Bella Ryder

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Ian's point of view

Its dark, the clouds are grey only interrupted by lightning and thunder. Not what I expected on the day my baby brother is to be born, at least he won't be my first one. I am the proud elder brother of three not including Sky and Elizabeth, that is. Also my dad, Chris Ryder is the king of Spirit kingdom or so that's what the others call him, but he, he hates being addressed the king, since it's is not confirmed yet. Actually the title has not been crowned for anyone since the rule of the third generation. And I am the eleventh and the last generation of our kind. I know, it was a long time back.

Long long ago, our land was first crested by the elders, who mastered many great powers. They were later called the first generation or the creators of our land. Among them existed two powerful warriors, who always excelled the others in many ways. It is said that those two played a major role in our existence. So, naturally they were accepted as their leaders. They both ruled the world with peace, generosity, love and affection for more than thousand years, since we spirit tamers are immortal. Death is not an easy thing to come for us. But sadly it did come for them. They both volunteered to go for war alone, for the sake of many people, they did defeat the enemy but also died after the battle.

Thus, their sons came to rule and that's when the problem started. Both the sons were trained well and were as powerful as their fathers, but one son wasn't anything like his father. He claimed to be the powerful one among them and wanted to become the only ruler of the spirit kingdom. But the other one didn't agree to that so didn't the people. This led to constant misunderstandings and arguments for years.

Finally they both decided to fight for their place in the throne, but they weren't so lucky since both died fighting for their throne. And then their sons or daughters, namely the third generation, came in and fought for the same thing but they weren't successful either. This continued for generations, that people were divided into two groups, they supported their leader and fought along with them. Our land which holds the majority stayed in the kingdom, but the others separated from us and went to live beyond the mountains. That was now called the fallen kingdom.

Nothing worked right between us, until now, my dad the current ruler of spirit kingdom wants to join hands with the fallen for good. He believes that we have fought long enough and feels that if we don't save the current generation that is, us, our race will become extinct, which is true. Long back when the first rulers created us, they foresaw that our race will continue only for eleven generations and I am the first child of the eleventh. We stop growing at a particular age after our transformation just like the others but it seems our females cannot reproduce the next generation. And if we die that would be the end of our race. Also another most important fact is that my brother who's to be born is the last baby of our race, the last of the eleventh generation.

My father, to avoid this wants to befriend the fallen for good. This has been going on for months now and finally it looks like the current ruler of the fallen is about to give it. For some reason many of our people did not like this idea including Garcia, dad's chief advisor also mentor. He's a first generation meaning he lived longer than any of us and also he's an excellent mentor. He taught my dad and his predecessors everything they know. My dad never does anything without consulting his trusted companions namely Garcia, Alastair, and Carlos.

Alastair is our guide in everything any anything, he's also a first elder also he can predict the future. He doesn't see the future per say but he feels the things which are going happen next. It freaked me out the first time he demonstrated it, but later on I guess I just got used to it. He just seems to know everything thus making him the wiser one while Garcia is all about fighting, bravery, training and power.

And for Carlos, he's our chief commander who also received training from Garcia also he's my dad's best buddy. He's very brave and strong but also kind and generous at the same time just like my father. He trains our warriors in the best way possible. His wife Kara and my mother Carla are best friends also their daughter Elizabeth and their son Sky are our best companions. They are like our extended family.

We are the spirit tamers, we each possess a spirit which is in the form of an animal though they are not actual animals like in human world. Having a spirit may or may not be same for some. Some have the same spirit like their parents but some have a totally different from their parents. We are born human but after a particular age, say thirteen for many, we transform into a spirit tamer. The bond between a spirit animal and its tamer is very powerful and unbreakable. Our transformation does not take longer, atleast not more than a day or just few hours in certain cases. During the transformation the spirit animal enters out body and we each acquire a special power.

Normally, when the transformation occurs, our eye color along with our hair color. the Sooner we change, sooner we stop ageing, which is early twenties for most.

Carlos's spirit animal is a cougar one of the rarest in our race. And my father, he's a Jaguar also a rarest spirit animal. Also Garciais a warthog and Alastair is a red wolf. Each one has a spirit animal though it's not like we morph into animals, but we release our energy at a particular level which fabricates into our spirit animal. Thus I can say we are a race just like vampires and werewolves.

We live in spirit land which in a dimension created such as inside earth itself yet transportation from spirit land to the human world can be possible only through portals. Also some spirit tamers live in the human world too, they co-exist along with humans without revealing their true identity, of course, as we look like a human, I mean we have a proper heartbeat, we need air to survive and all, we even need human food to live but our spirits need to hunt every now and then too. In fact we human technology and ours goes hand in hand. We have specialists here too.

"Master Ian" the guard pulled me out of my daydream, I shook it off and turned towards him.

"Yes?" I turned towards him. I forgot I was still in the palace roofs looking where my dad asked me to wait so that he can finish his conversation with Garcia and Alastair.

"Your dad is almost finished and he asked me to call you so that you guys can leave immediately" he said. Of course we need to hurry; my baby brother would be born any time now!

"Yes, thank you" I told him and went inside to my dad's office room only to find them still talking.

"…Chris you need to be careful in this decision. You already know that the two bodies were found in the river, which starts from the mountains. It could easily be them." I heard Garcia's loud booming voice trying to convince my father.

"Garcia please, just trust me on this one. I know what I am doing" my father spoke up in a hurried tone.

"Garcia, leave the boy to deal with this matter. And most importantly, now is not the time to discuss this matter. You know he needs to be at home right now, in fact we all do. So just leave it for now" Alastair spoke up on behalf of my father's defense.

"Yes, I need to home like right now. Garcia, I will never forgive you if I miss the birth of my son now" my dad spoke up in an anxious voice.

Garcia sighed "Fine, let's go home" he gave up.

"Finally" my dad muttered to himself but loud enough for us all to hear.

"Don't worry, lad. There's still enough time, you will not miss a thing" Alistair assured my dad. of course he would know, after all he was the one who predicted the sex of the baby and he's always right. But still, what were they talking about anyway?... Just then they noticed me standing at the doorway.

"Ah!.. There you are, Ian. Let's go we need to hurry." My dad ushered me out of the room and they all followed.

I found the courage to ask "Dad, what were you talking about?"

"Not now, son. We need to hurry" dad cut me off and we hurried off to our mansion since my dad doesn't like to live in the palace so we build a mansion to live among others, but Garcia insisted on using the palace at least as an office.


At our mansion after few hours

We were waiting outside mom's room in the hallway. I was pacing around nervously along with my brothers Wesley, Seejay, Kaaji, Sky and Elizabeth though Alastair seemed relatively calm. Garcia was leaning on one of the doorways and Carlos sat at the couch. We were all waiting to see our baby brother. Dad, Kara and a doctor was inside, with mom.

Finally after what felt like an eternity, Kara came out with a huge grin on her face. We all looked at her expectantly.

"Everything went normally, Carla is fine so is the baby. Also you guys are in for a big surprise maybe more like a shock, especially you Alistair. Go ahead have a look." She stated happily. What is she talking about? The others were equally confused.

I went in first ad everybody followed. I was very happy to see the scene before me, my dad had his arm around mom's shoulder, who looked well much to my relief, and was holding the baby wrapped in a warm blanket, dad had his other arm supporting the baby. It looked like both were holding the baby tightly with a look of utter joy, love and affection in their eyes. I couldn't see the face only the form. The baby looked smaller than any of my brothers when they were first born. Noticing our presence, dad looked up, his grin never leaving its place on his face.

"Why don't you come see the baby first, Alistair?" dad asked him. I was slightly chest fallen that he didn't pick us first.

Alistair went near the baby with a huge grin and bent down to look at my brother. Suddenly he froze, his eyes went huge and his mouth opened up large.

"What?…no way…it's not possible…." he spluttered. Oh My God! What happened? We all rushed by the bed, but all the time dad and mom had a huge smirk on their faces.

They held the baby out for us to see and I couldn't believe what I saw. I gasped so did the others. I turned towards Alistair who still had the same expression still on.

"You were wrong?" I gaped. This only led dad to chuckle loudly.

"No way!" Carlos stammered. We all are surprised, Alistair was never wrong, I mean like NEVER.

"Wow" Elizabeth breathed. But her expression turned from shock to happy almost too quickly. I exactly know what she's thinking.

"Looks like old man here is wrong for the first time. You know everybody makes mistakes, but I just didn't expect you to" Garcia laughed at Alistair's bewiled expression. True Alistair was never wrong, well until this moment. I looked at my latest sibling who had a peaceful look on her face with her eyes closed.

Yes!.. It's a girl. I have a baby sister who Alistair predicted to be a boy. And I am happy!. I always wanted a baby sister, but when Alistair said it would be a boy again all of us were slightly sad. But now, its like a miracle.

"How?" I whispered.

"I don't …know" Alistair whispered back.

"It's okay, Alistair. Now will everybody just snap out of it already? We need to find a nice name for your sister here. I am sure Carla and Chris only came up with a boy's name" kara spoke up.

"yeah! Well, what do you expect. Apparently someone was wrong about something.." my mom commented looking at Alistair. She laughed on seeing his expression, we all did.

"Okay Okay stop it already. Its just one mistake. Get over it" Alistair shot us a nasty look.

"Alright, anybody got any name suggestions?" Kara asked. We all looked around blankly.

"I do" dad chimed in.

"Well, what is it?" prompted Kara.

Dad carefully stroked her dark red hair away from her forehead, kissed her head gently, his touch was filled with love and whispered "Isabella Marie Ryder. Bella Ryder".


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