Remus woke up sore, which meant he had no doubt in his mind what last night had been. His eyes flashed open and he sprung up, head searching around wildly. He didn't see any blood stains anywhere, which was a good sign, but he didn't see Siruis, which wasn't. "Sirius?" he muttered, afraid of there being no response.

A nude Sirius popped into the doorframe. "Oh, good morning sleeping beauty!" His hair was mussed up a bit more than usual, but other than that he looked to be in one piece. Remus sighed in relief. Sirius looked at him with a bit of mischief in his eyes. "Afraid the big bad wolf got me?" Remus simply nodded in response and shut his eyes wearily. The adrenaline rush had worn off already, and now he wanted to get back to sleep. Suddenly, he was thrown down onto the bed. He opened his eyes to see Sirius on top of him, laughing as always. Remus couldn't help but smile back.

"Don't worry. I can take you down." Sirius bent his neck to nip Remus's ear. A shiver ran down his spine, but this was a pleasurable one. He turned his face to kiss his best friend, his lover, and soon he couldn't tell where he ended and Sirius began.

It was times like this that Remus cherished. He could pretend to be normal. Well, almost. His father would've seen him being with Sirius as more of a crime against nature than his lycanthropy. Neither was mentioned ever in the Lupin household.

After a few preciously intimate moments, Sirius straightened up. "Come on, Moony, let's get some breakfast in you." He darted into the next room, where after a few pops and sizzles, Remus began to smell bacon. Mouth watering, he clambered out of bed and into the dusty kitchen. Sirius had somehow managed to get the stove working, and was frying eggs and bacon.

"How very domestic of you, Padfoot," Remus jokingly said, smacking his companion's rear. Sirius turned around, brandishing a frying pan full of bacon.

"Don't make me use this." Remus put his hands up in mock surrender as Sirius laughed. "See, I told you I can take you!" He set the pan down and flexed jokingly.

"Easy there, mate, you're burning the bacon." Sirius whipped around in horror, trying to save the frying meat.

"Damn," he turned to Remus bashfully, a piece of hair in his eyes. Remus was impressed by just how handsome he was, even in such a ridiculous state. "Well… Want to go to Hogsmeade for breakfast?"

Remus smiled. He knew that Sirius was trying to do something special for him after such a lousy night.

"Let me get my coat."