Summary: Another spacecraft, another corridor, but not another question.

Disclaimer: If I shut my eyes and clicked my heels three times would they become mine?

A/N: Written in response to Time Travellers' prompt #33 – 'alcove' at doctor_donna.

Aiming For The Blue


"Quick this way!" he grabbed her hand as they raced down the spacecraft's corridor and pushed her into an alcove.

"What? What's the matter?" she panted heavily with the effort of keeping up with him. She slowed her breathing as she managed to calm down. "Why are we hiding in here?"

"It's now or never, Donna!" he blushed. "I've come to a decision."

"Weirdo!" she teased. "Why chose a place like this when we've got those maggot things after us?"

"Because there's never going to be a good moment, is there? We'll always be running from something, or racing towards it; but never ever standing perfectly still for long enough," he blurted out anxiously.

She stroked his hand encouragingly, "Long enough for what exactly? What are you trying to say in your own bizarre way?"

"I… erm… I have to… that is if you want to… but I understand if you don't… and now I think about it you're likely not to…," he blustered on, getting nowhere fast.

"Doctor! Just tell me straight. I can take it, whatever it is. And the quicker you spit it out, this question thing, the faster I can answer before we hurtle back to somebody's doom," she told him as patiently as she could.

He visible gulped, and nervously adjusted his tie. "Donna, if I was to suggest that we try going to that restaurant again, but this time as a date rather than not-a-date, what would you say?" He apprehensively licked his lips as he judged her reaction.

"A date-date?" she asked him, wondering if she'd heard right. He nodded slowly back at her.

"Then, Spaceman, I'd probably say 'why not?' if you want to try out that question," she smiled at him, hoping he could see her in the semi-darkness.

His expression brightened considerably. "In that case, Ms Noble, I shall ask that question as soon as we make it back to the rec room and press the blue button. Are you ready to run with me?" he held out his waggling fingers in invitation.

"I'm always ready!" she happily confirmed and grasped his hand firmly.

"Shall we?" he nodded his head towards the general corridor, and burst into flight.

They couldn't contain their glee as they sprinted for that blue button.