"Huh?" At the moment I pulled away from the open workbook. Simone kissed me on the neck.
"I would like to play on Mr. teacher and student..."
"You wanted to say Mrs. teacher..."
"Well, Mrs. teacher, whatever, I want to make naughty things with you..." Blonde smiled mischievously.
I blushed. "Simone, I have a lot of work, don´t be me angry. I have to learn, I'll write a test."
"Annabelle, don´t be a cracker! You never learn, so don´t tell me you started right now..." Again, her lips stucked to my neck and I was so tickled, that I laughed.
"Excuse me, what do you know, I need to illuminate the school!" I guessed on.
"You?" Simone laughed. "Except that it began to burn. And now stop learn and go. I think I have any trouble with the literature, Miss..."
"Simone, you're incorrigible!" I quickly closed the book and plunged to her.