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The brunette's head snapped up. Internally, he smirked; he and Hamuko had worked for ages to get Minato to drop the honorific.


"Walk with me, would you? We need to talk."

'Uh-oh...' part of him wondered if spending the night with Hamuko was the best idea now.

"... so..." Shinji felt an awkward air drop over himself and the bluenette.

"...so, indeed." Minato mused. For once, his iconic media player and headphones were nowhere to be seen. Shinji waited for him to continue.

"...You're dating my sister." It wasn't a question, but Shinji nodded anyway.


"Even though you know what we both carry within us."

"The remains of Nyx's seal; yeah, I know."

"..." Minato paused, dwelling on that fact for a moment, before nodding and continuing."Furthermore, you know that I will kill you if you hurt her."

Shinjiro winced, and nodded again; he knew the boy had every capability of making him wish he were dead.

"Good... just so you know, you've helped her; probably as much as or more than she's helped you. I hadn't seen here this open since the night before... before our parents died." Minato said this more quietly than he said anything else, then shook his head again.

"I'm glad we were able to have this talk. I need to head... somewhere... and I'll be a bit late getting back to the dorms." He started to walk away, then turned back.

"Oh, and Shinji?"

The brunette looked up, not even wincing at the nickname anymore. "Yeah?"

"If you and Hamu-chan go at it again tonight, could you please keep it down? Ken is already scarred for life, and Akihiko and I need our sleep, even if you don't." Shinji's face turned darker than his coat; he nodded, then bolted, swearing under his breath, back to the dorm. Minato just chuckled and continued on his way back to the Velvet Room.

A/N: Yes, yes I did. I fell into the Shinji/Minako (I see her as "Minako Hamuko Arisato") bandwagon. And, seeing as Minato is generally accepted as her brother, he would receive the task of making SURE that Shinji knew what he would be facing should he hurt Minako. The last bit can be interpreted however anyone wishes; the could've been talking, arguing, or... something more fun. I chose to hint at the last option.

I know, I know, I need to stick with my other stories; I've got a problem though; I don't know what's next! Suggestions please?