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Dear Diary,

Alrighty den, dis is my first time keepin' a diary so don't expect dis to be great. Well den, I'm Ace Bunny and this is just so I can keep a record of stuff.

Okay, the real reason is because de team noticed somethin' up wit' me recently. I gotta admit, I've been somewhat impatient. De cold hard truth is dat it's my family's death anniversary next week. They were killed, along wit' my sister, about 12 years ago.

De last thing I remember seeing of dem is de image of my mother and father sprawled along de floor of de house we lived in, and my sister pinned to the wall by my father's sword. Its de one image I've been unable to forget, and it haunts me to dis day.

I would have loved my parents to meet Lex and de guys, I'm sure they'd love them as much as I've grown to.

Me and Lex have been dating for two months now and I've met her family. I just wish I could see my family again, but I know dat could never happen.

My sister was so young, 3 years old. She'd barely lived. She was my best friend, one person I could tell everythin' to. I want her to see me now, not the seven-year-old boy who swung on a rope over a river pretending to save the world. I want her to see Ace Bunny, de leader of de Loonatics. This life wasn't built for me, it was built for her.

I guess I've been a little snappy wit' de team, I've snapped at Lexi twice already! I've never been like this before, not this bad. I can't focus properly and I haven't had a good night sleep in days!

Somethin' is different dis' year, but I can't put my finger on it. At foist I thought it might be because of de change of lifestyle, but this is de third year wit' de team and dis years just... Different.

I'm not in control. My powers are acting up; my nightmares are grasping every chance dey get to corrupt my vision of everything I know. Not to get all poetic but dis' is really scarin' me. I'd hate for de guys to find out.

Not dat I don't trust de guys. It's just dis is one thing dat I want to keep private, Lex doesn't even know. Tech was pretty worried when he saw I wasn't training and spending a lot of time alone, he asked Zadavia if I could have a week or so leave. At foist I was furious at him for not discussing dis wit' me, but now I'm kinda glad of de time off.

De guys are out checking' security at the underground prison so I got some time alone, Lex wanted to stay with me but she's the only one on the team I can really put my faith into.

The team needs her.

I need her.

I need my family

I wish I died in their place!

Ace slammed the leather-bound book down onto the kitchen table, sighing heavily. Tears threatened to break across onto his face. Why them? There were so many people in the universe worse than his family were, and yet they were the ones that suffered such an awful death.

Ace knew the real tragedy his family had been through, he'd seen it. He wasn't from Acmetropolis, he was born there, but his family moved to a small planet called Phoenicia when Ace was only a couple of months old. He'd lived there up until the night of his families' murder.

He'd run away, trying to get away from the loss he'd suffered. He'd found a woman in Acmetropolis that offered to take care of him and once he turned sixteen, he'd gone into the stunt double business. From there he'd become Ace Bunny.

Ace couldn't be bothered waiting up for the guys to return; he dropped onto the couch in HQ and instantly collapsed into sleep.

Dear Diary,

Okay, I know this is weird cos' I've never kept a diary. I'm not one for discussing my feelings, so I might as well write them down instead.

So where am I, I should probably write this down. Well, the truth is, I don't really know where I am. I'm somewhere on 27th Avenue I think, all the roads look the same around here.

Right, I probably need to write down how I got here or I'll get all confused when I read this back to myself.

My name is Izzy Bunny. When I was younger I lived on Phoenicia, as I do now. Me, my father, mother and my brother, we were happy, we owned a ranch in the country, and we lived it out old school, that's for sure.

We had everything anyone could ever wish for. Life wasn't perfect, my father was a warrior of Freleng, he had his own battalion in the war. We didn't see him as much as we wanted to, but we made the most of the time he was with us.

I always aspired to be just like him, to love and be loved and I gotta hand it to him, he was a damn good wielder of a sword.

But something happened one night.

A night that will stay fresh in my memory for as long as blood pulses through me, which, with the people hunting me down, may not be that long.

As I've said many times, no-one deserves to have a life like I had torn away from them. My father, Alexander, was a member of the Frelangian council and helped create the universal code they now use as a power source.

But one person wanted what he had.

One night, we were all asleep and someone managed to hack the security and get into our chambers. He was tall and wore a long, blood-splattered cloak, I never memorised his face.

My father went up against the attacker in a close combat. He never saw the knife the cloaked man hid under his sleeve.

My mother was also strong, but strength is nothing against a loaded shotgun.

I still hear the gunshot and my mother screaming. I was only three years old at the time, my brother was seven.

He was lucky.

I wasn't.

I was stabbed that night with my father's sword, the sword I now have and wield in my father's place.

But the last thing I remember from that night was seeing my brother exit his room, his deep blue eyes tear-filled as he retreated, taking a last look at me before running into the darkness, the attacker following suit.

To this day I'm looking for him. Hoping that one day I'll find him. I don't blame him for running away that night; I would have done the same. People are telling me that he's dead. I don't believe them; they never found his body, so I carry on my search.

My brother has probably accepted that he has no family when he needn't do. I just hope life went well for him.

After the night of the attack I was in intensive care for three months before being adopted out. My adopted family were nice, but when they had children of their own, they seemed to forget about me.

Well, I'm fifteen now, that'll make my brother 19 if he's still out there.

So, that's my story so far, but I'm looking into the future. I've heard a woman on Freleng knows something about my brother. So this is where I am now, I've run away from my old life and the Phoenician police are hunting me down, they think I'm insane. That I need controlling.

Not that I can blame them. While in intensive care, a solution to my injuries backfired and now, I seem to have developed the ability to control electricity. It's odd, I know. The truth is it's the only thing that makes me feel special, apart from being the only remaining anthro on Phoenicia. Yep, that's right, Phoenicia is only a small planet and my family were the only anthros here. This only makes it easier for the police to find me.

I may be on the run, but with my father's sword by my side, I'm ready to take on the world.

I'm going to find my brother...

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