"Charlie, stop it!" came a giggle from behind the front door of Hogwarts. Suddenly, two figures burst out: a red-headed boy, and a girl whose hair seemed to change colors in the light from brown to red to blonde. The boy ran after the girl, who laughed and easily avoided him. He grinned widely as she let him get close, but always managed to evade him.

"Nymphadora!" he laughed, as she escaped his grasp once again. She turned and pouted at him.

"Why would you call me that?" she said, trying to run backwards. Her foot caught a stone and she started to fall. The boy caught her swiftly, and picked her up. She jokingly struggled against him. "Help! Help! He's got me!" she yelled, laughing all the while.

"Quiet you!" he mock-growled, and made her silent by planting a kiss on her mouth. She kicked her legs happily, and he set her down, keeping her hand in his own. She faced him, and put their interlaced hands under her chin. She locked eyes with him, and slowly her green eyes changed to match the perfect blue of his own. Her hair was already the same flaming-red as his. Freckles bloomed across her face, the mirror image of his.

"Dora, you look like you could be my sister," Charlie laughed, scrunching up his nose. "My mother would love that."

She shook her head, quickly changing her eyes and her hair to their natural colors. "I don't think I want to be your sister, Charles," she whispered, her lips brushing his.

"Well, I wouldn't want that either, lovely Dora," he breathed, bending the extra centimeter to lock her into a passionate kiss. After only a moment, she pulled away quickly, eyes wide, and looked towards the door. He looked at her questioningly, and she whispered: "I hear someone coming." She grabbed his hand again, and moved him over to the side of the building, where they could see but not be seen.

"Dammit, Severus, why not?" A rough voice sounded from the hall, seconds before the doors burst open. Severus Snape, the much-loathed Potions master at Hogwarts was being pursued closely by a ragged young man who looked like he lived in fear. His eyes darted around wildly, and Dora drew back, afraid that he might see her. Charlie drew in a sharp breath when he saw the man, and she turned to look at him. He shook his head, mouthing that he would explain later.

Dora returned her attention to the arguing pair in time to hear Snape's whiny voice say: "…besides, Remus, what do I owe you?"

The other man stopped at this, seeming at once sad and angry. He looked down at the ground and muttered something.

"What was that?" Snape demanded.

"I said that you know that wasn't my idea. It's in the past, Severus… Those schoolboy pranks are past."

Snape scoffed at Remus, and looked at him with loathing in his eyes. "Knowing Sirius and James, I honestly doubt that." Dora's eyes grew wide. Snape had just mentioned her cousin Sirius, she was sure of it. She remembered hearing his stories of his best friend James, the one that had taken him in when he was disowned by the family. This Remus must be part of their group… But she couldn't remember ever hearing about him.

The two men had taken their argument further down towards the lake, leaving Charlie and Dora alone. Dora sunk down against the wall, taking a sitting position. Charlie stayed standing, pacing back and forth. His head was down and his eyes were roaming the ground.

"What's wrong?" She asked slowly, trying to break the silence.

"That man… Remus," he spat, "should not be here." He looked at her, and she saw fear in his eyes. Fear in the eyes of the boy who could stare down a hippogriff. She shivered.


He looked away, and turned his head skyward. The sun was about to set, and the moon waited on the horizon. A full moon. Dora's eyes grew wide.

"He's a werewolf?"