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A/N: Okay so after I had a spazz attack after watching Drop the World Pt. 1, I got inspiration to write this short ongoing story. Yes, it's ongoing, because it's going to deal with Eli and Clare's trip to the Gothic Tales Convention, Clare's reaction will be much different in this story because I don't think I can write Eli going insane about Clare being distant with him, I truly can't, it pains me. I already had a crazy fangirl attack about it, so I don't think you guys deserve to read it again, and knowing me, it'll be much harsher than the way Clare would've said it. My fangirl attack was just, yeah… you can ask one of my besties clareandeli4eva, she was there.

Anyhoo, on with the story! I hope you guys like it!

Important Notes: It is rated M because it's going to have some sweet lovely romance in it. Some fluff too. Oh and Eli's story Stalker Angel has nothing to do with this two-shot, three-shot? I don't know, but yeah it has NOTHING to do with it, I just thought it would go well with this yeah… I'll shut up now.

Stalker Angel

Summary: With the help of Eli's father, he got permission from Clare's mother to let her go out of town and join Eli for the Gothic Tales Convention, little does Clare know that Eli has a tricky plan up his sleeve, and it will be two nights she won't forget.

She acts like summer and walks like rain, reminds me that there's time to change. Since the return from her stay on the moon, she listens like spring and she talks like June.

Drops of Jupiter – Train;

Chapter 1

"Remember to call me when you get there."

"I know mom, I'll call you when we get there." Clare said.

I smirked as I put Clare's bags into the back of Morty, listening to Clare's mother lecture her daughter. Clare hugged her mother and she finally broke from her grasp and walked up to me. I opened the door for her and she slid into the hearse. I waved her mother off and walked around to the driver's side. Clare was already messing with the radio by the time I climbed inside. I turned the ignition on and swatted her hand away and played the CD, which was a mix of her music and mine.

We were on our way back to my place, since Bullfrog was going to be driving us to the Bloomington. Clare and I would be sitting in the back of his truck. A perfect time for cuddling since Bloomington was an hour and forty five minutes away. I pulled up into the driveway and Clare climbed out as soon as I turned the ignition off. She walked around to the back to grab her stuff, but I somehow beat her to it.

"I'll get this Clare, you go ahead inside." I said.

"Eli come on let me help." Clare whined.

"No, go inside and tell CeCe and Bullfrog that we're here, I'll put the bags in the truck."

Clare nodded and kissed me chastely and bounced inside while I grabbed her bags and walked to his truck and placed them in the back. It was sunny out, so I didn't have to worry about it raining or anything. Once I was done I walked into the house, and found Clare helping mom in the kitchen. Dad walked out and he had a bag hanging off his shoulder and he carried two large suitcases with him. I pinned my eyebrows together and stopped him.

"We're going away for two days, why do you guys have the big suitcases?" I asked.

"Ask your mother, she's the one that packed her closet in there." Dad laughed.

"I heard that!" Mom shouted from the kitchen.

I rolled my eyes and walked into the kitchen and stole the glass that Clare had in her hand and took a few sips of the water and ignored her protesting. Mom playfully smacked the side of my head and I grinned sheepishly at both of them.

"Okay so, are we all ready?" Mom asked.

"Yeah, wait no I have to get my stuff." I said.

"Oh, Bullfrog had already put all of our things in the truck. We should all be ready to go." Mom said. Clare nodded and she wrapped her arm around my waist. I smiled down at her and she said, "This is going to be so exciting! Thank you for doing this Eli, I really needed some time away with my other family." I laughed at her little joke and kissed the top of her head.

"Well we're glad we could take you along with us. We got so excited to see that Eli's story was published, even if it was a little gruesome and dark, but I liked it." Mom winked at me.

Before I could respond there was a loud honking outside and dad screamed, "Come on! Let's get this show on the road!"

We all shared a small laugh and exited the house, and I opened the door for Clare and she climbed into the back seats of the pick-up truck, I climbed in after her and my mom walked around and she climbed into the passenger seat. Soon enough, we were on the road to Bloomington.

We have been on the road for almost thirty minutes and I was beginning to get very bored. Clare was leaning against me, listening to my parents tell embarrassing kid stories of me. Each time they would tell something not so funny – to me – Clare would burst into a series of cute, uncontrolled giggles, and she would glance up at me as if she couldn't believe it. I had my arm draped around her shoulders and was dangerously close to her breast.

But, she was too busy listening to my parents that she didn't seem to realize. The laughter soon died down when mom started yelling at dad about taking the wrong exit just now. It made me laugh, and Clare glanced up at me, surprised.

I hadn't really said a word since we got on the road, and I guess my sudden outburst surprised her. While mom and dad argued in the front, I managed to steal a short kiss from her. Clare squeaked and pushed me away. She hissed; "They'll see us." I frowned and grazed my fingertips along the top of her breast through her floral top. Clare whimpered and she shifted in her seat.

"Eli!" She hissed.

"Come on, they're not paying attention," I whispered in her ear, causing her to shudder; "Just stay quiet." I added. Clare bit her bottom lip, something she always did when she was debating what to do. It's been weeks since Clare let me touch her for the first time, it was through her shirt, sometimes underneath when she was comfortable, but it still counts. She was tentative about it all the time, but after I get her in the mood, she would just whimper and moan and beg me to touch her. That alone, the very thought made the front of my jeans tighten and I instantly stiffened in posture.

My hand moved over her breast by accident and Clare held back a whimper.

She arched her back just slightly and I moved my arm so it was around her side, but my head reached up and I softly grabbed her breast, giving it a small squeeze. Watching her bite her lip and close her eyes really made the problem in my pants grow painfully hard and I had to try and contain myself.

"You kids are awfully quiet back there." Dad said.

I instantly pulled my hand from her breast and placed it on her waist when mom turned around to check on us. Clare's head fell to my shoulder and she sighed heavily. I chuckled and reached up to pat her head.

"How long do we have until we get there?" I asked.

"Less than an hour. We might stop to get something to eat on the way, if you guys are hungry that is." Mom said. She turned around to glance at us and Clare and I both stared at her like "innocent little kids." She rolled her eyes and turned back around. I sighed and leaned over, whispering in Clare's ear, "I guess we will have to wait when we get to the hotel."

Clare glanced over at me and smirked lightly.

"I guess so." She whispered against my lips and she reached down and stroked my cock through my jeans.

I gasped and bit my bottom lip, trying to hold back any noise that threatened to fall from my lips.

"You tease." I muttered.

End of Chapter 1

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