Rachel could not believe she was here, Broadway. She was currently signing playbills at the stage door of the theatre. It was her final night playing Maria in the Broadway revival of 'The Sound of Music', the role in which she had won a Tony award. One to add the other Tony she had won as Maria in 'West Side Story' a role, she had won straight out of Julliard.

Now here she was; five years on Broadway, eight years in New York, coming to an end. She was not moving onto another show after this, or a film role, she was leaving the big apple for good and moving back home. Back to Lima. The reason for this was that Rachel was finally getting married to her very patient fiancée of four years, Noah, who had waited many years for her to achieve her dreams. They were now moving back, to be closer to their respective families, to get married and hopefully have a family. Something both wanted but decided that New York was not the best place to raise a family.

She was not really sad. Yes, she was leaving the city of her dreams, but she had achieved her dream. She one of the most successful actresses Broadway had seen in years, having appeared in several musicals from 'MAMMA MIA' to 'Wicked'. However now she was starting a new dream. Broadway was getting even more competitive, younger actresses were appearing and snapping at Rachel's heels. Her understudies always watched her, waiting for her to get injured or ill, something which never happened. It was almost as bad as when members of the glee club competed for the the solo at Nationals- which Rachel eventually got.

She also had a very successful album under her belt, produced by her best friend's husband, Blaine. Kurt, her best friend from high school, had also made it to New York, pursuing his dream to make it as a fashion designer and had got married to Blaine whom he had been in a relationship with longer than She had been with Noah. His big break had come when he had dressed Rachel for her first Tony award ceremony, that stunning navy blue and sliver dress and caused hundreds of orders fly in. She would miss Kurt, but even big fashion designers had to come home eventually.

Noah was now waiting back in her dressing room, packing all her things away and grading papers, while she signed the never ending supply of play bills and autograph books. Word had got round that this was Rachel Berry's last Broadway performance for a while and her last performance had been completely sold out. Noah, or Puck as he had been known at high school, had managed to get into NYU to study maths. Who knew it, but Puck was a wiz at maths, that's how he got away with sleeping in the nurses office during that lesson throughout high school. He then had spent the years in New York, teaching maths and running glee clubs in schools round New York. He also wrote songs on the side, a couple even went on Rachel's album, including a duet with her which managed to place well in the charts. Noah had now got a job back at William McKinley High School and he started in the new semester, which started in the beginning of September, two months away.

'Miss Berry' came a small voice, which jogged Rachel out of her signature writing autopilot 'please could you sign this for me?'

'Of course sweetie' Rachel replied. She always paid particular attention to her younger fans, who knows, they could be the future of Broadway who could be inspired by her. 'Who do I make it to?' she asked, looking at the girl. She was quite small, with dark blond curls framing her small heart shaped face, her big hazel eyes stared up at Rachel in awe.

'Beth Corcoran'