Sorry is and overused expression for a lot of people, but in some cases, it is the last word that is ever spoken to someone. If you love that person, tell them you're sorry that they have to walk out of your door. It takes the pain away for a little while.



The mountains and cliffs up ahead blocked out the sun so much that if the waters off to her left weren't sparkling, Anko would have thought it was still nighttime.

But really, she didn't care if the world was ending right then and there. All she cared about was getting the man beside her home.

She glanced at him. "We're almost there, okay?"

Kabuto didn't answer. His glassy haze was locked on the sunrise, divided in parts due to the optical illusion his broken glasses lens gave off. His arms and legs were limp, but he probably wouldn't have used them for anything else if they weren't.

"Yūkimaru…I…he… was…just…beginning…to…like me…"

"Shh," Anko shushed gently. "Save your strength okay?"

"And Guren…" Kabuto continued. He tried to think of something to tell Anko about his wife, but what else could he say other than that she was an amazing woman who had enough heart to give a monster like him a chance? He found something though.

"I promised…I'd stay with her until…the day I died…I really didn't want it to… be this soon..."

Anko looked down at the massive, bloody gash that took up half of the left side of Kabuto's body. She felt tears sting her eyes and looked away. Damn it! Rule one of being an assassin: never put your damn gun down!

But Kabuto was really to blame; she should have stopped the idiot before he jumped in front of a bullet that had her name on it.

"Tell her that, not me." Anko scowled when really she wanted to hold on to every word he was saying. In a way, she felt like she owed him that much. She had caused him and Orochimaru, probably the closes thing to a friend to each other either one of them had, to betray one another for the likes of her.

Kabuto laughed brokenly at her comment. "I hope I get to, Anko…I really…do…" he looked at her and saw the grief on her face. "You can…be part of…our family…you know. Guren…won't …mind…"

Anko gripped the steering wheel tightly and eased down on the gas a little more. She really hoped so as well. She didn't have the heart to tell him that he had a very slim chance of recovering from that gunshot wound. But she knew that maybe if he had hopes, his chances would increase and maybe he would survive.

Besides, thanks to her mindless thinking and sharp aim, Orochimaru wasn't around to muck anything up now. She could still feel his blood on her skin and the terror that radiated off of him when her bullet embedded itself into the man's head, ending him.

She smiled, a glassy tear of pride and hurt running down her cheek. "I'm sure you will, Kabuto."

"Do you think…she'd hate me…if I said…I…loved…you…"

Anko sobbed, biting down on her lip. "I've seen…the way she looks at you." Anko cried. "There's no doubt in my mind…that…she wouldn't forgive you."

Kabuto's eyes slowly began to close. "That's great…" the sun was replaced by his own darkness. "That's…"

Anko's tears continued to flow as his silence became more and more frequent. She finally had to pull over because her vision was so blurry.

She threw her door open and walked over to the bridge, leaning over it and crying softly.

"I'm sorry Kabuto…I'm so sorry…" she wiped one of her wet hand on her stomach, over the new life, Kabuto's life, developing inside of her. "Itachi…look after him for me…okay?"