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Stalker Angel

Summary: With the help of Eli's father, he got permission from Clare's mother to let her go out of town and join Eli for the Gothic Tales Convention, little does Clare know that Eli has a tricky plan up his sleeve, and it will be two nights she won't forget.

I can't believe this moment's come it's so incredible that we're alone. There's so much to be said and done. It's impossible not to be overcome, will you forgive me if I feel this way, Cuz we've just met - tell me that's OK, so take this feeling'n make it grow. Never let it - never let it go. Don't let go of the things you believe in.

Don't Let Go – Bryan Adams;

Chapter 3

"Did you guys have fun?" CeCe asked.

"Yeah, it was okay. Not really what I expected." I answered as I opened the door for Clare, and she climbed into the back of the truck, and I climbed in after her.

"Oh, well… that's too bad. Would you guys like to get some dinner? Or would you rather just order room service at the hotel?" CeCe asked.

I glanced over at Clare and she shrugged. "I'd rather eat at the hotel, plus I wouldn't mind going swimming."

Clare gave me a suggestive wink and I smirked. I know where this is going. We were soon driving away from the building and heading back to hotel. When we arrived, Clare and I went up to our room. As we stepped into the elevator, her phone started to ring.

"Hello? Oh, hey mom—

"Clare Dianne Edwards! Didn't I tell you to call me when you get there!"

I smirked, hearing her mother's scream on the other line. Clare pulled the phone away from her ear, and smiled nervously. "I'm sorry mom, but I forgot. I'm here now and I'll probably text you later. We're about to eat dinner." Liar. We're going swimming, THEN eating dinner. Oh well. Clare reassured her mom that she was going to call her later.

The doors opened and we walked out and headed to the room. I searched for the key, digging into my pockets and frowned. Clare blinked up at me and she asked, "Where's the key?" I shrugged and shoved my hands deep into my pockets, and pressed my lips to a line. Clare's mouth dropped and she punched my shoulder.

"You left the key inside!" She shrieked.

"First, ow, second we can always go to the front and tell them to unlock it."

Clare nodded and she said, "Wait here, I'll be right back."

She kissed me and I watched her disappear around the corner. When I heard the elevator doors open, I got down on the floor and sat against the door. I waited patiently for Clare to get back, so I reached into my pocket and pulled out my phone. I figured I would text Adam since he and I haven't talked since school was let out for spring break.

He hasn't been himself since the incident with Fiona. Adam has been masking his actual feelings about what happened. He wasn't upset that she's a lesbian, more upset of the fact that she used him for her own denial. My phone vibrated in my hands and I looked down, checking the message.

I'm doing good, hanging out with someone at the moment. How are things with you and Clare? ;)

I rolled my eyes. Adam is still Adam.

I quickly text him back and glanced up when I heard someone walking down the hall, which of course was Clare and I assumed the manager. I got up and watched the old man unlock our door. Clare thanked him and we walked inside. I immediately searched for the key and found it on the dresser. Clare was already rummaging in her bag and I watched as she pulled out a purple and lime green two piece.

"I'll be back." She said as she walked into the bathroom.

I took that chance to pull out my swim trunks from my bag and I removed my clothes and pulled them on. Just as I finished, Clare walked out. I tried my hardest not to stare, but this is the first time I have actually seen Clare this naked. She didn't seem to realize I was staring at her as she wrapped a towel around her body.

Clare glanced up at me and I quickly shook my head from my thoughts and glared at her.

"What?" She asked curiously.

"Stop staring at me, it's rude." I scoffed playfully.

Clare rolled her eyes and she walked to the door, but then turned around and grabbed the key as well as her sunscreen. I grabbed a towel and then followed her out the door and headed to the elevator. The pool was outside, which is good, I can't stand indoor pools. Clare headed to a chair and she sat down on it.

"Eli, will you rub some sunscreen on my back?" She asked sweetly.

"Suuure." I muttered. I grabbed the bottle and waited for Clare to get situated on her stomach over the towel that lay on the chair. I squirted some of the lotion on my hands and rubbed the thick substance on her back, making sure it's blended into her skin well. She turned her head and said, "Can you get my legs too?" I blushed and nodded.

Not once have I ever thought I would actually be doing this, but now that it's happening, I didn't think it would make me blush tough. As I rubbed the lotion in her legs, I tried my hardest not to touch her inner thighs, especially since my fingers were trailing deeper to her most intimate spot. Clare didn't shift uncomfortably or anything, so I figured she didn't mind. But, I wasn't going to touch her out in the open.

I'm saving that for later.

"Mmmm, Eli your hands are like magic." Clare moaned.

"Thanks." I smirked as I moved my hands up to her shoulders and I massaged the tension out of them. I glanced up when someone jumped in to the pool and I suddenly got an idea. Before Clare could do anything, I wrapped my arm around her waist, and quickly hoisted her body over my shoulder.

"EEK! Eli! What are you doing!" Clare squeaked.

"I say it's time we go for a swim." I said as she continued to wobble over my shoulder. Clare stiffened and turned her head in attempt to see my face.

"I swear Eli; I don't want to get in now! I don't—EEK!"

Before I could let Clare finish her sentence, I ran to the pool and jumped in. She fell off my shoulder once we landed in the water, so when I surfaced, I saw her standing, hair matted to her face, and her arms crossed across her chest. I smiled sheepishly and walked to her, wrapping my arms around her waist. "Don't be mad." I whispered against her ear.

She shoved me back and I frowned, narrowing my eyebrows at her.

"Elijah Goldsworthy," I cringed at the assertiveness in her tone, "you are going to pay!" Clare smirked and she pounced on me, her hand forcing my head down under the water. I managed to get her hand away and I grabbed her wrists and surfaced. Clare giggled and I flipped my wet hair from my face. She asked, "I told you you would pay!" I smirked and held her wrists in a tight grip, so she won't escape on me.

Clare tried to get away, but I held them tighter.

"Eli, let me go." She demanded.

"No." I responded quickly.

"What? Why not!" She shrieked.

"Because, I'll let you go on one condition." I whispered as I walked towards her, causing her to back up. Once her back was against the wall, she turned her head slightly. I loosened my grip, and placed my hands on her hips, making sure her body was close to mine. She cleared her throat and asked, "What is the condition." Her tone was soft.

Well, I already let go of her wrist, so I don't need it to be done, buuuut then again I wouldn't mind getting a kiss from her.

"Kiss me." I whispered huskily.

Clare rolled her eyes and leaned up, placing a chaste kiss on my lips.

"Not like that." I said as she tried to get away, my arms moved securely around her waist. Clare sighed and she placed one of her hands on my shoulders and wrapped the other around my neck. I leaned down and kissed her. She was hesitant at first, seeing as we're in a public place, in a pool full of children and adults, but I managed to get her to kiss me back when I pushed my tongue passed her lips.

Clare's small whimper caused me to moan and I reached up and cupped her face and deepened the kiss. Her arms linked around my shoulders and she ran her hands all over my back and I smirked in the kiss when she tugged my bottom lip between her teeth. I reached down and cupped her ass through her purple bathing suit bottoms, making her gasp and pull away from my mouth.

This wouldn't be the first time I touched her ass, but since she was wearing a bathing suit the touching was closer. I groped her, watching her face in doing so. Clare closed her eyes and a small whimper escaped her lips.

"Do you like it?" I asked softly. Clare didn't respond. I slipped my hand behind the fabric and I gripped her soft flesh. Clare blushed and I smirked and continued to grope her soft, wet flesh.

"Eli…" Clare whispered.

"Hm?" I asked as I kissed her neck.

"People are watching." She said.

I pulled away from her neck and noticed that I had like ten people staring at us. I smiled sheepishly and quickly scooped Clare in my arms, carrying her bridal style, and ran up the steps of the pool and tossed her over my shoulder once more as I grabbed our belongings and headed back to the room.

"What do you want to eat?" I asked as Clare walked out of the shower.

She rubbed a small towel through her hair and then tossed it on the bed I wasn't sitting on. Clare sat down next to me and scanned over the hotel's menu. While Clare was in the shower, CeCe sent me a text telling me that she was going out to eat, and asked if we wanted to join them. I actually wanted to spend some alone time with Clare, so I told them to go without us.

"How about we order some pizza?" Clare asked.

"That's fine." I said.

While I ordered the pizza, Clare was rummaging through her bag, trying to find something to wear. She grabbed a pair of shorts and a tank top and walked back to the bathroom. After I ordered I quickly stripped out of the clothes I was in, since I took a shower earlier, I pulled on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. I grabbed a pair of basketball shorts and I removed my t-shirt. Clare walked out of the bathroom and she stumbled.

"A-aren't you going to wear a shirt?" She asked, stammering.

"No. I don't wear a shirt to bed, you know this Clare." I purred.

Clare nodded and I lied down on the bed, and opened my arms. Clare smiled and she walked to me. She lay on her side, her head against my chest, and I linked my arms around her waist, keeping her body warm, and close to mine. I reached for the TV remote and was about to turn the TV on, but Clare stopped me.

"What?" I asked.

"Leave it off. I like the quiet." She responded.

"Um… okay." I responded.

I placed the remote back on the nightstand and sat there, staring blankly at the TV. Clare's fingers were massaging my abs, tentatively, but she was tracing her fingers along my stomach, chest, and arms. I ghost my fingers along her soft arms and tried to figure out what would be a nice thing to do, to kill time. Me being a guy, I smirked at the thought. Clare lifted her head and she poked my cheek.

"What are you smirking at?" She asked.

"Nothing." I responded.


I cut her off, swooping down to kiss her. She gasped and I thrust my tongue into her mouth. I pushed her to the middle of the bed and I shifted my body over hers. Clare instinctively opened her legs and she moaned when my lower body came in contact with hers. Our tongues wrestled as we kissed hard. I groaned when her fingers moved in my hair and she tugged at the roots, something she enjoyed doing. I pulled my mouth away and kissed down her neck.

She tilted her head to the side, and breathed shakily. My fingers played with the hem of her shirt, and I slipped them underneath the fabric. I wanted to touch her, but I don't know if she would want me to. Clare arched her back into me, and fortunately I took that as a sign. I reached under her shirt and pulled my head back when I felt her bare chest.

"No bra?" I asked.

"I-I don't wear a bra to bed, you know this… Elijah." Clare blushed. I smirked and cupped her breast, and rolled my thumb over her nipple, feeling it tighten against my touch. Clare bit her bottom lip and she arched into my hand, moaning softly.

"Can I take this off?" I asked, moving my hand out from under her shirt and I tugged on the hem. Clare looked away and swallowed hard.

She blushed and slowly nodded. "If you don't want me to, I won't do it." I said.

"No, I want you to." Clare said.

I nodded and lifted her shirt over her head slowly. When the shirt was tossed to the floor, my eyes immediately went to her breasts. I couldn't help but ogle her body. Clare cleared her throat and I looked up at her face, which was very, very red. "Stop staring at me…" She whispered. I smirked and turned her face to me, and told her to open her eyes.

"You're beautiful Clare and," I moved my hands to her breasts and I softly grabbed them, giving them both a gentle squeeze. Her nipple tightened yet again, against my palms, "I love these." I whispered. Clare blushed harder and she moaned breathily. As I continued to knead her flesh, I dipped down and place a few kisses on her neck. I sucked softly on her skin, not enough to leave a mark. I wouldn't want her going home and her mother automatically assuming she and I fucked each other.

I kissed down her body and gave a small lick to her nipple.

"E-Eli!" Clare whimpered.

I moaned in response, and closed my mouth around her nipple, and began sucking and chewing greedily on it, while I teased the other between my thumb and index finger. Clare threaded her fingers in my hair and she pulled the strands hard, causing me to moan again. Her hips thrust up, and she rubbed herself against me. The friction felt so damn good, and I responded with a thrust of my own. We both moaned as our lower bodies touched each other.

I switched and gave her other breast the same treatment.

"Ohh, Eli!" Clare moaned.

Just as things were getting good, there was a knock on the door, and we both groaned. I pulled away from her and stood up next to the bed. I reached down and picked up Clare's shirt, and handed it to her. She pulled it on. The door was knocked on again, and I reached into my shorts and fixed the most obvious problem in the world. I grabbed my wallet from my pants and pulled out a few bills and walked to the door.

After I paid, I slammed the door shut with my foot, and made my way to the bed. Clare turned the TV on and we watched some cartoons while we ate.

"So, are we… you know going to sleep in the same bed or…"

"Clare, there are two beds. Just because we're rooming together, it doesn't mean I have to sleep with you."

"Well… I want to… share a bed with you."

"Okay, well come here."

I opened my arms and Clare smiled. She crawled under the blankets and snuggled close to me. I reached over and turned the light off. Just like before, Clare was moving her fingers all over my stomach and my chest, and my arms, only this time, she was moving dangerously close to the inside of my shorts. Since I was laying on my back, this was going to be slightly difficult, and I didn't want to be rude and shove her away.

Even though Clare and I have crossed the boundaries of touching each other, this is the first night I've actually touched her bare breasts, let alone see them. And now, her fingers were playing behind the waistband of my shorts.

"Clare?" I asked.

"Hm?" She responded.

"Um… what are you doing?" I tried to hide the shakiness in my voice, but I know I failed. I felt Clare move and she was sitting up. Since we were lying in the middle of the bed, she didn't fall off the bed when she moved to straddle me. I placed my hands on her hips and waited for her to do something. She seemed to want to be in control, so I just let her.

Clare leaned down and she kissed my neck. She lingered there for a minute before she began kissing down my chest. My heart beat erratically against my chest when I realized that she continued her journey south. Her teeth sunk into my hipbones and I involuntarily moaned. Her tongue lapped at the mark and she moved to the other. She did it again, only harder, and my body jerked absentmindedly as another moan escaped my lips.

"Is this okay?" I heard her ask.

"Y-yeah." I answered.

"I want to try something… will you let me?" Clare whispered.

"What do you want to try?" I asked.

Clare smoothed her hand up my thigh and she rubbed the place in between my legs. I groaned as her hand continued to move over my cock. The sensation was practically overwhelming, since I hadn't been touched by someone like this in such a long time. Clare pulled her hand back and I whimpered from the loss. I felt her tugging on my shorts and before I could say a thing, she yanked them down, along with my boxers.

"Turn the light on…" She commanded softly.

I blushed, thankfully she couldn't see it because the light was off; she was going to see my dick for the first time, and even though she doesn't have anything to compare it to, I hope she doesn't start freaking out and slam a pillow over it, but since she wants to see, I reached over and fumbled with the light switch, since I was nervous.

When the light illuminated the room, I looked at Clare's face. Which, again, was red; she licked her bottom lip and reached up shakily, and wrapped her hand around my cock. I watched her through half lidded eyes, the way she bit her lip in concentration, how her hand was slowly moving over me, and the way she would glance up at my face for some sort of clue to if she was doing something right.

"Is this okay?" She asked.

I nodded, and moaned when she gripped my cock harder. She pumped her fist faster, and I let out a loud appreciative moan when she twisted her hand. Clare did it again and I groaned and gripped the bed sheets. It felt fucking amazing, and Clare not having any experience made this so much better, because she seemed to know what the hell she was doing.

"Fuck, Clare…" I moaned.

It wasn't long until I came all over her hand, I tried not to laugh at the mortified look on her face, and when she squeaked. She got up and walked to the bathroom. I heard the water running, and I pulled my shorts back up as well as my boxers. Clare soon came back to the room and when she sat down on the bed, I practically pounced on her. Her body lay beneath mine, and we were kissing hard, fast, desperately.

I pushed my hips into hers and she moaned in my mouth. I liked the way that sounded, so I did it again, only much harder. The friction already caused my cock to grow hard again. It was already great what we were doing, but when Clare pushed at my chest, I watched as she tore her shirt over her head.

I leaned down and kissed her sternum before I moved to suck on one of her nipples. Clare moaned loud and I chewed hungrily on her nipple before I moved to the other. Clare's hands gripped my shoulders and she continued to moan, which was beautiful music to my ears. I kissed down her body and sucked on the skin below her belly button.

I moved back up and asked, "Can I take your shorts off?"

Clare swallowed hard. "Um—

"Same thing as before Clare, I won't do it unless you want me to, but I would really love it if you would let me touch you… especially here." I placed my hand over the place in between her legs, feeling herself already wet, soaking through her shorts and underwear.

"You're so wet for me Clare… can I touch you, please." I whispered as I traced the outline of her drenched panties.

"Y-yes! Eli touch me please." Clare whimpered.

I kissed her forehead and moved in between her legs. I pulled her shorts down, but left her panties on. I tossed her shorts to the side and watched her face turn red. She was really, really wet. And, it was obvious, seeing as there was a wet spot directly over her light purple panties. Clare separated her legs and she arched her hips from the bed. I leaned down and kissed her inner thighs, just to tease her for a bit, even though I knew she really needed to cum.

I placed a small kiss over her pussy and pushed her panties to the side, watching her fluids spill out of her. I groaned and leaned forward to taste her. The moment my tongue came in contact with her wet flesh, I let out a small moan. She tasted so fucking good. Her moans echoed in the room as I shifted my tongue up and down in between her folds. Her legs began to close, but I placed my hands on her inner thighs, holding them open.

"Mmm, Eli—ohh!" Clare moaned. "Please!"

I flicked my tongue over her clit a few times before I moved my tongue inside her. She was really tight, and her muscles clenched around my tongue. I moaned and thrust my tongue in and out of her tight hole. Clare's back arched, her hips moving up as well. I placed her legs over my shoulders, holding her body up as I continued to lick and suck on her sensitive skin.

I moved one of my hands to her ass and I slowly rubbed her bottom while my tongue moved fast over her clit.

"Oh god… ELI!" Clare cried out. Her body began to shake and I pulled away to watch her fluids spill out of her slowly, and dribbled down her inner thighs. I licked her clean and pushed her thighs off my shoulders and softly lay her on the bed.

"So," I started to say as I pulled the covers up over us and I turned the light switch off, "Do you regret coming with me on this trip?"

Clare didn't respond after a few seconds, and I figured she fell asleep. So, I kissed the top of her head.

"No… I don't regret any of it… I love you Eli, good night." She said sleepily.

"I love you too Blue Eyes, goodnight." I responded as I wrapped my arm around her waist, and pressed my chest against her back.

I've been waiting all my life to make this moment feel so right. The feel of you just fills the night, so c'mon - just hold on tight

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