The cold wind blew as winter descended on Moscow. The snow was thick around her feet as Lottie walked the streets on the freezing night.

The only other people out on the streets that night were the prostitutes and drunks as they stumbled out of the bars and onto the dark back streets in a rougher part of the city. The part of the city the tourists never saw.

That night, like most others, she searched for blood. She didn't care whose, as long as she got it. There were plenty of victims available, it was just a case of the right one in the right place.

Her heavy bear skin coat dragged along the floor behind her, the thick fur warming her against the biting Russian night. She'd been there around 5 months, but was still unused to the cold.

Lottie passed person after person, drunk after drunk, prostitute after prostitute. The poor in soviet Russia were really poor just as the rich were really rich. WWII had left Russia with many issues. The Red Mafia were on the raise and Stalin had tightened his communist grip on the country.

Lottie had slipped in and out of Russia during the chaos, using the same arrangements The Russian gangsters used to move around the country undetected. It was one of the up sides to having that kind of military knowledge.

The murder rate in the country was high and many of the crimes went unsolved, so the feral mutant took full advantage, claiming victims on a regular basis. But not all were hers and she remained on high alert while hunting. It was dangerous for woman to wonder around the dank back streets of Russian cities, even if the seer amount of night walkers stood on street corners said otherwise.

Lottie passed a couple of young girls, selling themselves, as she walked. They seemed uninterested in her as she was not the normal clientèle. The white haired woman cast them a glance, the younger probably no older than 15. one would have been enough to satisfy her lust for death, but the older girl stood protectively in front of the younger girl and two was way too much trouble.

She continued round the corner and shivered in the gust of wind that blew suddenly. How people lived in this weather she'd never know, but they did and probably always would so it wasn't really even worth wondering about.

Totally but chance, she caught sight of the man who was to lose his life that night, as he staggered from the bar, still clutching his vodka bottle as if it was his only life support. He swayed his way down an ally on the opposite side of the street, Lottie following close behind.

She watched him from the darkness as he fell over trash cans and stumbled about almost amusingly further down the ally, that was, until he turned the corner. Lottie hadn't got far enough to see, but there was a loud thud from round the corner and the scent of fresh blood hit Lottie like a ton of bricks.

With a frown she quickened her pace and once round the corner, almost laughed in disbelief at the sight that greeted her.

The man she'd been stalking lay on the ground, his throat cut from ear to ear as he gurgled blood and tried to breath. Stood over him was one of the tallest men she'd ever seen, almost seven foot in height and a lot taller than her 5'4 frame. His blonde hair was cropped pretty close to his head and he looked damn scary. Not that that would help him against Lottie now he'd taken her kill.

(A/N - " *translated from Russian*")

Lottie eyed the two men sceptically, the man on the floor quickly fading.

"*He was mine you know...*" She seethed. The blonde stood over him smirked.

"*Its first come first served in this climate, didn't anyone tell you, foreigner?*" He chuckled.

Lottie had to give him some credit. When he lunged at her, he put all his weight into slamming his knife into her ribcage, cracking two ribs in the process. The pair tumbled backward, but as usual, Lottie's feline reactions kicked in instantly and as the Blonde hit the snow covered floor, she rolled and landed on all fours.

Blood dripped down the handle of the knife in her ribs, and Lottie winced before grinning.

"*you've done this before. You got me in a prime spot, darling.*"

The Blonde man practically growl as he climbed to his feet, his chocolate coloured eyes catching Lottie's violet ones for a moment. Still watching him, she straightened and pulled on the knife handle, giving a mixture between a purr and a growl as it was removed from her body. The wound and her ribs healed without help and she tossed the knife at her attackers feet.

"*You've ruined my shirt by the way.*" she told him, cocking an eyebrow in irritation.

"*I'll ruin more than just your shirt you stupid bitch!*" He grabbed the knife from the floor and took another lunge.

The second time, Lottie dodged easily, not really pleased with his attitude. Clutching the wrist of the hand holding his weapon, she clawed up his forearm, causing him to scream in pain, but it didn't stop her. Lottie twisted the arm behind his back and shoved him into one of the brick walls that surrounded them.

"*You should really be more polite to woman. It wont help your flirting skills to talk to a lady like myself like that.*"

The man struggled and pulled his arm from her grip, reaching for her bear skin coat and catching the collar.

"*I wont have to speak to you once your dead!*" He spat and pulled his other fist back to hit her.

Lottie easily slipped her coat and tackled him, slamming them both up the wall, where she began her torrent of punches and general abuse.

Eventually, the man sunk to the floor, clutching his stomach. His face was bleeding, along with his arm. Lottie took a step back, picking up the coat he'd dropped as she hit him and pulling it back on, clicking her tongue in distaste as she found and examined the hole her opponent had caused when he'd gone to hit her.

"That's going to need stitching..." she muttered to herself.

"vhat?" The blonde spat from the floor, wincing as he pulled at a tooth that came out in his hand.

Lottie scowled. "so you speak English do you, you bastard?"

"little" He groaned.

"a little?...whatever. If you don't get what I'm saying, I'll switch back to Russian, if only to rant at you!"

"you...hit like voman." He muttered and rubbed his jaw.

Lottie snored. "of course I do sweetheart, I am a woman if it hasn't escaped your notice, which judging from the fight we've just had, you clearly did. Anyways, I might hit like a woman, but I floored you didn't I?"

The man, remained sat against the wall where he'd been pinned in the fight, but glared up at Lottie as if looks could kill.

"You...Freak! You...not normal person." He continued to fume.

"Oh?" Lottie laughed. "what? 'cos I can pull a knife out of my ribcage and still beat you two ways from Sunday?" she snapped, her eyes narrowing as she fell silent, watching as the small cuts on his face, caused by her claws, healed, not as fast as her own, but faster than a 'normal person', as he'd called it.

"and who else would just happen to be a freak, my friend?" she hissed back.

The tall blonde remained silent and turned his eyes away from her. In the sudden quiet, Lottie let her eyes roll over him and she smiled softly.


"Vhat?" He snapped bitterly.

"I aint in the mood to be snapping back and forth right now. My need for violence has been fulfilled, thanks to yourself and you took it like a trooper. Tell you what, if you wanna keep your bitchy comments to yourself, comrade, I'll buy you drink."

He looked back at her at first in confusion, his left eye still swelled and looking painful.

"Vodka? You, me? I'll pay?" she repeated slowly. That's when his look of confusion changed and he stared back at her as if she'd gone man.

"You crazy voman. Crazy foreigner..." He mutter, still staring up at Lottie.

"yea, ok. Maybe a little crazy. But now we have that out in the open, how about that drink?" she rolled her eyes and reached her hand out to help him up.

Lottie's intended new drinking buddy looked between her face and her hand in a moment of pause before reaching and taking the helping hand offered and getting to his feet. Lottie smiled and, just for good measure, kicked the knife he'd used before, down into a nearby drain, just in case.

"what's your name?" she asked as she started back down the ally, heading for the main street.

"Arkady." He replied quietly, still glaring at the back of her head as he followed.

"I'm Lottie. Nice to meet your fresh blood tonight." she purred over her shoulder to him as they hit the main road, walking towards a bar.