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Author - Chibi / Warlordess

Notes - Okay, this is going to be a combination of two one-shot series I wanted to write about Ash and Misty. (Apparently one-shot series are the new thing, though I hope mine will be a tad more popular than some of the others I've seen out there recently.) Some of these fics are going to be about methods of communication between the two of them (basically a bunch of phone-call fics showing that they're still close, still best friends who are trying to remain as such) while the other part of these fics was going to be about miscellaneous moments in time (both friendly and romantic).

Please note that, as stated in the first one-shot I posted, these are all unrelated to one another and completely random. I'll try to include a setting underneath the one-shot title so that you have a relative idea of where or when this takes place. If I don't tell you where or when, then it's not a big deal whether you know or not.


Series Title - "Our Best", Ash and Misty Mini-Series

Inspired by the song, "My Best", sung by Vanessa Carlton.


OnE-sHoT tItLe - "Have a Little Faith"

Time-frame - begins at Viridian Forest (before reaching Pewter the first time) and ends at Indigo League.

. . . evol naht tnatropmi erom era sdnob emos esuaceb . . .

Summary - She really didn't owe him anything after what he'd done to her precious bike. . . but perhaps putting forth the smallest effort wasn't uncalled for.


When he'd first told her his dream, she'd laughed.

"I'm gonna be the greatest Pokemon Master ever!"

Honestly, it was quite hysterical. They were sitting around the campfire really late at night, only a few days after their disastrous first meeting, and she'd been making fun of him for his errors in battle earlier that day. There was something about pitting a bug against a bird but he'd taken the quip seriously and dared her to doubt him. With both fists clenched before him, he'd leapt from his seat, taken a deep breath, and yelled with all his might.

She'd only laughed at him harder, biting her lip to keep from spewing more insults. She really wouldn't have minded listing further faults of his that she'd discovered in the almost-three days they'd known each other, but if he was going to go on an endless tirade about how he'd wanted it all his life and how there was no doubt in his mind that it would happen, that his parents had told him he was destined for greatness (although he'd only mentioned his mother, something she would admit to being curious about). . .

Well, anyway, she'd be better off staying silent if her only other option was to suffer through that.

"The only good thing about him is that he actually seems to care about Pokemon, whether they're kind or cruel, or even if their not his. . ."

But there was no doubt in her mind that he wouldn't stand a chance against all of the other trainers out there vying for the very same goal as him.

So she spent many a day scoffing as he battled against a samurai - pitting Metapod against Metapod - and then dared him to take on a rock-type gym leader with an electric, bug, and flying type Pokemon. She even pitied him some, offering him a few of her water-types (though she'd be lying if she told him there wouldn't be a price to pay later on). Somehow, though she wasn't there to see it and had to wonder if he'd cheated, he'd pulled it off and come out victorious.

After meeting Brock and becoming the official trio, they began their walk to Misty's hometown, Cerulean City. They had their ups and downs, their moments of hostility, especially as Misty kept trying to force them all to switch destinations and head for Vermilion instead. Ash wasn't having it, though, didn't fall for any of her stories or traps and eluded her. Awe man, if she couldn't stop him. . .

This was going to be so embarrassing.

Ash was introduced to her sisters, apparently the registered gym trainers of the fine metropolis of Cerulean. . . Though they didn't seem to fit the mold. At all.

After a few petty arguments pertaining to Misty's qualifications as a Cerulean Sensational Sister, followed by her desire to defend the privileges the Cascade Badge allowed victorious trainers pitted against her family, and yes, after Ash and Misty's first ever battle against each other and Team Rocket's intrusion, the redhead was mortified to discover that her sisters really had no qualms about simply handing the badge over without a real fight for it.

And, oh the horror, Ash could not have been more pleased.

Misty fought them on it a bit but she really couldn't stop them. They were the gym leaders, and she was the runaway sister. No matter how much she tried to push League morale on them, the three of them would do what they wanted. And Ash would hardly ever dare to listen to her, even if what she had to say was for his own good.

You know, not that she was worried about him or anything.

She didn't tell him or anyone else at first exactly how seriously grave she considered the situation. She bit her lip and held the words inside because some part of her felt guilty. Whether or not she and Ash were friends yet, she couldn't seem to justify saying to him that he stood no chance and should just give up on his pathetic dream. The title of Pokemon Master sat on the highest pedestal on the furthest shelf near the brightest, most blinding light. It reflected misleadingly on other glass surfaces, opportunities and chances that Ash could use to get closer. . . But his glass remained half-empty. And Ash, pint-sized and immature, could not find even a puddle to fill it the rest of the way.

His dream was completely out of his reach. At least that's what she believed.

Of course then, ego so inflamed that she wondered if he could even see straight, he'd faced up against another aspiring trainer named AJ, who'd beaten the snot out of him. (Admittedly, she fought with herself the whole time over who she should be rooting for.)

Finally, maybe Ash would see reason and would realize that there was more to the whole greatest-Pokemon-Master dream than he'd first thought. Maybe he'd realize that he needed to train hard and not depend just on luck, maybe he'd see that so many people wanted the same thing as him and if he just kept playing friends with Pokemon - as much as she admired him for being able to befriend even the wild ones - he'd never stand a chance against the others.

But no, no, apparently that was too much to hope for. Ash immediately assumed AJ had been cheating and went to investigate his training methods. Of course, he had won every match he'd been in since Pewter - forget the fact that maybe AJ just had more training experience under his belt or that he'd been working much harder to win.

Ash assumed victory came easy, whether it was luck or skill or fate, if anyone he'd battled had managed to beat him, it wasn't because he'd been the less experienced trainer or because he had been behaving egotistically. The loss was no fault of his.

And Misty knew, as she watched him stalk AJ from outside the tent where he'd been training his Pokemon, that Ash would never become a Pokemon Master; not the way he was now.

Well, that basically shot and killed all the self-control and guilt that Misty had been using to repress the words inside and this ignited her first real fight with Ash. No stupid little one-liners, no sarcasm, just pure dislike coated in honesty. As night fell, she ranted to the peeved Ash and thoroughly confused Brock (who couldn't understand where her argumentative nature had suddenly come from), and she didn't stop for almost an hour.

The two of them didn't speak to one another for two days, far longer than the amount of time it had taken Ash to listen to AJ's story and openly support him.

By the time Ash seemed to have slept off all the tension that had coiled around him and all the dislike he'd felt towards her for saying it was useless for him to even try and accomplish his dream when all he did was accept freebies when he should be doing everything with his own strength, Misty's guilt was back and it had settled in the pit of her heart and her stomach.

Neither one of them apologized, neither one believed that it was over or that the words had been stated in the heat of the moment. Misty didn't hide behind her fears anymore. Luckily Ash was too stubborn to simply walk away from her so she could technically prod and poke forever and all he'd do is push back. Ash didn't mind the fighting since he'd grown up defending himself against Gary. Gary, who'd blown away Brock and Misty's sisters in less than a week, then moved on to bigger game. Gary, who had flawlessly moved forward, closer to his dream, while Ash struggled and dealt with menial disturbances by idiots like Team Rocket on a very-nearly-daily basis.

So he'd accepted a badge from the Cerulean gym without actually winning a battle against one of the trainers there. It wasn't like he'd just sat back and waited to be presented with it, right? He'd fought his own kind of battle! And he totally would have beaten Misty had they had a chance to finish the match fair and square!

Fair and square.

Ash didn't necessarily agree with Misty's choice of words, and he definitely still believed that he'd somehow make his dream come true. . . but he had to admit. . . that he was a bit disappointed in himself when he'd finally got down to thinking on it.

He really couldn't stand falling behind. His rivalry with Gary was so strong that he could see past this one indiscretion. He would make up for it when he faced the next gym leader in Vermilion.

On the way, however, Ash fluctuated between proving her theory right or else, every once in awhile, making Misty rethink her position. In defeating Giselle at PokeTech to prove a point about how computers and statistics didn't mean anything in terms of strength gained during an actual Pokemon trainer's journey, she even considered that she might have been completely wrong about him. And then he'd gained Bulbasaur's trust, and then Charmander's, then Squirtle's, something that had made her heart flutter both with pride and jealousy at the same time. Part of her wished to be able to garner trust like that too, even if only once. . .

And then, all of her doubts, all of his internalized promises, it all culminated when their group reached Vermilion City. Swearing to himself that he would use his past experiences in battle to fight, would use his own ego only enough to boost his confidence in battle, he'd tried and pushed Pikachu with all his might and the two of them had come out as. . . failures.

Huh. . . And as Ash sat in the Vermilion Pokemon Center that night, as he watched over Pikachu during the electric mouse's recovery and tried to tune out the repetitive sound of the front doors to the Center opening and many a panicked trainers' voices as they explained to the local Nurse Joy about how their Pokemon had also been pounded ferociously into unconsciousness by Lt. Surge, he leaned back and considered possible strategies.

He was hell-bent on going it alone this time, mostly because he didn't want to give Misty the satisfaction of thinking she'd been right about him all along, but also because he felt like he had to prove something to himself. His victory over Brock had been a fluke, the fire hazard sprinklers of his gym going off and targeting Onix's main weakness, and of course there was the interrupted battle at Cerulean Gym, Misty's livid expression as he'd stared blankly at Daisy and her other sisters, who were casually handing him a badge and wishing him well on his journey. . .

But just because he didn't want to accept anymore freebies didn't mean that he couldn't accept some friendly advice. He hadn't considered it until Brock had entered Pikachu's room and handed him something to eat from the cafeteria, trying to fill the silence with the only optional conversation.

What could Ash do to prevent the same thing happening to Pikachu next time he faced Lt. Surge?

The two of them discussed it for awhile, late into the night, far after Misty had peeked inside and bid them goodnight, not daring to ask about why they were looking so serious, giving the still-unconscious Pikachu one last pat behind the ears in hope that he'd wake up soon. Indeed, they discussed it even after Pikachu had woken up, when Ash had finally decided to pose the question. Lt. Surge had told them that he was unbeatable because he'd evolved his Pikachu into Raichu as soon as possible, allowing for a major power boost over his un-evolved opponents. Did that mean that Pikachu should evolve too?

Ash would never do that without permission from his best buddy though. Whatever anyone else thought, he and Pikachu were friends and he wouldn't dare push to evolve him without consent. But Pikachu would probably do whatever Ash wanted. . . and Ash wasn't sure what he wanted. . . other than to win so that he could get closer to realizing his dream.

What path should he have chosen?

Brock contemplated with him, and by the time early morning approached, they'd all fallen asleep. Brock had snapped awake first, claiming that he had an idea and telling Ash to go wake up Misty while he prepared them a quick breakfast since they'd have to spend a good part of the morning training for his rematch.

Ash had no idea what was going on, prayed that whatever it was was safe within the realms of his own strength, but did as he was told.

Seven hours of hard labor later and Pikachu had mastered agility. One final check-up with Nurse Joy, a quick lunch shoveled down their throats, and it was time for Ash to face Lt. Surge once more.

And this time he won.

Luckily, Raichu didn't boast much better defense than his un-evolved counterpart, Pikachu. So Ash continuously pummeled his opponent with physical techniques too quick for Lt. Surge to counter, leaving the war veteran highly frustrated as well as slightly impressed. The strategy worked two ways as well, seeing as Pikachu was dealing quick damage but also remained too quick to damage.

Misty bit her tongue for most of the afternoon after that match. Part of her wanted to express glee at the thought that he'd finally succeeded in actually winning a sanctioned gym battle, but part of her was too proud to admit even that.

Luckily their adventures were rather fast-paced. For example, nearly as soon as the trio had exited the Vermilion gym, they received passes to board the SS Anne cruise ship. And with Pokemon training, battling, grooming advertisements everywhere. . . Well, there was just no chance of them turning it down.

After giant Pokemon machines, mutated Pokemon hell-bent on revenge, ghost-type Pokemon playing pranks on behalf of long-dead maiden spirits, shipwrecks, painful goodbyes, beauty contests, and many more perilous adventures, their group finally reached their destination.


If there was one thing Misty liked about Gary, it was that he was always capable of firing Ash up even while he tore him down. Forget the fact that the guy had an ego the size of the entire Northern hemisphere, when he accepted Ash's frustrated challenges for a Pokemon battle and then proceeded to kick his butt, she couldn't help but applaud on the inside. Despite anything Ash would think (and also why she'd never say so to him), their relationship was pretty convenient. A loss at the hands of Gary was always enough to push him to try harder. It was a power that not many people were capable of handling.

Unfortunately it wasn't Gary that had beaten Ash this time, she thought as she sat among Mrs. Ketchum, Brock, and the Professor after his loss at the Indigo Plateau. There was something about fighting Ritchie that had really torn him down, something about fighting a friend that caused him to brood and mope around. Of course, there was also the fact that he'd dropped out of Indigo Plateau's tournament after reaching the Top Sixteen, but still. . .

"Oh, my poor baby. He's taking it pretty hard, isn't he?" Mrs. Ketchum sympathized from beside her on the couch. Misty felt her eye twitch in frustration, gripping Togepi tighter to her and attempting to remain firmly planted in her seat.

"Well, it was Ash's first major League competition," Professor Oak noted solemnly, "so it can't be helped that he finds it harder to accept his loss at this stage of his career as a Pokemon trainer."

Misty noticed Brock's gaze shift towards the bedroom door, beyond which Ash lay miserable and resolute in his bed.

She knew that it was hard for him, even if she didn't quite understand it because she'd never taken a League challenge herself. But. . .

There was really no excuse for him lazing about. If she'd lost at the Indigo Plateau, she would get out there and start training again as soon as possible so that she stood a better chance at success next time! Didn't Ash see that acting as if his whole, stupid world had crumbled because of one (admittedly pretty major) loss would only hinder his future?

"He'll get over it eventually. I mean, Ash isn't Ash unless he's out there, running around and shouting about his next badge, catching and training Pokemon, and dragging us with him." Brock added with a fond smile. "But I guess knowing that doesn't help our situation now, does it? If only there was a way to jumpstart him. Maybe if there was another League to peak his interest. . ."

"Unfortunately, no new Leagues will be starting for at least a couple months. There's a union-level vacation period enacted right after all tournaments take place so most of them do around the same time each year. There may be something starting up a few regions distance from here, but nothing Ash could register for and stand a real chance at today."

"Maybe I should make some lunch. Food's never failed to get his attention before. . ." Mrs. Ketchum said, but before she could get up, Misty beat her to the punch and leapt to her feet, sitting Togepi in her arms as though ushering her to remain where she was.

"I've got this," she told them all simply, and left them to stare and blink confusedly as she marched straight up to the door leading to the room the three kids were sharing and twisting the knob without even bothering to knock.

She slammed it shut again right away, drawing enough attention to cause Ash to flip around from where he lay, arms crossed stiffly and facing the wall.

"What are you doing here?" he asked her, almost incredulously, as if she was the last one he expected.

And, hey, maybe she was. Truth be told, she hadn't expected herself to be the first one to approach him either.

There was something so very, truly infuriating about this Ash, as if he'd shrunk back into the annoyingly dimwitted, blind kid she'd first met when they started traveling together.

"I'm not gonna tip-toe around you just 'cause you don't want to accept that you didn't win your first official League tournament, Ash. In case you've forgotten, I sleep in this room too. I won't avoid taking a nap or packing my things just to make sure you have as much time as you want to cry about your failure."

For a split second, she was sure he'd retaliate. She'd pushed a few of his well-known buttons by choosing words like failure because the same words coming from Gary usually pressured him into giving up on a negative tude. Unfortunately, it wasn't working.

"Whatever, Misty, just don't bother me." And he swung back around to face the wall again, probably boring holes into the surface and trying as hard as he could to pretend she wasn't even there. She was fairly surprised he didn't take her bait.

The redhead collapsed onto the mattress of her twin-sized bunk and stared at the boy's back, waiting for him to give in and say something, even if it was to talk about how he deserved to win that last match he'd had or how it didn't make sense because he was obviously better than everyone else participating in the Indigo League. A few minutes later she sat up again and started tapping her fingers against her thighs and making clicking noises with her tongue, watching as Ash's shoulders flinched with every sound.

"I said not to bother me, Misty!" he nearly shouted at her, his body stretching as he made his statement, but he refused to face her.

"Hm? How am I bothering you, Ash? You're all the way across the room. I'm just sitting here, thinking of a song I have stuck in my head."

"Well get rid of it, it's annoying."

"I'm afraid I can't do that, and you don't have any right to tell me what to do."

"I thought you were going to pack?"

"Oh, you're right. I guess I should get on that since there's absolutely no reason for us to stay here since someone lost a very important match a few days ago." Again, Ash flinched with every word Misty was careful to pronounce, something she couldn't help but smirk at.

She flipped over on her stomach and removed her red shoulder bag from underneath the bed, checking and noting that all of her Pokeballs and hygiene supplies were already in it. All she really needed to grab was the magazine she'd bought the day before to pass the time and her change of clothes from the bedside table beside her.

She slowly pulled open the top drawer and removed the magazine, careful to crinkle the pages obnoxiously a little bit and laugh at a stale joke typed onto the cover. Then she slammed the door closed again, making it unnecessarily loud, and opened the second one to retrieve her clothes. At the same time she began humming to the same clucky beat she'd been making with her tongue a minute ago.

Finally Ash flipped over.

"You're really annoying, you know that?"

"So you've said plenty of times before. But you know what, Mr. Pokemon Master? You're as dense now as the day I met you." Misty replied bitingly, reaching her feet again and stuffing her clothes back in her bag.

"Oh, yeah, and that's definitely a new insult. If I'm so bad then why are you trying to hard to be in the same room as me?" he asked her with a smirk, sure she wouldn't have an answer.

"Because your mom and Brock and Professor Oak are worried about you but they're too scared to come in here themselves and make you get up!"

"Just them, huh? I guess I already knew it anyway. You don't care about anyone but yourself, right? You and your stupid bike! I may be pathetic because failing at the League upsets me, but you wasted a year of your life following a dense wanna-be PokeMaster around just because you wanted a replacement bike. I can't tell which is worse."

Misty hadn't expected it, hadn't dreamed of it, but there it was. Ash had finally said something that really upset her. All thoughts of pushing him forcibly out the bedroom door and making him interact with the world beyond flew straight out of her head.

"That bike was important! It was custom-made! And it was mine. Complain all you want about it, that doesn't change the fact that you destroyed it. And if you keep on disregarding the treatment of other people's belongings, one day it'll come back and bite you where it really hurts!" she exclaimed, stomping forward, livid with his responses.

All she'd been trying to do was help! She didn't deserve to get treated this way!

Ash glared back at her, wishing for the perfect reply to her last comment to just come to mind. Only, in all honesty, he wasn't as smart or witty as her so nothing came to him after all. Instead he twisted back around and crossed his arms again, facing the wall and hell-bent on ignoring her this time.

Stupid, selfish Misty. He shoulda known she wouldn't have any kind words for him.

"Fine, Ash. You can mope here all you want. Your mom is perfectly fine with coddling her little PokeMaster and making you all your favorite foods and taking care of you in your great time of peril," Misty started. Ash couldn't help but think it sounded like a pretty solid plan to him. "But when she forces you to come home 'cause you're too young and immature to handle facing your failures and moving forward, don't come crying to me!"

"Like I'd ever put myself through that!" he yelled back at her, apparently having forgotten about the plan to ignore her. "And my mom won't take me home just 'cause of this! She knows it's my dream to be a Pokemon Master! Unlike you, she just knows how to treat me when I'm upset about my loss! She'll give me time and she'll do what she can to make me feel better!"

"And how exactly is that fair to her?" Misty shrieked back, her voice almost loud enough to make the windows shatter. "Just because she's your mom doesn't mean you should depend on her for this! Didn't you pledge to do your best when you decided your dream was to be the greatest Master that ever was? If you can't come back from this then. . . then you don't even deserve your trainer's license!" she finished with her shoulders heaving, her cheeks blotching red in fury.

A knock immediately sounded at the door.

"Are you guys okay in there?" Brock's voice sounded muffled through the wood, "Mrs. Ketchum's getting a little worried; the Professor too."

"Just fine, Brock! We're perfectly okay!" Ash shouted back, and that seemed to quickly resolve it seeing as they didn't hear anything more from beyond the barrier. "I don't know what point you're trying to make, Misty, but you're not doing a good job. Maybe you should just leave." The subtext of his choice of words was not lost on her but she only bristled at the thought.

"You can't tell me what to do!"

"Well I can tell you you're not doing any good here!"

"And neither are you! I'm not leaving you here to mope around, waiting for everyone else to comfort you! I won't do it because it makes no sense! At the very least I can give you something to consider!"

"What exactly are you talking about now, huh?"

"Where's Pikachu, Ash?"

He was silent for a moment, his face a mask she couldn't breech with her immature interpersonal skills.

"In fact, where are your other Pokemon?"

". . . At the PokeCenter."

She stared at him some more, hoping to make him as uncomfortable as she could. She was moderately delighted for some reason when he squirmed where he sat before her.

"It's been three days, Ash, three days since your battle with Ritchie. Pikachu and your other Pokemon will have been fully healed by now. You're telling me you're too upset to go retrieve your best friend, to check up on him and see for yourself just how well he is?" She scoffed before continuing, "Shame on you. I was right then; you don't even deserve that training license. In fact, I'm finding it impossible to tell who the selfish one here really is.

"All you do is bloat your ego with false stats, thinking you're so great, such a fantastic trainer because you faced some trials and won some silly little badges that granted you a reputation. You made it to your first League. So what? I thought you'd grown up a little bit at first, I thought you were smarter than this. I've known you for over a year now and I've never felt more embarrassed by it. A true test of skill for a Pokemon trainer is to see how they cope with failure and defeat. You didn't win. So what? Haven't you ever heard the phrase, 'try, try again'? You're pitiful, Ash, as sore a loser as what I first thought, accepting hand-outs and thinking they'll boost your stats. I knew I shouldn't have let my sisters hand you that badge. Maybe if we'd finished that battle I could have taught you something important."

"I still don't see what you want me to consider," he replied, clearly defiant towards the heaping amount of insults he'd just received.

"Consider this; while you're up here, whining about how you couldn't take championship place during your first-ever League, your Pokemon, your friends, are downstairs worrying for you and wondering why you haven't come to see them. Perhaps they think they're no good to you now that they've failed you here. Remember, Ash. You didn't fight your way here alone. If you're any sort of real trainer, you'll get your butt in gear and realize what you need to do. You'll go see Pikachu and the others and apologize and reassure them that they tried their best and that you're proud of them," she told him all in one breath, wagging a finger so close to his face that his eyes were crossed as he watched it move to and fro.

Then she stopped short and placed her arms at her sides, heaving a sigh before turning to grab her bag and throwing it over her shoulder. She stared at him for another couple of minutes, sizing him up, wondering if she should continue tearing him down or if she'd maybe, finally gotten through to him.

The fire in his eyes told her she probably had so she bit her lip before speaking again in a softer, far more accepting tone of voice.

"That's all I really wanted to say. Well, that and I just wanted you to know that you impressed me out there, you know, before all of this. You worked real hard and you deserve that title you earned." She tapered off for a moment before adding for his benefit, "One of the Top Sixteen, I mean."

"Impressed you. . . ?" Ash quoted in response, his face morphing with a lopsided grin, the first one he'd shown in nearly four days. His back stretched again as he sat straight up in bed, his heart thumping excitedly at the strangely positive turn of the argument. "Me? And this coming from the girl who only cares about herself?"

"Hmph!" Misty turned her nose up at him, refusing to acknowledge the tiny flip in her stomach that had taken place when she realized that she'd made him smile, made him feel a little bit better, despite the fact that she'd let loose every horrible thing she could possibly think of in his direction just a few minutes before. "Think whatever you want then! As long as you remember why I'm here with you after all this time!"

"Yeah, yeah, of course," Ash muttered, flipping back onto the bed with his hands behind his head as he stared at the frame of the top half of his bunk, "your bike. Duh."

"Yeah, that. But also. . ." Her hand froze on the doorknob and she gulped back the anxiety she felt at admitting so to him. She really wasn't sure if it was the right time or place, or even if there was one at all. But it took a lot to get this far for her too so why not give it everything she could? Because she, unlike him, would not laze about as opportunities continued to pass her by.

". . . But also because I wanna see the day you make it happen. I believe you can make your dream come true."

She hurried outside the room before he really had a chance to blink and comprehend what she'd said, a quick shout of, "Quick, go see Pikachu ASAP", enough to distract him from pursuing her further.

She couldn't tell anyone when it'd happened, she couldn't really fathom it herself, but what she'd told him was the truth. A tiny kernel of faith had blossomed within her as she continued traveling with Ash Ketchum, an unlikely friend she'd made at a time she hadn't planned to have any. That glass she had seen as half-empty was now half-full, and slowly filling more and more as days passed.

And damn the glass anyway! Because they could always count on Squirtle or one of their other trusty water-types to send it overflowing with a single use of their water gun.

He would become a Pokemon Master one day, and she planned be an influential part of his life even then, when it happened, no matter how long it took.


Notes - Holy pistachio, it's done! Oh my goodness, oh goodness, I'm so sorry it took this long, guys! Ugh, I've just been busy with school (midterms and finals) plus I'm working over-time at work. . . And I swear, when I started writing this piece, it was going smoothly and I was sure I'd be alright and have it posted sooner! But the writer's block set in pretty badly when I realized that I had A and C, but no B. Confused? I meant, I had my beginning and end planned out, but no middle. I kept getting distracted by parts of the Indigo League season that I shouldn't have because they weren't important to get across the point of this piece.

Agh, but it's over now. My only problem is that I have no idea where it fits. I mean, obviously it takes place after the Indigo League, after Ritchie beats Ash and he's all sad and depressed about it. . . Misty to the rescue! The only problem is that Misty, er, "rescues" him in the anime too, so it's not like this is really behind the scenes. I just wanted to write her thoughts at the time, though. She certainly knows what buttons to press to get a rise out of him, which is possibly better than letting him lay around like he was, and we all know she really wanted to help him get over it a little. . . but I liked diving into it more, her, why it was such a big step for her to be the one to chase after him and pull him outta his funk.

Also, a note, there were other parts of OB where I took direct quotes from the series and added to it. Unfortunately, that didn't happen here. Or rather, I should say that any direct quotes were unintentional. I didn't rewatch the episode before typing this or else read a detailed synopsis or even look up a few quotes. But I'm sure that some of the lines were pretty close to those in the episode anyway, mostly because the characters are pretty easy to read and guage a response from.

Well, tell me what you think anyway. . .

The next one might be "The In-Between: part two", or else the little comparison piece I wanted to do on Naval Maneuvers and Misty Meets Her Match episodes! Or else one of the few others I have, since I already started typing those up! Anyway, I hope you're looking forward to it!