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Author: xPaige. Turnerx

Summary: AU. A/B. R/Em. E/J. Es/C. What's that? An all out war between vampires, shape shifters, and…what? Where will the girls find time to fall in love? Pssh, you know they will.


The Cullen mansion was big. Very, very big, I soon found out, and not just on the outside. Alice led us through the front door and into a large foyer with a grand staircase across the room. It was all very bright, too, which was surprising. It wasn't that I believed in the cliches and thought they'd live in a dark, ominous building, sleeping in caskets, or anything. There was just so much more white than I thought there would be, and it seemed like every other wall was made of windows. Everything was just so bright and open; you'd think this was a summer house or something.

Furrowing my brows, I glanced down at my feet and then to Alice's yellow heels, wondering if I should take my shoes off. The white tiled floors were spotless; not a speck of dirt or dust was in sight, but neither were any shoes. Where were the others' shoes? Did they wear them in the house, like they would slippers? But slippers were meant to keep your feet warm, and vampires weren't affected by temperature like other people—they didn't have to worry about cold feet. Their coats, too! Where were their coats? There was no closet close by, nor a coat hanger full of jackets. Did they wear everything to their rooms and leave it there, clothes hanging in their closets and shoes put away nicely?

Why was I obsessing over trivial things like clothes and shoes? Nerves. It had to be nerves. Leah's younger brother, Seth, always did this when he got nervous, which was usually when he was talking to girls. He'd start going on and on… and on and on about the smallest, weirdest things. He once had a fifteen minute conversation on how he tied his shoes, talking about different techniques like the 'bunny ear,' the 'loop, swoop, and pull,' and many others.

I wasn't nervous, though, was I? What did I have to be nervous about? I'd met vampires before. This wasn't a new thing for me. Nor was I afraid of them—I knew how to defend myself. It wasn't like this was going to be a complicated conversation, either, once they found out that I really couldn't help them with any questions Carlisle had.

"Is something wrong, Bella?" Alice's wind chime voice asked, her cool, pale hand lightly squeezing my own.

My eyes flickered back up to Alice's golden ones. "No… I just," I paused, looking back down at my feet. "My shoes. I don't know what to do with my shoes."

The giggle that escaped Alice's lips made my heart beat faster, and knowing that she and every other vampire in the house could hear it, I took a deep breath to slow it back down. It somewhat worked, though Alice's smile curved up even more. She lightly shook her head, looking down to her own heels. "Don't worry about them, Bella, you can keep them on. I like wearing my heels around the house."

"So she doesn't feel like a midget." Emmett's booming voice was still loud, even coming from a different room somewhere in the mansion.

Alice's jaw clenched and she glared through one of the walls, scowling slightly. Obviously she had a thing about her height, and didn't like people poking fun at it. Or maybe it was just Emmett's crude midget joke. I had a feeling that one of Emmett's talents was getting under people's skin; he seemed the type that it came easily to.

Choosing to ignore his comments, Alice led us out of the foyer and down a hallway. I could hear a TV and other noises slowly getting louder and figured that most of the coven, if not all, were in the living room. I was right; they were all lounging one way or another in the grand room that we entered, looking very much like the family they claimed to be.

Again, it wasn't that I thought they sat around drinking blood all day… but still, I hadn't thought they'd be so…regular.

Both Emmett and Jasper were sitting on the couch with game controllers in their hands, furiously tapping away at buttons and making their players in the video game move and kill people. Rosalie sat on the love seat next to Esme, reading a book with her legs tucked up on the couch underneath her, her chin resting in one hand with her elbow on the arm of the love seat. Edward was sitting at the sleek, black piano in the corner of the room, a soft, slow melody filling the air as he fluidly slid his hands over the ivory keys. Carlisle seemed content to watch his 'sons' play their game, sitting on a lounging chair with a smile on his face.

Esme got to her feet, nothing more than a blur, before she stood in front of Alice and me. Her caramel hair fell in waves over her shoulders, her heart-shaped face warm as she smiled brightly at me. "It's good to finally properly meet you, Bella," she said. Her voice, like Alice's and Rosalie's, had a certain…melodic quality to it, while all the males' were just smooth and soothing. Although it was difficult to describe anything about Emmett's speech—what he said, how he said it, what he did—as soothing. "I'm Esme, Alice's mother."

"A pleasure to meet you, Esme," I replied, letting my hand slide from Alice's to replace it with her mother's to shake. "You have a lovely home," I added.

Her smile brightened, and I realized that I was probably the first guest they'd had in their house before. They couldn't exactly invite people from school or work over; having humans in the house made little sense. Unless, of course, they knew other vampires. Wouldn't they invite them over?

"Thank you. Is there anything I can get you? A drink, or a snack, maybe?"

My first instinct was to decline. I didn't want to be a bother, and I didn't plan on staying there very long. However, I remembered what Alice said outside of the car, about Esme having made a snack already, excited about cooking. My eyes flickered back over to Alice quickly. "Well… I wouldn't want to trouble you…?" I said, though it sounded more like a question as I looked at Alice for confirmation.

Esme beamed. "It's no trouble at all; I've already made something!" she said, almost bouncing out of the room. There were a few chuckles around the room at that.

"Good to see you, again, Bella," Carlisle said, running a hand through his blonde hair and standing in front of me.

I shook his hand politely, offering a small smile. "And you," I replied.

Emmett looked up from the TV screen, his grin nearly splitting his face, it was so wide. He waved his massive arm around wildly; Jasper had to duck a few times to dodge it while he continued to play. "Hi, Bella!" the giant boomed out.

My lips curved up slightly. "Hello, Emmett," I said quietly. My attention quickly returned to the doctor, however, as he ushered me over to another one of the couches. Alice took a seat next to me, smiling reassuringly.

"I do feel the need to repeat to you, Carlisle, that I will not likely be any help this afternoon. I hope none of you have gotten your hopes up," I warned, frowning slightly as I took in Alice's, Emmett's, and Carlisle's smiles.

The blonde Doctor nodded, sitting back down in his chair a few feet away and clasping his hands in his lap. "There is no pressure on you here, Bella, whatsoever. If you have nothing to offer us once we've asked a few questions, that is completely fine. It's nice to see you, whatever the occasion."

My brow rose, and Jasper looked up from their game, smiling politely. "It isn't often that we meet new people and don't have to hide what we are."

"Oh," I replied, not knowing what else to say. Over the years, I never really went out of my way to hide what I was. I didn't scream from the rooftops that I wasn't human, but there was no elaborate story behind me that I made up for complete strangers, nor did I hide away from the public eye. Although, over the years, I had learned to sort of just blend into the background. No one ever noticed that I never aged, mostly because no one—other than the Pack and Council—ever noticed me.

Esme breezed back into the room, setting a plate and a glass down on the coffee table in front of me. She took a seat on the arm of Carlisle's chair, smiling nervously. "Are cookies and milk all right? I didn't exactly know, so I went with what I've seen on TV before, but that was always for much younger children. There's also pretzels and chip—I could make some dip, too, or—"

"I like cookies," I said quickly, putting my hand up when Esme got to her feet again. I cleared my throat, smiling when she looked at me. "Really, this is great. Cookies are… good snacks," I continued, picking up one of them and taking a bite. My eyes widened at the warm, chewy, goodness. I made an appreciative noise and took a sip of the milk, sitting back. "So." I looked back over to Carlisle. "What exactly did you need to ask me?"

Jasper and Emmett paused their game again and set down the controllers, looking up at me, while Rosalie put down her book, and Edward looked up from his piano. My back straightened slightly, the hairs on the back of my neck sticking up at all the attention.

Carlisle smiled, shifting in his seat, and leaned forward slightly. "I suppose we should just get right into it then. Edward has mentioned that you have some memory issues."

I glanced over to Edward, who looked slightly sheepish, and had I been worried about him telling the others things about me, I probably would have said something. However, it wasn't that big of a deal for me—I didn't much care—so I looked back over to Carlisle and shrugged a shoulder. "Some, yes," I replied.

"How far back do you remember in your life?" he asked curiously.

My fingers twitched, and I thought back to the weekend and my talk with Jacob. Would I be having the same conversation with the Cullens? And after only knowing them for such a short time, when it took me seventeen years of Jacob's life to tell him? Or did it have nothing to do with either, but I was only now ready myself to discuss it, no matter with whom? "I remember the past ninety years of my life, with… mostly clarity."

"Mostly clarity?" Emmett asked, tilting his head.

My shoulder rose and fell again. "Yes, well, I don't have a perfect memory like you vampires. I cannot relive any time in my life. I remember most things: events, people, details like that, as any human would. But I do not remember every single day of those ninety years. I couldn't tell you what I was doing this day, fifteen years ago." My brows furrowed and I shook my head. "I'm sorry, but what does this have to do with you and your personal matters?"

Alice placed her hand on my shoulder, and I looked over at her curiously. That same intensity from before returned, and though she appeared calm on the outside, I could see she wasn't on the inside. I could almost feel it.

"Because I can only remember the last ninety years of my life."

Pressing my lips into a firm line, I stared hard at the pixie-like vampire sitting in front of me. I glanced to Carlisle and the others quickly before resting my gaze back on Alice, raising an eyebrow again. "…Eh?"

She smiled nervously, fiddling with her fingers in her lap. "I don't remember my human life, not at all. Everything is just… black before I woke up as a vampire. The very first memory I have is feeling this intense burn in my throat, the name Alice being screamed in my head, and running. I don't even know how long I ran for, days, until I had my first vision of Jasper and joining the Cullens."

My hand started reaching out for her until I stopped, slowly lowering it again. "I'm sorry, Alice," I said quietly. The need to hold her, tightly, and just… be closer, it was nearly overwhelming, so much so that I had to cross my arms over my chest to keep from reaching out again. I knew what it was like to be in her position, and I hated knowing that she, too, had once felt so lost, so alone. It was… it was frightening, not knowing who or what you are. Where you're from or where you belong. Not knowing anything and feeling so helpless was horrible, and to think that Alice had gone through all of that too…made my breathing shaky.

"It's all right; I'm good now. Better than good, I have my family," Alice replied quickly, trying to reassure me. "It's just a little odd that you can only remember the same amount of time as me."

That was odd. How often did that kind of coincidence happen? "That is…weird," I agreed, looking around the room at them all again. What was going on here? "I still don't understand how my lack of memory would affect your family."

"We think you knew Alice," Rosalie blurted out. The rest of the family whipped their heads around to stare at her, shocked. She shrugged, rolling her eyes. "What? You were all going to dance around the subject forever, wasting time, when you could be saving time and effort and just get to the point. Amnesiac or not, Bella doesn't need to be coddled, and neither does Alice."

They continued to stare at her, Esme sighing at her daughter, so I quickly spoke up. "I agree," I said, and they all turned back to look at me. "For me, at least. I appreciate your concern and efforts to do this gently, but I'd rather get to the point. Why do you believe I knew Alice when she was human?"

Clearing his throat, Edward slowly stood up from the piano. He smiled gently at me and pulled a few photos out of his back pocket, sitting down on the couch on my other side. "When Jazz and I went to Biloxi, we didn't find much. The town aged with the rest of the world, and the old records in the library had dozens of Bellas, Isabellas, and every other form of your name."

I nodded, utterly confused. I still didn't know what this had to do with me.

His smile turned crooked, and he ran his hand through his hair, gathering his bronze locks out of his eyes. "We couldn't find anything on you and we were about to leave, when Jasper saw it."

I chewed my bottom lip, looking between the two mates. "Saw what?"

"Have you ever seen murals, Bella?" he asked. "Ones on the sides of buildings?"

I nodded my head. Embry's uncle was an artist, and when he was younger he'd take pictures of the beach, the cliffs, bonfires, and other things, and would get paid to turn them into murals. His most "famous" one around the reservation was of the cliffs and choppy waters, which he painted on the back of the old barbershop.

Jasper pointed to the photos Edward handed to me. "That mural was painted on the side of the library building. It was fairly large, so we took a few different pictures of the more… important parts of the mural."

My brows furrowed in confusion as I shuffled through the photos. It was of a park, clearly—a big open area full of vibrant green grass, hills, even a small little creek running through it in the background, with woods at the edge. People obviously enjoyed it, as there were many different families in the mural, but one stuck out.

The mother looked familiar: beaming smiles and bright eyes, with long, light hair under her sun hat. Her dress was old (this had era long since passed), as were the dresses her daughters were wearing. The husband had a more serious face and was almost frowning, looking out of place in his suit, standing awkwardly with his arm around his wife and his other hand on the shoulder of his youngest daughter. He didn't look happy. Not like the youngest daughter, who, like her mother, was beaming as well, grinning at whoever had taken the picture to make the mural. Her long dark hair was tucked behind her ears, her small hand desperately gripping her older sister's.

"What…" I murmured, glancing up at Alice in confusion before looking back down at the picture. The older sister was tiny, her more mature features the only difference between her and her sister. Her little button nose was familiar, as were her thick, curly lashes, her high cheek bones, nearly everything about her. Her flowing dark hair was in a braid, hanging around her neck and down her chest. She had a smile, though it wasn't quite happy like her mother's or sisters. It was… a secret smile, like the one Alice had given me earlier in the car, one that hid pleasant secrets. She was holding her sister's hand, and mostly facing whoever took the picture, but her face was turned slightly, her eyes looking up and to the side.

I shuffled to the next picture and gasped, my jaw falling open.

That… that couldn't be right.

This was a weird coincidence.

Or a mistake.


Almost hidden between the family and another one, was a dark figure. It was obviously feminine, by what curves weren't hidden, though her clothes were an odd choice. Not the dresses other girls wore, but slacks, a button up, and suspenders, like the little boys running around. This was no little girl, either. Grown, late in her teenage years, maybe even early twenties. Her dark hair was loose and down, blowing in the wind, and her face ducked, trying to hide from the picture. There was a slight quirk to her lips, though, and her own eyes were looking up and over, meeting the eldest daughter's, returning that secret smile.

"That…" I cleared my throat, jerkily shoving the photos back into Edward's hands. I shook my head, tucking a lock of my hair behind my ear, and took a deep breath. "That was… me… and you," I finally said, looking back over to Alice, who looked concerned. She reached out and grabbed my hand, nodding slowly. My hand reached up to rub my forehead, and I took comfort in the fact that it was steady.

I took another deep breath, pulling my hand from Alice's. Yes, I was in control right now and thankful for that, but I didn't want to risk losing that control and hurting her. It was bad enough being in the same room with the rest of them, knowing that I didn't have emotional stability right now, and that lack of stability was triggering my fire. Holding my hand like that was just asking for trouble, and I wouldn't risk Alice like that.

"You're younger," I murmured, looking back up to Alice. She stared down at my hand, then looked away and nodded. "Only a few years, but still. I'm…the same," I said, furrowing my brows. Had I always been like this? Had I never been a child?

Carlisle cleared his throat, looking at me curiously when I glanced up. "Does your kind usually age?"

"I—" The words died on my tongue, and I clenched my jaw.

I don't know.

"This is in Biloxi?" I asked, looking over to Edward and Jasper. They nodded, exchanging looks. "What did you find out about Alice?"

Jasper shook his head, looking slightly pained as he glanced down at his younger sister. Alice was sitting unnaturally still, even for a vampire, with a neutral mask on her face. "That's the thing: we couldn't find anything. We don't know her real name. There weren't any Alices there."

"There were a few names and documents scratched out or stolen, leaving no traces, but we thought it was just you, trying hide your tracks. It's what Carlisle did for the first little while when he realized that he didn't age, so he could return to places he'd been and they wouldn't know any different," Edward said.

"I do not put myself in that position to begin with," I replied, shaking my head. There were no documents of me to erase. Not anymore, at least. Had I done that in the past?

Emmett leaned forward from the couch. "We were hoping this would jog your memory so you could give us something. Anything. Ali-Cat's real name, so that we could go back and look for her."

My frown deepened, and I looked over at Alice who was staring intently at the corner of the room, one arm wrapped around herself, the other propped up on the arm of the couch, holding her chin in her palm. The emptiness returned, and I felt my shoulders sag, this hollow disappointment building in me. I felt sick, not being able to remember, not being able to help Alice. "I can't," I whispered. My fists clenched, and I cleared my throat, shaking everything off. "I'm sorry, but I can't help you. I can't remember," I said more firmly, ignoring the ache in my chest.

If this was the other side of the spectrum on the whole emotions deal, then I didn't want any part of it. Feeling good wasn't worth feeling this bad. I hated this—the lump forming in my throat, the ache and pain I could feel at the sadness in Alice's eyes, this desperate need to help her, fix this, just so she smiles. What was the point of feeling like this? What purpose did it serve? There was no reason for it. Feelings were useless; they wouldn't help me, they wouldn't help Alice. I didn't want them. If Jacob loved them so much, then he could have mine, because I was done with them.

Alice bit her lip, blinking a few times, and then looked over to me with dark eyes. She smiled, but the smile was strained. Weak. "That's all right, Bella. Believe me, I know how difficult it is. If there's anything I can take away from this, it's that we knew each other once upon a time. We looked happy, too," she said, some warmth coming back to that smile. "And that I had a sister, a mother, and a father."

A bitterness pooled in my stomach, feeling like acid as it worked its way up my throat, and I swallowed deeply. Hearing that word, father, coming from Alice, in her voice… My jaw clenched again, and I let out a shaky breath. Something was…wrong. I could feel such…anger and rage burning in me at it that my hands started to shake.

"Bella, I'm scared. I can't leave her here alone with father. I need to be here to protect her."

"Bella, are you all right?" Carlisle asked, raising his voice. My head snapped up, and he flinched, surprised at the glare on my face.

"Sorry…" I rolled my shoulders and sighed deeply, shaking the thoughts and feelings from my head.

Calm. I'm calm. I would stay calm.

Carlisle nodded, smiling gently again. "There was something else I wanted to mention, in case you still didn't remember." I nodded, urging him on. His smile turned sheepish and he ran a hand through his hair. "I'm not sure you're going to like it; it's a…fairly large favour…"


Leah and Jacob followed me through the Blacks' house eagerly, nearly tripping over each other in the process. I was tempted to make a joke about puppies when their owner returns home, and the fact that they shift into giant wolves, but thought better of it. Leah had a mean right hook that she tended to let loose on those kinds of jokes. So instead, I waited for them to calm down while I made my way to my and Jake's room, riffling through the closet.

"Come on, tell us how it went!" Jake whined, plopping down on his bed, bouncing. He was grinning from ear to ear, though that could have something to do with the fact that he changed the rear tire on my bike. He wanted to race me on his dirt bike but hadn't really thought of the fact that my bike wasn't all terrain. Needless to say, I got a flat tire and had to take the bus to school for the last couple of days.

Leah was definitely less excited. In fact, she still wore the same scowl that she'd had that morning before I left for school. Really, she'd had that scowl ever since I told those two I was going to the Cullens'. Jake was upset that I'd be going alone, but I think Leah was just upset for the fact that I was willing to go. It was odd, because she'd been doing really well with her prejudice, calling them vampires or even "the Cullens" instead of leeches and blood suckers, or pale-faces like Paul did.

So basically, I was hesitant to tell them—her—the news.

"Well… I found out that Alice can't remember her human life," I said slowly, as I pulled out a duffle bag and tossed it on the bed, sitting down next to it and Jake. Both of them eyed it curiously, but were more concerned with what I was saying.

Huffing, Leah crossed her arms over her chest. "Who cares?" My eyes narrowed at her as yet another foreign feeling ran through me. All I knew what that I didn't like Leah taking that tone and saying those words. "All right, that was rude, but seriously. Why does that matter? It doesn't have anything to do with you."

"I knew her when she was human," I said quickly.

Both of their eyes widened and their jaws dropped simultaneously. Jake closed his mouth only to open it again a few seconds later, repeating the process a few times. Finally he shook his head, scratching the back of his neck. "Well that's…um…what? Why didn't you mention this before? Especially when we talked about how she…uh…" His dark eyes flickered over to Leah, as if just remembering she was there, and he faltered. "Er, what I mean is…um…"

"Why didn't you tell us?" Leah snapped, deciding to ignore Jake's little fumble. Her tone was hurt, as were her eyes, and her posture got more rigid.

Sighing, I ran my hand through my hair. "I can't remember. I don't remember her."

"Well then how do you know you knew her? They could be setting you up or something; they probably want something from you. Maybe they think you can change the treaty so they can start feeding from humans or something," she growled, glaring at me.

Jake put his hand on her shoulder, not fazed when she roughly shook him off. "Hey, come on now, Leah. That's reaching, they wouldn't do that. They wouldn't use her like that."

She growled again, shaking her head furiously, and I could only watch numbly. Why was Leah getting so twisted about this? "She would! Bella, she's just a damn vampire, and you're getting too close. She'll take what she can get from you and hurt you. You need to distance yourself from them, you need to stay home, here with me—and Jake," she said, her eyes desperate. "It was a stupid idea to send you to Forks alone to watch them."

I slowly shook my head, utterly confused, and not knowing how to respond to all of that. I looked over to Jacob who just shook his head and shrugged his shoulders, but I could see understanding in his eyes. He obviously knew something I didn't.

"Well… I saw a picture of her when she was human. I was in it," I said quietly.

Leah sighed deeply, glaring down at the floor. She was calm now, though, so I took that as a good sign. "Yeah, 'cause it's not like there's such thing as PhotoShop," she scoffed. "So, what, they want you to come over after school now and try to remember or something?" She paused. "Maybe you forgot her for a reason. You ever think of that?"

An uneasy feeling settled in my gut, making me shift around and make a face. "No, on both accounts," I replied. "I'm… traveling with them to Biloxi."


I wasn't sure who said it, but the sheer volume of the one word had me cringing. "Well…"

The Cullens all exchanged looks with one another while Carlisle hesitated, and I unconsciously leaned forward. Finally he sighed and offered me a small smile. "We were wondering if you would consider coming with us to Biloxi." My eyes widened and he quickly continued, "We, of course, would pay for all the expenses: hotel rooms, food, transportation, et cetera, and if it would make you feel better, you may bring along one of the wolves, and we'd pay for them as well."

All the eyes in the room shifted to me, and I cleared my throat. "Uh…"

Esme tucked a lock of her hair behind her ear, smiling gently. "Sometimes it helps amnesiacs to revisit the actual scenes or places where they've lost their memories, whether the cause was traumaemotional, physical, or otherwiseor an accident of some sort. Being able to see, feel, and smell things can jog memories and let them resurface."

"I see," I murmured. That made sense, and I had seen it on television shows before, usually CSI or and Order, shows like that. Victims would be walked through their attacks, even taken back to the crime scenes, to relive them and try to remember details they couldn't before.

Rosalie hummed quietly, looking interested. Her chin was still resting in the palm of her hand as she lightly tapped her long, red nails against her bottom lip. "This is as beneficial to you as it is to Alice. This is your forgotten past, as well. You aren't even a little curious?"

"So you just accepted? Just like that?" Leah asked incredulously.

I nodded. "Yes, I did." My voice was calm and certain and I looked at both Leah and Jacob, who was stunned back into silence again. "I have lived here on the reservation for many, many years. I have not left, not to go to Seattle, not even to Port Angeles. I have been here, right here, because I had to be."

"Why?" Jake asked, confused.

I looked over to him. "Because I had to be," I repeated simply. "I've always known; I can feel it. This is where I need to be, and I've waited here, stayed here, for all these years because I had to."

He shook his head, his brows furrowing. "Yeah, but why did you have to? To become part of the Council? Is there, like, a fight you had to do here or something? Why do you need to be here?"

"I don't know, I just know that I do." I shrugged.

Leah grumbled to herself. "Well that sucks. Why would you stay if you don't even know the reason for staying in the first place? Nothing's happened in all these years."

A deep sigh escaped my lips as I stared at the two. I didn't know how to explain this to them. They didn't get it. "I do because I know I have to; it doesn't matter if I don't know why. And now I have to go with the Cullens to Biloxi because I need to." The same feeling telling me to come here, to stay here in Forks, was now telling me to go to Biloxi. I needed to, I could feel it; I had to go.

Jacob shook his head, looking a little overwhelmed. "Well… all right then. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do, I guess, and if you get to learn about your past, that's a bonus, right?" he said, rubbing his chin.

I was glad that at least Jake understood. Or, even if he didn't understand, he at least supported me. These were my decisions to make, and I was going to do what I knew I had to, but I was glad that Jake was on board. I don't think I could take him being upset with me, like Leah probably was.

The giant looked up suddenly, a light bulb going off in his head. "Wait, they said you could take one of us and they'd pay?"

Nodding, I got back to my feet and went over to my dresser. "Yes, Esme is taking care of the school arrangements and excuses for her kids and myself, but I'm sure you guys could also get away with a couple of days off school, considering your principal is on the Council."

"Yeah, and dad will probably let me go with you just to keep an eye on ya." Jake chuckled, getting up and grabbing a bag of his own from the closet.

Leah stalked over, grabbing the bag from his hands and tossed it back into the closet. "Wait, what makes you think you're going? I'm obviously the one she's going to take."

"What? Why? You're all crazy-wanna-kill-leeches, while I'm all zen about it."

She snorted. "No, you're all blinded-by-my-innocence, unable-to-see-if-they-screw-us-over. She needs someone to keep watch."

"I can keep watch, and politely too."

"You can keep watch of your ass while I go with her."

"This is a big moment; she'll be remembering parts of her life long-since forgotten. She needs a best friend, so I'm going with her."

"Jake, we discussed this. I'm the girl so I'm the best friend."

"You are not; I'm the best friend!"

My shoulders slumped as I watched them bicker back and forth over what qualifies someone as a best friend. I sighed, grabbing a sweater and shoved it into the bag.



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