"Okay, so the plan is just to look in every hospital we can find and ask if Danielle Davis has ever made an appointment there with a baby doctor?" said Gillian.

"Yep," said Junior. "It's the only thing I can think of."

"I can't believe we're doing this," said Gillian. She opened the passenger door to Junior's silver porshe and climbed in.

"Me neither," said Junior. "It's such a wild goose chase. At least when we were in Europe we knew how to get to what we were looking for! You know, ever since I started dating you, my life has just been one big adventure,

"Oh really?" said Gillian.

"Yeah," said Junior. "Up until then, the closest thing I did to something like this was riding out into the mountains with Matt helping him look for a bunch of missing horses. And the only reason that I agreed to go was because I wanted to make a play for Kris." Gillian laughed and rolled her eyes. "Dani ended up following us up there, of course, because she does that."

"Oh yeah, you, Matt, Dani, and Kris?" said Gillian. "Sounds interesting."

"It was," said Junior. "We stopped to swim and ended up playing truth or dare."

Gillian laughed. "Oh my god, that's so junior high. I love it!"

"And then Kris confessed that she doesn't know how to swim, Matt confessed that he caught Jean making out with some bald old guy, and Dani confessed that she tried to find our mother and didn't even tell me," said Junior.

"Which turned out to be just your mother," said Gillian.

"Yes," said Junior. "And I was like, oh my god, why didn't you tell me? And she was like, I wanted to show you and Dad what I can do. Can you believe it?"

"Yes," said Gillian. "Because that's what you want to do now."

"What?" said Junior.

"You know, bring Dani and her baby back home and show your dad what you did," said Gillian. "That's why you didn't tell him she's pregnant."

"Wow," said Junior. "How do you know me so well?"

"Because I'm your other half," said Gillian. "Haven't you figured that out yet?"

"Yeah," said Junior, "I have." He leaned over and gave her a quick kiss. "Oh my god, I still can't believe my sister's pregnant. I could be an uncle right now."

"How do you think she got pregnant?" said Gillian.

Junior looked at her seriously. "Do I have to draw you a diagram?"

Gillian laughed. "You know what I mean!"

"I'm really not sure," said Junior. "My sister can be…quite wild."

"So you think she doesn't even know?" said Gillian.

"Possibly," said Junior. "The whole time we were in high school she was dating Matt on and off, but she never had sex with him until they tried to run Dani Davis Farms together."

"Dani Davis Farms?" said Gillian. "What's that?"

"Long story," said Junior. "Anyway, Dani never had sex with Matt or any of her other high school boyfriends. Instead she went off and seduced Dad's business clients and threatened to tell him about it if they didn't sign deals with him. Then she would tell Dad that she talked them into signing on with her, and he would be proud."

"Oh my god!" said Gillian. "Oh, Dani!"

"And then she stopped doing that when she got her own horses to race and realized that she needed to be more professional, and plus she really missed Matt for a while," said Junior. "But the only guy who she ever actually fell in love with was…" he paused and looked around. "HOLY CRAP."

"What?" said Gillian.

"Remember RJ Blake?" said Junior.

"Of course," said Gillian. "What about him?"

"I think he must be the father of Dani's child," said Junior.

"What?" said Gillian. "Are you sure?"

"He must be," said Junior. "At one point she said she felt like Shiek O'Hattan was making eyes at her and she told him to keep it professional because RJ had just died. If she's having too hard of a time getting over him to go out with an exotic multibillionaire who's clearly her type, who else would have gotten her pregnant?"

"Your right," said Gillian. "Goodness. Maybe we should ask at all the hospitals if there was ever a Danielle Blake staying there as well."

"Sounds like a good idea," said Junior. He stepped on the gas, and he, Gillian, and the silver car went speeding along down the highway.

"Knock knock?"

Tim looked up from his desk. There was Tina Sharp standing in the doorway wearing skin-tight pants and a tight satin blue shirt that had a ruffly neckline so low it was practically a belt. "Oh, hey Tina. Come in." Please tell me she's just here to talk about horses, he thought. "What's going on?"

"I just came in to say that I'm really sorry about last night," said Tina. "That was totally unprofessional. I'd had a few drinks, so I wasn't thinking."

Tim smiled. "It's okay, Tina. You're forgiven."

"Thank you," said Tina.

Tim looked down at his figures. How much money he'd set aside for hay, grain, and bedding, which horses needed better tack, if he had enough grooms…

Suddenly, he realized that Tina still hadn't left.

"You know," said Tina. "I've been told that I'm much more satisfying when I'm not drunk."

"Oh, really?" said Tim.

"Really," said Tina.

Tim put down his pen and stood up. "Would you like to show me how much?"

Tina closed the door to the office and walked further in. "Absofuckinlutely."

"Kris, are you ever going to get back to horseback riding, or do you just want to be my nanny?" Dani joked. She was filling out some forms while Kris stood across the room from her rocking the baby wrapped in a soft pink blanket. Ramona wasn't even crying, in fact, she was barely awake, but Kris was rocking her anyway.

"I'll get back to riding," said Kris. "Just as soon as you take this baby away from me so that I can stop falling in love with her."

"Just a second," said Dani. She made a couple of strokes with her pen. "Okay, I'm done now. Gimme!"

Kris went over to Dani and very carefully transferred Ramona from her arms to her mother's arms. "She's so tiny and fragile," said Kris. "I can't believe they let us take her home from the hospital."

"Me neither," said Dani. "I don't know what I'm doing!" She imagined what would happen if RJ was here. He would probably be just a nervous as she was, but completely fawning over his baby daughter who had the exact same face as him. At least the way Dani remembered it. She didn't even have a picture of him. Junior probably did, though.

For the first time, Dani actually wondered what would happen if she ever returned to Davis Farms. If she'd returned six months ago, her dad probably would have been horrified at the prospect of Dani being pregnant with RJ's child. She could just picture Ken saying, "You're thinking of having a baby with that cowboy? You're not even twenty yet. Just take care of the problem for god's sake!" But now things would be different. He might take one look at his baby granddaughter and fall in love with her.

Of course, even if Dani did go home to Davis Farms, she couldn't really do anything there. Not without a racing license.

And what about Kris? Dani couldn't leave her here by herself. Not after all the help she'd been giving her with Ramona.

No. There was no going back.