She was not about to let the weights of the world bring her down. She was going to do that herself…

Her name was Kujira Kurokami. And she was much more than a genius…

Hey guys.

Just wanted to let you know that I'm working on a new story called Eleven. It's about my favorite character from the the manga, Medaka Box. If you haven't read it all of it, I think you should. And I'm going to let you know that this story in particular is going to be a real eye-opener. It's going to talk about everything and everybody. Moral theme: don't judge people.

Just keep your minds open. Of course, I'm going to stay true to the character and I promise it'll be worth reading. The plot is going to be a little out there...even for me.

And another thing...Kujira doesn't have her normal powers in this story. She's just a regular person...or as regular as she could be. She's a genius, but she's striving to achieve more. And it's basically her trying to achieve a seemingly impossible goal. So, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE read it. I'd love to hear your responses. Ok? ok.

hope you enjoy the story.

She sees the geniuses of the past.





...and she scoffs.

She could be so much more.

She will be so much more.