Brooke presses her lips against Sam's hungrily as her hands grab at her step-sister's top, successfully removing it.

Normally they'd take it slow, but they have no time for that "let's-be-sweet-and-slow" shit in a time like this.

They're visiting their parents' home over Christmas, and are forced to sleep in separate rooms. Sure, Brooke would sneak into Sam's room at midnight and stay until morning, but Sam had decided on a "no funny business" rule for when the parents were around.

So here they are, both half-naked and pressed up against the kitchen counter while their parents are out for groceries.

As Sam unbuttons Brooke's skirt she mumbles something against her lips. Brooke doesn't have time to decipher what her step-sister is trying to say, because a loud crash distracts them.

The two girls both look towards the source of the commotion and say the same thing: "Fuck".

Because there stands Sam's mother, full-blown shock and disbelief etched into her features, with a mess of spilled groceries at her feet.