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Summary: Danzo becomes the Godaime Hokage instead of Tsunade after Hiruzen dies. Months later, all three members of Team Seven leaves. Sasuke leaves in search of power from Orochimaru (like in the canon). Nearly a year later, Naruto leaves after eventually getting fed up with the constant watch by Danzo's Root operatives. Sakura soon leaves after her request to go on a mission to find Naruto and/or Sasuke was denied for the tenth time. It has been six years since Sakura's departure.


Arc I

Chapter I

"When the Fire of the burning Leaves finally die out, all that will remain is Smoke and Ashes. And from there, new life shall begin from the Ashes and a new will erupts from the Smoke. That is the history of Kemurigakure no Sato."

-Shodaime Kaibunkage, Uzumaki Naruto

While it was not the largest village in the nations, in fact it could be considered as one of the smallest, Hoshigakure no Sato has survived for more than two hundred years. Of course, due to its old training regime and power-hungry civilians, this did not come without sacrifice. But the village was sure to continue to strive so that maybe one day, their kage would be recognized as an equal with the other kages.

Today, the official Yondaime Hoshikage stood in front of the village with his two reformed bodyguards, Shisō and Yotaka. His wife, Hokuto, stood beside him with a small smile.

"He is taking longer than I expected." stated the Fourth Star Shadow. "That baka is never on time for a meeting. I bet he stopped for ramen."

Hokuto smiled. "Sumaru-kun, be patient. It's quite the journey from Kemuri to Hoshi."

"Sure it is…" Sumaru said before a redhead woman appeared beside him. "Akane, what's the situation?"

"One of my messenger hawks has returned." the green-eyed redhead replied. "The Kaibunkage is less than a mile away."

"Good." said the Hoshikage. "Find Mizura and tell him to prepare my personal training area. I'm going to bash one baka into the ground and I don't want anyone around when I do so."

"Hai." Akane said before leaping away.

As his assistant left him, Sumaru's eyes turned to the traveling clouds ahead. He wondered why Naruto had asked for this meeting to happen in Hoshigakure instead of Kemurigakure, but he did not push the matter verbally. Whatever the blond had done, it would come out soon.

After the death of his former friend and biggest rival, he was made Godaime Hokage. Yes, Shimura Danzo had "persuaded" the Fire Daimyo when choosing between himself and Tsunade. Now the Fifth Fire Shadow sat in his desk reading over a report about a Missing-nin of Konoha, Haruno Sakura.

"She was seen in Wave Country, you say?" stated Danzo. "Hmm… Bring me Inuzuka Kiba, Aburame Torune, and Hyuga Tokuma."

"Hai." Sai said before he left to do what he was ordered to.

Seconds after the young man left, Hatake Kakashi walked into the room with Tsunade.

"I'm guessing you have heard about Sakura's sightings." Danzo said.

"Forgive me for asking, Lord Hokage, but what do you plan on doing to her once she is brought in?" questioned the former jonin-senesi of Team Seven.

"She has attacked several Leaf shinobi, has disbanded from her home village, denied my orders, and has attempted to assassinate the leader of another village. I think you know what my plans are, Hatake." Danzo answered.

Tsunade growled. "That 'leader' was Orochimaru! Even if she did stand a chance and defeated him, she would have been doing the world a favor!"

"True, but in the midst of attacking him, she also attempting an attack on Mikadzuki Kageno, the current Mizukage, who was there with Orochimaru." Danzo continued. "She is to be killed before we have another nuke that gives Konoha a bad complexion."

"Before you kill her, let me talk to her. I-"

"She is no longer your student, Tsunade, and she is no longer a ninja of my village." hissed the Hokage. "If you are here to plead for her life, then I suggest you leave now. It is futile."

"Why you-"

"Lady Tsunade," Kakashi began. "Danzo is right. Sakura chose to become this and she used your and my training to become strong enough to do so. We can only pray that she turns herself in before it's too late."

"It already is." Tsunade replied before marching out, slamming the door as she did so.

The Unspeakable Three. That is what they called them now. The Unspeakable Three. And if she was anything like her former self, she would have marched up to whoever started that name and gave them a severe blow to the head. Instead, she just smirked. It did make sense.

Uchiha Sasuke abandoned the village in search for power. Uzumaki Naruto soon left afterwards because he hated being treated like a caged animal. And she left in search of her teammates. All three of them had a common ulterior motive as well. They each had a reason to hate the current Hokage, Danzo.

"C-can I g-g-get you s-some m-more tea?" a waiter asked as he stood shaking.

Emerald eyes glanced at him. "No. That is all. Thank you."

"H-hai." the man said before scurrying away.

Twenty-two years old Haruno Sakura grabbed the small cup of tea and sipped some. She remembered Sasuke's last words and how they stung. He had called her annoying. And in retrospect, when she had caught Naruto leaving as well, he had said the exact opposite. Instead of calling her annoying, he admitted his feelings even though they were pretty much obvious. And instead of telling her "thank you" like Sasuke did, Naruto's last words were "I'm sorry, Sakura-chan" and that was it.

Then there was Ino, who tried to stop Sakura from leaving. The match was nothing like their previous one at the Chunin Exam. No. Sakura had won that one in a landslide victory. Then again, training with Tsunade, Kakashi, and Kurenai would do that to a person.

"Message for Miss Haruno Sakura." a man said from the entrance to the restaurant.

The atmosphere seemed to grow dark and cold as no one moved a muscle. The pink-haired woman glanced at him. Could this be it?

"I'm right here." Sakura said. The messenger came and laid a scroll in front of Sakura. She smiled before using a finger to motion him closer to her before kissing his cheek. "Thanks."

The man blushed severely before making his way to the door. However, before making it there, he collapsed. Sakura giggled a bit. Killing a civilian was wrong but seeing other people suffer like she did made her feel better.

Her attention then turned to the scroll and she opened it. Green eyes scanned the message quickly before a small black diamond was seen on her forehead, purple tribal marks slowly taking over her face.

"Found you." Sakura said angrily before punching the table, decimating it in seconds.

The man of twenty-two years smiled as he eyed his friend.

"Well it's about time," Sumaru stated. "What took you so long?"

"A black cat crossed my path so I had to find a different route. You know. Just in case." Naruto said. With Naruto were his former student, Kurosuki Ranmaru, and the former Sound Nin, Guren.

Sumaru looked at Ranmaru, knowing that the teen would tell him the truth.

"Lady Mei wouldn't allow Naruto-sensei to drop all of his paperwork on her while she watched over the village in his absence." Ranmaru said. "It was a bit boring… But here we are."

"You're so going on farming duty when we returned." Naruto muttered before looking at Sumaru. "So, are you ready for me to tell you what's so important?"

"I thought that we were going to go to the-"

"Nonsense," stated the blond Kaibunkage. "Let's tour the village and talk."

Sumaru eyed Ranmaru and Guren, both giving him a nonchalant shrug before following Naruto and Hokuto.

"So, Naruto-kun," Hokuto began. "How are you? Have you found a new girlfriend yet? How's the village?"

Naruto laughed a bit. "I'm fine. No I haven't. And the village is okay so long as no one pisses Mei-chan off."

"Or disturbs the Kaibunkage's ramen breaks…" Ranmaru muttered gaining a smirk from Guren.

"Not that I worry that you'll take my wife away from me," stated Sumaru. "But I'm still curious as to why you came all this way. What is so important that you came here instead of meeting in Wave or Kemuri like normal?"

"Two reasons. One, Akatsuki is on the move. Gaara is their first target." Naruto stated.

Sumaru frowned. "How do you know this?"

"Gaara has sent a message to the other Five Great Nations asking them for help. Deidara and Sasori had attempted to break into the village once and were stopped, but he doesn't think that they will be stopped again. He feels as if Sasori has a spy within the village." explained Naruto. "A team of my shinobi that were patrolling the sea between Kaibun no Kuni and Mizu no Kuni picked up a message from the Mizukage to the Kazekage, rejecting the offer to help."

"And the second reason?" Hokuto questioned.

"My former teammates." Naruto answered. "Uchiha Sasuke was last seen in Ishi no Kuni, possibly talking to the leader of Ishigakure for Orochimaru. He was seen with his team, Hebi, as I hear they are called." Naruto then glanced at the sky. "As for Haruno Sakura… She was seen on her way to Nami."

"And how do you know that?" Sumaru asked.

Blue met brown as Naruto glanced at the Hoshikage.

"I've contacted her."

That statement made Shisō and Yotaka glance at one another. Sakura had escaped their former boss's grasp once, using her feminine charms to seduce Akahoshi, poison him, and escape. While the poison did not kill Akahoshi, it did give Hotarubi and Sumaru a better chance in defeating him. Therefore, there was nothing the two would love more for the little whore to suffer at their hands.

As for Sumaru, he only stared at Naruto. He was angry. No. He was beyond angry. Why would Naruto contact a B-ranked criminal?

"We should've talked in my office." Sumaru said. It was obvious to the others that Sumaru was doing all that he could to remain composed. "What did you ask her, Lord Kaibunkage?"

"I gave her a message telling her to meet me on the edge of Kaibun no Kuni in two days. She and I have… Unfinished business." Guren and Ranmaru glanced at one another. While dense at some times of the day, the wrath of the Shodaime Kaibunkage was truly a frightful thing to see. "And that's what brings me here, in Hoshi. I personally wanted you to do me two favors."


"Two." Naruto repeated. "Favor one, a team to Suna giving the Kazekage coordinates to Kemuri."

"Why don't you do that yourself?" Sumaru asked.

"I have other things to worry about. Besides, seeing a Star shinobi going to Suna isn't something I expect the other villages to get riled up about. A Smoke Nin, however, would. We're known for our secrecy and independence, you know?" While hating the blond, Sumaru had to agree. The ninja world did view the Hidden Smoke Village as an independent village with very little regards for the others.

Sumaru sighed. "What's the second thing?"

"A team to Ishi." Naruto casually said. "It's no secret that Ishi and Kemuri hate one another. If any of my men were caught, they'd be sucked for information and then killed on the spot. Again, capturing a Hoshi Nin does not seem like that big of a gain for the other village or country."

"Fine, it's done," responded the Hoshikage. "Just one more question," Naruto raised his eyebrows. "Just what will you do when you finally reunite with Haruno Sakura?"

Naruto gave a grin. "Don't worry. I know how much she means to you, poisoning Akahoshi and all. If I do kill her, I'll let you say thank you first."

"You're too kind." Sumaru said.

Standing at Zabuza's grave, Sakura stared at the sight with an emotionless stare. Her mind replayed the mission to the Land of Waves that she went on so many years ago. Back when she was an annoying fan-girl of the most amazing person she knew at that time and their third teammate was a hyperactive blond idiot. Now they were different.

First, Sasuke was nowhere near amazing. A tough shinobi, yeah, but not amazing. He was heartless and Sakura had it in her mind that she would be the one to deliver the killing blow to him. She would do it, not for herself, but because Sasuke had attempted to do the same thing to Naruto. The only person in this entire world that actually gave a damn about her…

And he had changed. After the failed Sasuke Retrieval Mission, Naruto was more aware of his surroundings. He was able to point out every single Root member that tailed him and Sakura when the two would walk through the village. Of course, because of Naruto's 'special power' he was limited to the missions he could go on, though he did get some training in with Asuma and Kakashi.

Sakura smiled a bit. That little baka continued to grow stronger while constantly looking over his shoulder. She was not surprise that he attempted to leave, hell she had even caught him in the act, but she was amazed at how much he could endure. Carrying the scorn of what seemed like the entire village minus a few for nearly an entire year… He had definitely changed from the annoying prankster he once was.

And then there was her, Haruno Sakura. At one point of time, the thought of abandoning her village and living on the run would have scared her and prevented her from getting enough of her 'beauty sleep'. Now, she laughed at the thought of returning back to the Hidden Leaf Village. She had changed in the one way she never thought possible. She became one with her teammates. Their ideals, their likes, their dislikes, their dreams, and their emotions, she has now learned and understood them. She understood why Sasuke needed to kill his brother to avenge his clan and then start anew. She understood why Naruto needed the attention as well as why he wanted the respectful title of Hokage. In the past, she thought they were foolish, both of them, for their dreams. Killing an S-rank criminal? The dead-last becoming Hokage? Both were laughable and highly doubtful. Now she believed that if anyone could do it, it would be those two. And she would be there to watch it.

Her mind then took a step backwards as she pictured Naruto. Uzumaki Naruto, the next Hokage… The line could be said over and over in her head to help her sleep at night, but the truth of the matter is, it would never happen. She wondered if he really was the Kaibunkage or if this was just another trap set by Danzo. Was Naruto even alive…?

No. That was a foolish thought. He was alive. Somewhere.

Terumi Mei was a powerful figure within the Village Hidden in Smoke. She served as the temp Kaibunkage whenever Naruto had to leave the village. She was also a great advisor and an excellent mentor. There were times when her anger got the best of her, but normally she was a loving, carefree, beautiful woman. And that was why Chojuro left with her. It was quite unfair that the Kiri council opted to go with Kageno instead of Mei.

"Chojuro," the woman said, breaking her assistant and guard out of his thoughts. "Where is Sayuri? I told her to be here in five minutes. It's now ten minutes."

"I told her that you wanted to speak to her but…" Chojuro's words trailed off as he thought about the brash teenager. It was best to let the dagger-wielding girl to be left alone when she became angered.

Mei gave a small sigh and then smiled politely.

"Chojuro… Find her or I'll kill you."

"H-hai!" Chojuro responded before leaving instantly.

Mei looked out of the window slightly. Whenever Orochimaru met up with someone, it was never really good. And when that someone was Mikadzuki Kageno, it only made things worse. While the Hidden Mist and Hidden Smoke did well to stay out of each other's business, it was no secret that Mei had left Kiri for Kemuri. It would be only a matter of time before they came to find her.

Then there was the information that Haruno Sakura would soon be in the village. Naruto was very clear about the orders. Allow Sakura to come in and wait if he was not there. But there was one slight catch. If Sakura were to try anything funny…

They'd kill her.

Mei was a bit surprised at that. While Naruto was able to fake many people out with his fake smiles, she knew him better than that. In fact, she and Ranmaru have both been able to pick up on which smiles were real and which were fake. So when Naruto gave her a smile and said that the decision was alright with him, Mei knew he was lying. Somewhere inside of him he wanted Sakura to live. Then again, he probably wanted to hit her with one or two Rasengan for Sasuke shoving a Chidori into his chest and then being put under watch by Danzo.

"Hey, old la-" the loudmouth, purple haired kunoichi did not get all of it out as Mei launched a stapler at Hirameki Sayuri. It met its mark, knocking the girl flat onto her back.

"Call me old again and I'll do more than that." Mei muttered.

The girl on the ground splashed into a puddle of water before Sayuri poked her head into the door.

"Is it safe?" asked the Kemuri kunoichi. "What did you want?"

"I have a mission for you." Mei stated. Sayuri's dark green eyes widened. "You're going to go find Haruno Sakura and bring her to the village. I will send Yukimaru with you."

Sayuri groaned. "Yukimaru? But he's just a chunin…"

"And your point? If anything should happen he will unleash the power of the Sanbi." Mei said. "I could always send you with someone else. Chojuro, Tsuchigumo Jin, Kazudan…"

The last name caused Sayuri to shiver. Naruto's personal 'problem solver' was not a force to reckon with and the newly made jonin would never get on his bad side again.

"Fine. Yukimaru's fine." Sayuri said. "But what if she attacks and knocks him out before the stupid turtle reacts? You expect me to take her on by myself?"

Mei smiled. "You're not afraid, are you Sayuri-chan?"

"What? Hell no! I'm the Black Rose of the Hidden Smoke! I'm not afraid of anyone!" shouted Sayuri before turning around. "I'll find Guren's precious nii-san and we'll go off as soon as possible. And when Naruto-sensei returns, tell him that it was I who took down the famous Haruno Sakura."

"Just watch out for her kisses. I hear they're deadly." Instead of a verbal response, Sayuri just scoffed and left the office. Mei chuckled quietly before looking at Sayuri's profile on her desk. "And Naruto says she's nothing like him… I doubt that."

Nightfall came over the village before anyone knew it. And that was just fine by him. He hated being spotted anyway. Fortunately, he and his team were not drawing attention to themselves or else-

"Sasuke-kun," Damn this woman, he thought. "I don't think we can trust this Kagami Dōsame guy. We shouldn't have asked for his help."

"Are you insane woman? If Orochimaru heard that we didn't get him on our side-"

"Shut the hell up! I was talking to Sasuke-kun!" Karin snapped at Suigetsu before he could finish.

Sasuke sighed. "Jugo, I need you to use the animals to tell us the best way to get through Earth, Wind, and Rain countries. There shouldn't be much problem getting through Tori no Kuni."

"Hai." Jugo responded before calling for a bird.

"Karin, I also need you to stay focused. I don't want another mishap like in River Country." Sasuke said sternly.

Karin nodded vigorously as Suigetsu laughed. While Karin had been so enraptured in flirting with Sasuke, a sensor who could suppress his chakra to minute levels was able to attack. Of course, no one really surprised Uchiha Sasuke anymore and the man was quickly dealt with. But Sasuke was thoroughly pissed that Karin had slacked off for just a split second and the redhead had been trying relentlessly to get him to forgive her.

"So, are we going after your teammate in Wave?" stated Suigetsu. "You know, the one you said loved you so much."

Karin scoffed. "Why would we want to go after her?"

"No. Sakura poses no threat to us," replied the Uchiha. "And I doubt that we'll hear anything from Naruto in a long time."

Suigetsu frowned. "The blond idiot?"

Sasuke gave Suigetsu a glance that any normal person would have believed it to be just that, a glance, but Suigetsu tensed a bit. While his Sharingan may have been inactive at the moment, Sasuke had a thought about striking.

"Don't underestimate him." Sasuke said. "He knows the Rasengan, an attack that is stronger than my Chidori." Suigetsu gave a small disapproving snort. "If we ever run into him, the same rule applies to him as they do Itachi. I face my brother alone. Both of them."

No one said a word for two reasons. When Sasuke wanted to fight someone on his own, it usually meant that they were strong enough to gain the Uchiha's interest, the only exception would be Itachi who Sasuke had a grudge against. The second reason was that Sasuke had called this Naruto a brother. Even if their teamwork had slowly been growing, Sasuke would never view any of them as his family. This Naruto character must be important to Sasuke.

She wore a fishnet top beneath a grey flak jacket and a black skirt, her Kemurigakure hiate in the fashion of a belt around her waist. Her purple hair done in the style of a ponytail with two silver chin-length bangs on the side of her face. Her dark green eyes continued to look at her traveling companion, one hand dangerously close to one of her treasured dirks.

"Hey Sayuri-chan," began the girl's partner for the mission. "You think Guren-chan and Ranmaru-kun arrived to the village already?"

"For the hundredth time, yes!" Sayuri shouted.

"You didn't have to yell." said the younger boy.

Sayuri sighed heavily. "I could have been put with anyone else. But no. I get Yukimaru because he's the favorite of our temporary Kaibunkage." Sayuri then saw the expression on Yukimaru's face. Remembering her first out-of-village mission with Kazudan, she sighed. "Look, I don't want to baby you on a mission where we'll be facing an S-ranked criminal."

"But I thought she was just a-"

"That's what they want you to believe. Truthfully, Haruno Sakura is one of the most dangerous people in the entire world. Remember, she was on Naruto-sensei's team. She's super tough."

Yukimaru blinked before nodding.

"Right Sayuri-chan! Man, you're really smart. I forgot all about that!" stated Yukimaru.

Sayuri smirked proudly. "Well, Naruto-sensei didn't promote me to jonin for nothing."

"But why is Ranmaru escorting the Kaibunkage and Marashu an ANBU?" Yukimaru questioned sincerely.

"Shut up Yukimaru." Sayuri said before muttering to herself. "Brat…"

Author's Note: So here is chapter one of Kaibunkage. I did not want to do another one of those fics where Naruto does bring Sasuke back but is banished for the attack nor do I want to have one of those super-powered Naruto that built the village by himself. Oh, and yes this is a NaruSaku fic for those of you who somehow loathe the fictional character Sakura. Oh well. Let me know what you think. Ja ne!