A lifetime of kisses

A/N: One shot. Please enjoy! Warning: Lime.

She's been counting since their first kiss, he discovers. The number on her forearm is clearly marked 22. He questions it, and, blushing, Ariadne answers. "We've had exactly 22 kisses, counting the one in the hotel lobby during the Fischer job." He smiles and pulls her in close. "Wanna bring that to 23?" She smiles into his chest as he captures her lips. The familiar thrill that usually comes with Arthur's kisses is back again, travling along her spine and to her fingertips.

"Whoa, there, eager horses. Save that for your bedroom," mutters Eames as he passes by. Ariadne giggles, but the sound is lost, and she wraps her arms around Arthur. 23, she thinks to herself. 23 kisses. She's been counting.

Kiss number 32 comes after watching Titanic. "Hey," mutters Arthur. "That guy looks like Cobb." She tilts her head and evaluates the TV screen. On the screen, the two actors are on the very top of a quickly sinking ship. "Nah. That guy doesn't-"

She never finishes. She gives an 'oomph' of surprise, then relaxes into the lines and sharp angles of his body that she knows so well, kissing back and closing her eyes. Kissing Arthur will never change, she knows. It's the same magical feeling, being in love. She stiffens for a second, then relaxes. Love? Love. She loves Arthur. "What's the matter?" asks Arthur, moving away (only a little bit, or Ariadne would be forced to bring him back). She gives him a smile and a peck on the cheek. "Nothing. Just an epiphany." He gives her an uncertain look, and both of their attention is returned to the screen when Jack dies. He's holding her hand. A fact she's hyper aware of.

Kiss number 48 makes Ariadne want more. A lot more. So she decides that kiss number 50 will seal the deal.

Kiss number 49 is fleeting, but all Ariadne can think about is kiss number 50.

And when kiss number 50 comes, she's about to enter her room, Arthur holding her hand while balancing a bowl of cheetos. He sets the bowl down and wraps an arm around her waist. She puts an arm around his neck, and he has to bend, but Arthur doesn't care. He loves their size difference. She smells like strawberries and cherries, and cheetos, he notices. And she notices that he smells like cigerettes and wine. And cheetos. They both smell like cheetos and taste like cheetos. She deepens the kiss.

"Are you sure?" Arthur asks later, and her assent comes out clear and strong.

The next morning, she wakes up, and his arm is slung around his waist. She can still taste cheetos. Arthur has an artsist's touch that burns like fire, and she can still feel it, especially on the inside of her elbow where 50 is marked on fading ink.

Kiss number 78 comes on a rainy day, while they are both running to inside her house. Right before they enter, he pulls her to him with an ageless smile. "Kissing in the rain. I've always wanted to do this." And he does. She probably won't ever tell him she's wanted do it as well.

Kiss number 90 comes after his proposal, and she's gushed tears of happiness ("I don't know why I'm crying, I hardly ever cry, Arthur, this is all your fault I'm crying"). And he feels so happy he could burst ("Eames is gonna blow his hole-")

Kiss number 102 comes after their wedding.

And kiss number 1,098 comes while they watch their grandchildren play in the grass. Ariadne doesn't need to write it on herself any more. They are both keeping count.

A/N: this is the first time I've ever done anything like this, so please tell me if I've done anything wrong. Or something. I was inspired to write this after reading a fanfic on livejournal.