Dear Diary

Today is my 16th birthday! It was such a good day. Rach and Auntie Quinn organised a surprise birthday party for me, with all my family in attendance. Since I only got you today, diary (you were a present from Rach, you're covered in stars) I'd better explain my family to you, since it is very confusing. I live with my Dad, Rach, who is my big sister and their two children, Ava and Zach. They were honeymoon babies and are five years old. Most of the time they are so sweet. However they can also be so annoying, especially when Dad has fed them too much sugar!

Dad works as a Math teacher at William McKinley High School, which is where I am nearing the end of my sophomore year. It can be so annoying having your Dad at school with you, especially when he scares away boys. Just take last week as an example: Max, this guy I really like, golden brown hair, bright blue eyes…was about to ask me to the party he was having at his house next weekend, when Dad came around the corner. Dad gave Max his 'badass' glare and poor Max started stuttering before hurrying away. I was so annoyed! I know Dad just wants what is best for me but…urgh.

Rach my sister is great though, she is the person I normally go to when I need to vent, since she is a great listener. When Ava and Zach were younger, she mainly worked from home as a singing teacher, but now they are bigger she is the director of the local community theatre group. I job she loves, since she gets to boss people around and, in her own words: channel her inner Coach Corcoran. She still sings though, all the time. The house is full of music, Rach singing while cooking the dinner, Dad casually strumming on his guitar, trying out ideas for songs for the Glee club, me practising up in my bedroom or the twins shrieking! There is no quiet.

When I want a bit of peace and quiet, away from all the craziness, I go to Auntie Quinn's house. Quinn is biological mother, but she gave me up for adoption when I was only a couple of hours old. I understand why she did it, especially now I am the same age as she was when she had me. I can't imaging having a child at this age. Actually Quinn's house is not really quieter than home. Quinn and her husband, Sam have three daughters. Aimee, who is eight, five and a half (the half is very important!) year old Gracie and three year old Robyn. I like having such a large family, but not when I have to baby sit them all!

They all came today, secretly coming around and decorating while Rach took me to say hi to Mom. Mom, Shelby, is Rach's biological mother and my adopted mom. She died just over six years ago and I came to live with Dad and Rach. I do miss her, but I know that she would want to be happy. I always visit her grave on my birthday, so she can still celebrate it with me. A couple of years ago Rach had a new headstone made for her, to replace the boring old one. This new one has stars engraved all over it and is perfect.

When I came back, I was led into the garden were everyone was waiting to surprise me. Eden was there, which was a huge surprise. I thought she could not make it because she had a horrible case in Columbus and could not get away. Eden is a lawyer in Columbus, having graduated from Yale, three years ago. She works for Lopez law firm, which is owned by a friend of the family. Bubbe was also there, crying rather loudly when I arrived. 'My grandbaby is all grown up!' she was wailing hysterically. I was so embarrassing! I love her but sometimes she can be rather over emotional.

Another surprise was Uncle Kurt , who had come all the way from New York with his husband Blaine, to come to my party. They brought me some wonderful clothes, but the best present was from Dad, Rach and Uncle Jesse, my godfather. This summer they are taking me back to New York to see the new Broadway production of Les Miserables! I am so excited! Les Mis is my favourite musical and I'm going to see it! Uncle Jesse could not come but I'll be seeing him soon since he is one of the judges at Nationals which is a month away in LA. We got through to Nationals! Dad and Rach were so happy; she is also assistant coach to New Directions. We made it last year but we did not get into the top 10, which we will do this year!

I can't believe diary that it has been six years since I met Dad and Rach, before then I was so alone and now I have a huge family whom I love and I am also glad Rach gave you to me.

Tomorrow I'm going out to breadsticks with my friends, that includes Max! We shall see what happens, fingers crossed!



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