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My first fanfic!

Chapter 1

Hermione Ganger bursted through the library doors. There was much on her mind. She had a goofy smile on her face when Hermione daydreamed of Draco's lips felt. He had started liking her since the start of the school year and asked her out 3month ago . At first she didn't trust him, but then all those evenings they spent together showed her he could be trusted. Her friend didn't really approve but Hermione was happy with Draco. Her mind began to wander, thinking about what Draco bought for her birthday which was only 5days away.

She also needed a book for her charm 3ft long essay.

Madam Prince gave her sad look as see went to the selves.

She brushed it off it since she had such a great day so far. At the back of the library was the charms selection.

There was corner in that selection she loved. Hermione walked over and picked the biggest charms book. She hesitated as she heard voices then carefully removed the book. What she saw next broke her heart.

HER Draco was snogging Pansy Parkinson. She wanted run, but her feet didn't agree and she froze like a statue.

"I have to go" Draco said between kisses. But neither Hermione nor Pansy noticed it was full of regret.

"Why, it's because Granger isn't it, you always do this!" Pansy exclaimed

"Shhhh! No it's just that I have to finish my homework. And Granger dresses and looks worse than a troll in hoopskirt and my grandmother together." He sneered.

"Lier!" Pansy teased. While Draco thought she serious.

"Jealousy! I sense jealousy" Draco teased.

"Anyways that mud blood was for a project". Hermione stifled a sob as she remembered how Draco swore never to call her that. Draco's and Pansy's head turned to see Hermione brimming with tears, behind the selves.

"Hermione" Draco whispered softly.

"Don't" a voice colder than he-how-must-not-be-named replied then Hermione hands yanked the necklace that Draco gave her for Christmas of its chain and threw it at him.

The initials HG+DM inside a heart of silver, with diamonds studded in them sparkled with tears as it flew across the room. Hermione Remembered that day

"I have Christmas present for you!" Draco sang as he stepped through the door of the head girl's dormitories.

"Me too!" Hermione sang back. "Here I brought this back from England." Draco saw a soccer ball in her hands, and beamed she had remembered how much he loved soccer. And it had a signature of his favorite player.

"Wow! This makes my gift a baby toy" A he unfolded a necklace of pure silver and their initials in it .Hermione gasped. "This must have costed you a fortune for a Mudblood like me."

"Not really" Draco smiled as Hermione forgotten of rich his family was. "Here let me help you put it on" His hands gingerly put on the necklace around Hermione.

"How do I look?"

"Like the most beautiful woman on the plant" He commented.

"How do you get this off?"As Hermione tugged at the necklace.

"When one of us stops loving one another, its charmed you see. And if you or I stop loving one each other, you can rip it off and you can throw it at my face" He teased

"I hate you Draco Malfoy" Hermione screamed and tugged at the necklace. Draco just chuckled and Whispered "I will never ever call you a mud blood or stop loving you."

Hermione bursted into tears and ran out the library and up to the head's dormitories.

She felt her dinner coming up when an image of Draco and Pansy snogging and her mind was chanting Mudblood! Hermione flopped to her bed and cried the night knowing Anthony(head boy) was watching.

Pansy puckered her lips up ready to continue snogging.

"Not now.."Draco said rubbing his temples

He headed for the common room.

"spending time with your lady?" Blaise asked as he saw the hickey on Draco's neck.

"No, I just lost the love of my life" He sighed

I hope you enjoyed this!

My first fanfic!