Mother Dearest


Wally could have a a mom that hated him.

That wanted to make him pay for taking attention away from her. She could have spit hateful venomous words at him. She could have broken him in her manicured hands. She could have made him bleed and scream and cry.

She could have destroyed every bright smile every lighthearted laugh could have destroyed bright green eyes that held happiness and innocence and every vestige that was Wally. She could have torn scars into his body could have slowly choked the life out of him could have chopped him up into little bits and pieces where no one would find him.

She could have obliterated Wally could have twisted him into something ugly and hateful.


Wally could have had a mom that loved him.

That wanted nothing more than to make him happy. She could have held him close when he had nightmares and whispered soft words of love and comfort whenever he cried. She could have kissed all of his cuts and scrapes and wiped blood and tears out of his eyes.

She could have protected him from monsters that pretended to be his fathers. She could have saved him from men who wanted to hurt him to break him. She could have rescued him from anger and blood and tears and sorrow. She could have shielded him from angry eyes and a big meaty fist that wanted to make him suffer. She could have made him feel perfect and beautiful and loved.

She should have made Wally feel perfect and beautiful and loved.


Wally has a mother who doesn't hate him but doesn't love him either.

She watches blankly as he breaks. Watches him beaten till he can't stand. Listens to him scream and cry and beg. She does nothing to shield him or protect him or save him. She lets Wally be beaten and broken and abused watches and listens uncaring feeling nothing.

And when it's all over she cleans him up. Wipes away the blood, dries the tears. Whisperers soft words of comfort. She puts band-aids on all of his ugly purple bruises and kisses them better. She holds him tight to her chest and rocks him softly against her as he cries. Because no one else will do it. There's no one in the house to do these things she does them simply because she has to.

And when she says "I love you." Wally likes to think it's true even when he's thinking at least you don't hate me.

A/N: Depressing no? I just wanted to write Wally's parents as comic canon for some sick and twisted desire I still don't completely understand. But meh I think it turned out pretty okay considering.