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Chapter 1


There was a loud banging coming from the front door of my apartment. I got up and peeked into the hole. Standing on the other side was my best friend. I opened the door and he came in and started yelling.

"That's it! I'm done! I'm done with her."

I rolled my eyes at him, we've had this conversations enough times in the past. "Sure you are Edward."

He huffed, "I'm serious Bella. She cheated."

I looked at him sceptically, "Are you sure this time? I mean I'm all for another round of Tanya bashing but you said you were wrong the last time maybe you are again this time?"

He shook his head, "No! I saw it. I came home early and there were noises coming from the bedroom. I went to the room and she was there, with another man. What they were doing was definitely not innocent."

Hmmm... maybe this was real this time. He made his way to my couch and plopped down. I went to the kitchen and got us something to 'celebrate'. Well celebrate for me, I've always hated Tanya.

I came out the kitchen, "Here's some friends you can always count on Edward. We've got good ole Jack Daniels here, some whiskey, and by far my favourite of the three some Tequila!"

He grabbed the whiskey from my hands and started pouring some shots. Alcohol always helped make things better. We each took our shots and I sat on the floor across from him.

"So that's it then?" I wasn't sure whether to get my hopes up yet or not.

He nodded, "Yea. I'm so tired of her shit. Plus I know you and the rest of the family don't even like her. So what's the point?"

I just nodded. I wasn't sure whether he expected an answer or not. We continued on drinking into the night. This was our routine by now. When one of us had a bad day we would meet up and just drink our sorrows away and hope for a better day tomorrow. We've been best friends since we were practically babies so we knew each other well enough.

After awhile Edward just slumped onto the couch and seemed pretty upset, "What am I going to do now Bella?"

"What do you mean?"

"She was it! Well I mean I thought she was. We've been together since freshman year. I don't really want to have to start all over again."

I laughed at him, "Is that why you're still with her? Because you don't want to start all over?"

He shrugged, "It's easy. It's comfortable I guess. Plus the sex is usually good."

I shuddered, "Please never say that to me again."

He started laughing, "Aww come on Bella. We're best friends. We can talk about this kind of stuff."

"No we can't"

"How come?"

"Because Edward, I don't need to hear about the Ice Queen. Those are definitely visuals I can live without. Doesn't matter though, I'm sure you'll find someone soon; you're gorgeous."

He raised his eyebrows at me, "You think I'm gorgeous?"

I punched his shoulder, "You know you are and you use it to your advantage plenty."

He looked at me, "Well you are beautiful."

I blushed. He smiled at me. He leaned over and tucked a piece of hair behind my ear. My breath hitched at how close he was. This seemed to be turning out to be quite an intimate moment. I wasn't sure whether I wanted it to end or keep going.

I was staring at him and he leaned over and kissed my lips. I wrapped my arms around his next nad kissed him back. I've dreamt of doing this many times over the years but never thought it would actually happen.

We were kissing passionately when Edward leaned forward and started pushing me down onto the couch. I was lying flat on my back with Edward above me. His kisses started trailing down the side of my neck. I moaned. I felt his hands making their way up and under my shirt where he squeezed my breasts. I moaned again and bucked my hips. He bucked his back and I could feel his erection pressing against my core.

I brought my hands from around his next and to the bottom of his lower back. I grabbed the back of his shirt and started pulling it up. He leaned up, grabbed the bottom of his shirt and pulled it off. My eyes examined his nicely toned chest. I brought my hands around and rubbed across his abs. He was so beautiful.

He came back down and started kissing me again. This time he pulled my shirt up and over my head. He looked down at my chest and I could feel myself blushing. He smirked at me and started kissing the top of my left breast while his hand was kneeing my right.

We kept kissing and then we found ourselves both naked. Edward looked into my eyes and I nodded my head. I could feel the tip of his erection at my entrance. I held a breath as he started pushing forward. I've had sex before but none of them were the size that Edward was. He groaned when he was fully inside me. He gave me a few moments so that I could adjust to his size.

When I was more comfortable I bucked my hips forward so that Edward would start moving. He pulled out slowly and thrust back in quickly. I moaned out his name. I wrapped my legs around Edward so that he was pushing further and further into me.

Edward started thrusting faster and harder. I lifted my hips to meet his each time. We were both moaning loudly at this point. I could feel the tightening my stomach and started screaming, "Oh god! Yes Edward... Harder!" He picked up his speed and was thrusting hard into me.

I was right on the edge when Edward thrust inside me harder than ever before. I screamed as my orgasm took over. Edward kept thrusting until I felt him scream my name and spill inside of me. He lay on top of me for a moment so we could each catch our breaths.

He looked at me and then kissed me passionately on the lips once again. When he pulled out we both groaned at the loss of contact. Edward was now on his side with his back against the couch. He wrapped his arm around me and brought a blanket over the both of us.

I could feel him breathing against my neck and eventually I heard it even out. I looked at him and saw that he was asleep. I wasn't too sure what would happen in the morning now. I know we both had quite a bit to drink but I couldn't help but hope this would mean something new for us.

Edward and I had grown up together in Forks. Our parents had been good friends and therefore we spent a lot of time together. In High School, Edward focused more on his school studies than girls. The girls in school were pretty jealous of our friendship. They often asked Edward out but he never gave any of them the time of day. In High School, I started noticing how he grew taller and his muscles became leaner. I soon realized that I had become attracted to my best friend.

Edward, along with my other best friends, Rose, Alice, Jasper, Emmett and I all attended the University of Seattle so that we could all stay together. We rented a huge house for the six of us. I had confided in Rose and Alice about my crush and they started giving me pointers of things I could do to try and get Edward to be mine.

Edward and I had made plans for dinner one night. I was so excited and figured something was going to happen. At the last minute he cancelled saying he needed to work on a school project. I let it go figuring we could try again another time. The next day Edward came home and had brought a girl named Tanya with him. I was increasingly jealous. Shortly after they started dating and I was heartbroken. He had even given his virginity to her.

Realizing nothing was going to happen with us, I started dating too. Hoping to find someone else I could be in love with instead of Edward. I dated quite a few guys and even slept with some but none of them ever made my heart nearly explode like Edward did.

He we are 5 years later and Edward and Tanya were still together. They shared an apartment. I hated Tanya more than anything. She didn't like Edward and I hanging out and therefore I only got to see Edward once in awhile. She constantly rubbed it in my face that they were together. Now I was pretty glad that she was a slut; upset that Edward would get hurt, but at least now she would be gone. Over time I could only hope that Edward would recover and eventually see me.

See me the way I have always seen him. I loved Edward and I hoped that one day soon he would realize he loved me the same way too.

There's chapter 1 Hope everyone enjoyed it!

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