It's not my first try with them, but it is the first time I try to write a several-chapters story about them. I hope you'll enjoy it! I'm on holidays right now it means I can work on this story, but every work needs time so I don't know when I will be able to publish the sequel.

They will surely be a bit OOC, but remember this is my plot and so I have adapted the characters to it. Well, I hope you will like it!

(I apologize for the mistakes, I try my best in English but I'm far from being perfect :p )

Chapter 1 - Discovery

Inuyasha ran through the forest for the umpteenth time that day. He knew he wouldn't find anything. He sensed nothing at all, nothing that he wanted. Rin had disappeared a week ago, and they still didn't have any evidence about what had happened.

He wouldn't admit it to Kagome, but he didn't believe in their chances to find her alive anymore.

"Did you find her?" Kagome asked, hope filling her eyes.

The half-demon pitifully shook his head. "Her scent isn't in the forest anymore."

"And the bear demons?"

"Disappeared too," he assured.

Kagome closed her eyes. Rin had only stayed three months with them before suddenly disappearing. They didn't know if it was a voluntary departure or not, but the scent of bear demons was weighing for the latter.

"What if... what if she is..." Kagome couldn't bring herself to end her sentence.

Inuyasha took her in his arms. Oh, how he would like to protect her from the guilt she surely was feeling, but it was impossible, he was also feeling it. He should have watched over the child more carefully.

"She is only ten years old! Ten years old! How do you want her to stay alive, alone, in a demon world?"

Kagome was panic-stricken. Sesshomaru had left Rin in their care. He had made an effort to trust his half-brother with the life of his ward, and they had betrayed that so precious trust.

It was crystal clear. The powerful dog demon, feared by so many, if not by everyone, was fond of a child, a human child, and would do his best to protect her, even if it meant he had to leave her behind.

Keeping Rin by his side had become more and more dangerous over the months. At some point, Sesshomaru had decided to bring Rin to his Land until she was old enough to travel again. They had remained there three months, enough time for Rin to be the victim of around ten murder attempts, and for Sesshomaru to understand his surroundings were not where she should be.

"Inuyasha... We have to tell him! He will surely be able to do something, he has a lot of people under his orders. Yeah, we have to do that. Can you send him a message?" she hopefully asked.

"I can, but if he knows..."

"It will be hell," Kagome finished for him. "But we don't have any other choice!"

He knew it. He knew it was not a good idea since the very beginning. Leaving her behind, what a stupid thing to do! Alas it had been his Lord's decision, and nobody ever argued his decision.

"Maybe I should have done so," the little imp mumbled.

Jaken had intercepted Inuyasha's message. He couldn't explain why, but his blood had run cold when he had caught a glimpse of the sender. Inuyasha never wrote to his brother, never. Eventually, it could have been about how Rin was doing, however it had been decided that Jaken would be the one fetching the news, at least three times a year. So why would Inuyasha waste his time writing to his brother?

On an impulse, he had grabbed the letter from the messenger's hands, then had quickly disappeared into the Lord's gardens. Even after four readings, he couldn't bring himself to acknowledge the truthfulness of what was written.

"Inuyasha is not so weak! He was a good option, he should have been able to protect her better than that! Three months! We left her three months ago and a bad thing has already happened!"

Jaken couldn't calm himself. He was now walking back and forth among the beautiful flowers. Annoyed, panic-stricken, furious, desperate.

He had to make a choice, either he warned his Lord, or he went himself to Inuyasha's village.

"Yeah, I think it's better that way, because if he knows, if he knows..." A shiver ran down his spine. He didn't want to find out what would happen if he knew, or rather, he didn't want to take the risk to be there when that would happen.

"I go to Inuyasha and let the message to another demon who will give it to him in four or five days, how long will it take me to go there?"

Lost in his thoughts, Jaken missed the great demon coming towards him.

"Maybe I will meet with Rin into the forest. Maybe she has just lost herself in the woods. Damn that Inuyasha! He should have..."

"What should he have done?"

Jaken froze. 'Oh no, oh no, oh no.' He turned around and quickly fell on his knees.

"My... my Lord... what are... what are you doing here?"

"It's not my question Jaken. What should my half-brother have done? What about Rin being lost?"

His voice was void of any emotion, but Jaken knew better. His Lord was getting angrier with each second.

"I... I received that..." he sheepishly said while offering the letter.

Sesshomaru snatched it away from the toad's hands. He knew that what was written would surely not pleased him, but he had to be aware of everything. Even if it displeased him.

"What's the meaning of that Jaken?" he growled.

The imp began to shake. "I... It seems that... that Rin has disappeared my Lord... Inuyasha... Inuyasha hasn't found her yet." He immediately closed his eyes, waiting for his Lord to hit him.

The blow never came. "We are leaving Jaken. Now!"

"Of... of course my Lord. I will prepare everything I-"

"No need. We are going immediately."

Sesshomaru couldn't think straight. His little Rin, his precious Rin was missing. He had to find her. He had to protect her. What if it was already too late? He frowned. No, he would find her before it was too late. He had made a promise to himself, he would never let any harm come to Rin. For a time, he had thought that the best for her was to be kept away from him. He had to admit, he had been wrong.

In spite of all his enemies, in spite of all the dangers he was making Rin be close to, in spite of all that he would have never let her disappear like that! If only he had listened to her, she wanted to stay, she was willing to stay, with him, he definitely should have listened to her.

"Jaken, just order to prepare a room for Rin. She will stay here."

Jaken restrained himself from smiling. He would not admit that he missed Rin greatly. That child had been the first to treat him with respect -he didn't expect that from his Lord, he was his master after all- she had considered him as a friend. In spite of all the times he had been mean to her, she had never held a grudge against him.

"Of course my Lord!"

Sesshomaru sighed. It would be hell to make the other demons agree with her presence in the castle, but it wouldn't make him change his mind. He would rather face their anger than being separated from Rin again. If it wasn't already too late... He sent that idea away. He had never thought thus, defeat was not something he was customary of, and it would not begin now.

"I will bring her home," he whispered, a vivid determination burning into his eyes.

To Be Continued...