Hey guys this my second fanfic ever. I'm a big fan of DOA so I was looking through the DOA section of the website and found one that had the characters in highschool. I like the idea so I came up with this.

The sun had just begun to rise. It was a brisk autumn morning. Most people were still in their beds, cozy and warm. Some people though, have a more…rigorous schedule than others. Ryu Hayabusa, aged seventeen, had just gotten home from a morning jog. Although a morning jog to Ryu would be a marathon to most others. In fact, he had jogged 20 miles. With that said, Ryu walked into his house with not even a single drop of sweat. The only possible way that someone could have known he went out for a jog would be that he was wearing an all black jogging suit. Even then people would assume that he was just about to go for a jog, not came from one.

Ryu opened the door to his house and took off his running shoes in the entrance before moving down a hall past a set of set of stairs into the kitchen. He untied his ponytail as he opened the fridge door for a drink. He found a bottle of water and quickly poured all of it down. The truth was Ryu was actually tired, just as anyone who had jogged 20 miles would. It's just that the senior highschooler had trained himself to be able to conceal any weakness or pain. He would have to if he wanted to survive school. Throwing the empty bottle away, he sat in one of the chairs of the kitchen table. The ninja in training stayed there for a while not doing anything in particular. At first he simply sat, elbows on the table, hands interlocking and covering his mouth. Then he began to run his hands through his long auburn hair when a few mintues passed. He thought about cutting it then shrugged the thought off and reverted to his original pose. Then finally, he sighed and checked his watch. It was 6:10 A.M. He had waited 10 full mintues.

'Still not awake,' he thought, 'No surprise there.' He got up and slid the chair back into the table before moving back into the hallway once more. This time though, he took a right instead of a left which led him to a set of stairs. He ascended the steps swiftly and went straight for the last door of the hallway on the left. He put a hand on the door knob and stopped for a moment. He stared blankly at the door knowing exactly what would happen. He was so sure that his prediction would happen that he decided he would do a sort of bet. If his prediction were wrong, he would go easy on the girl. If he were correct then he would be harsher.

His prediction was that he would walk in and find that Momiji would be in her bed dead asleep. Next, he would tell her to wake up and she would ask for 5 more minutes of sleep. Ryu would then proceed to shake her violently till she would be forced to get lest she want to have a body part rip off. Yeah, he shakes her that hard. Finally, she would sit up in bed, move toward her closet to change her clothes, and just before Ryu exits the room she'll say, "You're so cold," He sighed once more realizing that the bet was of no point. His prediction didn't really count since his prediction has been happening since the two ever started living alone together. Nonetheless he carried on the bet and turned the knob.

While opening the door Ryu laughed at himself in his head. He was never one to play these little games. Just for once though, he'll excuse himself. Moving away from his thoughts he focused his attention back on Momiji. He took one step in her room and stopped. Though the rest of his face was rather unchanged, his eyes widened at the sight. The bed was empty. He stood in the little walkway of the room. All he could see was her bed. The rest of the room was out of his line of sight. He was just about to take another step when all of a sudden a girl wearing a red jogging suit rushed around the corner of the room and into the walkway Ryu was standing in. He quickly reacted and stepped back but the girl did not stop, obviously not noticing him. She finally noticed a chest in her way and the two made eye contact just before crashing into each other.

"Kya," the girl let out a short scream as the two landed on the floor with a loud thud. Momiji quickly recovered from the fall and went to get up but stopped. A sensation swept through her. She felt Ryu's hard, broad and muscular chest on her face. Not only that but she could smell him as well. The scent of body wash infiltrated her nose. There was no way she was going anywhere anytime soon. Luckily for her, Ryu was in a similar situation. He too, had recovered quickly and just when he was about to ask her to get up when he felt a soft sensation on his upper abdomen. It was as if someone had pressed a pair of thick dough on him. Then a beautiful fragrance of strawberries from her hair came through his senses. Unfortunately for Momiji, a finger snapped in the boy's head causing him to lose interest in the newfound sensation.

"Are you alright Momiji?" Ryu asked calmly.

"I'm fine," she replied in a soothed voice. She was enjoying feeling his warmth.

"You know you can get up now right?"

"Oh right," she replied rather slowly, still using the same relaxed tone smiling all the way. Ryu did not look at her though and instead look directly at the ceiling. He sighed when he heard the response and grabbed Momiji by the arms and lifted her off him

"Come on it's time for training," he said getting up pulling Momiji back up with him. A finger finally snapped in her head.

"Right," she quickly let out. She brushed herself off, taking time to compose herself. Her cheeks flushed a little upon reliving the sensation, but she shook the thought out of her head and caught up with Ryu who had already exited her room.

As the two descended the stairs Ryu called out behind him, "So you woke up?" Momiji was rather startled at the sudden question from her sensei.

"Uhh yeah," she began not knowing exactly what to say as she put her long jet black hair in a ponytail, "I don't know the groggy feeling I got just wasn't there when I opened my eyes so I got up and ummm yeah." She was smiling now feeling a little proud of herself. Not once has she ever gotten up by herself, at least not on time for school or in this case training. She found herself looking at Ryu expectantly for a bit of praise.

Ryu who continued down the hall with his apprentice behind him, felt a stare. He quickly glanced over his right shoulder to find Momiji staring at him. "You know you still woke up 10 minutes late so you should work on that," he said indifferently not even looking at her. The girl at first felt a little embarrassed, but soon she just got mad at herself and the mean sensei. She was about to make a rude comment when Ryu said, "Good job though." Momiji felt her cheeks redden. She turned to hide them.

'Not what I was looking for but I guess it's better than nothing,' she thought, finally reaching the backyard. That back yard was very spacious. For the most part it was nothing but hard flat dirt. Although on the other side across from the house, right up against the large wall that separated the street from the yard, was a row of different flowers and bushes.

The two placed themselves in the middle of the back yard with a good few yards in between them. Ryu stood, arms crossed with his eyes locking with hers.

"Are you ready?" he asked. She stood arms to her sides flexing her fingers in and out. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Then instantly, she moved her right leg back and faced Ryu sideways with her knees bent. Her arms shot up in front of and fire grew in her eyes.

"Please go easy on me!" she called out to her sensei. She was serious now. He then took a similar pose except he did so more relaxed. He smiled. Like hell he was going to go easy on her. If he did that he would get his ass kicked. Just then Momiji rushed forward. Ryu then ran forward to meet her charge.

The two had a long spar. Momiji sat in the kitchen table pouring down a glass of orange juice.

"Come on Momiji, Kasumi and Hayate are just down the block," Ryu called from the entrance.

"Coming!" she called back. Before exiting the kitchen she focused her senses and felt their presence down the street. She ran out of the kitchen leaving the glass on the table. She found him standing right next to the door.

"Something wrong?" Ryu asked. Momiji had been staring at him.

"Oh sorry it's nothing," she replied sheepishly while putting on her shoes. It's just that she was admiring Ryu's look in the fall school uniform which looked like a black suit. He looked more like an adult buisnessman then a high school fighter. Although the buisnessman image was ruined by the long hair that was currently in a pony tail, nonetheless he still looked good. As she bent over to put her shoes she noticed Ryu staring at her.

"Something wrong?" Momiji asked.

"Just thought that you looked pretty in the school outfit," Ryu replied calmly, his face showing no emotion. Momiji blushed harshly.

"What the hell are you sayi-" she began but was cut off by a voice from outside.

"Momiji! Ryu!" the voice called out. Momiji stood up and went out the door which Ryu held open for her. As she stepped outside Ryu followed close behind. They found Kasumi and Hayate standing on the side walk in front of the house. They wore the same outfits they did.

"You ready to kick some ass Ryu?" Hayate asked.

"Onii-san! Please be more respectful," Kasumi scolder her older brother. He replied with a smile. Ryu of course simply ignored the comment and proceeded down the street with Momiji following behind.

"Acting cold I see?" Hayate said catching up to the two, "I'll make sure to face you and respectfully beat you then." Hayate smiled as he jumped in front of him and led the four to DOA High school.

Alright so that's it for this chapter. Obviously I'll reveal what the school is all about next chapter. And yea I know Momiji isn't Dead or Alive but whatever. So tell me what you guys think. Other than that peace!