Puck. "How do I possibly combine that? I already call you 'Prince', 'sweetie', 'honey', 'cuddle bear'… what about Tigger? He's a tiger - fierce, then he's sweet and adorable… like… you."

And queue the blush. Queue Kurt blushing madly as he began to laugh at how awful his nicknames were.

"Forgive me, Puck. It must be the cider from earlier…"

Puck scoffed playfully at Kurt when a pillow hit his face. "Ho-Hold up. You already call me cuddle bear? When?" He never heard the smaller bay call him cuddle bear, ever. He laughed as soon as Kurt's face reddened fast and unexpectedly dark.

"Babe, I got a new nickname for you… Tomato Kurt."

Puck laughed hysterically rolling over his stomach then back on his back. He was gasping for air.

"In my head I call you it…" he smiled, awkwardly linking his hands together behind his back. Once again he was blushing, he was so embarrassed.

"That was a little… mean," Kurt mocked, holding his hands to his face as he pretended to cry. "I'm so offended! No sex for a month!"

"No! No! No! No! No!" Puck cried out and quickly straddled Kurt's hips. He took off the smaller boy's small hands out of his face to let him see his frown. "I'm sorry." His adorable frown with his famous puppy dog eyes. "I'm sorry, baby. I didn't mean to." Puck leaned down and stroked Kurt's neck with his nose.

"You're making it difficult for me to be 'angry', why'd you have to be so adorable, Noah?"

Kurt kissed the top of Puck's head and wrapped his pale arms around the older boy. He lay back, taking Puck with him. He just wanted to lay in the arms of his boyfriend and be able to talk to him. Despite the fact that Kurt wished he could tell people of their relationship, Kurt's heart was telling him that the secrecy was almost what made it so special - they were the only two people who knew about it. Sure, people had assumptions but they could always be shaken off easily. When Kurt was with Puck he felt like all of his fears didn't exist, fears of school, rumours, lies and Karofsky.

"Don't move, okay?" he asked in a shy/quiet voice, as Puck lay on top of him. Their arms around each other, Puck still lingering near his neck. "I just want to lay with you…" He also wanted to get to know Puck more, and now was the chance to do that.

"Mhm." Puck hummed with a nod and a smile to both Kurt's questions. He thought that Kurt wanting to just lie down with him was sweet. Puck never had someone to just ask him to lie down and not actually move. Girls have been screaming at him to move while he was inside them but this.. What he has with Kurt was really special and he would never exchange it for anything.

"Baby.." Puck was a little hesitant to ask his question but he continued and still asked. "What did you ever liked about Blaine?" His curiosity was killing him since day one and he just had to know.

Kurt furrowed his eyebrows as Puck raised the question. He didn't mind Puck asking, he had a right to know now that they were dating. He gave Puck a small smile and nuzzled him gently, stroking the top of Puck's mohawk to give him comfort.

"He was nice… I… at Dalton, I didn't feel appreciated here… not much. I met him on a staircase and well… I guess it was just like that. He took my hand and we left to watch the Warblers who I learnt that he was the lead singer of later on. He was cute and he took care of me, he was sweet," Kurt sighed to himself, and pressed a kiss to Puck's forehead. "I told him of everything… the shoving into lockers, people ignoring my existence, whole issue with Karofsky-"

Shit. Shit. I said I wouldn't- he'll kill me. Shit.

"A-and well, Blaine spoke to Karofsky and confronted him. He took care of me and… I-I guess he was more of a friend," he said, trying to compose himself and rid the little slip up. It wasn't noticeable, but his nerves were. Kurt often wondered what Puck saw in the girls he liked, he'd never really had the courage to ask before.

"But… nothing compares to you, Noah. I want you to know that."

Puck could tell Kurt was hiding something from him with what happened with Karofsky but he didn't want to find out by forcing the smaller boy to tell him but instead, he wanted Kurt to tell him freely like he did with Blaine. He was definitely jealous of that former gargler boy from the start but didn't want to tell Kurt or anyone. He's just not the jealousy type that was known to others but he was a huge one. He's just being in denial.

Puck just sighed and nodded with everything Kurt said about Blaine. "He sounds perfect. I'm just some trash sex addict badass boy toy. How can I not compare to that? No, you're right. I can't compare to that because he's fucking perfect that nobody can ever compare to him. Awesome." He said coldly and said the last word sarcastically. Puck didn't move an inch and just blinked off the fucking tear that was trying to escape from his eye. You are not going to fucking cry, Puckerman . Be a man. Be a fucking man.

Kurt's heart sank as he heard Puck's voice change in tone and feeling, it killed him to hear the change, it hurt. Kurt kept shaking his head and repeating the word 'no' over and over, not wanting to hear Puck say anything more about himself that was false.

"I didn't mean it like that…" Kurt whispered. He wrapped his arms tighter around Puck and felt his chest fall heavy. "Noah, listen to me," Kurt lifted Puck's chin gently so he could look at Puck. He wasn't expecting his heart to break so much when he did, the tears in Puck's eyes… oh God. Kurt didn't want to see this, he didn't want to see the boy he loved cry.

"You, are perfect in every fucking way," he said, starting to cry himself as he watched Puck. He shook his head and pursed his lips whilst he tried to compose the sentences in his head.

"I do not care that you are a sex addict, you wanna know why? Because it's methat you're interested in. The only people who have ever been interested in me besides Blaine - are only interested for sex or something else. Those people were Brittany and… well, the other person doesn't matter."

Kurt cupped Puck's cheeks and kissed him on the lips, once, twice, and a third time, letting a tear fall freely from his ocean blue orbs. "You've only ever been there for me, and you've stood up for me, you're willing to do anything for me… including teaching me new things, you're willing to risk people finding out about your sexuality, and right now I don't care what you are… gay, pansexual, bisexual… because you're with me. You chose to be with me. You like me for who I am, what I do, my flaws, my talents, my fashion… you think I'm sexy and beautiful and… God, Puck… I love you. I love you, I really do. You're handsome and charming, you're talented and youmean much more to me than Blaine ever did…"

The smaller boy said nothing else, he let out a few sobs - simply from seeing Puck's sad expression, and held onto Puck with everything he had.

Puck took a deep breath as Kurt continued to talk about him so beautifully and just good. He never thought anyone can think of him like that. Never.

People never saw Puck in anyway good way except for sex and well.. Just sex.

When he saw Kurt crying, he freaked out and propped himself up on his elbows and cupped Kurt's cheeks, wiping off the smaller boy's tears with his thumbs. "Oh baby, please don't cry.. I love you and I don't want to see you hurt, cry or anything negative." Puck leaned down and kissed Kurt passionately, hoping it would help to make Kurt stop crying. "I love you so much, Kurt. You're my princess, my Kurtsie babe, my Tomato Kurt…" He snickered softly at his last nickname for him. Puck stopped snickering and continued, putting a serious face on. "And especially, you're my boyfriend. You're Noah Puckerman's boyfriend, babe. That's the second most special title in the whole world."

He smiled with his eyes glistening a little as he captured Kurt's lips into a passionate kiss again, the most passionate kiss he has ever given anyone.

Kurt kissed Puck like it was their last. It was strong, powerful and filled with love. He had to pull away after a few minutes from being breathless, as he did he remembered what Puck had just said. Second most special title? He brought the duvet over them both and tucked them in, still bearing in mind that it was the middle of the day.

"What's the first most special title?" he asked with a curious look circling his eyes. He took hold of Puck's hand and gave it a small squeeze, his eyes were still a little red from crying, but Puck was there to comfort him and that was all he needed. There was so much that Kurt wanted to ask but he knew there was no way he could without chickening out. He'd know one day, maybe even in a few moments but for now, Kurt was fine with cuddling with his boyfriend. He loved Puck, and he didn't care how little they'd been together, they'd known each other for a while and sometimes that's all you need to make a love happen quickly.

Puck smiled while catching his breath from that hottest passionate kiss when Kurt pulled back. He was blinking slowly, meaning he was tired already even though there was still light outside.

Puck went back to nuzzling Kurt's neck and closed his eyes. He hasn't been this happy in years. Puck continued to smile as he spoke. "Kurt Hummel's boyfriend." He whispered before yawning silently, holding Kurt's small hand.

How could someone be this sweet? Kurt realized how tired Puck was and decided to leave everything else, maybe it would be best if they just lay with each other. He looked into Puck's eyes and kissed his left cheek until he decided to close his eyes - not to sleep or anything, Kurt couldn't mess up his sleeping schedule, but to relax next to Puck. If Puck fell asleep he'd be more than happy to just stay there next to him.

Kurt opened his eyes. He felt hazy from the sun beaming into his bedroom brightly, his vision was practically blinded by the light, so he decided to turn over. He was gracious; the older boy's arms were still firmly around his tiny waist. Kurt concentrated as he looked at the features of his angelic boyfriend sleeping peacefully beside him, there was nothing more beautiful than this, nothing more beautiful than being in his arms and inhaling his scent. It made Kurt not want to wake him up - but alas, he had to.

"Noah?" he asked softly. "Noah, sweetie… we fell asleep…"

Puck was pretending to be asleep. He was pretty tired from Kurt's amazing lips around him. Puck heard a very beautiful voice saying his name but he just groaned out as a response. He tighten his grip around something little and breathing. He was guessing his arms were still around his little Kurtsie bear and with that he snickered at his nickname for Kurt. Puck scooted closer as possible, smiling a little so Kurt won't see he was awake.

Kurt started giggling as Puck pulled him closer, wondering what he was dreaming about.

"Puck? Come on, sweetie. It's like… 2pm," Kurt whispered. His eyes widened a little as Puck held him tighter - he liked it, but he couldn't wriggle out of Puck's embrace. "Hey handsome… you're creasing my Dior shirt… which isn't a good thing." You could hear the smile on Kurt's lips as he said that.

"Puck…" he laughed.

"Is your door shirt more important than my arms being around you?"

Puck whispered, not caring if he was caught that he was actually awake.

"Can't we just stay like this? I'm too lazyyyyyyyyyyy.."

He held the last syllable a little longer to emphasize his laziness. Puck just wanted to lie in bed all day with his man.

"It's pronounced dee-oor, hunny."

Kurt grinned to himself and moved a hand down south to Puck.

"It's a shame… I was hoping you'd do me a favour," Kurt began. He started to rub Puck gently, slowly, anything to make him get up at least. Kurt loved this feeling, being able to wear Noah Puckerman out like this. Maybe they could have another talk afterwards - if Puck was willing to let Kurt do this that was.

NEXT CHAPTER: Kurt meets some new kid after having a little 'talk' with his worst nightmare, Karofsky.