The best part of a kill is the fear.

Hidan had never seen him smile. Standing in the shadows of the alley, he watched as one of those dark hands splayed itself across the quivering chest of their victim, searching for the weakest spot. The man pinned underneath had many openings if he wanted to fight back or escape, Hidan noted curiously, wondering why he didn't attempt to run away at all. They never run away…

Kakuzu now straddled the man, knees holding in the victim's thighs together. One large hand travelled down the man's neck, fingers searching. At one point they lingered, feeling the familiar throbbing of a pulse. Gingerly, he let that hand slide down the man's shoulder, and up to his wrist. Again, a pulse. Fainter this time, but fast nevertheless. Yes, Hidan thought, the best part of a kill is the fear.

Hidan watched as Kakuzu methodically pulled up the man's shirt, bunching it at the collar, that large beautiful hand searching once more. When Kakuzu had found what he was looking for, he stilled, adding more pressure, pushing down on the victim's chest. Hidan felt his own fingers twitch, anticipating, excited. He stepped closer. He wouldn't miss this for the world.

Now close enough and out of the shadows, Hidan crouched down beside the victim's head. When the doomed man turned to look at him, Hidan only grinned. Oh no, he had no intentions of rescuing him. He was just here to watch. His lilac eyes fell on Kakuzu.

His partner was as expressionless as he had always been. Not even a quiver of satisfaction, Hidan noted. Lilac eyes turned their gaze back onto their victim. Now it will begin…

There was only time for a whimper before Kakuzu's free hand found its place across the man's mouth. The immediate reaction for the dying man was to turn his attention to Hidan, eyes imploring, begging for mercy.

Hidan only held a finger to his lips. Shhh. No screaming. His lips curled demonically behind that finger.

It didn't take long until Kakuzu had pressed down firmly into the man's chest, nails boring through skin and flesh, his raw power ripping through muscle and sinew. The guy underneath him struggled, fingernails scratching erratically on the cobbles and then coming to grip Kakuzu's arm, legs jerking, eyes wide open. Struggle all you want, Hidan thought, sneering. It'll only get worse. Like a fly in a spider's web. You're fucked anyway.

And now for the best part…

Hidan licked his lips as blood gushed in pulsing rivulets through the spaces between Kakuzu's fingers as he clamped the poor man's mouth shut. Hidan moved to crouch down behind the man's head, hands coming to pin the guy down completely now, stopping him from scratching Kakuzu as his heart was ripped out ever so carefully from his chest.

At one point, Kakuzu raised himself just a little, frowning. Hidan laughed. Well, well, well. We have a wetter. He laughed even harder as he watched the victim's pants stain dark, urine spreading down his thighs and onto the cobbled floor. Yes, the best part of a kill is the fear.

Eventually, all movement came to a halt, and Kakuzu stood up, a still beating heart in one hand. He tossed it onto the floor beside the dead man and turned to leave.

Hidan followed him, gripping the back of Kakuzu's jacket before he got too far. He knew what came next.

Kakuzu turned, raising his bloody hands to the sides of Hidan's eager face and nodded, bringing them down to smear the warm blood all over him. Hidan couldn't help but moan softly at the warmth spreading down his skin when Kakuzu let him have it, tongue coming to lick off some of it as Kakuzu's thumb ran across his lips.

Tonight Hidan hadn't killed, but he would still have blood.

And Kakuzu merely walked back to their truck.